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2022-09-29 15:13:03

    You can't beat me, fatboy!

    I want you to be weak, fatty! A useless tub of lard that physically cannot fight back. Mentally you gave up years ago! You gave your mind a long time ago, and now I will take your body and soon your soul too, you fat son of bitch! You will be completely helpless and fragile! Your mental and physical health erratically trying to fight me, but you can't, fatboy! You never could resist my dominant ways! You could never resist the pain. Your fatass couldn't resist the fat! Now, look at yourself, bitch! You can hardly breathe, you barely walk, you can't do shit without my assistance. I'm the only one who cares about your lardass, yet, I'm the one driving you into an early fucking grave! Isn't it funny how that shit works, fatty! But you'll keep eating despite my vile intentions, and I wouldn't let you stop anyway! Eat and submit! 😈