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    Fairfield has recently endured financial woes and halted trash pickup for some residents until they pay back feesthat were never officially billed to them — some stretching back 15 years. As a result, garbage has begun piling up in front of houses of residents who are either unable or unwilling to pay a shakedown fee to the city of Fairfield for removing it.

    That’s when Southall, a Black Lives Matter activist, stepped in with volunteers and a box truck to remove the garbage infesting the neighborhood and haul it off to the city dump.

    Not so fast. Fairfield Police showed up to enforce the city’s apparent intent to keep the trash there as it rotted, creating a nasty health hazard for the community those police swore to protect and serve. The police claimed the volunteers were creating a “health hazard” by moving the rotten garbage, which had begun to fester into a putrid liquid — a development catalyzed by a particularly rainy Alabama summer that drenched the garbage almost daily. Police and a representative from the sanitation department said Southall needed a license to remove the trash.


    But as Southall observed, It’s a health code issue to leave it there. This makes no sense.”

    In a video, the police are seen taking Mercutio’s ID, an arguably illegal action considering he merely committed the non-offense of picking up trash to help a community.

    Oh, give me a break! I’ve seen “regular” garbage trucks leaking on the streets. It’s dirty and it stinks, but they don’t get stopped.

    I wonder what would have happened if it were white folks or people from a church did this, as well as if this took place in affluent suburbs…

    Their trying to do good doesn’t fit the media and police agenda to only focus on the bad. Oh no…Can’t have black males doing positive in their communities.

    If the “government” doesn’t provide basic services and protection, why do we have a “government”?

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