An Unstoppable Farce

he/him what's up i'm erin i'm 19 and i never fuckin' learned how to be straight

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    You can’t make this stuff up 😐

    Employers, banks and other financial institutions already send detailed information to the IRS. The government knows how much you owe in tax. If they wanted to they could send you a tax bill and a form you could fill in to claim back taxable expenses (like travelling for work purposes.) It’s called Return Free Filing And is used in the majority of countries in the world. The American tax system has been deliberately set up this way so people will engage accountants, tax services, and tax software like TurboTax, because those same companies spent a lot of money lobbying Congress to keep the tax system complicated so they can make more money when you hire their services<>. They’re basically using the money you’re paying them to make sure congress doesn’t make your taxes easier.

    Surprise surprise all shitty roads lead to capitalism

    Hasan Minhaj just did a great episode of The Patriot Act on this topic.

    People will accept eugenics so long as it proves them valid in some way. Like "if scientists prove there's a gay/trans gene or something we'll finally be recognized as legitimate by all" like nah dude that's fucking eugenics bud that'd be used to get rid of us

    Or mom's being like "I can't wait till one day when we can find the autism gene and stop autism once and for all" like bitch that's eugenics is your kid having a sensitivity to touch and not wanting to be hugged such a big deal to you that you want to get rid of all autistic people? That's so incredibly selfish and terrible.

    Eugenics isn't a morally gray area. It's all bad. All of it. "We can stop families from suffering :(" suffering what? A unique individual? Fuck off.

    Even better, the comments to this Twitter post were an absolute FIRESTORM of mostly dudes explaining to her that dials can’t only have 2 positions (not true) and that it wasn’t a very good piece (not true) that she was being disrespectful to her teacher (don’t care) and that it was a sign of her stupidity/rabid feminism/intellectual laziness/misandry/etc. that she couldn’t see any “middle ground.” It became, in its way, a performance piece. I was absolutely mesmerised, even as I wished I could cock-punch people through the internet.

    “Dials have more than one settimg” is the most hilarious response to this piece, because the implication of that statement is “just be a scootch more implicit in your own dehumanization. Not ALL the way. But like… a little more.”