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    this happened i was there

    [image ID: a fake tweet from spock (@CommanderSpock, verified) which reads: “It has been brought to my attention that I am “too negative” and “hostile” to Dr. McCoy. Therefore, Leonard, if I have offended you in anyway, I apologize. I honestly did not even know you could read.” another fake tweet, a reply from “leo mccoy” (@bones, verified) reads: “jesus fucking christ” end image ID]

    One more of my tarot cards just dropped! And guess what? It's for yet another fandom. So far, we had Doctor Who, Sanders Sides, Black Butler, La Casa de Papel, and Le Visiteur du Futur... well, now, it's time for Star Trek. I know. It makes no sens.

    So, let me introduce Spock, as the King of Swords.

    Yes I am proud of that one.

    Quick quick explanation ! Why that card ?

    Upright, the King of Swords is a symbol of intellectual power, the head over the heart. It indicates you have a clarity of mind and ca, perceive the truth, so it's up to you to take the lead with providing an objective point of view and making decisions based on impartial judgement. You are masterful at keeping your emotion in check, you cut straight to the point, you are efficient and cherish logic and intellect, even tho it can seems like you are not particularly caring or sympathic. Basically, you are a Vulcan.

    Reversed, it means you represents a "quiet power" : you are not the loudest person in the room (that one is your captain, for example, currently having an illogical shooting match with the ship's doctor), but you have a lot to contribute. You stand firm in your truth, and you do not allow others to steer you off-course. Even if it means you can be a bit stubborn, sometimes.

    And therefore, yeah. Spock. Not just because he's my fav or anything...

    Stay tune for the next cards ! If all goes according to plan, you shall see, soon enough I hope, a certain Fiddler's Green make an appearance.

    my mind immediately went to spock when i read this tweet

    [image ID: screen cap of spock in a heat resistant suit as he sits in an active volcano on the planet nibiru (from star trek into darkness). a screenshot of a tweet from user FredTaming overlays the image and reads: “i think what i liked most about my first time having sex was that glowy feeling from head to toe you get after realizing you can’t be thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice anymore” end image ID]

    mirror, mirror  ✨

    please check out jess’s companion piece!!

    [ID: An illustration of Spock from the Kelvin timeline, dressed as he would be in the mirror universe. He wears a black crop top with golden trim, a high collar, long sleeves with fingerless tips, and gold epaulets. A gold sash is tied at his waist, above black pants. He holds a dagger in one hand and wipes blood from a cut off his face with the other. His facial hair is styled into a goatee with stubble along his jaw, and he wears eyeliner. /end ID]

    I think that Spock going through Spock Prime’s belongings was such a powerful scene, as short as it was. I read somewhere that the cloth was embroidered with the words, “this is my logic” in Vulcan with everything that had emotional meaning to him alongside it. I think that Spock seeing all that, and knowing how their fates were different, it brought something up in his he’d never felt before. Like it was the first time he really realized that whoever he may be, whatever he feels, that he’s allowed to be his own person. That he doesn’t need to conform to a certain way of life, that he doesn’t have to show everything if it makes him uncomfortable but he doesn’t have to hide it either. That his sense of logic and reasoning will forever be swayed by how he feels because he simply cares too much to do anything else. And for the first time, he sees that caring, the regard he has for the crew, his mother and siblings, for Jim, as a strength instead of weakness. That loving and being loved, as terrifying as it may be, simply means he exists. For the first time, he doesn’t see himself as a shell of logic nor a being incapable of love. Rather as someone who happens to love quite deeply and just doesn’t know what to do with the feeling. Like maybe he isn’t so distant and cold, that maybe emotion can be logic.