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    Fandom: NCIS: Hawai'i
    Rating: General Audiences
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    Characters: Julie Tennant, Jane Tennant
    Additional Tags: Sicktember 2022, Mother-Daughter Relationship

    'Julie? Please get back in bed! You have school in the morning.' Jane sleepily replied.

    Thank you all for enjoying my @sicktember stories this year!

    My absolute biggest laugh of the season came, when Minkus said that he would absolutely smoke in a heartbeat if Topanga thought it was cool. And then when she said smokers are disgusting, without a beat he goes “I’m trying to quit.” -Danielle

    The best…Oh my God it’s so funny. This whole dynamic was just wonderful. Like you know watching him trying to keep up with the role playing…So funny…Lee is just so good..So good. -Rider