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NSFW. If you're under 18, please leave! SW 108, CW 439, GW at least 600. (over 30 F)  Hi, my name is Brenda and I used to be skinny - WAY TOO skinny. I came from a fat family and I wanted to fit in. I've always had serious belly envy and a very big appetite. I LOVE food. I LOVE to eat. A LOT. I've gone from a skinny 34-24-38 to a 55-57-66!  I was the skinniest girl Irv ever dated: now I'm the FATTEST. I'm a very happy fat girl and Irv thinks I look great, too. My family tells me I look so much 'healthier'. I can't wait until I grow even FATTER. The bigger and bigger I get, the bigger I want to get. Oh, yeah ... and I LOVE donuts! Header Image by JayTee Avatar by rachelecateyes edited by f-b-a-l

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