”To make it a little easier to check your diaper”, miss Bernhard had told her. But Jennifer was horrified: Everybody could see right away that she was put in diapers. On the other hand, around here ”everybody” could only mean toddlers. Except, of course, for miss Bernhard and mrs Lacouche. And up until now Jennifer had thought she was there to help them with the kids. What in the world had her mom actually told them?


    After getting so drunk at last nights New Years party that she peed all over herself and the floor, Anna’s parents have decided she will have new underwear and a new potty. They’re going to start her with 3 months. That’s one month for every year short of 21 she is. During that time she will wear and use diapers. If she is “a good little girl” then she will be “potty trained” over a 30 day period after that leaving her back in panties only 3 weeks before Graduation.

    Any misbehavior will add 1 week to her diaper time and 10 days to her potty training. This puts her only 3 days before graduation. If she is she’s further she will be wearing diaper or pull-ups under her form fitting and too short dress that she already bought for her graduation party. And since the time just keeps stacking every time she throws a fit, uses the potty or breaks a rule at school or at home, this could lead into her freshman year at college which would cause her to need to be at the local community college until she earns her “big girl panties” back.


    New Year's, Baby!

    I'm looking for requests in the new year, so why not have some fun with it? Running this until 12am on NYE


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    Hey look at this crinkly butt! Let's get him! He's a friend of mine! He wants it, I swear!


    i’m obsessed with this painting called tomato king and i’m even more obsessed with the man who drew it. his name is stuart dunkel and he is a classical oboeist and he also paints tiny little oil paintings of mice living their best lives. he looks like this.


    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Is this the jelly bean guy???


    The guy who does the mice with jelly beans

    And dreidels, apparently

    Very rare to find some black diaper girls.. I dated a black girl in a fairly soft DDLG relationship, and almost got her to.. when we first met she said she was really willing to try it, but then I realized she wasn’t really into it.. I didn’t force anything upon her or constantly nag her about it because we were happy together as is + she talked about feeling pressured in her past relationship so I didn’t obsess about it. She did like to be spanked though so that made up for it.