How to make sure your girl gets pregnant.

    1. Make sure she is ovulating.

    2. Don’t jerk off or have sex for a week.

    3. Do a good workout in the gym or run before sex to get your endorphins going.

    4. Stimulate her vagina before intercourse orally. Rub her G-Spot.

    5. During intercourse, pull out before you cum, wait 5-10 min., then resume. This will ensure that when you cum, the maximum amount of sperm will shoot inside her ovaries. Repeat 3x times.

    6. Put a pillow under her but to ensure her Cervix is tilted in the best position.

    7. When you cum, pull out a little, then push up against her Cervix and remain there until your Penis is limp.

    8. Wait 15 minutes and repeat.

    9. Keep her pregnant and love her forever!    


    Trust me, it works.


    Updated Library For Kinksters

    I completed some major changes to the Library For Kinksters. Here is the update…


  • Aftercare 101
  • Aftercare For Dominants
  • Coping With Emotional Subdrop
  • Dom Drop
  • How To Make A Sub Drop Kit
  • Online Aftercare
  • sub/Dom Space, sub/Dom Drop and Aftercare
  • Subdrop and Aftercare
  • Subspace and Aftercare
  • Consent

  • Consent & BDSM
  • Guide to Consent
  • Doms, Daddies & Masters

  • 7 Fundamental Characteristics of A Daddy Dom
  • 12 Characteristics Of An Ideal Submissive
  • 25 Things Daddies Should Do For Their Littles
  • 30 Rules For A Modern Gentleman
  • 45 Things A Girl Wants, But Won’t Ask For
  • 50 Rules for Daddies
  • 100 Sweet Things You Can Do For Your Princess
  • 101 Things To Do To Make Your Slave Feel Owned (loved)
  • Alternative Names For “Daddy”
  • Alternative Domme Titles
  • Aspects Of Control
  • Asserting Ownership - Rules
  • Daddy Up!
  • Defining A Daddy Dom
  • Dominants Need Training Also
  • Fun Tasks Daddies Can Give Their Littles
  • Help For New Doms
  • How (and Why) To Go Down On Your Submissive
  • How To Be A Good Dominant
  • How to Find a Submissive
  • Knowing when to be a Dom and when to be her Man
  • New to DDLG - A Daddy Dom
  • Observations On Doms By A Submissive
  • So you want to be a Dom?
  • So Your Girlfriend Wants You To Dominate her
  • Some Little Rules All Daddies Should Know
  • The Dom Commandments
  • Things for Daddies to Keep in Mind
  • What Being A Dom Is About - A Submissive’s Perspective
  • What does the title Daddy mean?
  • What is a Daddy Dom?
  • What is a Daddy Dom Mentor?
  • What It Means To Be A Dominant
  • What Makes A Good Dominant
  • Littles, Subs & Slaves

  • 6 Questions Every Submissive Needs To Ask Her Potential Dominant
  • 7 Common Types of Submissives
  • 10 Tips For Living With A Sadist
  • 10 Things A Dominant Needs From A Submissive
  • 11 Red Flags Of An Abusive Dominant
  • 26 Baby Girl Jobs
  • 50 Things You Can Do For Your Daddy
  • A Bottom’s Responsibility
  • A Dominant’s Advice To His Submissive
  • A Man Who Knows You
  • A Good Dom vs. A Bad Dom
  • Acid Test For Subs
  • Ask A Million And One Questions
  • Attraction to DD/lg: A Little’s Perspective
  • Baby girl or little? A brief introduction
  • Care and feeding of Daddies
  • Characteristics Of A Good Daddy
  • Coaxing The Daddy Dom Out Of Your Partner
  • Feminist Submissive
  • Finding Your Dominant
  • Good Rules For Middles and Littles To Live By
  • Guide For Young Newbie Sub Girls
  • How a Dom Behaves Shows How He Will Behave Towards You.
  • “How do I find Daddy?” A guide to help you safely find the Daddy you’re looking for.
  • How Does A Submissive Ask for Something from Their Dominant?
  • How To Find A Dom
  • How to Take Proper Care of Your Dom
  • I Solemnly Swear I Will Not Do This To Daddy
  • Novice Submissives
  • Physical abuse of littles - it is never OK
  • Signs Of A Fake ‘Dominant’
  • Stuff no one tells you about submission, until the spreader bar is on and you are trapped.
  • Submissives, Learning to Trust Your Instincts
  • Submissive Pride
  • Submissive Traits - Intelligence
  • Things My Dream Daddy Would Say To Me
  • What is a Little?
  • When newbie subs, with asinine “doms,” need to run away.
  • Why I call him Daddy
  • Your Rights As A Submissive
  • Long Distance Relationships

  • 10 Ways To Survive A Long Distance Relationship
  • Getting The Most Out Of A Long Distance Relationship
  • How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work
  • Long Distance Relationships - Tools To Cope
  • Long Distance Relationships (LDR) Contemplation: Sticking with plans
  • The Long Distance D/s Relationship
  • Mental Health

  • BDSM practitioners ‘healthier and less neurotic’ than ‘vanilla peers
  • Body image & BDSM
  • How to Get Over Feeling Sad
  • Is BDSM normal?
  • Love your Vulva – a self-esteem guide to your sensitive bits!
  • Managing bipolar disorder in a D/S relationship
  • Meditation And Mindfulness
  • On Cutting
  • Steps For Letting Go of Painful Memories
  • Things to Do When You’re Anxious, Scared, or Just Need a Distraction
  • Tips for Recovering from Codependency
  • What Are Anxiety Disorders? (Infographic)
  • Why Do I Feel Unloveable?
  • Relationships

  • 10 Habits of Happy Couples
  • 10 Top Communication Mistakes
  • 10 Types of Emotional Manipulators
  • 12 Relationship Truths We Often Forget
  • 50 Best Ways To Say “I Love You”
  • BDSM Breakups: All Good Things Must Come to an End
  • BDSM: Control Goes Both Ways
  • Collars and Collaring - A Personal Perspective
  • Communication Is Key
  • Concept Daddy Dom/Little Girl Relationships
  • Daddy Doms and their little girls
  • Daddy Doms, Baby Girls, Little Boys And More
  • Date Night In A Jar
  • DD/lg In Public
  • D/s and Domestication
  • Factors That Make A Relationship
  • Finding Love When You Least Expect It
  • Finding Others with Common (Adult) Interests
  • How To Be Present In Your Relationships
  • How To Build A Healthy Relationship
  • How To Get What You Want In A Relationship
  • How To Know When You’ve Found “The One”
  • How To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level
  • Importance Of Confidence In RelationshipsImportance Of Trust In A Relationship
  • Key Ingredients of a Happy and Healthy Relationship
  • Needy Girls Are Daddy Dom Bait
  • Relationship Advice To Follow, And What To Ignore
  • Searching for a D/s partner?
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecies In Relationships
  • Stop Arguments Before They Start
  • The Rewards of a Submissive
  • Types Of Relationship Insecurity
  • Well-Balanced Power Exchange Relationship
  • What Is Real Love?
  • When He Doesn’t Call
  • Why Love Makes A Night Of Kink Even Better
  • Safety

  • Another life ruined because of the morality police
  • Bondage Basic Safety: Crops, Paddles & Bondage!
  • Kinks, Risks, How To And Why Sometimes You Shouldnt
  • Limits in BDSM
  • What is Emotional Abuse?
  • Self Improvement

  • 10 Tips for Creating a Happier Life
  • 10 Steps To Self Care
  • 10 Ways To Be Happy
  • 10 Truths To Live By
  • Guaranteed Ways To Be More Attractive
  • How to be Yourself
  • How To Deal With Your Enemies
  • How To Ignore Haters
  • How to Recognize a Toxic Friend
  • How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
  • Slut Shaming Explained
  • Tips for Healing a Broken Heart
  • What are the Signs of a Jealous Friend?
  • Sex

  • 50 Cunnilingus Tips from Women
  • Basics of Breath Play
  • D/s or Kinky Sex?
  • Fetishes Explained
  • How To Make A Girl Squirt
  • How To Tell Your Son About Sex
  • Intersection of BDSM and Queer Heterosexuality
  • Sensual Biting
  • Sex: Myths & Stereotypes
  • Sex: Practical Details
  • Sex: Pregnancy and Birth Control
  • So You Want To Try Anal? A Practical Guide For Women
  • Squirting Educational Video
  • Squirting Notes
  • Toys

  • Advice on Dildos and Buttplugs
  • BDSM on a budget
  • Bondage Rope: How To Choose Yours (And More)
  • Training

  • 10 Considerations for Inexperienced Subs
  • 30 Things You Can Do For Your Human Kitten
  • 40 Very Important DD/lg Facts
  • Age Play: A Short Guide
  • BDSM for Beginners: Safe and Affordable Play
  • DEFINED: SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) & RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
  • Etiquette in BDSM Part 1
  • Etiquette in BDSM Part 2
  • Exploring the D/s Lifestyle: Part 1 - Beginnings
  • Exploring the D/s Lifestyle: Part 2 - The Dominant Mind
  • Glossary of BDSM Terms
  • Guide To Blood Play
  • Guide To Bruising
  • Guide To Talking Dirty
  • Guide To Wax Play
  • How Do I Get Started In BDSM?
  • How to Make a Blanket Fort/Cuddle Nest
  • How To Make A Comfort Box
  • Introduction To BDSM
  • Newbie’s Guide To Vaginal Fisting
  • Punishments in BDSM Relationships
  • Red Flags For Online BDSM Relationships
  • Some Thoughts On Rules
  • The Leash Has Two Ends - Responsibility
  • The Need For Rules and Discipline
  • Topping from the bottom
  • pretty-lil-mess

    Always a reblog because why???

    Education is 🔑 Knowledge is 💪🏻


    I wake up with your arm wrapped around me, your hand on my 6 months pregnant belly. Which is usually how I wake up nowadays. You're protective of me and our baby, even in your sleep. I roll over onto my back and you kind of do the same. Taking the arm that was under my head and propping it onto my belly. I dont think I'll ever stop loving your hands on me and it makes me...wet.

    I look over at you and can see the tent that your erection makes under the covers and that makes it a little worse. I move as quietly and smoothly as a pregnant woman can without waking you up. Kissing your chest, your neck, your ear, your cheek. Going back to your ear, I whisper quietly, "Mmmm Daddy, I'm craving your big cock.. Your pregnant little cumslut needs you inside her little pussy.

    Kissing your cheek again, I bend to put your cock in my mouth, getting it nice and wet without waking you up. I can hear you moan a little in your sleep and I hope you're dreaming of me. You spread your legs involuntarily and I climb in between them, turning around, almost in a doggy/reverse cowgirl position. I guide you inside me and sit up some to get you as deep as you can be.

    Moaning softly, still trying not to be too loud. "Oh gods Daddy, you feel so good in my tight little pussy..."

    I can hear you moan louder and I feel you stirring as you wake up. I sit up and still ride your lap, looking back at your sleepy but more alert face.

    Your hands grab onto my hips as you moan out, "Fuuuck baby." I start to grind on you faster, making you growl and grunt a little as I squeeze myself around you.

    You stop me for just a second before climbing onto your knees behind me, sliding inside of me while you hold onto my belly and swollen tits. You tell me, "I'm gonna cum soon...I want you to soak my cock before I do." and I come undone with my orgasm, panting and moaning out your name. Wanting more of your cum. Wanting more of what gave me life in my belly.

    I feel you shoot rope after rope of cum into me, you hold me up so I don't fall on my big belly, biting down on the back of my shoulder as you empty yourself deep inside me.

    Coming down from your orgasm, you kiss your bite mark on my shoulder and gently try and lay us down on our sides so you can stay deep in me and have your hand wrapped around my belly once more.

    "I love you Little One..I could get used to walking up like that.." you said as you kissed my neck and pulled me as close to your body as I could get.

    "I love you too Daddy."

    nsfw concept:

    i want you to fuck me until i’m drooling and can’t control the wines and moans that fall out. i want you to put your hand on my belly and tell me “feel that baby do you like feeling full and stretched around my cock/strap?” and all i can do is moan and grind down to try and make myself cum

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    Frank Castle NSFW

    My head is full of thots and I figured I’d release some of them

  • Going down on you is his favorite pastime
  • He gets pleasure out of your own
  • This man can go for hours if you let him
  • So expect to be sobbing by the time he’s finished
  • “I can’t get enough of you”
  • Your hands are running through his hair as he’s licking your folds
  • He moves his tongue slowly around your clit
  • You’re squirming around too much so he pins your legs open
  • You can’t do anything but take it
  • Small moans leave your mouth
  • He keeps his slow pace
  • He wants to see you fall apart
  • “Please Frank, please!”
  • He just grunts and continues
  • You’re becoming desperate
  • He’s enjoying this too much
  • You need more
  • “I’m- Frank I can’t”
  • “Shhhh don’t worry beautiful”
  • He says to you as his thumbs replaced his mouth but keeps that slow pace he had before
  • You try to move your hips to bring more pressure but he moves his other hand onto your stomach and holds you down
  • By this point you’re so desperate, you can’t think straight and all you want to do is cum
  • Tears start welling up in your eyes
  • He sees this and finally starts speeding up his circles on your clit
  • Your moans make him so hard
  • “This what you wanted beautiful?”
  • He lets his other hand go down to your folds and slowly starts to push two fingers inside of you
  • “Yes! Oh yes,,, fuck just like that!” You moan out.
  • He’s thrusting his fingers in and out of you and it feels so good
  • Your hips are grinding up into his fingers
  • He leans over and starts sucking a mark onto your chest
  • You’re desperate for your release
  • You’re so close
  • As your moans get louder, he starts to thrust his fingers faster
  • You feel so hot and you it feels like the air around you is getting thicker
  • “You’re almost there, aren't you beautiful?”
  • You can’t answer him, too wrapped up in your pleasure
  • Finally, you feel your body start to tense up and as you’re about to release-
  • He rips his hands away from you
  • You’re eyes shoot open and you choke out a sob
  • He’s lightly running his fingers up and down your folds
  • You’re body is jilting with each touch
  • Tears are starting to fall down your face
  • “Frank why would-”
  • “Shhh we’ve got all night beautiful”
  • Yeah I’m not sorry for this


    Can you do a headcanon for venom?? There's not a lot of them out there so I thought you'd be a perfect person to ask! PS. I love your work! 😊

    [I love this dude... I did both Mild and Spicy headcanons!]




  • Venom purrs when he’s happy. He’ll never admit it, but Eddie can tell you it’s true. The deep rumbly sound in his chest? That’s a purr and it means he’s having a great time
  • Very overprotective of his s/o! When Venom is in love, especially if his lover is human, he sees them as so small and fragile that he just has to protect them. Usually ends up carrying them around or holding them close in dangerous situations
  • If his s/o can hold their own, though? That’s equally as hot and he will admire the HELL out of them kicking ass
  • Huge on cuddling. Any excuse to wrap his oozy body around his s/o is something he’ll take gladly. Sometimes he likes to be the little spoon and feel held as well!
  • Venom has no real concept of body image or human society’s perception on it. He likes what he likes, so if his s/o is upset about how they look he’ll tell them that he loves it and try to boost their confidence (and eat whoever is making them upset about it)
  • NSFW

  • You remember that purring headcanon? It makes his tongue vibrate. Which means you basically one have one hell of a sentient, fleshy vibe inside of you when he’s eating you out and starts making those noises
  • Venom can adjust his genitalia to any size, shape, or form that you want! Thick cock? Yours. Longer cock with a thicker tip? Hell yeah? Tentacle? Sure thing! You wanna fuck him with your dick/a strap on? ON IT. ITS THE BEST.
  • One of the most generous lovers you’ll ever have. His goal above all else is his s/os pleasure
  • Open to any and all kinks! Whatever you want to try, if its within the human realm of reality, he’s down for experimenting
  • His cum is black and there is A LOT OF IT. He likes it when it swells his s/o up with just how much he cums, and he likes eating it out of his s/o even more