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    i want to make one thing incredibly clear to all of the other white people in this community and in any community; it is our responsibility to make these spaces safe for people of color. i’ve seen this community described as “toxic” recently, with people bemoaning “discourse” and “negativity” arising due to conversations regarding racism. i’ve seen white people leave the community under the guise that they’re overwhelmed with the “drama”. lets be clear that any “toxicity” here is not created by people of color shedding light on the racism in fandom, the toxicity was already here! its the fucking racism itself!! and it is not people of color’s fault that this “toxicity” exists here, its ours. the past few days have caused many to wake up and realize how exhausting and demoralizing it is for people of color to participate in this community. remember, it is a privilege that you are only coming to this realization now. the truth of their experiences here are not their fault. we are responsible for the racism in this fandom. we are the reason it is here, and we are the only ones that can eliminate it. it is up to us to change, and it has to be an active effort. its not going to fucking go away if we just dont talk about it. you have a responsibility to use your privilege to make a change. if you are not messaging the artist when you see whitewashed fanart, you are an accomplice. if you are not calling out your white friends in your discords when they invalidate the concerns that a person of color just brought up, you are complacent. if you are not reblogging every single fucking post you see about racism because gifsets fit your aesthetic better, you are guilty. its on us. if you are white, you are either fully committed to confronting your own racism and that of your white friends, or you are the problem. either grow some balls and speak up, or get out.


    that is some next level knot magic.

     it isn’t though!!! it’s because most relationships aren’t worth the effort. The “sweater curse” is actually most commonly called the “BOYFRIEND sweater curse.” Which=heteronormative, but the curse most often falls on a woman knitting a sweater for a boyfriend. Before she finishes the sweater, they break up - pop culture would have you believe it’s because the boyfriend freaks out do to the weirdness/clinginess of having a sweater made for you, but I think knitters are wiser than that.

    It’s because after spending serious £££ on materials, and then HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF LABOR on the creation of the item, with every stitch a prayer of totally focused intent, creating a large display of technical skill - it is then gifted to a non-knitter who does NOT APPRECIATE the work/effort/skill/cost/TIME it took to make it, and in fact thinks you’re a bit weird and making a big deal out of a piece of clothing, and after they go “oh thanks” and shove your creation in the cupboard next to a sweater they got for £15 at an M&S sale, then they never wear your sweater because it’s too tight because when you asked them how their favorite sweaters usually fit they said “I ‘unno” and when you measured them for the fifth time and asked, rather tersely, if they had enough room in the chest, they said “I guess,” and then if pressed they say they don’t really like the sweater design, but then you point out that they were supposed to participate in helping you design it and they say they don’t really care about how things look, and when you say that you tried to match it to their other clothes so how can they hate it, then they say that honestly their mother still buys all their clothes because they hate going shopping, and that they hate all their other clothes too, well. That’s when a sensible knitter goes “Fuck this shit. And you know what? Fuck this man.”

    This is what happens when someone posts in a knitting forum “Attack of the sweater curse!” - this is the usual story. It has a rigid plot. It is as old as myth.

    That’s when you look at the time you spent and realize, “I could LITERALLY have written the first draft of a novel instead of doing this.” That’s when you go “I could have taken that £200 and bought myself a new wardrobe.” That’s when you go “I could have taken all that intent, all that willpower, all that creative force, and laid down some fucking witchcraft, all right?” That’s when you go “I basically spent 100 hours straight thinking about this bastard while making something amazing for him, and I have no evidence that he ever spent 10 hours of his life thinking about me.”

    And “I could spend this time and energy and money in making myself an enormous, intricate heirloom silk shawl with just a touch of cashmere, in elvish twists and leafy lace in all the colors of the night, shot through with subtly glittering stars, warm in winter and cool and summer and light as a lover’s kiss on the shoulders, suitable for draping over my arms at weddings or wrapping myself in to watch the sea, a lace-knotted promise to myself that I will keep for my entire life and gift to my favorite granddaughter when I die, and she will wear it to keep alive my memory - but instead I have this sweater, and this fuckboy.”

    The sweater curse is a lesson that the universe gives to a knitter at an important point in their life. It is a gift.

    Knitting a sweater for a husband or wife generally doesn’t call down the curse, because the relationship is meant to be stronger than 4-ply.

    (Although I say this, but I’ve taken over 5 years to finish a pair of mittens for my husband, because he casually asked me to do something customized with the cables, and I still can’t get the math to work on the right hand.)


    this post is so much better with that commentary

    [id: A Screenshot of the Wikipedia article for “Sweater Curse”. It reads: “The “sweater curse” or “curse of the love sweater” is a term used by knitters to describe the belief that if a knitter gives a hand-knit sweater to a significant other, it will lead to the recipient breaking up with the knitter. In an alternative formulation, the relationship will end before the sweater is even completed. The belief is widely discussed in knitting publications, and some knitters claim to have experienced it. In a 2005 poll, 15% of active knitters said that they had experienced the sweater curse firsthand, and 41% considered it a possibility that should be taken seriously. Despite its name, the “sweater curse” is treated in knitting literature not as a superstition governed by paranormal forces, but rather as a real-world pitfall of knitting that has rational explanations. Several plausible mechanisms for the sweater curse have been proposed, but it has not been studied systematically.”

    To the left of the image, there is also a picture of a beige sweater with a large front pockets, which Wikipedia has helpfully captioned “Sweater”. end id.]

    Did i ever tell y'all the story of how one year my family picked up a hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere (like you do) and just..drove him to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving and he stayed with us for the whole weekend and my grandmere was So concerned that like…he wasn’t getting enough food she made a whole extra pie and pierogies just for him, ofc some to take on the way back. And he just ate with us like the 12+ ppl that consist of my family and dave who we picked up from the road. Now this man had. Nothing on him except his clothes and wallet like no backpack…nothing. so she also gave him some of my grandpa’s clothes and it was a little awkward but he was nice and funny and at the end of the weekend we offered to take him back or anywhere he needed to go (mind you we drove him like…7 hours away from where we picked him up) and he was just like…“nah just drop me off where you found me” and so we did and i never saw or heard from him again and thats how im pretty sure i met an immortal

    @ fae side of tumblr please explain what kind of deity i interacted with

    I’m pretty sure your family is the fae in this situation

    hey y’all. i just want to use my voice as a black woman real quick and reach out to my fellow minorities. i want you to know that you are completely valid in your anger, hurt, and frustration in the events that transpired yesterday, and all within the past few weeks. it’s quite literally bullshit that we cannot enjoy the content we want to without having our identities misrepresented and bastardized. 

    this being said, please remember that you do not have to explain your hurt or frustration to those too blind to see. you do not have to accept apologies from people who will never be able to empathize with you. and you are not human search engines to people who’d rather not do the research themselves.

    also. i implore you to take a step back when needed. i’m being very serious<>. stress is very deadly, especially to marginalized groups. a lot of the white people on this site can fuck around on here without consequence and go back to their easy, privileged lives afterwards. at the end of the day when we log off, we still have navigate the world as oppressed groups. the stress from being a spokesperson for your entire identity online and then having to deal with real world trauma is hell on your body, mentally and physically<>. you are deteriorating your health. please, take a break.

    Democrats: alright we finally did it, Trumps been impeached. Time for a trial in the-

    Republicans: lol yeah about that trial. It’s not gonna be fair or anything, we’ve already made up our minds and there’s gonna be like, 0 witnesses

    Democrats: oh? Ok then. If that’s the case then I guess we’ll just hold on to these *pockets articles of impeachment*


    Can someone explain what this means?

    Our president has been charged with misconduct through the only proccess that is outlined in our constitution (impeachment). The next step in the process is that the president goes on trial. Republicans in the senate, where the trial will take place, have already said they have made up their minds and will vote based on bias. They have stated that it will be a quick trial with no witnesses and a guaranteed vote on acquittal. The democrats, who control the charges, have said that they will not release the charges to the senate until fair rules have been established. Republicans seem shocked by this turn of events

    In case you’re wondering why this would make the republicans upset, the need this to go to trial or Trump will be on record as having been impeached and not acquitted.

    The 2020 election is also coming up and a number of these senators are coming up for re-election. 







    <>Here’s how you verify you’re registered to vote: https://www.rockthevote.org/voting-information/am-i-registered-to-vote/

    <>Here’s how you register if you’re not: https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/

    <>Here’s how you find your fucking polling place: https://yourfuckingpollingplace.com/

    If you have time, register for an <>absentee ballot in your state. That way you don’t even have to go to a polling place, you just have to fill it out and mail it in on time. 

    <>Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z outnumber Boomers. More of us are Liberals who care about each other and social safety nets. More of us give a fuck about the future because we have to live in it.

    <>Flip the Senate. Fucking Vote. It’s so goddamn important. 

    <>2020 is crucial.


    Hey so also let’s make sure that in 5 years this whole thing isn’t remembered as the fault of a handful of idiots who refused to wear masks because that narrative is just as much American individualistic bullshit as the ones that got us into this mess.

    Because this isn’t because of a minority of idiots making bad personal choices, our government and institutions have all massively failed to respond adequately to this mess.

    Yeah people should be wearing masks but if we weren’t being forced to go to school and work it wouldn’t have nearly the potential to kill thousands of people

    So anyway I’ve about had it up to here with posts that frame getting tested/hospitalized/medical treatments for COVID as some kind of horrible punishment for not social distancing

    Some of us are *dabs* American and *finger guns* at the mercy of institutions that cannot be made to care if we live or die

    I’m going to be living in a dorm in one month and what I feel about this is probably what a rabbit feels when it’s about to be smashed by a minivan on the highway

    Are you sure you want to risk living in a dorm in that environment? Because, that’s more like being an errant child running across a highway in the middle of busy traffic.

    I know.

    What, then? Do I drop out? Do I change colleges completely?