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    “이제 환호의 음을 높여 모두 고개를 올려 어린 사자의 왕관을 씌우니!👑” Here is a Minnie fanart to follow up with Soyeon. Will definitely try to do all the other members but I think I will take a break from kpop fanart after this one 🤗 #gidle #Minnie #minniegidle #kpop #liongidle

    List of Hermitcraft members and their attributes for MCYT fans who want to watch but don’t know where/who to start with

  • Grian: builder, cheeky attitude, bird attributes, may cause problems on purpose, great at elytra flying
  • Scar: builder, expert terraformer, cheery and sweet, Disney Nerd, was a wizard at one point
  • Mumbo: redstoner, a total dork, feral gentleman, messes up often, has zero braincell when with Grian or Iskall
  • Iskall: redstoner, OMEGA tree of DOOM, runs modded server Vault Hunters, has zero braincell when with Grian or Mumbo
  • StressMonster: builder, amazing accent, cheery and lovely, doesn’t cause problems but aids them
  • RenDog: builder, amazing accent, just a little horny but that’s fine, Star Wars nerd, amazing lore and editing, winner of MCC 9
  • Keralis: builder, soft voice - evil laugh, very horny for some reason, capitalist but also very kind
  • VintageBeef: builder, tells tall tales, the best map maker in the server, music nerd, capitalist but lowkey about it
  • Welsknight: builder, likes to build medieval style, writes songs for the hermits and once had a rap battle against himself
  • XisumaVoid: redstoner, soft and steady voice, is a little bit of a derp, the Admin of the server, extreme redstone farms
  • Ethoslab: redstoner, is THE Ethoslab everyone, cheeky, a bit of a prankster, builds his base only with interiors and nothing else
  • Zedaph: redstoner, “I focused so hard on if I could that I didn’t think about if I should”, wacky contraptions that serve very little purpose
  • ImpulseSV: redstoner, “I did a little grinding off camera”, Mr. Build his Giant base one block up because he thought it would look better
  • TangoTek: redstoner, the Iron King, makes a dungeon crawling deck building game for fun, has an evil lair
  • Cubfan135: redstoner/builder, “I did a little building off camera”, has a whole wall made of ancient debris, mini game master, MCC10 winner
  • FalseSymmetry: builder, PVP queen, digs down to bedrock for her bases, dry humor, first ever two times champion for MCC 9 and MCC 10
  • TinFoilChef: builder/redstoner, the grandpa of the group, slow and steady and methodical, very underrated, the true definition of a hermit
  • iJevin: builder, questions of the day, nice, friendly, and a little sarcastic, would tear down his base and rebuild it to suit his changing taste
  • Hypnotizd: builder, a little more chill and lowkey, doesn’t join group event often, also very underrated, nice voice
  • xBCrafted: builder, sprawling lore and landscape, methodical, doesn’t do timelapses and prefers to show viewers his thinking process, cute laugh
  • ZombieCleo: builder, bi as fuck, extreme dry humor but laughs to no end when hanging out with Joe Hills, armor stand magic expert
  • Joe Hills: builder, very into fantasy DnD build, philosophical, has an Energy You Can’t Describe, share braincells with Cleo
  • Docm77: redstoner, deep gravelly voice, nice accent, a bit of a mad scientist crossed with a vengeful Mafia boss, actually a sweetheart
  • BDoubleO100: builder, sleep king, energetic, best in the server at mixing block palette with strange blocks, built a whole mountain by hand