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    <>Q: is dick grayson red hood<>
    <>J: he wishes

    <>Q: is dick grayson rich<>
    <>D: my credit score says no but bruce’s credit card in my pocket says yes

    <>Q: is dick grayson single<>
    <>J: he doesn’t need a relationshi<>p
    D: but goddammit!!! i want one!!!

    <>Q: is dick grayson dead
    <>D: i hope not
    <>J: i am

    look. this isn’t my best work. not by a long shot, okay??? BUT this was a practice sketch based on the wired interview by jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds and my first thought was: wow this could be as chaotic as one with jay and dick. so here you go. 

    “Nico drew his sword—three feet of wicked sharp Stygian iron, black as a nightmare. “I don’t agree.” The ground rumbled. Cracks appeared m the road, the sidewalks, the sides of the buildings. Skeletal hands grasped the air as the dead clawed their way into the world of the living. “(Percy Jackson- The last Olympian) - - - I stand for one EPIC ghost king! 🖤 You can’t deny….Nico’s got style. This scene blew my mind. It’s SO epic! I had to do a comic about this. -