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    So, this is the project I was working on for some time - a book cover for this character’s owner Frost-Den I.A.  Watch high resolution version on my Patreon page. Watch SFW version on my Tumblr page!

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    World of Warcraft: Commission of Gorah Steelbreaker for @makkochi
    Digital Art; Clip Paint Studio • About four ho

    “o hai there, didn’t see you at first, how about you give me yo numba–”
    /gets sliced in half by this orc g
    Look at her. Perfection. ♥

    More: Commission | World of Warcraft | Digital Art


    Mjoll the Lioness from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Finally appropriately ripped.

    (I know she uses two-handed, but the shield completes the composition, sort of)

    Slightly bigger on DeviantArt