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    Of course you’ve seen Girl Interrupted you fucking liar😂 Angelia Jolie & Winona Ryder. You have definitely seen this movie and fell in love with the tragic-ness, beauty & cruelty of Lisa. You embody her completely and it’s tragic. Watch it again, maybe you’ll be refreshed. You’re already dead.

    i cringe so hard when ppl use this emoji it’s like watching 50yos navigating facebook


    Can’t wait till the day you stop posting because a client has really, really fucked you up. Then you’ll realise how bad sex work is.

    u do realise as an adult u could wish ur time away doing more pleasurable things than sending anons on tumblr


    So fucking funny to hear you talking about kids and stuff. I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my kids. I’d be concerned you’d give them chlamydia just by touching them or you’d somehow convince them that being a child prostitute is a great idea. You don’t ‘volunteer’ to work with kids, they wouldn’t give a bipolar, drugged up hooker the time of day, you are SUCH a liar. It’s really quite pathetic.

    why would i wanna be near ur kids tho


    R u gonna get a pup once you’ve got ur own place? :D

    omg no! that’s not why i don’t have a pup, i love puppies but it’s harder work than having a baby initially (imo & experience of looking after both) w/ how much training & love & attention & routine they need (especially as i’m a GSD girl & a strict owner). i wouldn’t be able 2 work away or take overnight bookings or even longer bookings as u can’t just leave a puppy caged for 5 hrs while u S the D & no incalls & everything getting chewed & scratched up & safety precautions etc so it would be quite selfish of me (even if i got a pet friendly place bc if my lease was up or i had 2 move & i couldn’t find another pet friendly apartment or house that i liked then what) i’m v impulsive but when it comes to animals & children my protection instinct kicks in hard & overrides a lot of poor decision making & even some mental illness stuff. i.e. when i’ve had kids in my care, no matter if i can’t feed or dress myself in a depressive state, i can always drag my ass out of bed 2 make food & bathe & wash hair & wipe snot & take them 2 nursery or school & play etc but those are things i had 2 do & obviously housing a dog would be 100% my own choice & a super selfish one. still gonna play w/ every friendly pup i meet though & am members of GSD groups & breeders & blogs & shelters & wear market fleeces w/ their faces on & collect ugly little ornaments of GSDs from charity shops & car boots lmfao


    You are really funny, and quirky, and charming. I've been following you for a few years now on Tumblr, even through having to change blogs, and I think if you even have half as much charisma in real life, as you do on Tumblr, it's no wonder why so many people are drawn to you. Sorry, hope this isn't weird, I just really think you're cool and wanted to let you know, anonymously because I'm shy. Hope things go well for you, Bratty.

    thank u! my granny used 2 say i was like a lil spider catching ppl in my web but i’m just a clusterfuck of stolen peep show quotes, manic energy, & the time i went 2 france on a megabus 2 try & join the french foreign legion, got bored of that ‘idea’ & then flew 2 stockholm & tried 2 break into the ABBA museum @ 4am w/ a 50yo swedish drunk who was banned for life, a famous polish criminal & an empty bottle of akvavit. i’d like 2 say i’ve matured & stopped doing stupid stuff but my life is just me making bad decisions while somehow guiding everyone else i make contact w/ effortlessly & joyfully through - relieving their mental health symptoms & probably absorbing them in2 my own brain. but thank u! i’ve been supporting a lot of ppl through extreme mental illness, drug withdrawal, relapse, addiction, csa trauma & a bunch of other horrible things so i’ve been bearing the brunt of a lot of frustration, anger, illness, stress etc & i’ve kinda struggled 2 not take it personally this month (it’s a super sore/sensitive month for me anyway) so hello yes i will take that compliment from a shy stranger on the internet humbly 2night

    a couple illegally adopted me yesterday & then gave my number 2 a spanish chef i was talking w/. he called me 2day & asked if i’d like 2 walk his chocolate lab in2 the town for food but i had a huge family emergency & ended up blurting everything out & crying on the phone & having a panic attack #hotdate he told me he’d wait a trillion yrs for a first date from me & i told him it wasn’t going 2 happen & apologised & he said i could still walk his dog anytime i needed a break from humans & said i radiated light & honesty & the more i think about it the more i think i told him i was a descendant of finnish nobility & related 2 the royal family. 2day has been absolute hell & it’s gonna get harder & i had a panic attack writing this & am semi paralysed w/ fear but if u can’t smile over tricking men in2 pretending their interested in the finnish civil war so they can tap the booty then when can u


    *use this ask as a placeholder where you can ask yourself something interesting bc I wanna provide the questions you're interested in answering but I guess my "interesting questions" are actually always boring for you (like what's your fave book)*

    imagine being so pressed that i have a life & don’t answer every single 50 anons i get daily


    Oh shut up you fucking slag, acting like fucking men is a career. Get some self respect. How the hell can you really think this is a decent, respectable profession? Your mind is SERIOUSLY warped. Just because you were abused as a child doesn’t mean you have to continue this because it’s all you know. One day you’ll look back and very much regret this and you’ll be ashamed. How long until you catch aids or a ‘client’ kills you? Deep deep down, you know what you’re doing to yourself is wrong.

    has return of the kings started instantly redirecting 2 my blog 


    You want to start a loving family pmsl how many families have you split up with your promiscuous ways both inside and outside of work?

    i’m not responsible for my clients & in my personal life a man chose 2 leave his wife for me. i didn’t ask him 2 do that - i didn’t ask for a sexual or romantic relationship. he made that decision as an adult & then we both made the decision that family comes first & that if i could never form a bond w/ his children & it would ruin his relationship w/ his children then i would rather step back. i’m not a malicious homewrecker, i’d rather 3 children who hate me have a stable & loving relationship w/ their father than have a future w/ the love of my life who **i** had a stable & loving relationship w/ & am lucky that he still helps & provides a lot of stability & help (& silly fun when we see each other) in my life 2 yrs after our relationship ended