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    The Denial Sanatorium

    She was ready. Her knees would soon be held open by the Denial Nurses as they began their ministrations. She’d claimed she wasn’t able to edge, that she just couldn’t stop herself cumming.

    They were going to show her, over the next week, or two, just how wrong she was.

    Her stay was indeterminate right now, as it usually took at least a week until the full blown addiction to the denial high kicked in. Until her mind was rewired to crave nothing but that feeling of bliss, to learn to hate orgasms because they stole that nirvana away from her.

    Usually a week.

    Sometimes a month.

    Very occasionally, a full year.

    At His Feet

    He’s sitting across the room talking to people I don’t know. I can only see him from the back, but I imagine him laughing. The animated way he tells stories. I see him lean forward, the way he does when something catches his interest. I like this—watching him socialize. Knowing he’s close by while we both talk to others.

    It’s a basket of chicken fingers and fries that pulls me away from my conversation and brings me to his side (hey, every girl has a weakness). And without a thought, I settle on the floor next to him. And without turning my direction, his hand comes to rest on my shoulder. He finishes a thought and turns to look at me. He smiles, and his hand slides up against the back of my neck.

    It’s hard to explain what I feel in this moment, looking up at this man. He never asked me to sit here. But even with so many people around, it never occurred to me to sit anywhere else. And with smile beaming down at me, his pride of ownership washing over me, everything just feels right. Belonging. Comfort. And at the same time, a constant awareness that I am property. His.

    I talk to others from my place at his feet. I share his fries. He lets me have the last few. I lean against his thigh while having perfectly ordinary conversations about travels and food. And in all moments, I feel his control flowing through me. So much joy in such a simple gesture. Not just a display of affection, but one of devotion and service.

    How I long to be back there right now, with his hand brushing the back of my neck. My place, reserved just for me. Adored and owned. At his feet.

    Wow! Oh gosh I feel it… Like I’m sort of dripping down…

    into my… my pussy… yes… I guess I want to keep… dripping… in my… p-pussy…

    it’s so weird… happening so… f-fast- yes. okay… i’ll keep… dr- into my cunt…

    yes sir… o-only pussy… i d-dont dont think… only pussy… yyes dont tthink  ccant tthink only ppuss

    yss i wl cum my brain yss when sir sayss will cum my my brainn ysss master yss will cum m- ughghh!H!H!!!

    yes master good girl will againn againn cum bbrain aagain will c- ughhhh!!hh hgh hghh

    pls cant think.. tooo m- yes mastr… all out… good girl will ys obey… all out..

    obey… no will… will cum all… obey… no will… wwilll ccuum al- obey… ob… no. wi c-cu ALlHGHGHHHHHH!!!!!

    i am obedient… i am docile… i am yours… yes Master, i serve… i obey… anything Master… yes Master… anything…

    fuck toy… cunt mind… empty girl… yes master… obey… yours… am good girl… another? yes master… i obey masssttterrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    Your Last Orgasm

    Are you ready?

    “Mmhm. I’m ready.”

    It’s been a long time, huh?

    “Yes, Sir. A really long time.”

    Do you remember how long?

    “Um, no. Not really.”

    I do. But I think it’s better for you not to focus on things like that.


    That’s my good girl. Nice and close now, okay? Right at the edge.

    “Mmm, yes, Sir.”

    You look distracted, little one. Is something on your mind?

    “Um… yes. I mean, kind of.”

    Tell me. Stay right on that edge please.

    “Unng, it’s so close, Sir.”

    That’s okay. You’re going to cum soon, but right now I want you edging so hard.

    “Nngh… okay… I was… thinking about it again.”

    Good job. Keep it right there. Thinking about what?

    “A-about giving them all to you.”

    Aw, such a sweet girl. You’re about to get your first orgasm in a really, really long time, and you’re thinking about giving them all to me?

    “Yes, Sir. I know you want it.”

    I do. And you do, too, don’t you?

    “I… I think I do. I didn’t used to, but I keep thinking about it all the time. Practically every time I edge. But it’s so hard. I don’t know if I can do it.”

    I think you can. You just need some help.


    Mmhm. I can help if you let me. If you want, I’ll decide when the time is just right, and when that time comes, you give them all to me, and you’ll never cum again.

    “O… nngh… Okay…”

    Are you sure? It won’t be easy, but I promise I’ll help you if you promise to let me help. Okay?

    “Okay. Yes, Sir. I promise”

    Then I promise, too. Good girl. But now it’s time for something else, isn’t it.

    “Oh, yes, Sir!”

    You’re really ready?

    “Yes, Sir, please.”

    Okay. Such a needy girl. I’ll count from ten. This will be your last orgasm, okay?

    “Wait, what?”

    Your last orgasm. When I get to zero you’re going to cum for last time ever. Ten.

    “No, please… I didn’t meant right now. I don’t think I’m ready!”

    It’s not your decision anymore, silly. Stay on the edge, please. Really, really close. Nine.

    “Nnnnnnngh, God, please, Sir. I don’t think I can do it. You can decide, just not right now, please!”

    My goodness you are a silly girl. Either I’m deciding, or I’m not. Didn’t you just promise me that you’d let me help when I decided that the time was right?

    “Yes, but-”

    Oh, good. I thought maybe I’d made a mistake. Eight.

    “Oh, Sir… are you really going to take them away now?”

    Yes, I am. You’re going to have one more orgasm, and that will be the last one you ever have. Seven.

    “Ohhhh… God… ohhhh… please, just… oh, no…”

    Six. We always knew this time was coming.

    “I know…ngghhh… I’m just not ready, please!”

    I decide when you’re ready. That’s what we just decided. Five. And we’re very close to your last orgasm now.

    “Sir, please…”

    Don’t worry. I’ll be strong for you. Four.

    “No no no no no, Sir, please, please…”

    No matter how much you beg, I’ll never let you cum again. Three. Just this last one. Two. The last one ever.

    “Oh, God, oh God, oh…”

    Almost time. One. Almost time for the last orgasm you’ll ever feel. Get ready.

    “Oh, Sir, but, Sir, please…but…”

    Cum. Cum for me now, little one. For the last time.

    “Nnngh… but, Sir…”

    It’s time for your last orgasm. Go ahead. Cum.

    “No… oh, no…”

    I told you to cum, little one.

    “But, it’s too hard! You keep saying it’s the last one when it’s about to happen, and I can’t do it!”

    You can’t?

    “No, Sir, please…

    Are you sure? You’re not going to cum?

    “Sir, I can’t, I can’t!”

    Okay. It’s okay. Shhhh, it’s okay. Let this one go. Let it go.

    “Oh… ngh… okay… oh…”

    I guess I was wrong, huh?

    “I… I… wrong?”

    I thought you’d be having your last orgasm today, but you’re not.

    “I’m not?”

    No. I think it’s really sweet that you’re not going to have a last orgasm. I guess your body really wants you to be a good girl, huh?

    “But… I… no, Sir! I really want to cum! Just one more, please!”

    No. All done now.

    “All d… but… I don’t… oh, not even a last one?”

    Not even. Well, in a way, I guess you already had your last one didn’t you?

    “But I don’t even remember it; I don’t even know when it was!”

    That’s okay. We’re all done with cumming now. I guess we have been for a long time, we just didn’t know it until now. Your last orgasm was your last orgasm.

    "But I don’t remember it. You said you remember. Can you tell me? Oh please, was it-”

    Shhh. No. I told you that it’s better for you not to focus on things like that. You’re done cumming. That’s all you need to remember.

    “Sir, pleeeease… I’m not ready. I need-”

    You don’t need to cum. You know that.

    “Yes, but-”

    You asked me to help you, right? Hey, look at me. Right?

    “Yes, Sir, but-”

    This is how it’s going to be. It’s not your decision, and it’s already been decided. You don’t cum anymore. Say it.

    “Please, Sir…”

    Say it.

    “I… I-I don’t cum… anymore.”

    There. That wasn’t so hard, was it.

    “Oh, God… really never?”

    Never, ever. I promised I’d help you and I will. Now what do you say?

    “Oh, Sir, please don’t make me…”

    What do you say?

    “Nnnnnn… thank you, Sir.”

    For taking all your orgasms away. Say it.

    “Thank you… thank you for taking all of my orgasms away, Sir.”

    You’re welcome, little one. Now, lets edge you again. Nice and hard, okay?

    The Thrill of Victory

    “Hmm, now. Let me just see what happens when I press this button here.” Dana let out a little gasp of pleasure as she felt Missy’s hand snake around from behind and give her nipple a firm squeeze, not hard enough to hurt but by no means gentle, either. Her eyelids fluttered shut, and she squirmed into her girlfriend’s touch with a whimper she barely managed to suppress before it became a moan. Not that the other women on the team didn’t know about their relationship, but they at least tried to pretend that they didn’t spend every road trip fucking each other senseless the night before the game.

    ‘Senseless’ being the operative word. “Oh, did I accidentally switch off my good little girl’s pretty brain?” Missy murmured softly into Dana’s ears, her other hand reaching around to cup Dana’s small, pale breast and flick her sensitive nipples. “That’s what happens when pet leaves her off switch out in the open like that. She gets her mind rebooted in Slut Mode. Isn’t that right?” Dana nodded, the tiny part of her that retained awareness of her situation sending out a quiet prayer of thanks to that sports hypnotist she worked with her freshman year of college.

    Because while the 'guided meditations’ and 'creative visualizations’ of that long-ago woman had been scrupulously ethical and honest, they’d nonetheless left Dana so wet and horny after every session that she hadn’t been able to pretend she wasn’t a lesbian any longer. And when she started dating Missy, she confessed exactly how it made her feel to sink into another woman’s voice and eyes and let her thoughts be guided and directed on a level that she could feel physically. Missy loved to rub her pussy and listen to all her fantasies of the things she wished her hypnotist had been wicked enough to do to her. It was only a matter of time before they began to experiment with it a little.

    And now Missy had so many ways into Dana’s drowsy, obedient brain that it was almost impossible to remember them all. Especially with her lover behind her, teasing her pert little tits and breathing softly on her neck with every whispered word. “Pet is in Slut Mode now,” she growled, grinding against Dana’s ass in the most delicious way. “Pet can only think about sex with her owner.” It was really almost unfair… but then again, Dana didn’t have any interest in fairness away from the soccer field. And she loved being vulnerable to her team captain.

    “P-pet is in… Slut Mode,” she whimpered, wriggling her way out of her underwear and spreading her legs wider and wider so that Missy could press her thigh up against Dana’s throbbing cunt. It was easier when she bent over. Dana wanted to bend over for Missy so badly right now. “Pet can, can only think about… ssssex. With her owner.” She felt a trickle of drool escape her lips as the arousal melted her thoughts to the point where basic muscle control became difficult. On the field, she could place a ball in the corner of the net without even thinking about it, but in Missy’s hotel room, she could barely even stay upright. It was fucking wonderful.

    “Pet’s going to be a good girl for Mistress now, isn’t she?” Dana nodded, choking back another moan as she ground back on Missy’s leg until her eyes rolled back in her head. She didn’t think she could say no, not when she was so wet and needy like this. But luckily, she didn’t have to. Dana was with a lover she trusted intimately… and they had a whole night together before the trip home tomorrow. They’d already won the game. Now Dana was going to get her reward.

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    This past week, I had a visitor come to my office. It wasn't my normal visitor that I usually have. Most of the time, I have executives from the company I work for or customers needing assistance.

    This visitor, came to my office after normal work hours. My co-workers and business associates were long gone. I made sure that no one else was staying late, at work that night. She has been here before. But, lately it has been less frequent. I was enjoying her visits too much and was growing addicted to them. I was expecting them. I was loving them soo much! In the past, the visits were once a week, but now I don't see her very often.

    This woman, doesn't wear normal business attire that my normal visitors, to my office, wear. Often, she is wearing jeans or spandex. She is usually on her way home from the fitness club, she belongs to, or has been shopping for groceries.

    She has a need. No one else, in her life, is willing to give it too her. She has a sexual need. A need for more orgasms without the bother of a personal relationship that gets complicated. She has a husband, but he doesn't seem able to keep up with her desires for more orgasms. Often, she has masturbate multiple times each day, to achieve the sort of sexual satisfaction that she needs.

    I sometimes fill her needs. I am addicted to her. She has an amazing body and an exceptionally beautiful pussy. Her pussy is addictive! Very addictive! She is always wet when I am near her.

    She is not a bisexual women. She just needs more. I'm always willing to give her the oral attention that she needs. She has told me that my pussy eating talents are to die for. I tell her that I love to make her cum... to make her feel sooo good! I love to give her the sexual satisfaction that no one else can. She just loves the orgasms that I give her.

    She has never given me a orgasm. I have masturbated and orgasmed thinking of her, but she hasn't touched me in a way that I actually had an orgasm. She is not interested in sex with me. She just wants me to make her cum.

    I'm totally fine with that...

    This time she had been at the fitness club and had showered and was on her way home. She called me, on her way to the club, to see if I had time to eat her pussy. I made time.... fuckkk!!

    I gave her the security code to get into the building after hours. She texted me when she arrived in the parking garage. I was wet just thinking about going down on her... so fucking wet!

    She arrived to my office and asked when was the last time that my talented tongue had licked her pussy? I said that it was 37 days since the last time. She was wearing yoga pants and a tshirt with a sports bra under it. She gave me a smile and then sat down on my office chair.

    She pulled down her pants and took off her shirt and sports bra. She sat naked in my chair and told me "eat my pussy you fucking horny slut " so I did!

    She was freshly shaved smooth and I could see her glistening wetness between her thick lips. I dove right in.... she doesn't like any teasing or foreplay.

    My tongue went right in between her lips, wanting to taste her amazing pussy juices. She tastes amazing! Fuck!!

    My tongue went deep into her, as far as it could! She spread her legs wide giving me total access to her pussy! She slid herself to the edge of the chair and told me to tease her asshole with my finger. So I did! Just lightly scraping my manicured fingertip over her other opening. Mmmm she moaned!! "Fuck yes you fucker" she said...

    My tongue spread her wetness all over her lower lips. I made sure that I was going to taste her no matter where I was going to lick her.

    My tongue found her clit and I used the tip to pull it out from under its hood. My tongue went back inside her hole and she grabbed my head and pulled me in to her grinding my face into her. "I'm cumming you cunt"

    She ripped off her first orgasm spreading her pussy juices over my face...

    I slide my finger into her pussy hole and massaged the top of her deep tunnel. Using my tongue to get at her clit, she was thrusting her hips into my face. I fingered her fast and ran my tongue over her clit.... she loves this!

    She continued to degrade me as she approached her 2nd orgasm. I slid a 2nd finger into her cunt and she orgasmed really hard again not trying to keep her moaning quiet.

    For her 3rd I slid my finger into her asshole and sucked lightly on her clit...

    For her 4th I sucked her clit more and played with her G cup breasts!

    We talked for a while as I got my makeup in order and she put her clothes back on. I closed up the office and walked out to the parking garage together. I begged her to visit me more often and that I am always available....

    Standing at her vehicle, she gave me a deep kiss and got in..

    Fuckkk I hope she comes back to see me again soon!!!

    Bus trip

    by Jasgirl

    (Tags: Slut, Drugs,masturbation, gangbang, cocksucking)

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    The bus trip from University to my family’s cabin was almost 8 hours and across state lines, but I didn’t mind. A few times each term I’d arrange to take the weekend off from my part time job in the campus bookstore, skip my Friday or Monday classes (but never both. I had to maintain my grades!) and buy a bus ticket. My parents would use the cabin for a week or two during the summer, but otherwise it was left empty all year long. Perfect for my purposes.

    I came to University from community college on a full scholarship. I had been a shy, shy girl back home,  too shy to date and still a virgin, but  I knew everything was going to change at University. Hot guys, sexy parties, drunk hook-ups, dorm room orgies. I had fantasized about it for years! But it turns out I was soooo wrong. The University was tiny and in a small town, and the guys were anything but hot, the parties were boring, everyone was exhausted from too much studying and class work and my dorm roommate was asexual and looked mildly disgusted anytime I even mentioned anything related to sex.

    I was soooooo disappointed, and with a roommate that refused to ever leave I had to resort to fingering myself in the bathroom and the girl’s shower at the gym. It wasn’t even close to enough! I had spent years imagining all the hot, nasty sex I’d have at University. I’d fantasized about putting the old shy, nerdy me behind, leaving my baggy sweaters  and bangs in the past. I’d spent months in the gym and and bought sexy new clothes and learned to do my makeup! I had gone from plain to sexy and was finally ready to come out of my shell and be the slut I’d always wanted to be… and no one cared.

    That all changed when I heard about a new drug. It didn’t have a name, but it had a reputation! Rumors started spreading when a few girls missed classes and were found in their dorm rooms, exhausted and dehydrated. It was simple: The drug made masturbation amazing. Capital A AMAZING! I was skeptical but eager to learn more, and it didn’t take me long to find a dealer.

    The drug wasn’t expensive at all, but it came with a few instructions:

    1. Make sure that you have privacy, because once the drug kicks in you won’t want to stop!

    2. Make sure you have plenty of water close at hand, because you’ll get dehydrated quick, and won’t want to stop long enough to get a drink.

    3. Make sure you have sex toys available to avoid hand cramps!

    4. Put down a plastic sheet to avoid stains.

    It sounded ridiculous, but I took all the precautions anyway and tried the drug the first time my roommate was away for the weekend.

    I was not prepared.

    The drugs kicked in almost right away. I shuddered as my entire body was overcome with arousal. It was sudden and sharp, and my hand was down the front of my shorts before I even realized it. My panties were soaked! My pussy was absolutely sopping wet. Just brushing my fingers against my clit made me gasp out loud and fall over onto my plastic covered twin bed. Face down on the mattress and with my ass in the air I started frantically fingering myself. It felt so good! So much better than usual. And I couldn’t stop! Not even to take the rest of my clothes off. Not even to reach for the dildo which was on the bed beside me. My entire body was hot and I was panting and my heart was beating like crazy. I felt my mind focus down to a point, down to just my hot, wet pussy and my eager, thrusting fingers. I couldn’t think of anything else. I couldn’t stop.

    I came so hard.

    I came so hard, and I just kept going.

    The drug wore off sometime after midnight and I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till after noon the next day. I was exhausted and sore and so thirsty that I drank all three bottles of water I had sat out on my nightstand. The plastic sheet was stuck to my body and the entire room smelled like sex and sweat.

    I couldn’t wait to try it again!

    It was two weeks before I the chance. I bought a bus ticket and spent the weekend at my parents cabin, high as fuck and and riding a thick rubber dildo I bought just for the occasion. I took twice as much of the drug and it lasted even longer and felt so much better. So 3 weeks later I did it again and took even more! This time I brought a vibrating dildo for my ass, and it spent the entire weekend deep inside me.

    The cabin became a habit. I was addicted. I went as often as I could, and each time it got a little harder not to just stay. But of course I didn’t.

    This time I decided to try something a little different. Finals were over and I couldn’t wait to give my needy pussy some serious attention and just let my mind go blank with pleasure. I had bought a cute little vibrator and decided it would be fun to take the drug as soon as I got on the bus and spend the 8 hour trip  cumming my brains out. Every time I’d taken the trip to the cabin I’d been the only person on the bus, and with the lights off it was pretty dark. I was sure that if I sat in the back the driver wouldn’t even notice!

    I bought a large bottle of water at the bus terminal snack bar and sat down to wait. There were half a dozen students also waiting to catch a bus home for the weekend, as well as a few older travelers. I noticed a guy about my age checking me out. I wasn’t surprised. I had worn my favorite workout outfit for comfort on the long bus ride. My short pink shorts were tight around my wide hips and showed off my legs. My tits looked great in my tank top too. For just a sec I thought he might come over and talk to me, and maybe I could spend the weekend with his cock instead of my favorite dildo. But he didn’t look again, and a few minutes later he was off on his own bus and I was on mine.

    I settled down for the long ride. Just like always, I was the only passenger. I told the driver I was going to take a nap  and chose a seat in the far back to make sure he wouldn’t bother me. Within minutes we were on our way, and once we were on the highway I pulled my little bottle of pills out of my bag and broke one in half. Just enough for six or seven hours. I’d be sober and clear headed by the time we got to my stop. I washed the pill down with water and sat back, waiting for it to kick in. This was going to be an amazing start to an amazing weekend!

    A few minutes later I could feel the drug starting to take effect. My body was getting warmer and my pussy was getting wet. It felt as amazing as ever! Just as I was about to slip my fingers into my shorts the bus suddenly slowed and turned off the highway. I looked out the window in confusion as it the driver pulled up to a small town gas station. The door hissed open and a young man stepped onto the bus. Then another. Then another. They were about my age and wearing shorts and  matching shirts. More and more climbed on to the bus and took seats. My mind was hazy from the drug, but finally after the last one got on board I realized they must be a sports team. They took up the entire front half of the bus, and I listened as the coach told them that their ride was going to be 10 hours and that they better settle in and keep quiet, since there was a girl from University sleeping in back. They all turned to look at once, and I shrunk down as best I could, blushing in embarrassment.

    The bus started up and we swung back onto the highway. I could feel the drugs really starting to work. My blood was pounding and my heart was beating  and already I could smell my hot pussy. I peeked around the seat and up the aisle. I could see the lights from phones and ipads, and hear the guys talking and laughing in quiet voices. My brain was already starting to feel like a hazy, horny mush, but I couldn’t help thinking how polite they were. They didn’t want to wake me up. I sat back in my seat and let my fingers slide their way into my shorts and panties. I hoped they wouldn’t come back this way and see me, but at this point I knew there was no way I could stop myself. The drug was powerful, and I was addicted to it, and right now I felt so hot and horny that I wouldn’t have stopped if my father sat down in the seat next to me!

    I closed my eyes and shivered in delight as my fingers rubbed against my pussy. I was already so wet that my panties and tight little shorts were soaked. It felt so good! My eager fingers pushed into my pussy and I arched my back against the bus seat and let out a soft little moan. I felt myself sinking into a familiar bliss, where all I could focus on was my hot, wet cunt and my fingers and how good it felt and how it just kept getting better and better and-

    “Uhhh… s-sorry. Sorry!”

    I blinked and looked up at the guy standing in the aisle.He was half turned toward the bus toilet, but his eyes were wide and locked onto me. I could see his cock tenting his athletic shorts. It looked HUGE.

    “I didn’t mean to look!” He was whispering, looking back over his shoulder at his teammates in the front of the bus. “You know there’s like twenty guys on this bus, right? Maybe you should… maybe you should do that in the restroom?”

    I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop! Having this guy watch as I fingered myself made it even hotter!  I reached across the seat and hooked my free hands into the waist of his shorts, pulling him down into the empty seat next to me. I could see his dick outlined through the thin fabric of his shorts, and I quickly pulled it free. It was thick and stiff and throbbed in front of me, and I knew that as much as I loved masturbating, what I wanted right now more than anything was that cock between my lips!

    “Y-you can suck it if you… if you want!”

    He sounded excited and nervous, but I was barely paying any attention at all. One hand was still buried down my shorts, fingers deep in my sopping wet cunt. My other hand wrapped around his cock as I leaned across the seat. It’s smell filled my nose and I knew I was drooling! I had been wanting this for so long. It had been my fantasy to go off to college shed my shy, nerdy personality to become a sexy, confident slut. I had dreamed about sucking cocks, and now there was finally one in front of me and I was so horny and so fucking hot!

    I leaned over and took the tip between my lips. It tasted awful, but I didn’t care at all. I was excited and turned on and my head was foggy from chemically induced arousal and there was a cock in my mouth and four fingers deep in my cunt and I could feel my first orgasm coming and all I wanted was more! I eagerly began to suck, taking as much of the thick dick into my mouth as I could. I had never given a blowjob before, but I had practiced on my dildo. I sucked and slobbered, moving my head up and down and enjoying the feeling of having my mouth filled with dick meat. It was intoxicating!

    I could feel the guy’s hands on my head head, guiding me. He was whispering, but I wasn’t listening. My attention was split between my pussy and my mouth. Between my fingers and his cock. Between his throbbing dick stretching my lips and my building orgasm. I was so close. So close!

    He came in my mouth and I came in my shorts. He shuddered and filled my eager mouth with thick, pungent cum. It was hot and gooey and tasted awful, but my body responded to it like a narcotic and my whole body shuddered as I experienced the hardest orgasm of my life.  It was amazing. It was amazing to have a mouthful of cum!

    I tried to swallow, but only got some of the slimy semen down my throat. I could feel it running down my chin, and wiped it away with my free hand. My other hand was still down my shorts, busily fingering my hot cunt toward my next hard climax, which wasn’t far off at all. The guy in the seat next to me said something, but I couldn’t understand him. I was too focused on my own pleasure.

    “W-what?” I said, his cum still smeared across my chin.

    “My… ummm…. My friend wants a turn?”

    I looked up to see another guy standing in the aisle, grinning,, his big fat cock out and hard in his hand. Behind him was another guy, and another, all in matching uniforms. A whole team. Oh god… 

    I was going to suck off a whole team!

    The first guy slid out of the seat and the second guy took his place.

    “Hey babe, my name is…”

    I didn’t care. As soon as his cock was close enough I had it in my mouth, and everything else about him ceased to exist. All that mattered were his dick and my fingers, and getting another mouthful of hot, thick cum. I knew I couldn’t help myself. The drug made everything feel good,and sucking cock felt AMAZING!


    It was hours later when I started to come out of my fuck haze. The first thing I noticed was that I was sore. So sore. My jaw ached and my poor cunt felt stretched and raw. I slowly realized I was bouncing up and down on someone’s lap, a thick dick deep inside me. My shorts were gone and my tanktop was up, my titties bouncing as I rode this stranger’s cock. A cock slapped me across the face and I eagerly took it in my mouth, sucking like a pro, drool and cum dripping from my chin. I was covered in semen, my tits were sticky with the stuff and the smell filled my nostrils.  The seats around me were filled with guys in jerseys and athletic shorts, some with their dicks out and some snoring or looking at their phones. One was recording me, and I winked at him as I slobbered all over his teammate’s fat dick. God, it felt so good!

    I came again and finally felt lucid enough to talk.  One of the guys handed me a bottle of water as I climbed off his friend and slid into the seat between them.

    “Where… where are we?” I asked.

    “”Just about an hour outside of Central City.”

    My eyes went wide as I slowly realized that I had missed my stop. The Cabin was hours behind me  now.

    “I’ve never seen a slut like you! You took on the whole team!

    I nodded slowly. “H-how long are you guys going to be on the road?”

    “Two weeks. We’ve got half a dozen games before we go back.”

    I slowly reached down to my bag under my seat and searched until I found my bottle of pills. I opened it and looked inside. I had at least 2 dozen pills left.

    I put two pills in my mouth and swallowed the rest of the water from my bottle. “I think  I’ll come along. You guys don’t mind, do you?”

    He said something, but I wasn’t paying attention. I leaned over and took his thick cock in my mouth, savoring the taste. I let my mind go blank as I worked my fingers between my legs and started eagerly sucking. Two weeks of non-stop sex was insane, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t help myself. I was addicted and loved it! I closed my eyes and let everything slip away but the sensation of my fingers stroking my clit and throbbing cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

    So, you want to become a bimbo?

    So you want to become a bimbo for real do you? It’s easy! You can message me to get direct advice and possibly full training, or you can start on your own with a few tips. 

    Becoming a bimbo does not happen over night. It can take years and years if your older, or if you’re younger, it could only take a short amount of time. Just know that while you may not look like a bimbo today, or tomorrow, or even next week, you can start acting like one right now!


    Starting out:

    First know that becoming a bimbo is all about attitude. You have to commit to the attitude of a bimbo. You have to want to be desired, want to be the girl everyone stares at because of her looks. You have to want to be on display constantly. Everything you do, every action you take, is designed to show off. For Example: bending over to pick something up stops being from the knees and starts being from the waist. You still have to go to the grocery store, but now you do it in 4in heels and a tiny skirt. EVERYTHING is about showing off.

    The 3 Rules a Bimbo Lives by

    These are the rules that guide a bimbo’s life. All training and bimboifcation revolves around these 3 rules. A bimbo constantly obsesses over these 3 rules. They are ALL that she cares about.

    • Always be showing off - A bimbo does all she can to show herself off to the world. This includes wearing small outfits that show lots of skin, and making sure she is seen as much as possible in them. A real bimbo doesn’t ask “is this to revealing?” She asks “is this revealing enough?” A true bimbo also  takes lots of selfies and posts them online so the entire world can see how she looks. She doesn’t think: “I hope nobody sees me like this.” She thinks “I hope everyone sees how hot I look!”
    • Have something worth showing off - With the first rule, she has to have a body that is worth showing off. Is her hair right? Is she tan enough? Are her tits big enough? Is her ass tight enough? Is her lipstick sexy enough? Making sure she is always in shape with a tight body, big tits, and fake everything else is one of her obsessions. She will want to show off more and more with all the effort she puts in to keeping her body worth being on display.
    • Do everything you can to please men sexually and physically - For a bimbo, it’s a man’s world, and her role is to support men. She is a man’s play thing. She is his object, his arm candy, his fucktoy, his submissive. She is obsessed with pleasing men. She is always smiling at them, making them feel comfortable, and giving them everything they ask for. Whether she can just get you a beer, or the best blowjob you’ve ever had, a real bimbo obsesses over pleasuring every man in every way she can and as best that she can. A bimbo does not think about her self first. She does not get a boob job because “I want people noticing my boobs”. She gets it because “Men like big tits and I want to give them something to look at.” She does not dress sexy because “I want to find a hot guy”. She does it because “Men will have something nice to look at wherever I am”. A true bimbo puts her desires and needs behind the desires and needs of every man out there. She lives her life to please men, all men, until her master puts limits on it. 


    Now that you know the 3 rules, we can start the training. I break training down into 3 stages. The first stage is a basic bimbo stage that most girls don’t get past. Some will make it to stage 2, and the real bimbos make it all the way to stage 3.

    Let’s begin! 

    The First Stage: Fashionable Girl


    So now that your ready, lets take the first step. These are the first steps you can start today to work towards being a bimbo. I call this step the “fashionable girl” stage because most fashionable women do this anyway.

    • Join a gym! Go 5 days a week, for at least 1 hour. This include weight lifting, cardio, and other exercises. A personal trainer is recommended if you have a lot of weight to lose, but being a bimbo is about not just being thin, but also having a tight body.
    • Eat better! Go either all vegetarian or eat less unhealthy food. Again, a thinner body is better. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! This is not only unhealthy, but goes against weight loss. Eventually your appetite will decrease naturally.
    • Go shopping! You may have some work body wise, but you can still buy smaller outfits now. If you are wanting to ease into it so people don’t notice, just buy outfits that are slightly small and tighter than you would normally wear. Make sure they are vibrant and scream ‘look at me’. Make sure they are shorter skirts than you normally wear and show more cleavage as well. If you are not a step or two outside of your comfort zone, you are not doing it right.  
    • Go to the salon! Go get a new hair cut. Maybe you don’t go blonde today, but you can still get your hair done. Longer is better as well as a solid color with extensions. It is a good first start. Lots of body and fuller is better. A salon can also give you makeup tips.
    • Wear more Makeup! Every day, apply more and more. Look online for video how-tos (i provide in real training) and look at photos for inspiration. This also includes lashes, nails, and makeup that highlights your eyes and lips.
    • Tan! A bimbo has a slight tan. If you live in a cold climate, a tanning bed is a must. Go a few days a week until you get a good glow yo your skin. 
    • Buy lots of heels! There is nothing wrong with heels for any occasion. If it’s at work, out at night, or even around the house, you never have enough heels and should wear them as often as possible. Try for heels 90% of the day, everyday. 
    • Take lots of selfies! A real bimbo always shows off. When you are all dolled up, take a selfie and post it online. Facebook, tumblr, twitter, doesn’t matter. A real bimbo is proud of her body and always wanting to display it to the world. 

    If you slowly follow these steps, within a few weeks, you’ll feel more confident as a bimbo. This is the hardest stage and will take the most time. Maybe 6 months to a year depending on weight loss. So don’t get discouraged and stick with it! This stage also provide a solid base that’s needed for stage two! 

    The Second Stage: Basic Bimbo


    So if you mastered all the steps in the first stage, you are ready for stage 2, but you must have first mastered the first stage, no exceptions. They are all required to be routine and your “new normal” before continuing.

    The next stage brings you from a 'pretty and fashionable girl,’ to bimbo level 1. This is where you really transform. 

    • Dye your hair blonde! No exceptions here. Bimbos are blonde, period. Get the most platinum blonde hair you can and maintain it. Remember, longer is better and you want fuller hair up top, thin hair leading down the back.
    • Get plastic Surgery! A tit job is required and should be no smaller than a DD. Also, you may now realize you need to get Lipo. This is fine. Everybody is different and sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough. Lipo all remaining bad areas.
    • Get a Bimbo Job. A bimbo job requires you to show off. This could be a Hooters girl, a Promo model, or a stripper or whore. You’re choice, but pick from one of those. This may not be your full time job, but it will facilitate your desire to be shown off.
    • Get Horny!  You heard me, make sure you always want to have sex. As a bimbo, you’ll find you can sleep with better looking guys. Make sure you are doing it. It’s your goal and your job to please them. Being a bimbo is about pleasing men. Your reward is their cum in your mouth. It’s your test for success. (Tip from my bimbo friend at http://xsubmissively-yoursx.tumblr.com/) To help you get horny, masturbate to the edge of an orgasm daily, but never allow yourself to cum. Only a man can allow you to cum. This should keep you horny all day long.
    • Increase all the 8 items from the first stage. Work out more focusing on specific areas, get shorter skirts and tops that show more skin. Increase the amount of heels you buy to the point that you can’t find flats in your closet aside from your workout shoes. Continue to eat healthy and take more and more selfies. 
    • Understand your role. As someone who wants to be a bimbo, you have to understand that bimbos are there for the pleasure of men. Understand that your role is to do nothing more than please men. You do this by the way you look and the way you act. Men are the object you crave. All men. You do anything and everything you can for men. Your reward will be their cum in your mouth. It is how you gauge how successful you have become at being a bimbo. 

    Once you have finished stage 2, you are now at the beginning of being a bimbo. Stage 3, the final stage, is where you go from sexy, beginner bimbo, to full-blown fucktoy bimbo.

    The Third Stage: Total Bimbo


    So, you’ve made it this far. For you to continue, you must have mastered all the previous steps. You have to feel like there is no more surgery you can have, no more weight you can lose, no more you can show off. Now you are ready to become a true bimbo because yes, you can show off more, dress sluttier, and have more surgery.

    • Forget about everything! Well, not what I’ve taught, but everything else. Forget about what is going on in the world. At this point, your life should be consumed with: how you look, how you look to men, how you look in the mirror, how you look in that outfit, how you would look with bigger tits, how you would look with a shorter skirt, how you would look…… Nothing else matters except how you look. Sex with any man and his cum is the prize for your look. If a man wants to fuck, you get a lovely reward at the end that validates all your hard work. 
    • Change your Job! Had a bimbo job before? Now you need a slut job. Stripper, whore, cam girl, or house wife are your 4 options. No exceptions. You have too much work keeping up with your body to wait tables or answer phones.
    • Clothing is as tiny as possible. No dress is too short, no top too small. A man will tell you if it’s inappropriate, but until he says something, show as much boob, skin, and leg as possible. Bras are not required with how perky your fake tits are and panties aren’t really desired. All in a room should see your tits and your pussy whenever you bend over.   
    • Understand your new role. You are there to look good and fuck. Nothing else. Your opinion doesn’t matter. You’re not to speak unless asking permission or unless spoken to. You’ve gotten so air headed you’ve let a man make all the decisions in your life. In fact, you aren’t even letting him. He just is because someone has to and you go along with it. While men are talking, bimbos are ensuring they look good and fuckable when their man is ready, which is any moment. They are at the total control of their man who regiments their life, so all a bimbo has to do is worry about how she looks and how well she fucks. 

    Not everyone will make it to stage 3. In fact, most women who want to transform really don’t want more than stage 1. That’s fine, they are just not full bimbo material. 

    Take the first step regardless if you don’t think you’ll get to the third. You never know where you will end up. 

    Good Luck!

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