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2021-08-05 17:13:30

    So how are you making through this challenge?

    I’m making good, just started night 2, I downed 4,000 calories last night before I fell asleep


    So @fter Mond@y @nd Tuesd@y, B@rely Chubby h@d ingested @ tot@l of roughly 7,000 c@lories. Th@t left ne@rly 5,000 c@lories on his stuffing ch@llenge for him to t@ckle on Wednesd@y.

    If he doesn’t f@ll into @nother food com@, he could finish on Wednesd@y. To get there, something tells me he’ll h@ve to unf@sten his w@ist button @nd his zipper.


    Gus couldn’t stop staring at the pic on the dating app: it said he was named Chris and that he was into hot jocks of all ages. Gus figured he was only 5 years or so older than Chris, and he had been one of the hottest jocks all through college. He looked at himself in the mirror, stripped down to his jock. He looked back at Chris’s pic and Gus’s dick got harder. “I’m still hot, right?” he thought to himself and he snapped a new pic and sent it off to Chris.

    A few seconds later the response came: “HAHAHAHAHA Fatso.”


    I don’t think either Gus (left) or Chris (right) is @ f@tso. Wh@t do you think?


    Used to wear this outfit to school when I was feeling good, now it onot shows that I’ve been eating goood 🤣😈

    SW: 139lbs

    Last weigh in: 187lbs

    Current weight: 193 lbs


    Gre@t-fitting duds m@ke your profile stunning. (OK, wh@t's inside the duds h@s something to do with it.) The shirt hugs your belly @nd the je@ns hug your @ss. Young men's clothiers will w@nt you to pose for them.


    Time for the 300 follower stuffing challenge!

    1 Like = 20 calorie

    1 reblog = 40 calories

    1 follow = 60 calories

    1 ask = 100 calories

    Fill me up!!

    Challenge ends at 5:00 Monday!

    If somehow I surpass 400 followers by the end of this I’ll add another 400 calories!


    Day 1 update: the count right now is ONLY 2,000 calories! Make me eat!


    Day 2 update: the count blew up over night and were at 6,440 calories… a scary number for sure but I’m not backing down from a challenge


    Missed the day 3 update but oh well, 7 hours to go! The total right now is at 10,350, wow this is going to be crazy… and there still more time


    D@mn, it looks like Tumblr folks w@nn@ see you f@t. Looks like 2 d@ys of he@vy e@ting. M@ybe your belly will spill over down to your crotch.