Living in a Dream
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2022-10-04 23:57:43

    EDIT: THANK YOU @sleuthette who found it for me!!!!!! I’m so happy Jesus Christ

    Link to the amv for those curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Qc_JHU6Ug

    My pain is over!

    I have been looking for YEARS at this point for a very specific AOS Spirk amv I saw forever ago on YouTube someone please help me

    It was an au where Kirk had past life/alternate life memories of Spock and being a star fleet officer but everyone thought he was crazy, he was receiving some form of mental health care about it. And right at the end he sees Zachary quinto/Spock on the street and they recognize each other.

    Also I am 99% certain it was to Dreaming Wide Awake by Poets of the Fall

    I have no idea if it was made private or taken down but does anyone remember this one? Or have a lead on it I want to watch it again I remember it so clearly