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    Klar - the Emerald Doll - is the housekeeper of Castle Hushabye. Voiceless and without a will of her own, she follows the Master’s directives with cold precision and without fail.

    Fearing for their lives, the other inhabitants of the castle avoids getting in her way. Except for Marble whom is mostly the one requiring her attention when accidents occur.

    Full Service Playing Cards Series 3: Pinkie Pie!

    “I love the smell of cupcakes in the morning.”

    -Private Pinkamina

    Sombra doesn’t stand a chance.

    The Full Service Playing Cards Series 3 crowdfund needs your help!

    With only a month left before the cards need to be ordered, another 1300 needs to be raised in order to, well, order them!

    If that goal isn’t hit, they won’t be available at Bronycon 2017, and I’ll have to wait until AFTER Bronycon 2017 to order them. It won’t be the end of the world but I’d certainly like to have them at the con since I’ll be sharing a table with ShoNuff44, one of the artists on the deck!

    Pre-orders have already covered the first 800 of the fundraiser which pays for Jay’s trip to Bronycon (Thank you all so much!) as well as some poster print-outs of cards to sell, but the decks themselves won’t be able to be ordered without another 1300 in the bank! So please consider pre-ordering a deck, or donating to the crowdfund!

    Paying for the cards with a business loan from PayPal might also be possible

    But that’s a very last resort thing

    If you’d like to help out or pre-order this fabulous deck of 52 original images by myself, @bbsartboutique, @cauldroneer, @ralek-arts, @moronsonofboron, @komponi, @its-makku, @stunnerpone, @iwillbuckyou, @aphexangel and ShoNuff44, please consider a donation or (preferably) a pre-order!

    Click here for more information!


    Les Chevaucheurs - Volume 4 cover by Maxa-art

    It may be a bit early to post it but here is the cover art for the fourth volume of my comic series “Les Chevaucheurs !” This time I tried to not overcomplicate things and make too much elements, to keep everything readable in a quick glance!


    It’s reblog wednesday! Oh okay, it doesn’t exist. But I like this picture.


    Death Tits

    After the female Ghoul gave you the information you needed to fulfill your
    mission, you expected to pay her in gold, but as you went for your wallet,
    she suddenly pulled up her shirt and revealed her surprisingly ample
    breasts and trim, athletic body.  She had a lot of small scars from previous fights,but still had a weird attractiveness. Her face looked horriffic and ugly as expected from a Ghoul but her full mammaries which she squeezed with her sharp claw-like hands made for a weird, erotically charged contrast.

    “Normally I’d charge double for such information, but if you pleasure me a bit
    I’ll consider doing it for free” she said in her slightly slurred, accented voice.

    As you looked at her claws manipulating her stiff nipples, you thought that a little erotic experimentation might not be that bad for a change.