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    Back At It


    Rand: oh my! Mr. Spock why are you carrying the captain? Is he hurt?

    Kirk: I’m fine! We’re just having some fun!

    Rand: Oh! Okay!

    Rand: I’d love to have some fun like that…

    Kirk: :D

    Scotty: Ay! What’s all this then? Looks like a bonnie good time!

    Rand: Oh hi Scotty! 

    Sulu: wow! Look at you all!

    Chekov: yeah! How fun!

    Later on…

    Mccoy: Spock…

    Mccoy: what the heck happened here?

    Spock: I have a theory doctor… 


    “Chogalog Cagge”


    Mr. Spock<3 this planet SUCKS ASS let’s get out of here.

    Spock: Captain, we have not yet finished our mission here. Why don’t we have something to eat here before proceeding?

    Kirk: you’re a brilliant man Mr. Spock <3

    Spock: that establishment looks like it may serve food. Let’s take a look.

    *view of Mort’s Food-Serving Establishment*

    Kirk: Mr. Spock<3 look!

    Kirk: Chogalog Cagge (“Chocolate Cake”)

    Kirk: Mr. Spock<3 we MUST inform the crew!!


    *rumbling noises*

    *crashing noises*

    Sulu: did you say CAKE captain?!


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    Previous cake post here


    Kirk: what’s that in the distance Mr. Spock<3?

    Go Mr. Spock<3! Go! For the sake of discovery!

    Spock: yes captain!

    Kirk: here’s the source! What is it Mr. Spock<3?

    Spock: it appears to be one of the purest, Most special entities in the known galaxy. It must be protected at all costs

    Spock: I believe this is… The lily particle ™️

    Kirk: is it edible?

    Spock: Captain pls… 


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    Introducing the Mind Meld


    Spock: Captain,

    Kirk: yes Mr. Spock<3

    Spock:  as your first officer, I would like to inform you…

    Spock: my species is capable of a telepathic technique known as the ≈VULCAN MIND MELD≈

    Spock: It is a very intimate and personal connection between individuals

    Spock: The mental experiences of each person are bonded

    Spock: Their emotions and thoughts become entwined in a fervent state of oneness

    Spock: However, despite the emotionality involved, there are many situations in which the meld proves to be very practical

    Spock: Captain, if the need arises between us, may I have permission to initia-


    Kirk: Absolutely. Anytime. whenever, wherever it’s needed.

    Spock: thank you Captain.

    Kirk: Think nothing of it Mr. Spock <3

    Spock + Kirk: …

    Kirk: so I don’t know, maybe we should mail it right now maybe???


    Do Vulcans Dream of Logical Sheep?

    Scotty: Captain I ran those diagnostics on the ships computer and-

    Kirk: sshh sshh sshh

    Kirk: Mr. Spock<3 just got back from a difficult mission. He’s so tuckered out, he fell asleep at his console!

    Scotty: Ay! That is precious sir!

    Kirk: listen Scotty! He’s talking in his sleep!

    Scotty: I wonder what he’s dreamin of sir

    Spock: zzzzz *snort* ILLOGICAL… zzzz

    Kirk: ha ha! Sounds like he’s chewing somebody out. Get em Mr. Spock<3!

    Scotty: ha ha, ay. Good ol Mr. Spock. I wonder to which poor numpty he’s given the business.

    Spock: zzz Jim zzz NO zzz VERY zzz illogicall… zzz

    Scotty: oh.

    Scotty: ay, tough break laddie.

    Kirk: WAKE UP MR. SPOCK<3!


    Bragging rights to whoever can come up with the best idea for what Spock is dreaming.


    Kirk: mr. Spock<3! We are back!

    Kirk: I got EATEN mr. Spock<3!

    Spock: Captain!

    Kirk: I figured things out though

    Spock: I see that.

    *Kirk babbling*

    *Spock listening and nodding*

    Kirk: thank goodness there’s aliens shit just like humans!


    I got this lil head cannon that, when he can, Spock tries to meet Jim in the transporter room when he can’t go on a way missions with him. Then Kirk will babble to him about all the things he did while Spock combs the dirt and dried blood out of his hair.

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    It’s Cold Mr. Spock <3.


    Spock: Captain, why are you still in bed? You are due on the bridge soon

    Kirk: i’ve had it Mr. Spock<3! It’s TOO COLD. i’m not leaving my blanket until this damn life support system is FIXED!!

    Kirk: I mean, how long does it take to repair a thermal unit! We’re in space for pete’s sake!

    Kirk: I mean seriously! We can put a man on Qo’noS, but we can’t keep him warm while doing it?

    Kirk: I think that Starfleet just wants us to SUFFER. They have NO idea what it’s like out here!

    Kirk: sometimes I think we should just BLOW UP THE SUN! Then maybe they’d start showing a little empathy!

    Spock: Captain, we are not going to blow up the sun

    Kirk: I know Mr. Spock<3, it’s just an expression.

    Kirk: my point is that we deserve some semblance of human comfort! Aren’t we living breathing people with basic inalienable rights and needs?

    Spock: yes Captain, I agree, you are definitely a person

    Kirk: thank you Mr. Spock<3

    Spock: Of course Jim<3

    Sulu: so where to Captain?



    People kept getting at my insta stories with comments about Vulcan physiology, so I made a follow up comic.

    It’s Cold Mr. Spock<3 (addendum)

    Kirk: hey, what gives Mr. Spock<3? Isn’t your home planet covered in volcanoes?! Why aren’t you cold?

    Spock: on the contrary, Wilkins are particularly sensitive to cold. However, mental discipline allows us to endure many discomforts.

    Kirk: WAIT! So you actually ARE cold! Mr. Spock<3!!!

    Uhura: poor baby!

    Chekhov: VAT?

    Sulu: AWW! SPOCK!

    Kirk: do not fret, sweet Mr. Spock <3? I will keep you warm

    Spock: Captain pls. That is hardl-

    Everyone: well I’ll keep you warm spock you are important to us

    Spock: w-who is steering the ship?

    Sulu: o shi-

    Eating the Whole Thing.


    Spock: Jim, at our last port, I acquired some thing I believe will be to your liking.

    Kirk*gasp*: REAL chocolate cake??

    Kirk: let’s share!

    Spock: my shift is starting soon. Besides, this was intended for you

    Kirk: thank you so much Mr. Spock<3! It’s been ages since I had chocolate cake!

    Spock: I am pleased that you are excited

    Kirk: I can’t wait. I’m going TO EAT THE WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW

    Spock: wait

    Spock: Jim. It would not be wise to eat that whole thing.

    Kirk: i’m gonna eat this whole thing!

    Spock: I believe you should seriously reconsider eatin-


    Spock: and then he… ate the whole thing.

    Kirk groans.

    Soil Samples.

    Spock: according to my readings, the soil here is slightly irradiated.

    Kirk: hmm peculiar.

    Spock: However, the native flora and fauna seem otherwise unaffected

    Kirk: yes fascinating


    Spock: ...captain

    Kirk: Yes Mr. Spock<3

    Spock: can you tell me what I just said?

    Kirk: You want to bring some soil samples to the ship

    Spock: Well... As long as you're paying attention.

    Eye-ball babies.

    Kirk: "Mr. Spock"

    Spock: "Yes Captain."

    Kirk: "Can you do me a favor?"

    Spock: "What is it?"

    Kirk: "Can you tell me what color my eyes are?"

    Spock: "Your eyes are hazel"

    Kirk: "maybe you should double check"

    Spock: "I do not need to check. I know what color your eyes are."


    Spock: "I'm afraid that would be unproductive captain."

    ---years earlier---

    Kirk: "Oh! Spock! What are you doing?"

    Spock: "Observing the color of your eyes."

    Spock: "and committing it to memory."

    Kirk: ":,)"