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    I'm secretly in love with my best friend since we were kids, but he's gay and now he has a boyfriend. Can you help me "straight" him a little? Putting some muscle on him wouldn't be that bad either.

    "HEY BESTIE," screamed Josh as he entered your place.

    "Oh hey, Josh," You replied hugging your best friend.

    Josh was the first arrival for your party, and for good reason too. You two were going to need some alone time. For the longest time ever, you had a crush on Josh. He was your best friend since you were little and you did so much together. Unfortunately, when you thought he was going to ask you out in high school, he instead came out as gay. You didn't hate him for it, you were just disappointed he wouldn't be yours.

    Out of both of you, he was the lucky one. He was dating the nicest guy around, David, who was lovely, and the two felt sweet together, but you envied this. A few days ago, you had broken up with Brad after three weeks. He was hot and had a big dick, but he was gross and disgusting, with some bad views. So now you were single, bored and had a huge crush on your gay best friend. What do you do? You go to a shady website and buy some bath bombs, except these bath bombs are different. They could alter the people in the water to become something else. Naturally, you went for a large selection of fuckboi and jocks ones. All you needed to do was get Josh in the jacuzzi early while you changed. They recommended using half for a single person, but obviously, you wanted your friend to remain mostly gay and keep his kind personality, so you used just under a quarter.

    You watched him get changed into his swim shorts, smiling naturally as you prepared yourself for your pre-party starter. Once Josh got into his shorts he quickly sat down in the Jacuzzi.

    "Aren't you joining?" he asked.

    "Oh, I will be," you smirked, "But first I need to go to my room to get changed. Hey, here's a little starter for a relaxing afternoon," you said, getting out a bath bomb. You broke a piece off and dropped it in. The water began to fizz up instantly.

    "Wow this feels amazing," Josh said, resting his head on the side and closing his eyes.

    "Oh, these are gonna be great, but we're only putting little bits in at a time, so save it," you smiled, before putting the rest of the bath bomb down.

    "Don't take too long," joked Josh as you walked back into the house to get changed. As you turned a corner, you felt great. Everything was working as planned. You looked out the window and saw a few small changes appearing on Josh. You went back to get changed, and put on some makeup.

    Ten minutes passed, and you began to hear moaning. It was coming from the Jacuzzi, Josh was in trouble. You rushed back to the window to check on him. You gasped at what you saw. His body had grown and morphed way too much, while his pale skin had developed a bronze tan. You looked closer and could see his body become toned with muscle, he looked so hot now. But part of this was wrong, he wasn't your plaything, and now he looked nearly unrecognisable. However, he didn't look as if he was in pain. In fact, he looked like he was enjoying it as he changed more. But you couldn't stand here and do nothing you had to get him out of there.

    "Josh are you ok? Josh?!, Josh!!!" you yelled as you rushed out, but he just kept on moaning. As you got closer you could see more of his changes. He had a set of washboard abs and two large pecs. His arms had blossomed with muscle. His face hadn't changed too much, keeping much of his boyish features. His usual hair was quite short, but now it had grown into a curly jungle on top while the sides were cut down to size 1 fades. His hair had also taken on a golden brown colour.

    "Josh?!!" You repeated as you got closer to him. His moaning slowed down, and the jacuzzi stopped bubbling. He looked up at you as the moaning stopped, for a split second, his eyes looked as if they had a hint of fear as if he was crying to get out. But then his face re-arranged into a cocky expression. You had to admit he was sexy now, there was no way anyone could say no to him.

    "Hey babe," Josh said seductively.

    "Josh," you repeated again.

    "Come and join me in the jacuzzi? I have something to tell you" he slyly cooed. You came closer and closer, not taking your eyes off of his sexy body. You gently sat down in the pool slightly uneasy at what was before you. Was he still Josh?

    Josh continued to smirk at you. Something about him felt different. His voice oozed cockiness and yet retained Josh's old soft and gentle feeling.

    "Come closer, babe, I want to whisper it in your," he seductively asked, as he lurched forward into the middle of the jacuzzi. You were unsettled by this but did it anyway. You looked down and saw as Josh began groping himself, eager to get the monster under his shorts out. As he got close, he gently put one arm around the back of your head, holding it softly, while the other one reached in and got out his large Python. His lips met your ear before whispering.

    "I'm going to fuck your brains out here, babe," the words echoed into your brain. It was so wrong, and yet you couldn't say no. Your underwear sunk to the bottom of the jacuzzi, and Josh's smirk became wider as horniness took over him. He gently pushed you back onto a seat and confidently lowered his cock right up to your hole.

    "No Josh," you said, trying to defuse the situation. This was wrong, Josh was your best friend, and he was ga...

    Your thoughts came to a halt as Josh's python found its way inside you. He went in deep taking his time, and savouring the moment. He said he wanted to fuck your brains out, and that's what he was doing. Any thoughts or worries vanished, as his lips began gently kissing your neck all over. Josh was still the same, but now he was cockier, more muscular, and most importantly one hundred per cent straight. God, he was good, but you wanted more. Your hands rubbed his soft skin, feeling his abs and pecs, before hugging him tightly, and pulling him in further, causing an eruption of pleasure for both of you. You moaned loudly before moving your head. You opened your eyes and looked at the side. You panicked again as your saw, well didn't see the bath bomb from before. Josh must've put the whole thing in. But before your panic went any further, Josh shot his load deep inside of you and put you at ease.

    Your phone buzzes, and it's a text from David. Josh doesn't seem to care though, still only focused on you. But then you worry for a second, thinking about how you're going to explain this to David. Your eyes look past your phone, and at the container of other bath bombs.

    David would love one of those you thought, and he was a bit small too. Plus it's not like you didn't have plenty of girlfriends coming over later on that he could play with.


    My step-brother has already knocked up five of my closest friends. It’s more fucking annoying because he likes to post a video of himself breeding his children into each one of them.

    honestly, all my mates and I used to hang out at my place, gaming till the late hours. Now, they all still come around, but they waddle their bulging bodies into my step-brothers room, where I have the privilege of listening them all as they have a fucking orgy without me. It’s fucking humiliating.

    Mum and dad are just proud to be having so many grandchildren on they way. Now they kepp giving me side glances and asking when I’m going to start making the next generation. I haven’t the heart to tell them that the most recent post of a man being bred full of a baby that my step-brother has posted… well… it’s actually me. I found out the news today. I’m growing his twins in my gut.


    Here I am. The "straight" neighbor. About to lay on my back, grab my legs, throw them up, and spread them open for the thick strong Arab from down the street. He's a tall hairy chested beast of a man. Beautiful dark eyes and full lips. He has big strong hands that will soon grip me by the ankles as he buries his bearded face between my fat cheeks and devours my greedy eager slut jock hole. He shall spit and drool and suck and tongue fuck; get my hole quivering and ready for the rough merciless pounding to come.

    See. I'm "straight". But I have a weakness. I'm obsessed with thick heavy cock. I can't get enough. And my Arab stud caught me, on my knees, blowing the dark skinned Muslim garbage collector. I was moaning like a whore as he fucked his fat dark cock down my throat when my stud Arab neighbor caught us... The garbage collector never stopped. Not even while being watched... In fact, he became rougher, choking and gagging me on his brutal mean cock. He wanted to prove he was a man, a strong man, a superior man. He wanted to show a fellow Arab man that they were superior to Western sluts such as myself. Thus he gripped my head tight and used my throat for his pleasure, forcing me to cough and sputter forth messy spit bubbles. When he came, he fed me his rich creamy load then told my neighbor, "this Western whore is good... Wait till you try his muscle pussy..."


    I follow orders. Like a good boy. When Master tells me to kneel, I do so. If he says I am to catch his spit, cum, or piss? I do so. When he says to crawl, I do so. Flex? Yes. Show off for his Arab friends? With pleasure. Yes. There is something sexually liberating about being shown off and presented by my beloved husband and Master to his Muslim friends. He loves when they marvel in jealously that my Master has trained a Western dog into being a proper bitch who knows their place, beneath real men, superior men, Arab men.

    I am there for their pleasure. To bring them refreshments, massage their shoulders and feet. And if told to do so, I am to fall to my knees and take my Master or his friends deep into my eager hungry mouth and feast on whatever they fed me, all whilst they hold a conversation as if I was unimportant, stopping only to tell me what a fine Western whore I am and spit on me as I slut myself onto their righteous Muslim cocks, hungry for their seed.

    Yes. I am obedient. Today, I was told to wait in nothing but my jockstrap and cap. I was to wait for my Master to return home with his father and elder brothers. He wants to show them he successfully broke and trained "the Western whore" that had broken into his store one night whilst drunk.


    Look at us. What do you see? You see a pretty faced twink and a thick built jock bull stud, right? You see a small bottom and a big muscle bound top, a breeder and his bitch? Yes. Everyone sees that. When they see me and my girlfriend’s brother, that is what they imagine.

    What they don’t expect is that the small slender man? He’s my girlfriend’s younger brother. I’m the thick built jock with the strong neck, big biceps, thick wide round full pecs (he calls them my muscle tits), a body gained from multiple cases of Jock Serum XXXL and training. Jocked up, Dumbed down.

    What they also don’t expect is that my girl’s younger brother is gonna make me kneel before him during the game’s halftime show, grip my head with both hands and feed me his surprisingly large thick pulsing uncut donkey cock. Make me gag and choke and drool excessively on nine and a half, almost ten inches of dick that looks out of place on his body, make me moan and slurp and ache for that rich hot first load… Yes I said first… He likes me to clear the pipe so he can work that second load into me after the game is over… How hard he goes at my muscle cunt depends on how hard his team loses or wins.

    The last time, his team lost pretty bad… I had to tell my girl I fell pretty hard to explain my limp the next day… In actuality, he had vented his anger out on my hole and bred me deep three times the night of the game. By morning my hole was sore and I was walking funny.

    But it was worth it.


    I'm a bit of a whore. I'm not ashamed. Why should I be? I love cock. I can't get enough. Hot thick heavy, veiny, sweaty, musky, cut or uncut, white, black, Arab, etc. I don't care for race or ethnicity, I don't care if dude is gay or straight. If he's single and ready to mingle or married with pent up loads. I only care about how that fucker cock of his hangs, how stuffed his balls are, how nasty he wants me to be. Does he want me to just kneel and suck? Throat his dick and swallow his load? Want me to lay back and hike up my legs? Simple vanilla fucking, using my hole to get off and get out to get discretely back to his life? Or does he want a freak? A filthy faggot whore who will suck and lick his toes and worship his feet and legs and bury my face in his hot juicy musky alpha ass and devour his hole and spit and slurp on that twitching manhole and work those balls and lick his sweaty ripe pits and let him fuck my throat till I'm leaving his cock a sloppy mess of cum, drool, and throat slime before taking my Asian jock cub cunt and gaping me wide open... Leaving me seeded and leaking before drenching me in piss...

    I'm a whore. And the entire gym knows it... I've been fucked by every swinging dick in here... And tonight it was the maintenance crew's turn... Five bull studs and one stud in training. Two of the men are from Nigeria, black bull daddy gods, one has a hot muscle gut. Another is an Arab with a mean streak, he makes me crawl through the empty gym naked and beg for his superior Muslim piss. There is also the two Italian brothers who do everything together including sharing whores like me. And lastly Bill, the newest man to join the crew. A young 18 year old eager to have his V card punched... More like desperate enough to fuck my fag ass cause his girlfriend won't put out... It's gonna be a long rough night.


    He’s bulking up a lot. Really thick now


    He was cute before. But now Daddy thinks he’s perfect. Look at him. Look how much he bulked up for Daddy’s pleasure. He’s strong still but he’s also soft. Daddy loves to rub that cute belly and tease his hot tits while riding that juicy fat ass of his. Oh and his ass. Unfff daddy loves it. It was firm before. It barely jiggled. Now it’s still a bit firm, still perky, but now that fatter rounder juicier jock boy ass has a wobble to it, a doughy jiggly quality, it ripples whenever daddy spanks it or uses it as cushion for his pelvis as he drives every inch deep into those guts. It claps so damn good when he twerks it in Daddy’s face and begs Daddy to eat his jock pussy before fucking him like a cheap slut.

    And Daddy’s poker buddies love his new look too.

    “Come in, boy. Show my friends your new look…look at him….fuck… My dick fattens up just looking at him… You know what to do, baby. Under the table…”


    So my shy quiet younger bro, he's 18 (I'm 20) who was small and thin and introverted, snuck into my room and stole 3 cases of Jock Serum X-Treme and chugged them down. Now look at him. A dumb loud mouthed arrogant douche of a jock. Hairy chested and hung like a mule. He smells sweaty all the time and refuses to wear deodorant and likes to shove my face in his pits and tells me to snort up the scent of a real man like a good fag jock... He shoves me to my knees and hugs my face into his crotch which just smells of dick stink and man and sweat and cum... He fucks my throat deep. He bends me over and pounds my hairy hole and leaves me gaping and leaking then slaps my ass and tells me to make him a sandwich like if I was his bitch.... Which I think I'm starting to think I am...

    The annoying part is... I love every second of it...


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    I'm straight. I'm a jock. I'm pretty good looking? Some people call me hot so I guess some people find me hot. This story isn't about me going gay. I'm not gay. However, I do have a dirty secret. See. While I am straight, I learned to appreciate and need cock. I'm not romantically attracted to men and very few men I find sexually attractive, but cock? Can't fucking get enough.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you how I became a dick pig.

    The club scene is usually where you'll find me. In the club, laughing it up, bumping and grinding and whooping it up.

    I have some friends. They're great. Now, one day, the club we usually go to gets shut down. Something about asbestos. So one of my girl friends (Senna) says she knows the perfect place.

    A club known as The Hammer. I never heard of it but she has. What she didn't tell me is that it's a gay club. Primarily it's demographic is gay men. But straight people went there because they had more fun there, better music, more welcoming atmosphere, etc.

    So I go. And as soon as we arrive, I feel eyes on me.

    The bouncer outside eyes me up and down, licks his full lips and grins. He's a big black guy and only about two inches taller than me. He's six foot ten. I'm six foot eight.

    He introduced himself as Byron, or as others call him The Wall. He asks my name and I joke "People call me Sweet Cheeks. But the name's Dayton." He grinned but he seemed cool. He let us in and we started our night.

    At some point I was separated from my friends and I kept having fun when someone slipped over to me and said they had something that would make the night even better and showed me a small bottle with blue pills.

    The fuck are those? I don't do drugs.

    Nah. Don't worry. These aren't illegal. You can find them over the counter. They're just like for relaxing. Makes you chill.

    I was a bit skeptical but shrugged and said fine. You only live once.

    They grinned and gave me like six of them. I didn't really hear the explanation. They were drowned out by music and I just downed them. All six.

    Much to their shock.

    Bro what? I said take one.

    I shrugged and went back to partying.

    I got hit with the effects hard. I saw colors and brightness. The music burst around me in rhythmic colors. I felt good. So good. I was light yet also felt heavy. It was weird.

    I head out of the crowd and end up in the bathroom. No one else is in there and I stumbled over to the corner urinal.

    When did I lose my shirt? Probably on the way to the bathroom... The club felt unbearably hot all of a sudden... Well.. I untied my short strings and pulled my shorts down. Slipped them down just below my thick somewhat hairy cheeks. I have a bit of a fat ass. Round. Plush plump. My girlfriend loved to slap it whenever we were together.

    I'm just feeling relaxed. The cool air on my ass felt oddly good. And I started to piss like a racehorse.

    I could hear my piss hitting the bottom of the urinal. To me it sounded louder, like a waterfall near my ear. I could hear my heart thumping away near my ears too. Hm taking a piss felt great.

    I was just finishing up when someone slipped up behind me. They wrapped their arms around my hips and pulled me back. I felt them press up against me, hips gyrating and grinding.

    "Hm. Good to see you again, Sweet Cheeks..." I recognized that deep voice. It was Byron. The Wall.

    "I ain't gay, bro." I mumbled. Words slurred.

    "So? Neither am I. I just recognize a sweet ass when I see it, Sweet Cheeks... You aren't kidding. This is...One.. Hot... Ass..." He growled in my ear and punctuated those last three words with slow grinds against me. I could feel his hard his cock was. Throbbing against me. I was gonna speak when he turned my head and crammed his tongue into my lips. His thick full lips damn near devouring mine. His other hand latching onto my pec and teasing my nipple.

    I moaned. Loudly and lewdly. When he flicked, squeezed, and tugged my nipple, it sent shocks through me I never felt before. I writhed and he pulled me closer.

    "Hmm taste so sweet, baby. But I gotta get back to work soon...so I leave you in capable hands... Let them break you in for me. Trust me. You'll thank me later..."

    What? What did he mean? He moved away and I saw two guys standing there. Bouncers. Or security. I didn't know. But they knew Byron. "That's T-Bird..." Byron pointed to the one on the left. His ginger red hair and bearded face stood out. Strong jaw. Thick build. Kinda jock type not quite built like Byron. "That's King." Byron nodded to the other man. Shorter than Byron. Same height as me. Rich caramel skin. Full lips. Dark eyes. "You know the drill... Break the bitch in... And after I'm done with him later tonight... You two can have the sloppy seconds."

    King groped his fat bulge hearing that and the two pulled me over to them before guiding me to the private stall. They nudged me inside and in they walked.

    "Hm this muscled big boy is gonna be a begging dick pig before the night is over..."

    (Here's the end of Part 1. Will there be a part 2? Maybe. Gotta find some good pics for King and T-Bird. Everyone is 18. You be 18 to read. If not 18, go, shoo, go do whatever non-18 year olds do. Come back when legal. This story is fiction. Pics aren't mine.)


    Look at this stupid faggot. Look at this big muscle bound swole bitch. I can call this sweat licking, alpha ass eating, cock starved jock cunt whatever I want…. Because he’s me. I wasn’t always this. I mean this literally. I was not big and swole nor interested in men at all.

    I won’t lie. I was an asshole. I was a homophobe.

    But let’s start at the beginning of my journey. Because it was a journey.

    Now. What I looked like before was… Average. 5 foot five. One hundred and thirty pounds. Messy black hair. Freckles across my face.

    I was a bit of a delinquent. Spray painting buildings, breaking windows, yelling gay slurs. Yeah. Thinking back on it now, I was a little shit.

    Perhaps that is why I was cursed. You think curses aren’t real? Oh I’m living proof they are.

    There is a carnival that comes by every year to our small town. It’s a roving festival. There aren’t any big roller coasters but they have interesting live performances like fire eating, sword swallowing, a fortune teller who was eerily accurate with her reads, etc. It is run by gypsies.

    The fortune teller stayed in one of those gypsy cabins. You climbed up. Sat at her table where she has a crystal ball. It’s a big heavy thing. Looks awesome.

    That is where the curse began. I had been walking past and saw the highly ornate exterior of the wagon. And just as I imagined myself tagging it, the doors opened and there stood the gypsies fortune teller. Her eyes locked onto mine and she beckoned me forward.

    “Don’t get any bright ideas about vandalizing my home, boy. I’ll give you a free reading. Let’s go.”

    Well. Free. Why not. Though how had she known… Did someone tell her to watch out for me specifically? I got into the wagon and… I will admit the inside was pretty cool.

    “Sit.” She motioned to the table and sat down in her chair. I sat in mine.

    She then did her mumbo jumbo, I wasn’t paying too much attention. When the ball began to fill with swirling smoke.

    “I see… You…” She looked into the smoky depths. “You look.. Strong… Something is different. I can’t put my finger on it…”

    “Strong? Strong how?”

    “Big. And strong… Hm…but you appear to be… With a man… He gives instructions. You follow with obedience. Perhaps a job…?”

    I scoffed. “Already got a job and no one tells me what to do… This is so fake.”

    I go to stand. I go to grab the crystal ball. I touch it. It feels hot to the touch and I feel a charge go through me. As if I touched a live wire. I squeezed my hand around the ball. So tight it cracked. Hairline fractures created a spider’s web across the ball as the swirling smoke leaked out, wrapped around my fingers, snaked up my arm and jammed itself into my nostrils as I screamed in abject horror.

    “You should have kept your mouth shut…” The gypsy sighed. I blacked out.

    I woke up at home. In bed. I was wearing the same clothes. But something felt off… I got up. I looked at myself. My arm tingled. Starting at the wrist. There was a mark. A tattoo. A rose vine. Thorny. No rose at the end of it. I had no recollection of ever getting a tattoo…

    I headed to the gym. I had to find my brother. As soon as I was inside, I was hit with the smell. It was something I had never noticed before… Thick heavy heady sweaty masculine. Hot raunchy man smell. The whole place reeked of it… It crashed into me in waves even if no one else noticed it… It was. So fucking good. What? No. I hated this smell. Yes. Hated it… But it smells so good… I wandered inside… And found an abandoned machine. Looking around I sat down and started using it.. Every pump sent pleasure through me. I bit my lip but soon I was pumping away. Sweating. Panting.

    “Looking good, bro…” A man approached. His male stench hit me hard. Hot and sweaty and ripe and fucking delucious… I could almost see it coming off him, radiating from his underarms.

    What ? I stood up and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Holy shit. What?

    I was… Hot. Sweaty. Chest rising with each panted breath. A six pack… I looked over at the dude who had walked over. A strange confidence overtaking me.

    “Thanks, bro. Gotta feed the soul, get swole.” I grin stupidly. Wait. I never talked like that.

    “Damn right… Mind if I join you?” He was eyeing me like a piece of Meat. He looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on where I had seen him. But his gazes pissed me off… Yet…

    “Fuck yeah, bruh. Let’s go.”

    I worked out like I had never worked out before and each hour that passed, the more I pumped, the more I sweat, the more I inhaled the scent of men in like a drug, especially the sweaty hot fuck next to me (since when did I think guys were hot?) the more I wanted to get swole. Get jocked. Get big. Get dumb. And I was getting bigger. My muscles swelled. Thickening and growing. My pecs became full and thick and slightly round with big nipples and I headed to the locker room. I had to get out of there. That stench of men… And the images I kept getting… I’d see a man and my mind blanked… And I’d see myself with that man… On my knees, snorting that hot cock funk straight from his crotch, or fucking each other’s faces in hot wet messy sloppy kisses as I swallowed mouthfuls of his spit and moaned like a whore… Those images. Why? I had to leave. I had to get out… Where the fuck were my clothes?

    “Hey bro… Need some pants? Can borrow mine. Here. They’re all I got.”

    I looked at the shorts. Practically daisy dukes… But I slid them on.

    “God damn… Those looks hot on you…” He growled.

    I wanted to punch him. To beat that smirking face in. Instead I grinned dumbly. I winked and started… Dancing? I shook my ass, my hips. I bounced and popped and twerked my big fat ass and slapped my thicc cheeks in the shorts. I gave him a damn show.

    “Fuck, baby. Shake it. Shake that big jock ass. Unffuck. Made me fucking hard as a rock…look here…” I looked. I didn’t want to but I looked… A big fat pulsing tube stuffed his workout shorts… And I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it. “Like it? Yeah you do. You’re drooling. You licked your lips. You’re a starved faggot aren’t you? You are a fag. A big muscle pussy. Thick and big and alpha but really you’re a butch bitch. Look at you. Shaking that ass. Working those hips. Rolling and gyrating like you’re riding a fat throbbing alpha dick… Wait there… And don’t stop dancing…” His voice became commanding and I followed orders.

    He walked out. I kept dancing. The whole locjer room reeked of men. Sweat. Testosterone. Cock stink. Fuck. There were jockstraps around. Hot. Sweaty. Used. I could see a few yellowed pouches. Oh they probably radiated man… The smell of cock, hot balls, a hint of piss and precum… I was drooling. Fuck.

    “Told you… The fag follows orders…” The stud walked back in… Surrounded by several other men who watched me dance.

    The tattoo was spreading. It was halfway up my arm now.

    My stud walked over to me. “We’re gonna break you, bitch. Break that attitude of yours. Make you a cock starved hole… ” he whispered in my ear. “And once this tattoo reaches your heart… You’ll willingly give yourself up to any and all real men… A muscle whore desperately in need of being fucked. Being bred. Being used. A pussy. A urinal. You insulted my sister and our heritage… The gypsy fortune teller.. I see you noticed the family resemblance at last… Good boy… Now. Take a deep whiff, cunt…” He shoved a jockstrap in my face and held it there. The scent of man hit me like a truck. I moaned. Loud. Drooled. Snorted and sniffed and sucked on the pouch as if I would taste the cock that had rested therein…

    “I think the bitch just came in his shorts… Fucking filthy faggot… On your knees.. We’ll give you a taste of that smell you love straight from the source…”

    They made me kneel. My face passed from one man to another. Face mashed and smothered in bulging crotches. Made to snort that sweaty dick stink up. And I loved it.

    More.. More… I wanted more…

    “Who wants to fuck the bitch first…?”

    No. No. I won’t get fucked. I refuse. My mind shouted. I looked down. There was the vine. Growing and spreading before my eyes… Up to my shoulder. It curved. It stretched. It reached my heart… A rose blossomed. A rose tattoo.

    “Bitch. You listening?” A slap to my cheek made my eyes shoot up. A tall sweat coated black man stood over me.

    “I’m first…” He dropped the towel. His cock stink hit me hard. I drooled. I moaned. His fat meat hung between strong thighs. Flaccid. Seven fat inches. Uncut. Big fat sweat dripping balls underneath. Low hangers. “Look at your bitch ass… Looking at my dick like you’re starved… Then get on it, faggot… You got a line waiting…”

    No. No. I won’t… The last vestiges of my heterosexuality faded away… I crawled forward between his legs and buried my nose against his balls and snorted deep. I shuddered. “F…fuck… Smells so good…” I wrapped my lips around his nuts and started slurping. Lewd. Loud. Drooling around those cum packed balls all while he looked down on me in disgust. I was whoring myself off onto his balls like a shameless pig. My eyes glassy. Drunk. High. Both. His cock fattening against my face. Growing. Larger and fatter and heavier.

    “Look at the faggot go… Suck those nuts, bitch…” My gypsy torment demanded. And I followed orders. Like a good muscle pussy fag.

    More. More cock. Bring me more. Fuck me. Breed me. Wreck my jock cunt. I was moaning those words out as I worshipped this black daddy bull. As I gagged and choked on his cock. As I spat up spit bubbles around the base of his dick and snorted up his scent from his bed of short curly pubes. As he fed me his load, fired off the rest on my face. As he spat on me and called me a nasty fag but told me to be here same time tomorrow for another load. And as he moved aside and another man took his place.

    He slapped his sweaty precum drooling dick on my face. He spat on me. Once. Twice.

    “Open up. Good. Stick out your tongue…” He leaned in and allowed a long string of drool to slide out of his lips. It stretched from the man’s lips down onto my tongue and I moaned in whorish delight as I tasted it. He sat up and slapped his cock against my drool smeared tongue. “Start slobbering up my dick, cunt. It’s the only lube you’re getting…”

    Side Effects May Include...

    He was told there were certain side effects from the highly experimental performance enhancement drugs, but he didn’t care. He wanted to be bigger and more muscular, no matter the cost.

    Tyler was once a stereotypical 98lbs weakling. Standing at 5’3”, the 27-year-old man weighed 100lbs on a good day. Short and skinny, he was the butt of endless jokes, looked down on by all those around him, and treated like a little kid, or worse, by total strangers, coworkers, and friends and family alike. He’d had enough of it all – pushed to the edge, he turned to one of those male vitality doctors to see if there might be some solution.

    Unfortunately, at his age now, further growth was nearly impossible for his height. Tyler was sad to hear that until the doctor reiterated, “I said, nearly impossible. There is one potential solution, but it is still in the early stages of development. There are significant risks and the potential for irreparable irreversible damage.”

    “I don’t care the risks!” Tyler exclaimed, “Anything would be better than being stuck looking like a little kid my whole life!”

    And so, the doctor connected Tyler with the pharmaceutical giant developing this supposed last option. He sat through their intake, answering all their questions, before he was deemed fit for their trial run of their new drug. He was to take it as directed for the next six months, tracking how he feels, any odd changes physically or mentally, and anything else of note for the researchers. Tyler was ecstatic at the opportunity and hoped it would bring him some measure of happiness that he’d missed out on for most of his adult life.

    He did exactly as instructed, keeping his log, and tracking his own progress. In the first two months alone, he gained a half-foot of height and 50lbs of muscle. It was a painful process, that growth spurt, but he couldn’t deny the results! Over the following two months, he grew another six inches in height, and a full 60 additional pounds of muscle, including dropping what little fat he had until he was below 5% body fat. He marveled at how amazingly different his body looked! He was like a fitness model… No, a fitness GOD!


    In the last two months, the massive physical changes seemed to cease, but standing at 6’2” and 210lbs of solid muscle, he was quite happy with the outcome he’d gotten.

    And then… one more physical change did occur…

    He didn’t notice it at first, as the change was very slow, perhaps only millimeters a day. But it was apparent… his cock was starting to shrink. Now, his cock before this transformation was a good size, even despite his smaller stature, so his hard six inches looked small, but not too small on his larger frame.

    But as the days passed, his cock shrank to 5, then 4, then 3, and then finally… it simply disappeared. Entirely, like there was never anything there at all. His balls were still there, same as they were before everything changed, but where there should have been a decent sized dick, was only entirely smooth skin. He panicked, because – what if he had to take a leak? But strangely enough, he found he no longer had an urge to urinate, it was like his body processed both types of waste through, well, the back end.

    Speaking of the back end, he found, quite by accident in the shower one day that the sensitivity of his anus was significantly heightened. Being unable to jack off any more, he found increased pleasure in, first, fucking himself with his own thick fingers, but then he turned to inserting things within his opening. These feelings would bring him to orgasm, but of course, nothing would come out as there was nothing there any longer.

    When he explained all this to the staff at the drug company, they seemed unsurprised. In fact, they gave him a contact who specialized in cases just like his who could help him acclimate to his new situation.

    That was a few months ago. Now Tyler is a highly specialized escort for the wealthy elite of the world who are looking for a little something out of the ordinary. Tyler doesn’t mind, as he’s far too delirious with sexual pleasure, spending all day in bed having wealthy old men fill him up with their aged seed for the rest of his life.


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    Zach could not figure out why his chest has been so sensitive recently despite a large amount of size he had put on it recently. He had put on a ton of size over the last few months thanks to his uncle’s special powder drink he gave Zach. The stuff tasted terrible but it was edible so it was ok then.

      The reason why Zach’s uncle started giving him this powder was because Zach had hit a wall with his training and was desperate to overcome his plateau from his workouts. Lucky for him his uncle was a trainer at a gym with a ton of success from his clients who most became famous bodybuilders, fitness models, Instagrammers, and even some top Hollywood stars who have to change for a job. Zach at first did not want to bother his uncle since the two did not always see eye to eye since his uncle was absent most of Zach’s life growing up and only recently came back into it.

      But still family is family. So Zach asked and the uncle agreed to help him under one condition. That is Zach agrees to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and whatever the uncle says goes. Zach thought it was a bit strange agreed to it and the pair started on this long journey together.

      It was tough training right out of the gates for Zach. He had to do 2 workouts a day 7 days a week. His diet was reduced to basic parts only and his training became his whole life. At first, Zach fought back a bit but after a few months of listening to his uncle and following his training, he stops fighting and submitted to the new way of life. Zach did whatever it took no matter what.

      He quit his job at the bank so he could find one with more flexible hours, he ended up working at Walmart part-time so he could be able to deal with his crazy schedule. He broke up with his girlfriend who keeps telling him that he just wanted to look better and with all this extra training she could not figure out why he did it. She had to go. He also stops talking with his parents since according to his uncle one night he told Zach they are not getting it and are a distraction for him. Zach even stops visiting and seeing his old friends since only his lifting and workouts matter now.

      Zachs Uncle told him after he cut ties with everyone not to worry that he can move in with him. Zach thanked him so much for the offer and moved into the smallest room possible only big enough for a shelf for his workout clothes and some others and a bed. But this allowed him to do nothing but focus on his workouts.

      Zach’s uncle did so many nice things for Zach like bring him to the gym while he workout with his clients. This showed Zach that his uncle is always strict with all of his clients. It was amazing working out with so many guys with amazing bodies, bodies that Zach grew to one day want to be like. He did notice that they all were drinking the same thing. It was funny that Zach notices it since for a while he had noticed himself becoming a little bit dumber since he started working out at this level.

      He asked his uncle who quickly told him that it was a powder mix that helps build muscle. This made Zach ask if he should drink it. His Uncle with a smile told him yes. Later that day Zach was busy drinking this powder mix. It soon became his go-to drink.

      After a while of working out and Zach loving the changes to his body, his uncle told him that he had some concerns come up. Which understandable Zach was also concern with his concerns. It turned out the Uncle was worried about Zach in his free time doing something that could throw his diet off or some other bad habit from before. Not wanting to lose any gains made Zach quickly asked what could he do to fix this. His uncle then handed him and small leather strap with a box on it.

      It was an ankle bracelet the same one used for ex-cons to monitor them. His uncle told Zach as he was placing it on his right ankle that it has a GPS in it so he can track him where ever he is in real-time. This way he told Zach he can see if he is breaking any rules or not. Zach thought it was a bit strange but his uncle told him he had to do it for so many of his clients including his famous celeb one. Zach’s brain did not work too well anymore but he did like it when he told Zach that he would not believe where that hunky actor from the Thor Movies would visit. Zach only knew that actor was hot but with his brain that was it.

      So from then on, Zach was always being tracked and if he was at a place that could cause him to break his rules he would receive a call from his uncle telling him not to do anything stupid. It was a great tool in keeping Zach following the rules. If that was not enough then his uncle could have the bracelet give Zach an electric shock to drive the point home.

      A few months ago Zach had asked his uncle about the powder and his uncle told him finally what it was. It was a result of a dried-up liquid made by men who are turned into lactating cows. He said it right out there and the truth. Zach by now barely was able to tie his shoes so he just sat there listening to how his uncle turned some of his clients into cows.

      He told him he feeds them this mix of chemicals that over time builds up their bodies but also makes the client dumb as hell. During all of this, all Zach did was sit there amazed by the story drinking his drink. His uncle told him how he has a barn where his cows go once they are ready to be milked and all they do all day is produce this chemical-rich milk from their massives chests. In the end, the brain dead Zach asked if one day he could visit the farm.

      A few days later Zach was being given a tour of the farm where all the massive guys were being kept in animal stalls being milked all the time for their chemical milk. But none of it was setting in with Zach why would it this place was where his best drink comes from. Not even when walked by an empty stall and see on the wall a nameplate with ZACH on it did it occurs to him how fucked he was.

      But now as Zach looks at the mirror amazed by his growth he not sure what to do. His uncle now does all his thinking and he is not allowed to leave the house now except to work out. His uncle will know thanks to his ankle bracelet but it’s not like Zach would want to leave. His uncle has been amazing to him all these months. But when he gets home from his client. Zach thinks it is that actor from a movie. He will ask him why his pecs hurt so much. Also, why are they dripping white liquid. He had tasted it and it tasted just like his favorite drink. All of this is too much for Zach to think about right now. It is best to leave that for his uncle.


    He makes me hard! 🍆💦🤤


    He was just a weak, hairless little punk when you last saw him. Good fodder for knocking around. But it’s been a few months, and now he’s one of Daddy Jay’s boys. Bulked and inked the fucked up. Smoking a cigar furiously as he makes his way toward you. That look in his eyes is something you’d never seen from him when you used to knock him down a notch. His eyes are full of confidence. He approaches you, getting right in your face.

    He cocks his head, draws deep on his cigar, exhaling right at you. “You remember me, boss? I know you haven’t forgotten me.” His hand lands heavy on your shoulder. All you can smell his sweat and smoke, your head spinning. It’s intoxicating. You can barely speak, your eyes locked with his. “Let’s see who’s a little punk now, huh?” He blows his smoke at you again, as your mind swims and your thought become hazy. His hand pushes you slowly to your knees, and you see him reveal his cock. “First, I’m gonna feed you, then I’m gonna change you. Daddy Jay needs boys.” He pulls your head toward his crotch, and his cock slips into your mouth. On an instinct you can’t begin to comprehend you begin servicing your new cigar master. He moans in pleasure, as your mouth does it’s work, knowing he’s finally tearing his bully down.

    His dick thrusts and throbs in and out of your throat as your own thoughts fade. With a loud grunt his warm cum fills your mouth, seeding your body with his powerful, transformative seed. He lifts you to your feet. “Now we’ll be equals. Now we’ll be brothers,” he said as he slips his wet cigar nub into your mouth, the taste of tobacco and smoke mingling with his cum. As he leads you back to Daddy Jay to begin your own transformation and training a small voice, deep in your subconscious tries to cry out for this to stop. But there is no stopping this. This the fate you decided for yourself. This is what you’re about to become.


    Never get complacent.

    He deserves the best and is a highly selective alpha.

    Being picked doesn’t mean you can let you standards slip. He gets to fuck prime jock pussy and if you don’t provide it he can easily choose another.

    It’s your job to make him hard. Earn it.


    I always gotta look my best and always gotta be as fuckable as possible. Make the men wanna breed me and the fags wanna worship me.

    Getting Into Character

    Mikey stared contemplatively out of the bus window. He had moved to California to pursue his dream of acting, but what he found was not all he had dreamed of while back in his hometown.

    It felt like this was his hundredth audition. He kept telling himself that all he needed was his foot in the door, but that was much easier to say than to do. His eyes glanced down to his phone, its cracked screen displaying the listing for the audition he would be due at in 15 minutes

    Role: Hendrik-Weightlifter

    We are looking for a young, physically able man to play the role of a weightlifter in our up and coming film. Must be comfortable in costume and work well with others, as this is a large period piece. Send an email to ***@********.com to apply

    Mikey slouched back into his previous position giving a short sigh that fogged up the bus window.

    He would never get the role.

    It wasn't that he was weak or anything, but could he really sell himself to be a weightlifter? Still, he had to try. This could be his breakthrough to greater things. Soon Mikey was so lost in his thoughts he almost missed the stop.

    The air conditioned waiting room was a soothing relief from the LA summer sun. Strange, Mikey thought. he was the only one there, save a middle aged woman sitting behind a desk, eyes focused on her computer. As Mikey made his way over to her, her eyes flashed towards him and she put on a polite smile.

    'Am i in the right place for auditions fo.."

    “Yes hun” she replied, cutting him off. Her voice was hard to place, maybe southern? Mikey didn't have an ear for accents

    “You're Michael Harknet yes?”

    “yeah thats me” He replied, smiling awkwardly

    “Good, good,” the woman typed something into her computer.

    “Now hun, just go sit down over there." she pointed to a row of chairs at the side of the room, next to a water cooler "aaaand, take this.” She opened a draw and picked out a small see-through packet of brown powder.

    “The director told me to give this to you, its a protein powder thought you should try before your audition begins”

    Mike paused. He had never had anything he needed to drink for audition before. Yet, he thought, by the looks of it the had already a pretty good chance of getting the role, and putting that into jeopardy could mean returning home empty handed. He decided against declining

    He thanked the woman and took the baggie. It was small enough to fit inside his palm, clearly only having enough powder for one glass. He got some water from the cooler and poured the powder in watching as it quickly dissolved into the liquid, turning it a muddy brown colour. Mikey looked down now, suddenly wary of the substance. You need this role, a voice whispered in his brain. Its all you ever wanted.

    Mikey took a deep breath and chugged the whole glass, leaving a dark smudge on his upper lip.

    The grainy taste of protein powder chocolate lingered in his mouth, making Mikey feel a bit queasy, and his upper lip was beginning to get itchy. It was all his nerves, He need to calm down. He stood up from his seat and strode over to the desk. The receptionist already knew what he was going to ask

    “Restroom's Just over there, down the hall to your left, hun” she gave another smile

    He thanked her and made his way over.

    I just need a splash of water to wake me up, he told himself. this is all just nerves. However, when he saw himself in the mirror, that was all forgotten

    Since when did he have a mustache, especially a big bristly one like that? Hadn't he just shaved this morning? He reached up to it, feeling to see if the scratchy thick hairs were really there. With a sharp tug, he pulled one out, sharp pain piercing across his face. Yep, he was definitely not dreaming.

    Weird to say, Mikey thought he looked good with it. He grinned at himself, admiring his mature look, all the while more hair was gradually growing out of his chin, forming a scratchy 5 o'clock shadow.

    As he admired his mature face, the rest of his body was changing. His thighs and calves grew thicker powerful muscle breaking through his pants. His feet were also rapidly growing, widening so much they too his clothes, leaving the casual sport shoes he had worn in tatters His pants entirely fell apart when Mikey's unremarkable ass filled outwards, turning it into a bouncy, hairy muscle butt that broke through the stretchy fabric of his underpants.

    Finally hearing the ripping of his undies, Mikey looked away from his face to notice what was happening to his body. He could feel the mounting pressure as his chest expanded outwards, squishy pecs sending the buttons of his dress shirt flying. The Adonis in the mirrors smirked playfully flexing his fat muscle tits. Mikey grinned as he felt his arms fill out, biceps becoming two huge chunks of muscle.

    The sight of his body metamorphosing into a cocky muscled hunk was turning Mikey on. His average cock began to stiffen, growing only harder as hands explored the new crevasses and bulges across Mikey's new body. They drifted down from his biceps, feeling the smooth softness and squish of his pecs before a curious flex made them into granite boulders. They traced through his new abs, before moving down to cup his bouncy, perfect bubble butt. A finger involuntarily crept into his tight pink hole, sending a torrent of pressure across his body.

    Soon he was sitting in the corner, all other thoughts inconsequential but the feeling of his hands exploring his new body, of his hands massaging his prostate and grapefruit sized balls, of his hands running along his firm, warm, dripping wet cock. Muscle memory took over and he was soon stroking it. With each tug and push it grew longer and longer. Mikey soon had both of his hands working up and down his fat pink python of a cock. With each pump, an itchiness spread across his bod, as hair growing wildly across him. His facial structure rearranged, jaw sharpening as the octave of his moans became a deeper and deeper. These moans soon reached a crescendo, the feeling of release leaving him overwhealmed as his monster cock sprayed hot, runny seed across his chest, onto his face and even upon the wall behind him. Mikey grinned cockily, admiring his work before standing up to begin cleaning himself up. Looking back in the mirror, he saw it now: he was perfect for the role.

    Musk wafted from his exposed armpits. This was the smell of a real man, he thought. This was the smell that Hendrik would give off after a long day of training, and it was time to get into character. Memories of acting flooded into his brain, of starting in porn before finally making it into the big leagues in his Thirties. His accent changed as well, becoming nothing but true blue American. The new Mike pushed open the bathroom door, confidently striding in nothing by a tight pair of spandex undies. Hendrik never covered himself, he had been told, choosing to display his perfect body to the world. He walked back up to reception, seeing a tall man in a suit that could now recognize as the director standing next to the desk. The director looked Mikey down and up, admiring his work.

    “Shooting begins Monday” was all he said to the sweaty muscled beast before him, before walking briskly away.


    Hey bro it’s my birthday today and I’m gonna be 23. I was never a smart guy but I always playing football and wrestling. I’m too dumb for college but I wonder what it would be like if I went. Could you help a bro out?

    You’re going to be loving it bro. As a loud fart erupts from you signally the start of change. You say that you’ve always been playing football or wrestling but that was small time stuff being I. College is going to mean you HAVE to be bigger. And with that being said you’re going to feel you’re expanding rapidly. Clothes no longer fitting you as you even get taller. You’re feet growing so large you have r to special order them as you’re abs start to become more pronounced as your pecs soon jut out from your body like a shelf. Your hair gets wicked blonder and your face reshapes itself to a boyish charm. Tall. Muscular and blonde. With big feet to top everything off. You’ll find that your smooth now with now body hair. But when you snap a pic you’ll also find that there is a cost to this change. Getting what you want doesn’t always mean actually getting what you want. Now I know…. This body is very …. Unique considering your situation as this body once belonged to someone who was a hyper republican. Super straight. Obviously gay hating. But that was ONCE the way this body was. and I think you’re the perfect person to be able to show just how much this blonde hunk has changed. Maybe even put on a show for your coach. After all. Your definitely not smart enough to be in college. And your coach demands payment for being on the team. Do you snap a pic of your new big dumb blonde form. And send it your coach asking if daddy is ready to show the world just how gay this man really is.

    How I Became a Himbo

    And the second story written for yuan99 this month! If you want to read stories he’s written, search his name over at DeviantArt. If you want your own personalized and private stories written by me, consider becoming my Patron!

    “Like, how the fuck did I, like, get into this mess, brah?” Vinny asked his mom, who he had to move back in with after the incident.

    “It’s a long story, honey. Are you gonna sit through all of it and listen to me this time?”

    “Like, yeah, mommy, teeheehee!”


    Vinny was in his sophomore year of college at the local university. He was living on campus with a couple of his friends, even though his parents lived in the same city. He wanted that college experience, and it would eventually prove to be his downfall. Vinny was one of the smartest students in his grade, and at that time of his life, he was still going by Vincent. He also loved to volunteer in the community and was overall a model citizen.

    He also kept in shape, although he wasn’t as fit as some of the dumb jocks he shared classes with, unfortunately. His exercise mostly consisted of a walk around the blocks near campus, and he happened to pass by a lot of empty warehouses during the day. Vincent wouldn’t have noticed anything was amiss if it wasn’t for the white van barreling its way down the road and taking a sharp right into one of the warehouse parking lots. He was shocked the van didn’t tip over.

    As he continued walking, he had a prime view of what the van was delivering. Vincent was quite shocked when he noticed bags full of pink powder were exchanging hands. He wasn’t completely sure, but he thought it might be himbo powder. He had heard a lot of horror stories about himbo powder before, how people like him became dumb jocks. There was no cure for the many changes that himbo powder brought upon a person yet, and so this substance wasn’t even supposed to be in the United States. Vincent knew he probably should not have done what he did next, but he walked into the parking lot and made it look like he was just walking around.

    No one suspected a thing, and soon after the van drove away, Vincent knew he needed to find a way inside. It honestly wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. The door was unlocked, and there were no guards or anything posted at it. He did remain as quiet as possible, so as to not arouse any suspicion, as he looked inside. The loading bay seemed to be devoid of any packages or bags, so Vincent knew they had been brought deeper into the facility. He was always on high-alert, having no way to protect himself except for his fists, and they weren’t going to be that helpful.

    He slowly pushed open a set of double doors, and he was shocked by what he saw. There was a huge vat close to the ceiling, and workers were dumping the himbo powder into it. Much closer to the ground were various types of foods, like bread, apples, and even yogurt! Most things that could have something injected into them were waiting on a conveyor belt, ready to be filled with himbo powder. Vincent was just about to dial 911 when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. “You’re coming with me,” said the gruff voice, and he was unceremoniously lifted off of the ground and brought to a different room in the facility. His phone had fallen to the ground and shattered. He was expecting to end up in a cell or a torture room or something, but instead the beefy guard walked into a boardroom. “He saw too much,” the guard simply noted, dropping him to the ground and walking out of the room. There were a few more guards just like him standing up against one of the walls in the room.

    “So, what exactly did you see?” asked the man seated at the head of the table.

    “I, uh, I swear I saw nothing! I won’t tell anyone what you’re doing in here if you just fuckin’ let me go!”

    “Finally, someone who knows the right thing to say!” added another board member.

    “Yes, Claude, but he’s probably just saying that so that we can release him and then call the cops on us. Isn’t that right?”

    “Uh, no, ma’am, of course not! I’ll keep my mouth shut, I promise you.”

    “Hmm, I might have considered it,” started another male board member, “but Dallas was patrolling the main room, which means that he did see too much.”

    “Then it’s settled,” said the head of the board. “You, sir, are going to have some first-hand experience with himbo powder and its many effects. And you’re not going to be microdosed or anything like that. We’re gonna make you swallow it all in one fell swoop,” the head noted devilishly, as he motioned for two of the guards to take Vincent away. He ran away from the room, of course, but the guards were quite nimble for someone of their size, and two of them grabbed Vincent and hoisted him up in the air. He could kick and thrash around all he wanted, but it was no use. Vincent was taken to another room that was an offshoot of the main microdosing facility, and it looked like he was in a doctor’s office. He recognized the doctor as one of the board members from just moments ago.

    “Yes, I was just in the boardroom,” he noted, reading Vincent’s thoughts. “I was the doctor they hired to make sure that there would not be any ill effects from dosing people with himbo powder. However, that also means I know how much to inject into you, personally, to turn you into a dumb enough himbo to forget all about the little endeavor we have going on here. In fact, I’m going to make so dumb, you’re gonna forget how to spell your name!”

    “Please, sir, I promise I won’t tell anyone! Please, just fuckin’ let me go!”

    “That’s not gonna happen, narc,” the doctor said, as he, with some help from the guards, got Vincent’s measurements, like his height, weight, and blood pressure, for example. Once the doctor knew all of that, he made sure to measure out the amount he would pour into the syringe right in front of Vincent. Once it was locked and loaded, the doctor quite literally cackled as he jabbed the syringe into Vincent’s shoulder and pushed down on it, getting the himbo powder into Vincent’s bloodstream.

    The changes were instantaneous. The most obvious change came in Vincent’s muscles. He was leanly muscular before, without any clearly defined muscles. But everything from his traps down grew and grew, making his clothes bulge before they started to tear apart. Vincent had pecs that protruded out from his body now, and eight visible abs. His biceps had peaks to them now, and his legs were starting to look like tree trunks. His hair style didn’t change, but the black hair was now blonde hair, no evidence of a dye job at all.

    His ass also got a lot bigger and more bubbly, and the final physical change came about in Vincent’s cock and balls. Vincent’s cock was average-sized before, if a bit on the bigger size. But he watched as his cock continued to grow and grow while still remaining completely flaccid! When it finally stopped growing, he had to have been about five inches flaccid, and he wondered how big his erect cock was going to be! His balls grew to match his new enormous cock, and a lot more cum was churning in those balls now.

    Then it was time for the mental changes. Vincent’s IQ dropped precipitously, from over 100 to the low fifties now. As the doctor had so cruelly stated, Vincent forgot most of the things he had learned over his life, even his own name! He could still walk, breathe normally, and even talk to an extent, but it was now the stereotypical “himbo” accent, with a whole lot of “likes” and “brahs” thrown in. Instead of going to college now, Vincent wanted to work out and get fucked. That was all he wanted to do now, and he had no memory of seeing the himbo powder injection process. “So, how are you feeling?” the doctor asked, once it seemed like the changes were complete.

    “Like, OMG, doc, I feel, like, so fuckin’ awesome, teeheehee! I, like, fuckin’ love my new body and, like, my new cock, teeheehee!”

    “Do you remember what you saw today?”

    “Uh, like, no, doc. Was I, like, supposa remember something, teeheehee?”

    “No, no, you’re all good. Guards, take him away.”

    “Like, OMG, you guards look, like, so fuckin’ hot, teeheehee! I wonder, like, if you guys have, like, big dicks down there to, like, match your big muscles, teeheehee!” The guards remained silent as they took Vincent out of the back way, even though he would still barely be able to remember what he had seen if they had gone the other way. Thankfully, Vincent had had his wallet on his person, so he was dropped off in front of his home in his tattered clothes. His mother came rushing out, worried about what had happened to her baby boy when he didn’t have dinner with his friends that night.

    Unfortunately, Vincent, or Vinny, as he liked to be called now, wasn’t doing much better. Tests were run on Vinny and revealed that he had had a large injection of himbo powder recently. His mother cried when she learned the news, and soon adapted to her son’s new life, as he needed help with everything from putting on his shoes to getting to a stranger’s house to get his ass fucked. Vinny’s mom actually didn’t get the story from her son, but through the courts. Vinny wasn’t the only man who discovered the himbo powder injection scheme and had been turned into a brain-dead himbo. Vinny and his family got a nice settlement from the company, and a group of scientists was able to reverse some of the more dramatic changes. Vinny could then do a lot more stuff by himself, and even live alone, but he had the dumb and lackadaisical attitude that most himbos still had. He was able to provide for him by whoring himself out for strangers on the internet and being a happy and dumb sex toy for their pleasure.