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2021-12-07 22:22:51

    Spank me Daddy, I’m a slut!

    This week I’m bringing you a fun new edging mantra with deep hypnotic undertones, this file is designed to encourage and reinforce a bimbo mindset and a deep need to be obedient to your Daddy or Master.

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    The reaction to Display Loop was great.  This sequel is from a few of the women who found themselves compulsively masturbating while listening.  It’s more minimalist with a more clearly defined mantra.

    The bass pulse made people touch themselves in time.  If you listen, you’ll hear what happens inside their head.

    1. WARNING: This file is designed to encourage repeated listening.  That is a feature not a bug.  I am told that my files can be very addictive.  Some folks want me to put on more warning labels,so there you go.  Feels like a humblebrag, but safety first.

    2. If you ever hear your voice and want a credit, tell me.  Cross promotion is cool, I just err on the side of anonymous.

    Love y’all - the response has really been amazing recently.


    happy head, empty head