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    Ashley Zukerman Caps: Creating the Code

    ‘I guess people when they describe Jesse they’ll come up with a lot of labels for who he is and they’ll be drawn to what his uniqueness is or his condition is and ultimately he’s just a unique personality that for me can’t fit in the world the way the government or other people would have him fit into the world.

    [on Adele and her character Hani] I think she’s quite incredible, I think she’s got this incredible anarchic energy and she brings that to all of her work. She sees the beauty in Jesse where others dont.’


    fear street masterlist

    requested !!

    i had to shorten this because it just wouldn’t post-

    aftercare (what they like after sex)-

    it depends. if it’s jealous sex then he’ll ask if your okay and leave , if it’s not , he’ll stay and clean you , cuddle you , just the whole 9 yards.

    body part (favorite of yours and theirs)-

    theirs: nick likes his hands since he can just make you fall apart with one touch.

    yours: your thighs , he loves when is head is in between them.

    cum (where they like to)-

    your thighs or your face

    dirty secret (self explanatory)-

    snoops through your under wear drawer. he’s a perv

    experience (how experienced are they)-

    not very , if we’re talking young nick.

    but very experienced if we’re talking older nick , he’s 36 for crying out loud

    favorite position-

    anything where he can see your face

    goofy (are they serious or silly)-

    in between , but it pretty much depends on the day / mood

    hair (are they trimmed down there)-

    not very , a normal amount you could. say

    intimacy (how intimate are they)-

    again , depends on the day / mood

    jack off (masturbation headcanon)-

    often , very , very , often. he snoops through your drawer for a reason

    kink (do they have any kinks?)-


    voyeurism is his favorite

    location (where do they like to do it)-

    anywhere tbh

    his room

    your room

    his office

    prison cells

    motivation (what gets them going)-

    when you act innocent

    no (what they won’t do)-

    hurt you , surprisingly

    oral (giving or receiving)-

    giving , again , the man loves to be in between your thighs

    pace (fast , slow ? rough , soft ?)-

    depends on the day or mood

    quickie (their opinions on one)-

    he’ll fuck you any way he can , so yes

    risk (are they risky ? willing to experiment ?)-

    risky , but not too risky. he’s willing to experiment as long as neither of you get hurt

    stamina (how long can they go for)-

    a long time , he’ll even push his limits if he has to

    toys (do they like them ? for you or themselves ?)-

    not a big fan , he wants to be the only one that pleasures you

    unfair (tease or not)-

    this man is SO unfair. he will tease you until you’re begging and crying

    volume (how loud are they)-

    not too loud , just low groans and grunts

    wild card (head canon)-

    he likes when you ride his face

    x-ray (how big)-

    just a bit above average , maybe 7 inches

    yearning (how high is their sex drive)-

    high , very high

    zzz (do they go to sleep immediately)-

    he makes sure you’re asleep first , no matter how tired he is

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