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    Two minutes is the longest you could survive without a space suit on the other planets in our solar system. 

    On Mars and Mercury, you’d stay alive for as long as you can hold your breath (about 2 min), and Venus is so hot that you’d instantly be vaporized. 

    But just like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, Uranus is a gas giant with no surface to land on - so you’d descend forever into the gassy atmosphere until you’re crushed by the pressure, which takes less than a second to kill you. 

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    Apparently Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just got hitched, and congratulations to them. But this is the first time I've seen Cyrus in a while and I'm shocked she looks human again. Whatever the hell she was doing these last few years is gone and she looks a lot more like she did when she was younger, but healthier. Good for her.

    The demon jumped ship into Katy Perry.

    Let me demonstrate 

    Era One: Miley is not possesed

    Era Two: Miley is possessed by the Unknown Demon

    Contact: Miley comes into close contact with Katy Perry

    Transfer: Uknown Demon makes leap into Perry

    Recovery: Miley recovers from possession

    First Murder: Katy Perry, Possessed, proceeds to kill a Nun via stress in a legal battle over the purchase of a convent

    This concludes my lecture on the rampant demon problem in Pop Music circles. 


    This is…quite convincing…

    In 1997, two composers created ‘The Most Unwanted Song’ by issuing a public opinion survey and compiling all the lyrical and musical elements that most people found annoying. The song features a harp with an accordion, out-of-tune children singing about Christmas and Walmart, lots of high-pitched flutes with tubas and keyboard demos, someone yelling random political terms through a megaphone, and an operatic soprano rapping over cowboy music, bagpipes, and screaming. It’s 22 minutes long. Source Source 2



    The surrounding ground was frozen solid.  Inside the trenches of both sides, which were a mere 200 yards apart, was about 2 to 5 feet of water and mud.

    Many men hadn’t seen a bed since July. Lead was flying overhead, fired by guns in the hands of ordinary people who were trying to defend their families. Then all at once, everything suddenly ceased.

    As night fell on Christmas Eve, the British were caught by surprise from the sound coming out of the German trenches. They were singing “Silent Night.”

    Men who had been aiming to end each other’s lives, and who would eventually resume the attempt to do so, were coming together to express the regret they felt for having to fight one another.

    Countless letters were sent home that all tell the same story: there was an incredible truce on Christmas in 1914.

    “You will be very much surprised to hear I had one of the best Christmas Days I have had for years. On Christmas Eve I went to the trenches and the Germans were singing carols to our men and we were singing to them. They then shouted to us ‘A Merry Christmas, British comrades. You English are fine singers.” ~ Rifleman E. E. Meadley of the Queen’s Westminsters

    “We did not fire that day, and everything was so quiet that it seemed like a dream. We took advantage of the quiet day and brought our dead in.” ~ Rifleman J. Reading

    “We had a sort of truce on Christmas Day, and we were out in between the two trenches talking to one another. A German officer gave me two cigars, which were very good, and the men exchanged good wishes and smokes, &c. They told us that they didn’t want to fight us, as they had no grudge against us. They were mostly young fellows, and the officer was only about 21 years of age, and said he had only seen one year’s service. Nearly all the Germans spoke English, and there was one there about 12 years old and also one or two old men with bald heads, and one or two in civilian dress, so you can see they are rather a mixed crowd. It hardly seems credible, does it, but I saw it with my own eyes.” ~ unknown officer from the 8th division