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    imagine if the oceans were replaced by forests and if you went into the forest the trees would get taller the deeper you went and there’d be thousands of undiscovered species and you could effectively walk across the ocean but the deeper you went, the darker it would be and the animals would get progressively scarier and more dangerous and instead of whales there’d be giant deer and just wow


    you have a beautiful imagination


    this gave me chills




    first of all ^^^ I love this^^^

    secondly, I’ve said it before, but 

    this is exactly what the Old World was. Off shore there was Ocean, and inland there was Forrest

    Here’s an Old World tree still surviving in a modern forrest of “large” trees

    That’s just what trees used to be like.

    And wandering among those trees, one might have encountered, yes, deer larger than a modern moose, but also, depending on what year, pigs bigger than grizzly bears, beavers the size of modern wolves, ground sloths the size of modern elephants, and bears nearly that big. Not to mention the insects and snakes and shit.

    I could keep going, like, you might have crossed paths with a whole herd of these

    or a family of these.

    Like, 29,000 years ago, the last of the Neanderthal had just died out. Humans and this thing definitely lived at the same time.

    And they didn’t live in the Forest, but there is one ice age creature that’s still alive, if you want to see what life was like back in the day. We used to think the Musk Ox was a type of bovine, or cow, which is how it got it’s name. BUT. See this?

    that, my friends, is an ice age GOAT. That’s right, that’s a 900 pound GOAT. Here, take another look

    anyway, yeah, the wild used to be a lot more Wild. Old Forest was definitely the inland equivalent of Ocean, and everything back in the day was turnt the fuck UP


    This post was made by someone’s genetic memory of those scary fuckers


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    Here’s Katie Porter’s latest takedown.

    This time she documents the sale of PPE, ventilators and other medical equipment, at huge mark-ups, to China during Jan + Feb 2020. So instead of stockpiling essential supplies to fight the pandemic, trump and his buddies thought PROFITEERING was more important than PREPARING for a PANDEMIC.



    This woman is a Fucking gift.


    Daddy’s at the food store, Mummy’s out of town,

    She’s working at the hospital since Rhona came to town,

    Hide away, hide away, Miss Rhona’s come to town,

    Hide away, hide away, she’s come to take us down.

    Miss Rhona’s at the doorstep, I’ll keep 6 feet away,

    But Grandma needs the paper, I’ll take her some today,

    Hide away, hide away, Miss Rhona’s come to stay,

    Hide away, hide away, we can’t come out to play.

    But Grandma needs the paper, I’ll take her some today,

    And here’s a note from Rhona, she wanted me to say,

    Hide away, hide away, keep 6 feet away,

    Hide away, hide away, she took us down today.


    [Image ID: Tumblr user @neanderthyall says in the notes, “I thought that 6 feet was kind of a double meaning. Like six feet away to stop the spread, but when people die they’re six feet underground, and its six feet of the dirt that keeps you apart. Like ‘Hide away, hide away, even though it hurts Hide away, hide away, or the six feet will be dirt’.” End ID.]