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    legion of stationery swap au w/ toads!

    red streamer: colored pencils swaps with curator toad

    why this supply was chosen: curator enjoys using the museum to give praise to mario’s various achievements, and even has a trophy room, much like a highlighter is used to give a bright coloration to the most important parts of a text

    how they change:

     as a ‘tacky’ office supply, the curator toad would probably attack overlook tower bc it’s ‘not noteworthy enough’ and try to spruce it up by attacking it bc ‘this tower should be one fit for a king!’

    as a regular old toad, colored pencils isnt nearly as monstrous, even missing his eyesore hair highlights. instead he’s a curator who’s just a tad too snooty, and this causes him to beg mario on his hands and knees to come visit, because his visit numbers at the musee are at an all time low

    blue streamer: mc toad swaps with rubber band

    why this supply was chosen: since i see mc toad as rb’s kind of ‘understudy’, i wanted to pick something that reflects that- an office supply that keeps things clamped together, but a different supply from a rubber band

    how they change:

    instead of an abandoned theme park and finding all the trapped toads near the end, you free all the staff across the park from mysterious clips- only to realize youve spelled your own doom as youve just been freeing the parts to binder clip the whole time. hes an actor like rb is but only does one show which is shogun studios themed

    as a regular toad, rubber band is the one employee at shogun studios whos overly passionate at their job- rb is definitely friends with the hardcore roleplayers you meet at the beginning of shogun studios, and she will loudly call other employees out if he hears them dropping the facade 

    yellow streamer: professor toad swaps with hole punch

    why this supply was chosen: a magnifier and anything like it is used to make things bigger and easier to understand, like a professors job would be! however it also serves as an opposite to hole punch because when combined with the sun, a magnifier can easily turn deadly

    how they change: as an office supply, prof is STILL obsessed w the sun altar! only this time hes more enamored with the POWER of the sun. so he tries to harness the power of the sun as much as possible and delves into the temple of shrooms to learn more about these ancient ones who wrote this stuff

    as a toad, hole punch is also a researcher, but hes also a clout chaser- think of him as the flint cragley of origami king. hes notorious for being a hit with the unknowing public, but many a scholar complain that this little devil will accidentally break SO many historical artifacts

    purple streamer: captain t. ode swaps with tape

    why this supply was chosen: obviously bc the comparisons of a mathematical compass and a direction-pointing compass, but geographical tools like these are often used for cartography- plus i thought a tool so specific could give t ode a bit of a ‘lone wolf’ reputation among the legion

    how they change: t ode wishes to explore the seas, and he’s marking down the coordinates of every island he sees- so what if he destroys the island in the progress? he’s an EXPLORER! and the ocean will be his map! if mario doesnt stop him, he might even bust open diamond island by force… leaving no stone unturned

    meanwhile, tape is an adventurer like t ode, but instead of having mellowed out, hes about the guy youd expect to do bullshit like steal a submarine for the quirkiness of it all. also his ‘ancient one dialect’ is just the brooklyn accent. hilarity does ensue 

    green streamer: shangri-spa toad swaps with scissors

    why this supply was chosen: since the shangri-spa toads are all white (likely thanks to exposure to the stream of jungle mist), liquid paper would be a good equivalent to a ‘colorless’ supply that erases things in a similar way

    how they change: since theres no one distinct shangri spa toad npc, its more the idea that a ‘head’ shangri spa toad would become liquid paper and said liquid paper would adopt a ‘holier than thou’ attitude and cover up anyones ‘ugliness’ with said liquid paper so that shangri spa can be ‘perfect’

    meanwhile, scissors is the lucifer of the shangri spa ‘angels’- those dark spots are just dirt bc she hates looking like a toad, quit her job when bowsers castle crashed into shangri spa and has been nagging kamek nonstop into letting her join bowsers army instead

    stapler stays the same (sorry buddy)

    olly also becomes a second partner to mario in this au, and replacing him as the origami king is…

    oh yknow


    Oh my goodness I love this and now want to do a swap thing with my own legion

    i always thought it was strange that the big sho theatre paper machos were the only non-mute ones but i was replaying the blue streamer today and i noticed they are actually mute! every line of dialogue aside from birdos is actually read by the emcee toad, you can see their mouth move during both narration and others’ dialogue if you pay close attention. my guy really did have 90% of the lines and is carrying the show

    I can’t believe I live in a world where Severus “I literally mentally abused children as an adult” Snape got a redemption arc out of nowhere and suddenly was a “good” person but Chloé “I was mentally abused and neglected by my mother so badly that she doesn’t even know my name” Bourgeois didn’t get the redemption arc that had been building for, like, a season and a half.


    You can’t put fanart behind a paywall! DO NOT DO IT. It doesn’t matter what Tumblr says, you cannot make money off someone else’s IP. 


    The truth is: most copyright holders aren’t going to come after you for this, BUT THEY CAN. And if they do? You’ll have no defense. It’s blatantly illegal and you’ll pay for it. 

    The community has collectively torn apart every single flaw (and there are MANY) with this Posts+ feature and at that point it goes to show how poorly Tumblr would even handle a thing such as this. Even if they said your payment info would be safe despite numerous hilariously broken code bugs, the company as a whole has shown it hardly puts any critical thought into these decisions. Like lets review:

    -Every person who wants to be financially supported for their posts or content is already using Ko-fi and Patreon. Making this a Google+ style mistake of repeating a niche that's already been filled by a well-established platform and expecting it to succeed because of the size of your userbase alone. It's a redundant idea with the only "benefit" being that it's through Tumblr itself.

    -The pay cut taken by post+ is larger than Ko-fi or Patreon, with that cut being a whopping 40% in some countries. If this was about supporting creators, a simple tip jar feature could be implemented without paywall'ed posts so people don't have to link their payment apps. This isn't about supporting creators, it's about supporting the site's operating costs, but considering the scale of the backlash-- even if that backlash was a "vocal minority" which I sincerely doubt-- I'd wager they're hardly going to get enough partaking in it to make it a viable option.

    -Every feature they've rolled out has been clunky as hell. It's entirely likely that with the hypothetical chance this will be equally messy, the high cut being taken compared to alternatives, and established alternatives already existing with larger businesses and artists already having an established platform on those, even if this does get attention, it won't last more than a month or two.

    -Its a legal nightmare for anyone who posts fandom content- which is most of Tumblr. Even if your fandom stuff is in free posts, with enough income it could be argued that the fandom content is what's drawing in business and thus being used as advertisement.

    -If a post is reblogged once, its there forever. Which means that if you copy the content from a paid post and put it in the comments, there's nothing the OP can do aside from file a report to have all of those reblogs removed. Look at how quick the community was to eat NFT artists alive, and consider this is the platform where you get death threats over the silliest things. You think they'd actually respect content creators who use Posts+?

    -You can't block a subscriber without contacting support directly, which means someone with the disposable income could use it as a harassment tool. I don't even get the logic behind this feature other than lazy coding, because if streaming and cam model sites have a block feature even if you have an active subscription, why can't Tumblr?

    -Consider both of the above. Now recall the early days of the "nipple ban" fiasco and how many SFW posts got flagged because their detection algorithm was so clunky. To this day I get bursts of p/rn bot followers whose blogs are full of actual p/rn reblogged from existing blogs. I've reported every one of these that follows me as both spam and sensitive content before blocking them, but checking my blocklist right now, not a *single* one of them has been deleted. @staff how do you expect to combat the above: people subscribing to blogs to avoid blocks and carry out harassment, and people pirating paid content via reblog if you can't even keep up with p/rn spam bots that were reported months ago? You're just adding more onto the plates of your already likely overworked moderation team.

    -Lets not forget that they tested this feature by rolling it out on a staff member's blog without so much as notifying them about it.

    I absolutely get the need to monetize this site in some way so it can cover operating costs as well as a bigger moderation team to smack down those pesky p/rn bots, but as someone else suggested: this can be done via Reddit's method of offering bonus paid features that don't create a detriment to free users' experience, rather than locking content behind


    Okay I woke up and heard about Tumblr+ and was not happy :(

    So I wrote up this thing in like 3 hours with some crappy art and stuff just to get my thoughts out there of some way @staff can actually get some money without using @postplus,​ as everyone hates it.

    If you have some ideas of your own or wanna draw some cursed pins you’d use go ahead!

    (ignore all my spelling mistakes please, procreate doesn’t have spell checking)

    If Tumblr wants money to keep this site going so bad, I suggest they make some sort of fundraiser like Wikipedia and AO3 have done.

    This way they won't have to ruin the user experience, and hey, maybe they can actually work on fixing the many issues this site has instead of implementing new features nobody wants!

    @staff​, your userbase as a whole is telling you in no uncertain terms that monetizing the type of fan works we create here is not okay. Because it’s not. Please go consult the Organization for Transformative Works (you know - the people who run AO3, a literal Hugo Award-winning website for transformative works) about this stuff. They have been fighting too fucking hard (and winning) about this sort of thing for you all to come in and drop this dangerous nuke in the middle of fandom like this. You say you wanna take care of your userbase? Well I’m part of your userbase, I am a fan works creator, and I’m telling you this is a terrible idea and I do not want this feature on this website. Period. I do not want this space I have put over a decade of work into to go up in flames because yall won’t listen to us about this issue. 

    I have not dedicated literal uncountable hours of my life providing for my fandoms to have y’all be this absolutely ignorant. 

    sigh. alright, my friends. Some of you may have seen staff's newest post. Some of you haven't.

    Essentially, they just lied. They lied and said that monetizing fanfic is legal. Let me repeat, it is not.

    If you carefully read that section, you'll notice it's just vague and half-effort enough to cover them, not you, the creator. They will be safe with that little disclaimer and you will be left to face corporations like Disney alone. Ao3 has an army of lawyers. Tumblr has that one guy who claims to be a lawyer, lying about monetizing fanfic.

    I have to say, part of me believes that the owners of tunblr hate it so much that they are attempting to get rid of it by forcing a lawsuit situation. I don't say this to scare anyone, but if this goes through, I believe that Tumblr will be a sinking ship. If this post plus nonsense goes into effect, it spells nothing but trouble.

    Please, please, if you haven't already, follow me on one of my other platforms so that you don't lose me in a worst case scenario. I'm very frustrated by this whole thing, and frustrated at Tumblr in general. Anyways, thank you all for sticking around with me, and here's hoping that things will turn out for the best.

    With all the buzz about the post+ nonsense, you'd think it would be trending, right? But for some reason it's not. Staff can pin hashtags in trending, it would make sense they could block them.

    If @staff is deliberately keeping their shitty update off the trending board because we all hate it that would be fucking hilarious