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2022-08-10 20:18:48

    -Yes, Trump knew Epstein. He admitted it himself.

    -The photos of them together are from before 2003.

    -In 2004 Trump not only barred Epstein from Mar-a-lago estate, he also placed a bid on property (and won) in Palm Beach that Epstein was looking to purchase.

    -In 2005 Trump revealed Epstein secrets to PBSCO investigation.

    -In 2006, two of Epstein’s victims confirmed they knew Trump had barred Epstein from his estate in mar-a-lago.

    -In 2009 Bradley Edwards (Prosecutor on the Epstein case) made a public statement that Trump was the only individual who helped in the prosecutions against Epstein.

    -Per victim testimonies on the newly released Epstein/Maxwell documents reveal that Trump was not seen on Epstein’s island or anywhere with Epstein.

    -The newly released documents show that the FBI withheld victim evidence in 2009 and in 2014.

    -Who was the President in 2009 and 2014?-Obama.

    -Who was the FBI director in 2009?-Mueller

    -Who was the FBI director in 2014?-Comey

    -Who led the Russia Collusion Hoax against Trump?-Mueller and Comey.

    -Who was Muellers key witness during the Russian Collusion?-George Nadler

    -Who was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for Pedophilia/Dozens of imagines and footage of children being sexually abused?-George Nadler

    -Who was the Secretary of State under Obama?-Clinton

    -Who did Epstein’s victims list on the pedo island?-Clinton

    -Who funded the Russian Dossier?-Clinton

    -Who fired Comey in 2017?-Trump

    -Who praised Weinstein for being a great human being in 2013?-Obama

    -Who was Obama’s VP?-Biden

    -Who is running for President against Trump?-Biden

    -Who received campaign donations from Epstein’s law firm?-Kamala

    -Who is Biden’s VP?-Kamala

    Research and educate yourself because if you vote for Biden, the victims of Epstein will never see justice for what they have endured.

    #SaveOurChildren #Trump2020 #RiseUp.


    The moment you find out your rich friends are evil monsters. I trust President Trump. Not perfect, but much better than the rest.


    Im reposting this for the idiot that implied trump was one of Epsteins friends. Fuck you idiot