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    Oh you poor boy. Poison and medicine are reflections of each other. Any medical professional can tell you about the wonderful drugs derived from nature’s most vicious neurotoxins, that the wonderful ways that nature can bludgeon and destroy cellular structure can be ground down into a sharp scalpel that attacks only the cancerous cells that must be destroyed.

    For instance this isn’t a poison you’re experiencing. It was - exposure would have the effect of a prefrontal lobotomy, destroying executive function, making you follow orders, turning you into an aroused slave.

    A useless thug, but a slave.

    This attacks less than two dozen neurons in your prefrontal cortex, but it turns you into a useful slave. One that can listen to my orders and take the opportunity to plan. You will be able to lay traps, take opportunities, betray friends, convert others to my cause.

    You’re still aroused, and you will be for the rest of your life.

    But so much better as a sleeper agent than a thug.


    Imagine my tying your head there, the pheromones entering your bloodstream as you struggle for escape. Nowhere to get leverage, your hands just slide along my silky skin, the same skin your face is pressed against.

    As you feel them chemically tying your brain in knots you fight more and more desperately. Your erection is surging, and in the midst of your escape you have to also keep from the contact with my legs making you cum helplessly.

    You are fighting so hard when you hear my giggle.

    I just lean back, pulling your body along, and gravity does the rest. Your erection drops between my thighs, and I clamp down, trapping it there.

    Both brains, right where I want them.

    Your struggles kick up a notch, but the pulsing of my thighs turns it into little more than an epileptic seizure.

    I haven’t even used my arms yet, but now you feel them wrap around you, pulling you in and relaxing in time with my thighs.

    You scream into my cleavage as the oragasm overtakes you, body and mind. Then you collapse.

    Breathing more pheromones into the mush that used to be your brain.

    That’s when the programming starts.

    So let’s put your head right here, right in your new favorite spot.

    “Hey Katie, I just got these lollipops. They’re really good! Want one?” Caitlyn held the lolly out toward her roommate and smiled, “They’re from this little place downtown; apparently, they use some kind of special, hand-crafted candy.”

    “Uh, sure,” Katie said, taking the candy from her friend. The lolly was wrapped in a hot pink wrapper that read “Bubblebrain Bimbo” in big, cute letters. She looked back to her friend, “Bubblebrain bimbo? What kind of place was this?”

    Caitlyn gave her friend the most innocent look she could manage, “Okay okay, it was a sex shop. But what I said about the candy was true. They just have silly names for bachelorette parties and stuff. 

    Katie laughed and rolled her eyes, “Candy from a sex store? You’re such a slut, Caity!” 

    “Pfft,” her roommate scoffed, “like that’s a bad thing! Just trust me, they’re so good!” 

    “Fine,” Katie said, unwrapping the candy and popping it into her mouth. 

    As soon as the lollipop hit her lips, Katie understood what Caitlyn was talking about. It was easily the tastiest piece of candy she had ever tasted. It was like some kind of bubblegum flavour but there was something special about it that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She rolled it around in her mouth and giggled softly. 

    “Anyways,” Caitlyn began, snapping Katie out of her sugar-fuelled daydream, “I have some work to do; I’ll see you soon, okay?”

    Katie smiled and nodded, “Yeah! And thanks for this; it is really good!” 

    A smile on her face, she watched her friend leave the room before returning to her book. Sucking softly on the lolly, she let its yummy flavour dance around in her mouth before swallowing a bit of it. This really was the best candy Katie had ever had in her life. She swirled her tongue around it as her eyes made it to the bottom of her page. 

    “Wait…” she said to herself, “what even just happened?” 

    She returned to the top of the page and started reading it over again. As she read, her mind drifted back to the lollipop. How yummy it was. How good it was. She thought about the name “Bubblebrain Bimbo” and giggled. She wondered what other names the lollies had. She imagined names like “Busty Berry” and “Apple Arousal” and the thought made her smile. When her eyes told her she was at the end of the page again, she still found herself unsure of what she had just read. 

    “Gosh, get it together, Keeks!” she scolded herself, rolling her eyes. “You’re being silly!” 

    She began reading again and, once again, her mind wandered. This time, however, her mind was not the only thing that wandered. Her hand had slid under her shirt and was fondling her breast. Upon realizing what she was doing, she giggled to herself and gave her nipple a soft little pinch before pulling her hand out.

    “Oopsie,” she said, adjusting her top. “Okay, I gotta focus though, like actually.”

    Katie managed to get through a couple pages before she lost her place again. Her mind was starting to feel foggy. Trying to shake the fog, she closed her eyes and found that she could actually see the fog in the mind. Except that it wasn’t a real fog, it was more like bubbles. Pretty pink bubbles. Lots of them. Katie continued to toy with the candy in her mouth as she watched the pink bubbles float around. She still couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. The pleasurable feeling seemed to spread along her entire body. She felt warm and tingly and just really, really good. She could feel more bubbles popping up in her mind. It felt so good. She put her book down and basked in the yumminess of the lolly.


    Katie was passed out on her bed when Caitlyn returned home. “Whoa, that thing really did a number to you, huh?” she asked her sleeping roommate. Caitlyn took a moment to admire how Katie’s once-mediocre chest had grown and was now straining the fabric of her top. She wasn’t surprised, however; this was why she bought the lollies to begin with. She had felt their power run through her when the shopkeeper offered to let her try a lollipop on the house. She remembered the taste of her “Sexy Seductress” lolly fondly as she looked upon her blissful victim. Caitlyn had always had a bit of a crush on her roommate and, now she was going to get Katie all to herself as a happy bimbo slave. She thought about Katie’s boobs spilling out of the top, inflated and on display. She knew about her roommate’s secret fetish and was more than happy to help her make it a reality. 

    She nudged the sleeping bimbo softly, “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead.” 

    Katie moaned and cooed softly as she stretched, “Huh? Like… I musta fell asleep reading.” She ran a hand along her body and felt a shock run through her. “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed. “My boobies! Like, why are they so big!?” 

    Caitlyn smiled and brushed Katie’s hair away from her face, “Because you’re a bimbo, silly. All bimbos have big, bouncy boobies, don’t they?” 

    “Ummmm, I guess so,” Katie said, the bubbles in her mind making her thoughts feel slow and hard to reach. 

    “Mhmm, that’s right. And I knew that you always dreamed about being a bimbo so I decided to help!” 

    “Aww,” Katie smiled at her friend, “That’s, like, super nice of you!” 

    Caitlyn couldn’t help but chuckle at her bimbofied roommate, “Aw, don’t mention it, sweetie. Besides, I think I’m going to get to enjoy it too.” Katie was about to ask what she meant when Caitlyn planted a kiss on her lips. She felt her tongue slip into her roommate’s mouth, euphoria coursing through her. Her mind danced and swirled and spun as the two girls kissed. Caitlyn’s hands found Katie’s enhanced tits and squeezed them playfully, sending another jolt of pleasure into her body and mind. 

    “Oh.. oh my gosh, Cait…” 

    “Shhhh,” Caitlyn put her finger on Katie’s lips, “quiet, bimbo, just let Miss make you feel good.” 

    Katie tried to say something but instead found her lips once again wrapped in a sweet, sexy kiss. Her mind flooded with pleasure as Caitlyn explored every inch of her new, bimbo body. It felt so good to just let someone else take control. To just let go and be a sexy, slutty toy for a bit. 

    Caitlyn pushed Katie onto her back and climbed on top of her. “Now then, bimbo, I have another lollipop for you. Do you want it?” She unwrapped another candy and held it close to Katie’s lips. 

    Katie’s lust-filled eyes went wide, “Like, oh my god! Yes, please!” She tried to reach for the lolly but was met by her roommate’s kiss again. 

    “Ah ah ah,” Caitlyn said, smiling devilishly at her horny, little plaything. “Before you get this one, you gotta know something. This one is called ‘Slutty Slave’ and it will make you hopelessly obedient to me. You’ll be my perfect subby bimbo slave forever. In fact, you won’t even be Katie anymore. She’ll be all gone and you’ll be my Kiki instead.” 

    Her bubbly bimbo brain tried to think but Katie knew she wasn’t very good at that anymore. But, like, Caitlyn was super smart and Katie knew that she could probably think for both of them. She bit her full, pouty lip and nodded, “Like, okies! I’ll be your silly bimbo!” “Good girl,” Caitlyn purred as she slid the lollipop into Katie’s mouth. 

    She candy sent another rush of energy through Katie’s brain. The happy, bubbly bimbo’s brain was filling with thoughts of submitting to her friend. Caitlyn wasn’t her roommate; she was her owner. Her Mistress. And Katie wasn’t even Katie anymore. That girl was smart and stubborn. She wasn’t that girl anymore; she was Kiki now and Kiki was an obedient little bimbo for her Mistress. Kiki sucked happily at the candy as it shaped her mind, removing any yucky thoughts and giving her all kinds of sexy ones instead. She couldn’t wait to be a perfect plaything for her Mistress. Kiki’s eyes rolled back as Caitlyn slid a finger into her wet, slutty pussy and her bimbo brain shut off completely. 

    ***** Kiki woke up with her Mistress’ arms around her. She smiled and turned around, giving her Mistress a big, joyful kiss. “Like, wakey wakey, Miss!”

    Caitlyn’s eyes opened and the sight of her new bimbo slave made her smile. Kiki’s beautiful blue eyes were empty yet full of excitement. She kissed her silly, submissive toy and pulled her close, “Well, hello there, sexy. I hope you like what Miss has done with your pretty little mind.”

    “Ummmm,” Kiki pouted, trying to find the words she was looking for, “like of course I do, Mistress! Kiki, like, loves being your sexy bimbo dolly!” 

    “Good girl,” Caitlyn said, kissing her bimbo softly before biting her lower lip. The bimbo moaned and pressed herself against her. Caitlyn smiled wickedly and gave Kiki another kiss, “Oh, we are going to have some real fun together, babe. I hope you’re excited.” 

    Kiki let out a helpless, sexy whimper and nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”


    Want to know what happens next? If I get 150 notes on this story, I will write and post the sequel!

    Brittney Zaap uses a combination of body language, smoldering eye contact, and wordless sounds to trigger a sort of “lust paralysis” in a submissive.

    She nods in sly agreement with every fleshy thought that squishes around in your head. Everything about her says (((YES))) Yes to your wants Yes to your feelings Yes feels better Yes to more And more Your head is swimming, pounding slowly, throbbing Yes is warm Yes is soft Yes feels good All she has to do now is hold your gaze and watch as you break… She licks her lips in triumph.


    It’s my fate and my vocation.


    He had been so infuriatingly arrogant about it. She had been researching calming pheromones that could be used in emergency scenarios to deescalate high tension issues.

    Hostage negotiations, emergencies, anytime you needed to calm a situation down.

    ’The VNO doesn’t work like that. In humans it doesn’t work at all.’

    Sure, just ignore her research on VNO reactivation.

    ’The Brain wouldn’t allow such limbic saturation if it did.’

    And nope, Amy’s paper on Amygdala cross-hemisphere propagation? Not like that was peer-reviewed and published.

    ’Nor could you make it that specific.’

    It felt like her jaw hit the floor. Rachel had established that you could prime specific neurosynaptic circuits by stimulating the brain with an electromagnetic field at the right frequencies two years ago.

    ’This is just a dead end babe…’



    Fuck this guy!


    This guy is fucked! Let that be a lesson….


    Now just drift back into your chairs, relax and let your legs spread, your erection blossoming and extending…

    Feel any disquiet about being bought out by Gynotech slide down the brain stem, the spine, and settle in your erection. Feel the hand of Gynotech reach between your legs, cusping your cock and balls in a silken but firm grip.

    Feel the warmth of our feminine grip melt the thoughts of resistance into a gooey soft syrup, drifting in your erection and testes.

    The pressure building up, pleasurably painful as our thumb gently teases right behind the cockhead, an electrical pleasure wired directly into the brain. Any ability to think burning away with that gently demanding motion.

    You can feel the remainder of your face go slack, helplessly draining not just resistance but will itself into our feminine grip. Your skull, echoing like a hollow gourd, drool dripping from slack lips.

    Only one thought left.


    You’re not sure what. Please let me cum. Please let me obey. Please enslave me.



    You’re not ready yet.

    You will wake up, our grip firmly on your erection, unbreakable.

    You are the only one that drifted off. You have to make sure no one else knows you fell asleep.

    Your balls will get heavier and heavier, limping through the corridors, the more humiliating and dominant the women around you are, the more helpless you are.

    And when all your will is gone, when you know you can love Gynotech with your whole heart, you will report to HR for final training.

    3 - 2 - 1 - <-*SNAP*-> AWAKE!


    Honestly I could write a scene for this image twice a week. It might bore you eventually but I would be fine.

    What does it mean to truly serve feet? If you enjoy staring at a beautiful pair of feet, if you admire their beauty, if you indulge in stroking to them now and then, is that enough? Or to truly *serve* feet, do you have to give even more?

    Not only staring at feet, but having your vision glued to them. Physically unable to tear yourself away from the entrancing sight of sensual soles. Your eyes, your mind, every ounce of your focus, on only feet. Just feet.

    Admiring feet is one thing, but do you worship them? Every moment spent in the presence of such perfect feet should fill you with awe, making you feel weak, unworthy, wholly incomparable to the pure perfection that is cute, sexy feet.

    And masturbating to feet, well, that’s only the beginning. To truly serve under the toes of your superior, stroking must evolve into edging. Never cumming, always aroused, staying right on the edge of pleasure, so you are always drawn to the enticing, erotic allure of feet.

    Eventually, your edging grows into gooning, mindlessly pumping to your inescapable addiction, your brain melting into mush, letting every last bit of willpower and resistance leak out of you. Dripping, drooling, and mindless, arousal flowing through every inch of your body.

    To truly consider yourself a servant of feet, everything must be given up. Your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, your past, your very existence must all be forfeit, all for the glory of feet, and of your Goddess. You must worship, paying tribute to these idols that give you pleasure and purpose. Letting go of your inhibitions, removing limitations, giving in to your lust for feet and sexual impulses, every single time.

    Giving up your control, giving up your mind, your body, your time, even your money, everything, so that the feet you submit yourself to become all that you have. Giving up everything, so that feet and your Goddess may attain true, irresistible power over you. So that you can feel truly weak, absolutely dominated. So that you can finally experience what true servitude to feet really is. 

    So go ahead, my dear follower of feet. It’s time to serve.

    Don’t think. Serve feet.


    Despite conspiracy theories Toxoplasmosia Domina might or might not be a natural mutation of the toxoplasmosis parasite, but it certainly changed the norms of gender roles.

    Spreading through ’Soft tissue contact’ TD changed the psychological profiles in men and women. Men became extremely shy, but with an enhanced libido, and developed a kind of narcolepsy that induced a gradually increasing sleep paralysis as they became aroused. The combination tended to make a heterosexual male supremely pliable when confronted with an aggressive sexually attractive woman.

    Which is exactly what infected women became. Supremely confident, aggressive, physically active women who were, despite all attempts from health organizations, delighted to spread the contagion to others, male or female.

    And many many women were equally delighted to join the ranks of the infected.

    Men never stood a chance.


    Everyone laughed when Amanda showed up to the battle of sexes match coiffed and dressed like a cheerleader. She was supposed to be a boxer just like Dan. But while Dan practiced at the gym, Amanda did her research online. She found Dan’s history of watching hypnotic videos of a woman dressed exactly as she is now.

    A woman she looks a bit like. A woman whose voice she can emulate. A woman who installed a trigger in Dan’s head to make him treat her as his dominant “Mommy”.

    When Amanda said the trigger, everyone on the pay per view could watch Dan’s eyes glaze, his arms drop and his cock spring to attention in his shorts.

    When she commanded him to discard his cup, he did so without a second thought. As she touched him through his shorts, her command over him solidified.

    He didn’t resist when she ordered him to the ground. Or when she told him to lay back and masturbate on love TV and announce how he served his new Mommy, Amanda.

    Amanda took little Danny home, her good little boy.


    My kind of fight!