Man Crush Monday: Vaughn W. Hebron


    Vaughn W. Hebron is quickly becoming one of the hottest black young leading men in Hollywood. 

    Vaughn was a frat boy and college athlete before pursuing a career in acting. I’m not sure if he’s the son of former football player Vaughn Hebron, but they share the same name and are both from Baltimore, MD. In interviews Vaughn only ever credits his stepfather for raising him. Perhaps he inherited his athletic background from his real father if it is the athlete he shares a name with. 

    Starring as Fudge Pop on Titi Do You Love Me was Vaughn’s first consistent TV role. 

    Vaughn’s best known for his role of Barry Hallsen on Tyler Perry’s BET series The Oval. Vaughn has been an original cast member and been on every season since the show premiered in 2019. 

    Vaughn is now one of the leads of The Game reboot on Paramount Plus. Vaughn plays Jamison Fields, a former promising athlete who’s sexual assault allegations derailed his promising career. Jamison is trying to get into the NFL and overcome his criminal background. Vaughn W. Hebron’s definitely a star on the rise. 

    Listen To Me: Muni Long - Public Displays of Affection

    Priscilla Renea is a name I haven’t heard in nearly a decade. I loved her song “Dollhouse” and knew she had written many songs for artists I love. Yet then she seemingly disappeared as an artist herself. Now she’s back as Muni Long. 

    I saw ads for Muni Long’s new EP Public Displays of Affection on The Neighborhood Talk. When someone revealed she’s Priscilla Renea I had to go check out her music. 

    Muni Long’s music is amazing RnB with still a hint of her pop sound when she was Priscilla Renea. “Just Beginning” is a song about a promising relationship quickly going downhill once you uncover your man’s cheating. 

    “Hrs and Hrs” gives Muni Long the chance to show off her sexier side with her music. Priscilla Renea is all grown up now, and making sexy RnB hits. 

    “No RnB” features Ann Marie and it’s a fun song about going to beat a bitch down for going after your man. 

    “No Signal” is also another favorite. Priscilla said that she suffers from lupus, and reinventing herself as Muni Long is her wanting to make sure she gets the chance to shine as an artist herself no matter how long she has left on earth. She’s written so many hits for others, that now she wants to take the chance to shine herself, and I’m absolutely loving everything from Muni Long so far. 

    Woman Crush Wednesday: Brandy


    Brandy has always been one of my favorite celebrities since I was a kid, and I love to see her still flourishing now that I’m in my 30s. 

    Brandy has created so many iconic hits throughout her decades long music career. “Have You Ever”, “Almost Doesn’t Count”, “The Boy is Mine”, “Full Moon”, “What About Us”, etc...I used to get Brandy’s music on cassette back in the day. 


    Brandy is best known for starring as Moesha in Moesha. I watched all 6 seasons, and Moesha was one of my favorite shows of my youth. 


    Brandy has been in so many iconic roles and performances. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cinderella, The Game, and Star are just a few of her many impressive roles. 

    You can currently catch Brandy in the ABC series Queens as Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics. 

    Listen To Me: Adele - 30


    Adele is back after a 6 year absence. The latest chapter of her musical and life journey following 19, 21, and 25, is 30. I’m in my 30s so I have been so excited for Adele’s next chapter where she sings about divorce, motherhood, and finding herself again during this new decade of life. 

    “Easy On Me” was the first single released, and instantly went to #1 in practically every country. Everything Adele touches turns to gold, which is why she’s one of the most powerful women in the music industry. Even after a 6 year absence, any Adele song/album goes straight to #1. I’m not that into the song since I can’t relate to it, but Adele’s voice is so soothing. 

    “Oh My God” is my favorite song on the album. It’s the most poppy, and it’s a sexier side of Adele. It’s a song about being swept away by someone new. Adele has overcome her divorce, and has found love again. She’s also back into black men, which may explain her newfound happiness. 

    I expected this Adele album to be full of heartbreak and sadness, but it’s more so about finding yourself again. There are multiple happy songs, and songs about finding love again. “Can I Get It” is another favorite. Surprisingly I’m liking the happy side of Adele. 

    “My Little Love” is a fan favorite. It’s Adele’s song dedicated to her son. Adele sings about the struggles and guilt of motherhood. Guilt of divorce and not having that family structure for her son. Guilt of having to tour, make money, and support her family with her music. So she can’t be there for her son, even though she’s securing his future with her success. 

    30 shows a new side to Adele, where she experiments with her sound, and each song sounds different from the next. Adele continues to reinvent herself, and dominate the charts. 

    Man Crush Monday: Darius Slay

    It’s hard being an Eagles fan since they always seem to trade away my favorite players. Still they manage to have some talent on their roster, like cornerback Darius Slay. 

    Slay is a Georgia native. The 30 year old is 6ft and 190 lbs. 

    Slay was first drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2013. He remained with the Lions until 2019. 

    Although Darius never won a championship with the Lions, he was selected for the Pro Bowl 3 times. 

    Darius Slay was traded to the Eagles in 2020. The Eagles are trying to find themselves still, but they’re currently 2nd in their division. They have a chance of improving if Darius Slay keeps slaying when it comes to interceptions. 

    My Top 4 Favorite EPs of Fall 2021

    2021 felt like a long year, but also very short. It felt like the seasons did go so fast, with new music filling my library every Friday. With more music being consumed than ever, an EP really has to leave a mark to rise to the top. Here are my Top 4 Favorite EPs of Fall 2021. 





    My Top 5 Favorite Albums of Fall 2021

    The final quarter of 2021 is least in my music calendar. Fall included many new albums some of of my old favorites. This quarter completes the year, and I can’t wait to reveal my ranking of my favorite albums of the year. Here are my top 5 favorites of Fall 2021! 






    Woman Crush Wednesday: Leslie Bibb

    I’ve always been a fan of Leslie Bibb’s tall statuesque beauty. 

    Bibb starred on one of Ryan Murphy’s first series, the scandalous teen drama Popular. It’s one of the earliest teen dramas I enjoyed watching as a child. 

    Leslie is a part of the MCU. She played journalist Christine Everhart in Iron Man and Iron Man 2

    I was devastated when Good Christian Bitches aka GCB got canceled after one season. Leslie was the star of the series Amanda Vaughn. 

    Bigg got to play a superhero herself in the quickly canceled Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy. You can also catch Leslie Bibb in the latest season of Love Life on HBO Max. 

    Watch Me: Love Life - Season 2

    Love Life was one of HBO Max’s first original series, and I was instantly hooked. Each season focuses on a character and each episode centers around a relationship in their life until they eventually find their soulmate. 

    Anna Kendrick starred as Darby in Season 1, and in Season 2 she passes the torch to William Jackson Harper who stars as Marcus Watkins. Marcus and Darby do know each other as friends, and Darby appears throughout Season 2. 

    Marcus works in publishing. He starts out the series in a loveless failing marriage, and meets a woman who seems like the love of his life, but they never seem to be single at the same time. So Marcus bounces from relationship to relationship while trying to find himself. 

    Mia Hines (played by Jessica Williams) seems to be the one that always gets away from Marcus. They run in the same circles and always run into each other. Marcus can’t resist his attraction to Mia, despite him being married. His interest in Mia does lead to his divorce, but Mia and Marcus don’t initially end up together. 

    Each episode introduces a new woman in Marcus’ love life journey that eventually leads him to finding the love of his life. We meet Paloma (played by Aline Mayagoitia), a young college student that Marcus has an awkward hookup with post divorce. 

    Destiny Mathis (played by Yasha Jackson) is a brief fling Marcus meets while going home to visit his family. His family wants Destiny and Marcus to be together, but she gets him involved in her ratchet love triangle with her psycho ex. 

    Marcus’ relationship with his family is also explored. He’s close with his lesbian sister Ida (played by Punkie Johnson). Marcus is a mama’s boy and close with his mother Donna (played by Janet Hubert). Marcus has a strained relationship with his father Kirby (played by John Earl Jelks). 

    Marcus gets involved with Ola Adebayo (played by Ego Nwodim). Ola is Marcus’ polar opposite. He’s so serious and Ola is a hippie playwright that’s into crystals. Ola is my favorite of Marcus’ exes, and the 2 don’t work out since Marcus is too weak and passive to tell Ola the truth that he’s just not that into her. 

    Becca Evans (played by Leslie Bibb) is a divorced single mother of 2. She and Marcus start off as a no strings attached casual fling, until Becca ends up pregnant. I was so happy when she miscarried, since this accidental pregnancy storyline is exactly what happened in Season 1. Granted straight relationships come with lots of pregnancy scares. 

    I like that we get a different perspective for Season 2. Seeing a black man’s dating struggles compared to a white woman’s in Season 1. I hope we get a gay male perspective in future seasons. 

    Woman Crush Wednesday: Rebecca Ferguson

    The gorgeous Rebecca Ferguson was a model before becoming one of my favorite actresses. 

    The Swedish actresses’ breakout role was playing Elizabeth Woodville on the Starz historical drama series The White Queen. Elizabeth was a widowed mother of two, who went on to seduce the future king of England during the War of the Roses. 

    Rebecca Ferguson definitely has the range. She also has action film franchises on her resume. Rebecca has starred in the 5th and 6th Mission Impossible films Rogue Nation and Fallout. She’s also set to appear in the next 2 upcoming films in the action film franchise as Ilsa Faust. 

    The Girl On The Train is one of my favorite books and movies, so I loved seeing Rebecca Ferguson in it as Anna. 

    Florence Foster Jenkins, The Greatest Showman, and Men In Black: International are just a few of Rebecca’s film credits. Most recently she starred in the reboot of Dune, and is expected to appear in the sequel. I’ll be watching whatever Rebecca Ferguson stars in next. 

    Listen To Me: Summer Walker - Still Over It


    Summer Walker’s debut album Over It became an instant classic. RnB lovers went crazy over it, and Summer’s had one of the most anticipated sophomore albums ever. Thankfully Summer Walker did not disappoint with her new album Still Over It. 

    “Ex For A Reason” was the first single released. I liked it, since it’s a more upbeat and poppy song. It also features JT from the City Girls, and JT makes any song better. Other fans, that prefer Summer for her slow laid back RnB sounds, didn’t react well to the song. 

    “Unloyal” is my favorite song on the album. It features Ari Lennox. I love that Summer Walker teamed up with a lot of her RnB peers on her album. I love to see women collaborating, and not being put against each other. The album is mostly all about Summer’s tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy London On Da Track. 

    “Switch A Nigga Out” is another of my favorites. It’s a song about normally being the type to not let a failed relationship get you down. Moving on with swiftness, and being on to the next one. “On to the next one” has always been my motto when it comes to heartbreak. Sadly, sometimes there’s a man with the power to leave us hurt and heartbroken, and it’s harder to move on so easily. Which is exactly what Summer sings about. Though she already is in a new relationship after London left her heartbroken and as baby mama #4. 

    Summer even has a song called “4th Baby Mama”. At least Summer is owning her embarrassment. Everyone tried to warn her that London wasn’t any good, but she didn’t listen. She thought he’d be different, even though al his baby mama’s tried to warn her. Summer goes in on London and his mama on this song. Most of these trifling black men lack accountability due to their enabling and even more trifling mothers. 

    Ciara even shares her infamous prayer on the album. Ciara can definitely relate to Summer, since Future left Ciara as his 4th baby mama. So it’s only fitting that she finally shares her prayer that landed her happiness with Russell Wilson on Summer’s album. 

    Summer Walker is back to take her spot as the new reigning queen of RnB, and her album is expected to be #1. 

    Man Crush Monday: Armie Hammer

    Armie Hammer may currently be canceled, but he’s such a handsome man and has starred in a lot of films I’ve enjoyed. 

    Based on his name I assumed Armie Hammer was the heir to the Arm & Hammer baking soda company. He still grew up very wealthy and privileged and is the heir to an oil fortune and not baking soda. Armie’s breakout role was playing Mark Zukerberg’s foes the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. 

    Hammer’s most applauded roles have been his queer ones in award worthy films. Hammer played J Edgar Hoover’s rumored gay lover Clyde Tolson in J Edgar. 

    The biggest role of Armie’s career has been playing Oliver in the gay love story Call Me By Your Name. Armie was nominated for tons of awards for this performance, and there allegedly was a sequel on the way. Until Armie Hammer got canceled. 

    I’m hoping Armie Hammer makes a comeback. He’s handsome, a good actor, and well he’s already rich and privileged so he doesn’t need to ever act again. I enjoyed his appearances in On The Basis of Sex and Rebecca. I can’t wait to see Armie Hammer star alongside Gal Gadot in the Agatha Christie film adaptation of Death on the Nile. 

    Watch Me: Dune


    Dune has been an extremely hyped up movie. It’s been teased like it’s the next big Hunger Games/Divergent/Twilight series, but what was delivered with this first film just feels like a 2.5 hour prologue. It’s a Part 1 movie, but still feels so incomplete. 

    Dune has been made into a film and TV limited series in the past, both to terrible reviews, and it doesn’t seem like this film is fairing much better. The sequel has already been greenlit, but we’re going to have to wait like 2 years just to get to any of the action, which doesn’t really occur in the first film. 

    Paul Atreides (played by Timothee Chalamet) is the heir to a space kingdom which his father is the duke of. Paul has inherited magical powers from his mother, where he can control people by deepening his voice, and also has visions of the future. Paul hasn’t mastered his powers yet, but he’s learning to use them. Once his father is betrayed and kiled, Paul must harness his powers, and fend for himself amongst the dessert dwellers of the planet. 

    Duke Leto Atreides (played by Oscar Isaac) is Paul’s father. He inherits the most dangerous planet in their universe, and it’s his job to control the extraction of “spice”, which is like a powerful mineral found in the sands of the planet. The people on the planet are enslaved or in hiding, and not that cooperative with their overlords. Leto is betrayed and killed by the emperor, which leaves his wife and son as hunted outlaws. 

    Paul’s mother Lady Jessica Atreides (played by Rebecca Ferguson) has mystical powers that she has passed to her son. She’s kept Paul’s powers secret from his father, but she’s apart of a secret society and believes her son is the messiah sent to free people and save planets. 

    Duncan Idaho (played by Jason Momoa) is like a father figure to Paul. He’s been living amongst the dessert people known as Fremen. Duncan sacrifices himself so that Paul and his mother can escape. 

    Baron Vladiimir Harkonnen (played by Stellan Skarsgard) is the ruler of the universe. He assigns Paul’s dad to the dessert planet, as a way to sabotage his family because Baron doesn’t like other families growing to wealthy and powerful. 

    Paul has visions of Chani (Played by Zendaya) througout the entire movie. Paul envisions them fighting alongside each other and falling in love. Zendaya was teased as like the co-lead of the movie, but she barely even appears in the film at least in a speaking capacity. 

    I’m intrigued by the plot of the film, but I was very disappointed that I spent 2.5 hours watching a set up for another movie. At least other movie franchises make each film feel complete. This movie felt very incomplete, but I will be tuning into the sequel. 

    Watch Me: I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Slasher movies are my favorite horror movies. Scream will always be the best for me, but I enjoyed I Know What You Did Last Summer when I was younger. I didn’t enjoy the Scream TV series, so I’m skeptical about the new Amazon series adaptation of I Know What You Did Last Summer. I’ve seen the first few episodes, and I’m enjoying the series so far. 

    Allison (played by Madison Iseman) has always lived in her identical twin sister Lennon’s shadow. Lennon has always been the wild child, her dad’s favorite, with a group of friends that love her. Allison has been more of the loner and forgotten twin. 

    Allison confronts Lennon after Lennon sleeps with her crush. Allison hops in her car to drive off, but Lennon’s friends all assume she’s Lennon, and Allison doesn’t tell them she’s not. So they drive off, and accidentally hit someone. The person hit ends up being Lennon, so now Allison killed her sister, and assumes her identity. 

    Allison and Lennon’s friend’s hide Lennon’s body and then a year later end up getting stalked about their killer secret. 

    Allison confesses the truth to her father Bruce (played by Bill heck) right away. He encourages her to keep the secret that she killed her sister, since Bruce doesn’t want to lose one daughter to death and the other to jail. 

    Lennon’s friends include Margot (played by Brianne Tju). Margot is a wealthy social media influencer, who secretly was in love with Lennon. Which Allison uncovers when she discovers Lennon’s OnlyFans page and her secret sex tapes. 

    Dylan (played by Ezekiel Goodman) was Allison’s crush, that Lennon slept with. He was in the car when Allison ran over Lennon, and he’s always felt guilty for sleeping with Lennon and hurting Allison. 

    Riley (played by Ashley Moore) is also apart of the friend group. Ashley’s mom works for Lennon/Allison’s dad restaurant, so they all grew up together. Riley had a huge crush on Dylan forever, but he always only had eyes for Allison. 

    Johnny (played by Sebastian Amoruso) is also apart of the clique in the car when Lennon is killed. He was a closeted gay jock in high school who has since come out and started dating his former coach. Margot was in love with Jonny, and resented him for being gay, even though it seems like she’s gay herself. Johnny is also the first victim of the killer, which I don’t like since why kill the gays first?!?

    Lyla (played by Fiona Rene) is the local cop who is trying to solve these murders. She’s also hooking up with Lennon/Alison’s dad bruce. 

    The series isn’t perfect, but it’s keeping me entertained. The whole idenitcal twins and one kills the other and then takes over the other’s identity is already very convoluted, but I’m excited to see who the killer is. 

    Woman Crush Wednesday: Sanaa Lathan

    Sanaa Lathan has on screen for most of my life, and she’s starred in many classic black films. 

    Sanaa’s breakout role was playing Monica Wright in the romantic drama Love & Basketball. Many still regard Love & Basketball as the best black romantic film of all time. 

    Sanaa has starred in so many classic black films. The Best Man, The Wood, and Brown Sugar are just a few of her many credits. 

    My favorite Sanaa performance was her role as Andrea in The Family That Preys. The Family That Preys is the best Tyler Perry movie ever in my opinion. 

    Sanaa’s career is still thriving. She’s starred in films such as The Perfect Guy and Nappily Ever After. Along with appearing in TV shows such as The Affair and Succession. Sanaa Lathan’s resume is undeniably impressive. 

    Listen To Me: Mimi Webb - Seven Shades of Heartbreak

    British singer Mimi Webb has been climbing the UK charts, and I’m officially a fan. 

    “Dumb Love” was Mimi’s first song that officially made me a fan. It’s a song about that young dumb love, and reminiscing about the good times. 

    “Good Without” is a heartbreak song. Being better off without love after it only leads to disappointment. 

    “Halfway” is the song on the album I can relate to the most. I can relate to the message of being torn between letting go of an ex and holding on. There’s that fear of being alone again, but also excited for all the possibilities of being single. 

    “24/5″ does fit the theme of the EP. Every song is about heartbreak. The song is about not being able to stop thinking about an ex. 

    British pop girls are dominating pop music! Mimi Webb definitely has potential to make it in America! 

    Man Crush Monday: Chibuikem Uche

    Chibuikem Uche was the sexiest man in One Of Us Is Lying. His beautiful face and body kept me captivated throughout the series. 

    Uche played the closeted gay jock Cooper Clay on the Peacock original series. 

    Chibuikem has an incredible physique, and thankfully the show had him shirtless a lot. 

    The 21 year old has also starred in The Tomorrow War and American Housewife

    I’m optimistic that One of Us is Lying will return for Season 2, so i can’t wait for Chibuikem Uche to be back on my TV screen.