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    Brad squinted up at the sun panting and covered in sweat…and not only in his sweat.  He took a step but the soft jiggling ground caused him to fall to his hands and knees.  It was at these moments…on his hands and knees on top of his wife’s buttcheek that he truly felt small.

    It had been a month since the strange accident caused him to shrink down to 3 inches.  In an effort to hide the situation Brad and his wife Lauren were paid well with the one condition they keep this a secret and Lauren would officially be Brad’s caretaker.  At first things were strange but worked well but over the weeks it seemed that there a dynamic shift happening.  Lauren was taking more and more control treating Brad more like a child or even a pet.  In their house what she said goes and Brad would find out she enjoyed her new role.

    Brad yelled from his wife’s buttcheek  "Ummm sweetie…do you think I could take a break?“

    Lauren was enjoying a nice relaxing day catching up on a book of hers and getting the BEST massage from her teeny little husband  "Awww already?  Well I suppose so…you can rest for 5 minutes but I expect a better job on my other cheek”  She smiels feeling her teeny husband lay down on her cheek.  Lauren goes back to her book before hearing the gate to the pool area open and see her neighbor Claire coming in.

    “Oh crap…I thought she was out of town”  Lauren said thinking she had the shared pool all to herself…well and Brad.  Brad meanwhile was laying face down on the huge soft buttcheek enjoying his rest when he felt her cheek start to shake and her finger pushing him towards her crack.  With her other hand Lauren pulled away her thong while Brad squirmed to get away as he was pushed closer and closer to her buttcrack.

    “Sorry Brad, can’t risk having anyone see you…”  Lauren mutters and with one finger pushes her minuscule husband deep into her buttcrack before letting her thong snap into place pinning Brad against her asshole.  Lauren smiles and waves to Claire who sits down a few seats away.  Seeing that she’s not paying attention Lauren starts to reach back in to get her husband when she feels a shiver.  Brad squirming against her hole…powerless against her ass made her feel…AMAZING.  She smiled pulling her hand away she goes back to her book feeling her husband squirm.

    “It’s okay Brad sweetie…I’ll take you inside when I finish my book.  Only 100 pages left”  She smiles clenching her cheeks and going back to her very relaxing day.

    Raven’s Magic Spell : Oki Overdrive comm 1 hour

    Oki Overdrive commission for clonecamando1471 on DA

    This was done in 1 hour, YES ONLY 60 MINUTES!!!! well 1 hour and 5 minutes to add effects.

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