Detective James Bruce Caps: E07 Squizzy Loses the Plot

Bruce: Mrs. Taylor you’re looking less pregnant than when I saw you last. 
rna: [laughs] Yes, the baby’s come. 
Bruce: That’s very good news. My wife’s a knitter. She wanted you to have this. [hands her a gift which she opens]
Lorna: Thank your wife for me. 
Bruce: She thought cream would be a safe bet, not knowing if it was a boy or girl. 
Lorna: A girl. 
Bruce: That’s wonderful. Mrs. Taylor, any chance you might know where I could find your husband? A little matter I need to discuss with him. 
Lorna: No, and I don’t know where he keeps himself these days. 
Bruce: Sure. Sure. 
Rose: [enters] Sweetheart, little Lesley’s ready for a feed now. 
Bruce: Hello, Mrs. Taylor. This is the little one, is it? 
Rose: Yes, it’s Lesley. 
Bruce: After her father. Goodness. [laughs]
Rose: Well, it’s just as good for a girl. And who are you? 
Bruce: James Bruce. 
Bruce: [to Lorna] She’s a lov
ely-looking girl. Best to you.