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NSFW. If you're under 18, please leave! SW 108. CW 392, GW at least 540, probably more Hi, my name is Brenda and I used to be skinny - WAY TOO skinny. I was the skinniest girl in my High School and I longed to be not only curvy, but actually FAT. I came from a fat family and I wanted to fit in. I envied the bigger girls because I always thought that they looked far more feminine. I've always had serious belly envy and a very big appetite. I LOVE food. I LOVE to eat. A LOT. I had all but given up on ever getting bigger until I met my bf Irv, and I graduated college. Then, I finally started to gain: and BOY did I ever gain!! 280 pounds gained ... AND COUNTING! I've gone from a skinny 34-24-38 to a 54-53-63! I was the skinniest girl Irv ever dated: now I'm the FATTEST. I was the only skinny member of my family, now I'm the second largest and I desparately want to be the fattest. I'm a very happy fat girl and Irv thinks I look great, too. My family tells me I look so much 'healthier'. I can't wait until I grow even FATTER. The bigger and bigger I get, the bigger I want to get. Oh, yeah ... and I LOVE donuts! Here's my little Tumblr blog. In it are some pictures of me, morphs, my thoughts, delicious food that I want to stuff myself with and other girls I find pretty, or inspirational. Feel free to ask me a question or message me! Please encourage me or tease me: it all helps me grow. Header Image by JayTee Avatar by rachelecateyes edited by f-b-a-l

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    Spoil her by surrounding her with all of her favourite snacks and foods, feed her until all she can do is let out little gasps for air. Grab her by the tummy and lead her over to the mirror to show her how soft she is getting and how her desire to be a good girl and please you is beginning to have an effect on her waistline. πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸŒΌπŸ’ž


    mmmmm yes, please