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    There is no "after the revolution." No "ideal world." I don't care how much progress we make, we will always fail someone, hurt someone, and the best thing we can do is accept that, and keep striving to make it better as we go.

    And don't get me wrong, I don't say this to discourage anyone from trying to make that ideal world. Quite the opposite.

    I feel like it's very naive to continue to approach these big changes we want to make in the world as if there's an "after it's all over" when we don't have to worry about it anymore.

    We should always be striving to make life better, even when life seems pretty damn good.


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    Oh my god

    I hadn’t thought to call it “rapture culture” but that’s EXACTLY what it is


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    Let go of the idea that there will be a time when we can finally stop fighting to make the world better. We'll just burn out trying to push through to reach that illusory goal, and that's when we really start losing ground.

    Deeply internalize that this is not a sprint, nor even a marathon, but an endless relay race. The baton must never stay still for long, or it will drown.

    Feed a few more twigs to the fire, and never let it go cold.


    i think people need to get more okay with physically hurting people who are participating, nominally peacefully, in a political act that advocates for right wing violence


    if it becomes par for the course that you will get the shit beaten out of you for showing up with a group of chuds outside a gay bar and chanting "groomers", then less people will do that.

    An ugly protest today. A mob of self described “Christian Fascists” tried to force their way into a gay establishment in the gayborhood of Dallas holding a family event while chanting “Groomers” pic.twitter.com/2F9NE4rs0P

— Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club (@EFJBGC) June 4, 2022

    not an imagined situation, btw.


    If we don't beat them back, they'll kill us. It's not rude it's basic self-defense


    Bash a fash and they lose all their power. Richard Spencer was a Nazi voice for fucking *decades* and his entire empire collapsed overnight when he got beat up. The bootlickers worship power, anyone who is overpowered gets discarded.

    Bash a fash, save a life.


    My brother in law has a few years of experience on me.

    He was a concert regular. Was a musician coming into town this weekend? Yeah? Then he has plans.

    At concerts back in the day, skinheads would show up just to wreck other peoples fun. None of that "rock is satans music" or anything, just the fact that you liked something they didn't.

    So when a skinhead got into a concert, they'd try and open the fire exit so a bunch of their buddies could get in. Then you'd have 20-30 of them rushing into the crowd with bats or metal pipes.

    What did Punks do? They started wearing spikes and chains. Nobody wants to get body checked by someone with chains wrapped around their shoulders. Nobody wants to punch spikes.

    The options were A: Fight or B: Hope enough people fought so you didn't have to. Because once everyone who wanted to fight skinheads was beaten, everyone else who wasn't a skinhead was a target.

    So if you recognized a skinhead outside a concert? It was your duty to make it known they weren't welcome, because they meant you harm. It didn't matter that they weren't throwing punches yet, they would be within a half hour.

    What happened to all these skinheads you ask?

    In the 90s they grew out their hair, covered up the worst tattoos, and got jobs in law enforcement and politics. I wish I was kidding. They've been working at it behind the scenes for about 30 years. We need to remind them about the concert days.

    My father and I got to talking about the idea of transactional relationships versus transformational relationships, both in terms of spirituality and in relationships between people, and it occurred to me that it’s really applicable to pagan spaces as well.

    In a transactional relationship, you expect that if you do the right things, you’ll get the right result. You work the hours you agreed to work and so you get paid. You commission a piece of art and pay for it, and the art is delivered to you. You put in the hard work and turn your essay in on time, and you get a good grade. Effort in, result out.

    But a transformational relationship is completely different. If you approach a romantic relationship like it’s transactional, things fall apart pretty quickly – or you end up at the ‘nice guy’ conclusion of assuming that because you put in the effort, you’re owed the desired sexual/romantic contact in reward. In healthy romantic relationships, you don’t do something for your partner because you expect they’ll do something for you in return. You do it because you love them, because you want them to be happy, and because being together makes you both better people.

    I think far too often we can fall into the trap of treating our relationships with our gods as transactional. I build the alter, I give offerings, I give prayers of praise, so I should be rewarded with the blessings I ask for, or signs, or a clear godphone connection. Effort in, result out, right???

    But it doesn’t work that way. When we work with the gods we’re dealing with real, intelligent, individual beings with opinions and wants and needs of their own. They aren’t vending machines. The gods aren’t obligated to respond to us any more than a person is obligated to date someone who was nice to them. 

    Rituals, ceremonies, offerings, prayer, meditation, etc can all seem really pointless and hollow if you don’t understand the point behind those actions. The point is not that you’re putting in the effort for the expected result. The point is that in doing these things, we transform ourselves into better versions of ourselves – whether or not the gods actively respond to our actions.

    Within the Tumblr pagan community, it seems like there are a lot of people who worry about doing things the ‘right’ way to make the gods like them. It carries with it the 'nice guy’ implication that if you do everything just perfect, the god or gods in question will like you, will give you signs and blessings and a clearer godphone. My experience has been that there is no 'right’ way to do things, there is only the relationship between you as an individual and the god as an individual.

    When I try to explain my relationship with my gods to someone who isn’t religious or spiritual, the response seems to mostly be “Wow that sounds like a lot of work, what are you getting out of it?” For awhile it frustrated me that I didn’t have a solid answer to that, but this conversation with my (religious but definitely not pagan) father really turned it on its head. 

    What I get out of my devotion to my gods is a better me. My time thinking about them, talking to them, praising them, that changes me, gives me a better idea of how I fit with the rest of the universe, where my value comes from, what I’m capable of. It helps me to be more forgiving, and slower to anger, with a longer perspective than the problem-of-the-moment perspective we so often get stuck in in our modern world.

    I think with the emphasis (particularly on Tumblr) on godphone-type communication with one’s gods, it can be really easy to lose sight of all the ways we can feel the gods’ presence in our lives. Focusing more on how I have changed, how I am actively changing now, where things would have troubled me before but don’t anymore – focusing on that makes it clear how much I really am getting out of my relationship with my gods, in a way that isn’t at all transactional.

    Even on days when my godphone has nothing but static, I can absolutely feel the influence of my gods on my life. Not because of the things that they give me, but because of the ways I am transformed by devoting myself to them.

    “W-T-actual-F” Tarot Spread


    For when you’re fed up with a situation’s bullshit and unhelpful vague advice. Best results if you shuffle while screaming at any extraplanar influence involved in what the actual fuck you’re trying to reason to show up and fucking help or get their claws out of your life. Or anything you want the advice of.

    • what the fuck
      Contributing factors from the past; part of what’s “wrong”; state or event
      What’s happening or what’s needed right now; what is just over the horizon; state or event
    • What The Actual Fuck
      The root of what’s up, what all this is about; what’s at the end of the tunnel; concept or event either in the immanent future or Right The Fuck Now
    • +  5.  Actually, though
      Contributing or clarifying aspects of #3; components of the situation; ‘friendly advice’

    Bonus: it looks kinda like a raised middle finger. Y’know. If you’re just that pissed at the whole mess.

    Things Loki’s had to remind me:

    “There are no requirements or conditions to my love or pride for you.”

    “If I love you/am proud of you enough to be here, why should you question your own worth? Am I not a god? Am I not your god? 💗”

    “You not being able to do something, does not = being a failure, my disappointment, or your future crashing and burning.”

    “Sometimes, if you’ve been fighting something so hard, for so long, you have to acknowledge it’s not working. Sometimes you have to give up. Sometimes you have to let yourself sit in the lap and home of your enemies, and stop resisting the chains, before you can be free of them when the time is right. Sometimes you have to find peace in giving up. And that’s not weakness. And it’s ok. “

    “Sometimes, patience means waiting. Even if waiting means doing nothing.”

    “Change isn’t just in your actions and words, but in your heart and mind as well.”

    “If you can accept you won’t technically know what’s real or not real, or where you go, or won’t go, when you die, and stop fearing it/stressing yourself out about it, you are capable of doing the same thing over your future while you are alive.”

    Excerpt from this story from Inside Climate News:

    With 6,000 dairy cows, 5,000 beef cattle and thousands of tons of apples, potatoes and cherries produced annually, Royal Dairy in Royal City, Washington, uses hundreds of millions of gallons of water per year. All that water, once used, carries animal waste, pathogens and environmentally harmful chemicals, like nitrate, that can contaminate groundwater and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

    To prevent that from happening, though, Royal Dairy cleans and reuses its water more than 10 times before the water leaves the farm. The dairy has also cut its nitrate pollution and lowered its greenhouse gas emissions, all thanks to a new kind of wastewater filtration system powered by worms.

    Every day, half a million gallons of farm wastewater is pumped through a gigantic bed of earthworms. The worms, wiggling in wood chips and shavings, feast on the liquid manure and wastewater, removing nutrients and harmful chemicals from the stream. The water then percolates through a layer of crushed rock, collects at the bottom of the worm bed, and travels out an exit pipe for Austin Allred, the farm’s owner, to use on the farm once more.

    Allred is one of two dairy farmers in the United States currently using such a system, called a vermifiltration system, to manage wastewater. The system, installed by a company called BioFiltro, could be one solution to agricultural pollution problems, especially as states require dairies to implement better water management plans and eliminate nitrate from their wastewater.

    Some scientists even say that vermifiltration could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms by preventing the production of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. As such, vermifiltration could be a possible alternative to manure digesters, controversial technologies that capture methane produced by manure ponds, then sell that methane as a fuel source.


    inspired by a post on my dash but i think one of the issues w the “pronounce peoples names right! there is no excuse not to!“ convos is that if you actually pronounce my deadname (or the names of any of my brothers, or any of my family for that matter) right you have to completely snap out of english for the word. like english just doesn’t have the same cadence or like consonant and especially not vowel sounds as finnish and you literally do have to say it “wrong” or you will disrupt the flow of the rest of the sentence. that’s why we also have an english pronunciation for words that are from different languages (eg. sauna); they get molded to fit the actual language it’s used in. and i’m sure there’s other people who feel the same way, and others feel differently, and in any case just mimic the way the person introducing themself says it. anyway


    like: my brothers name is arttu, which is one of the finnish versions of arthur. you can get really close to the english way of saying it by thinking R2 like R2D2 the star wars dude. but that is not the correct way - in finnish the stress is on the double T (which english doesn’t really have. like the way double letters work in finnish is really distinctly different from how they work in english) and finnish R’s are strong/sharp/rolled. you have stress on the first Ar turning into a distinct double T turning into a short u, which isn’t the english u, the finnish pure U doesn’t exist in english. the closest you get is like a ghostly OoOooOoH but even that has too much Y sound in it. like it’s just not a word you would ever say right in the middle of an english sentence as an english speaker. and frankly i also don’t pronounce finnish names or finnish words right when i’m speaking in english


    This is exactly how I feel. There are quite a few Yiddish or Hebrew words in English and I'm just like... Fine with people pronouncing them in an anglicized manner cause that's how language works. The same with my name. I describe it as being pronounced like Kyle with a hard G - and that's not wrong, per se, for English, but in Hebrew the vowels are sharper, the L is a harder sound, so obviously if you're going to say my name in Hebrew or in English, it's going to sound a little different. Languages don't always interact with each other 1:1. I'm not going to ask everyone to pronounce Cherub with a ח/χ sound instead of a ch, because that sounds doesn't exist in English. And honestly, at the end of the day, that's fine. That's how cultural exchanges work. It's not the same as willfully misunderstanding how to pronounce someone's name, but it's also understandable if they literally do not have the ability to Do That With Their Mouth.


    I once asked a friend of mine if she ever wished people would use her Chinese name, and she said not really, because non-speakers really can't hear the tones in Mandarin without a lot of ear-training and practice, and it would be a fruitless endeavour to try and teach every person she met to hear and repeat them upon meeting her.

    And I personally know from experience that not everybody can easily make certain sounds their own language doesn't use. When I've explained to other people that I have a Hebrew name and a Bengali name, the latter is usually fairly easy for them to get, but the hard CH in my Hebrew name usually ends up with them pronouncing it Ra-Hell, which is... wrong. But it's not malicious or anything; they're just not used to using the muscles and making the sound that's required.

    This can be true with non-names as well. For example: It's apparently extremely hard for native German speakers to say the english word 'squirrel.'

    Obviously, if you're close with somebody and they really want you to learn how to say their name in certain way, you should do your best to accomodate, but some people may never get it 100% right for all the effort in the world, because they can't hear accents or tones, or they can't make their muscles work a certain way that's not standard, and I think it's important not to shame anybody for that. And I think it's also totally fair if some people prefer to have an English version of their name that doesn't require them to break out into a language lession with every random person they meet. Not everyone cares enough or has the patience and that's fine, too.


    I think the constant dichotomy of Tumblr posts that say, “you MUST do this thing or you’re a terrible person” and ones that say, “just try you’re best, your effort has value, you’re not a terrible person” is fascinating.


    I was today years old when I learned that when you type “otp: true” in AO3 search results it filters out fics with additional ships, leaving only the fics where your otp is the main ship




    Here’s a cheatsheet of all the available hidden search functions. “-creators:[whatever]” is another exclusion that can be particularly useful.


    rt, to make my life easier


    Really all it should take to convince you to support trans people is the fact that there are many, many studies that say "yeah trans people are real and we've found that the best treatment is to just let them transition" like that should really be the end of the argument

    I never had to be convinced that trans people were real because I just. learned about that in school. like, it's common knowledge, and we've known it forever. so people arguing about it constantly like it's new territory is so weird to me


    At this point we should really just be assigning anti-trans people to the same realm of absurd ignorance as antivaxxers and like, people who think billionaires have the people's interests in mind