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    So a few days ago I made a post condemning the Luz/Hunter ship (Goldenlight I think it’s called now). I regret posting it as I was stressed and sleep-deprived when I made it. I reblogged an addendum to offer what I hoped was a more nuanced explanation over why I didn’t like the ship, as well as to correct myself by stating that I don’t hate the shipping between Luz and GG. Upon reflection, I’m more annoyed about it than anything. This is a repost and edited version of that reblog.

    I realize that people are going to ship Luz and Hunter no matter what anyone says, and despite my reservations, I can accept that it is not harmful to the Lumity ship. Where my doubts are focused on are the statements that shipping mlm/wlw and shipping same gender characters are the same, that the act and reasons for doing so are eqivicable.

    They’re not same. Full stop.

    When fans engage with mlm/wlw ships (even between straight characters) it’s done often with the expectation that they won’t become canon. We know this. Het shippers know this, which is why they’ve made fun of and harassed fans that enjoy mlm/wlw ships for decades. And the one time a bi girl is involved in a canon sapphic relationship with another girl, some of you expect me to be okay with said bi character being shipped with boy?

    When it comes to media, bisexuality has historically been used as performative rep by writers and entities looking for easy praise without having to do any of the work. Just look at the recent Loki Disney+ show - the titular Loki is shown to be bisexual, but the show does nothing with that part of his character. He just kisses his fem self from another world for absolutely no reason.

    Even shows like The Legend of Korra which do have bi characters of the same gender in a relationship, the confirmation of their sexuality and relationship in reserved for social media after the series finale. In a show, mind you, where said characters were constantly getting together and breaking up with the same guy.

    I don’t doubt that any of you have good intentions when you tell me that Luz’s bi experience is no less for being shipped a boy. Bi people being in relationships with those of the opposite gender is completely valid, and their experience is not at all lesser for it. Also odd that strangers on the internet are trying to lecture a bisexual person about their sexuality, but eh, what else is new.

    But under the context of DISNEY, one of the largest multimedia giants in the world that has consistently screwed over most attempts at lgbtqia+ rep in their properties, it is extremely important that the one bi character in a Disney show that’s involved in a canon relationship with someone of the same gender is wholehearted supported.

    Again, people are going to ship Luz and Hunter no matter what, and I will learn to be okay with that. But at the very least, please try to understand that the people pushing back against it are doing so for very nuanced reasons, even if you don’t agree with it. And you don’t have to agree with it. I’m not asking you to agree with it, only understand where we’re coming from.

    Now for something completely unrelated, here’s a Donkey Kong costume made out of balloons! XD


    Part ¼ of some samples of my boards from The Owl House s2e2 “Separate Tides”

    Kinda hemmed and hawed about sharing more storyboards because people tend to read into things too much. But I just really loved getting the chance to draw Lilith and was really happy with how this first episode turned out. I loved getting to work with her and Eda and explore their dynamic as sisters, but most of all, I got to work with Hooty and Lilith XD Basically animating Eda’s little shimmy was fun too.

    This episode was really fun to do mostly because I had super awesome board partners (@cat-harman92 and @luzbatista) and an amazing director ( @amelia-lorenz ). They’re so wonderful, and their art is always stunning. Heck, I look up to everyone on the Owl House crew, so much talent on one show… it’s insane @-@ please don’t harass them trying to get spoilers and whatnot, we’re not gonna tell you anything. 

    Please, please, please do not repost/trace/recolor my boards please, I’m begging.


    Our favorite zutara shipper shares the boards she did on separate tides

    The new art by Luz Batista is giving me a lot of serotonin right now. Look at Amity and Willow being besties(The desc said Secret Kepeer which I'm guessing Amity is telling about her crush on Luz to Willow) 🥺 . And Luz being a flustered mess, while Gus is so smiley and giving Luz, funny looks. This might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen


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    “Fifty thousand years ago there were these three guys spread out across the plain and they each heard something rustling in the grass. 

    The first one thought it was a tiger, and he ran like hell, and it was a tiger but the guy got away. The second one thought the rustling was a tiger and he ran like hell, but it was only the wind and his friends all laughed at him for being such a chickenshit. But the third guy thought it was only the wind, so he shrugged it off and the tiger had him for dinner. 

    And the same thing happened a million times across ten thousand generations - and after a while everyone was seeing tigers in the grass even when there weren’t any tigers, because even chickenshits have more kids than corpses do. 

    And from those humble beginnings we learn to see faces in the clouds and portents in the stars, to see agency in randomness, because natural selection favours the paranoid. 

    Even here in the 21st century we can make people more honest just by scribbling a pair of eyes on the wall with a Sharpie. Even now we are wired to believe that unseen things are watching us.” 


    “Death is the sandpaper with which evolution polishes its children.”


    Being scared of balloons isn’t that weird. Those fuckers pop unexpectedly and its like a gunshot in your house. I was afraid of fully blowing up balloons until I was like 10