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    Shocking how many people don’t know that hens lay non-fertilized eggs and think the yolk they’re eating is a baby chicken


    once tried desperately to make my friend understand that yolks were not, like, a liquified potentiality of chicken, and she looked at me for a while and then said, "but they’re both yellow."



    A chicken


    Sometimes I see people accuseStar Trek: The Original Series of queerbaiting or wondering why they didn’t just make Kirk/Spock canon. So to put things in perspective for you the last episode aired on the 3rd of June 1969, the Stonewall Riots started 25 days later on the 28th of June 1969.


    Bro someone told me he could never watch TOS because he wasn’t a fan of queer baiting and I felt really bad about it but I laughed in his face 😳


    TOS had to fight for an interracial kiss, there was no way in Hell that they could have gotten away with a gay one.


    Not to mention that while Roddenberry found the concept “interesting” when it was brought up later, he didn’t actually intend for K/S to be a thing. He never discouraged it, but it wasn’t something that was on his radar (and why would it be? He was a straight white man in the 1960s).

    Queerbaiting requires a certain level of malice aforethought. In this case it was a case of what I’m going to call gentle ignorance—he had no idea it would come across to fans as homoerotic, but once it was brought to his attention he was like “huh. Okay.”


    I saw George Takei speak at my college and he actually brought up the fact that after the Kirk/Uhura kiss he asked if there could be a same-sex kissing scene and was told no, because even the interracial kiss almost got the show booted.

    When we talk about how Korrasami walked so The Owl House could fly, we’re not seeing too much of the history of creators pushing for representation that was never aired.


    These kids really don’t know just how illegal gay stuff was until really recently.


    Do you know what's sexy?



    So many pieces of media have characters just say "screw my duties and responsibilities, true love!" And treats this like it's the right thing and good and the peak of romance

    No, just no

    Its 2021, time to move past that

    These kind of plots result in disasters and catastrophes, people killed indirectly and sometimes directly because someone's all like "I know I have responsibilities I need to fulfill, but I love this person so much I'm going to shirk all of my duties and people who depend on me doing them, causing suffering in my wake, but I got the girl, isn't it so romantic?"

    No it is not

    Y'know what's romantic? People who love each other very much but put their responsibilities and lives depending on them first, that is romantic


    horror story in which the narrator has a breakdown over the unspeakable otherworldly evil they witnessed but the reader slowly realizes they just saw a porcupine or something and didn’t know what it was


    “what I saw that night will haunt me to my grave…”

    “and in that pale mask of a face were black eyes that glittered with malice beyond the ken of man’s understanding”

    “a rictus grin of jagged teeth that split his face like a silent scream”

    “…his clutching corpse-hands, and behind him trailed a wretched, twitching worm, as though he had dragged it from the grave”

    “and when I thought the thing was dead at last, it twisted its grinning skull-face to watch me flee and laughed in a croaking, rattling hiss that will haunt me for as long as I live”


    the eldritch abomination menacing the narrator: