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    Mount Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine(2,061 metres) and part of the Carpathian Mountains. The mountain is located in the Eastern Beskides, in the Chornohora region. The slopes are covered with beech and spruce forests, above which there is a belt of sub-alpine meadows called polonyna in Ukrainian. At the eastern slope there is the main spring of the Prut River. The name is of Old Hungarian origin and means 'snow mountain'.

    Holodomor- the silent massacre of millions. Murder through starvation in the ‘Bread basket of Europe’. In a year where there was a record harvest, millions died painfully because the Soviet killing machine wanted to get rid of the ‘Ukrainian problem ‘ of resistance and national identity. One third that starved were children... One eyewitness noted, ‘When we returned to school in the autumn of 1933, two thirds of the seats were empty....’

    To this day Russia denies this happened and continues its aggression against Ukraine.

    Eternal memory to the lost souls... Вічная Пам‘ять!