“Diets do not work. Not just paleo or Atkins or Weight Watchers or Goop, but all diets. Since 1959, research has shown that 95 to 98 percent of attempts to lose weight fail and that two-thirds of dieters gain back more than they lost. The reasons are biological and irreversible.


    Fatsplaining at its finest. I don’t give a fuck when someone chooses to not be healthy, but don’t sit there and make bullshit excuses and blame anything other than yourself and your lack of self control. Take responsibility and own up to it, you’re not fooling anyone.


    I’m sorry other people’s shapes make you so angry that you pretend science is wrong



  • This article has sources. Why didn’t some of you even look before complaining.
  • This article isn’t actually saying anything new, it’s been known for a long time that over 90% of diets fail.
  • That failure rate is not due to people being lazy and going back to their “old ways.” Diets for many people are simply unsustainable and dangerous.
  • The article acknowledges that some people will lose weight through dietary changes and exercise.
  • Many metabolic issues can mean you will never, ever be thin.
  • The main point of the article is that being fat doesn’t automatically mean you’re unhealthy and there’s too much emphasis on it and pressure to worry about it in ways that are often unhealthy in themselves.
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    The literal, actual tagline on this article: “Get stuffed”

    I was flipping through an old magazine and came across this article. It was so stuffing-kink-specific I was sure I was hallucinating it, but nope, it also exists online. Though it is specifically intended for Thanksgiving, it easily applies to any meal. So for anyone who is into stuffing, here is a science-based step-by-step guide to stuffing yourself absolutely silly!


    The intended use date for this article is coming up, so I figured I should reblog it again… 🦃


    Looks like the community is in the news again


    Seems to work pretty well for my husband and I too. 👍🏻


    but of course!

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    "Wanting to be fat (much like wanting to be thin or in-betweeny or athletically built) isn't something I, or anyone else, should have to defend. But it is something I want to talk about more. In radical fat acceptance conversations, it's pretty much acceptable to say that you actually enjoy being fat; that you see beauty in it, that you see beauty in the fatness of others, and that you feel empowered by the way you look. In mainstream conversations and day-to-day interactions, that isn't remotely the case. If you are fat, and you are not publicly trying to "fix" yourself, you need a reason and an excuse. You need proof that you're healthy regardless. You need proof that your weight "cannot be helped." Saying you're fat because it's something you want remains more or less off limits, and certainly not something met with respect for one's choices.

    I'm over it. As is the case for most people, I am fat for a few reasons. But the main one is simple: That's how I like it. Some people aren't fat because of illness or the financial burdens of "eating clean" or because their parents are fat, too (not that there's anything wrong with that). Some people just want to be fat.

    If you're also one of those people, please know that it's OK. Know that you aren't shoving your beliefs and preferences down anyone else's psyche. You aren't claiming that everyone should be attracted to you. You get to decide to what degree health matters to you, much like everyone else. You get to decide how you go about maintaining your weight. You get to decide what to dress in, or what kinds of people you want in your life — romantically or otherwise. You get to be autonomous over your body. You get to rock your own unapologetic fatness."


    Time to act!

    The FAA will finally obey an old mandate to set a minimum seat size for airlines, and beginning next week, they’ll be opening a 90-day public feedback period. Let’s give them an EARFUL.

    Please spread this post!

    The feedback portal, once it’s activated, can be accessed here:


    A message from Hannah Fuhlendorf, MA, LPC:

    In case you don’t know, airlines have been making their seats smaller and smaller for many years now to try to get as many fares as possible out of each flight. Most airline seats are only 16 inches wide. It’s estimated that only 20% of the population can comfortably fit in a seat that size.

    That means the VAST majority of people either can’t utilize air travel at all or do so in a state of great physical and emotional discomfort or outright pain.

    If you think this doesn’t affect you... I would say it doesn’t affect you *yet* but I know for sure that it actively harms people you know and love. So you should care.

    Preparing for air travel is one of the biggest issues I work on with clients. Most of my clients experience severe anxiety and/or panic attacks for days, weeks, or months leading up to a flight. The painfully small seats and all of the many problems that come with them are the main reason why.

    This is something I’ve experienced many times. I’ve had full blown panic attacks leading up to flights and on flights because I felt so claustrophobic, was in intense pain because the arm rests were cutting into my hips, and the seats are so small that my body inevitably intrudes on the space of others and I can feel their anger toward me even though I have done literally nothing wrong.

    So if you think you don’t know anyone who his affects, you do. It’s me.

    So save that link and make a comment next week.

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