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    You know it’s a strange request when someone actually wants the body wrecker to take their body and truly wreck it ! But that’s what our friend @coolcloudbird has requested. The body wrecker finds out fiend snapping g pictures of his skinny frame in the bathroom and posting it online. “Damn I look good!”

    The body wrecker watches me cloudy bird for a bit learning about his like and dislikes. And it wasn’t long before he had everything he needed to wreck that body! As he entered his frame good ol cloudy bird went to sleep and the wrecker took over. This wasn’t going to be a short stent. The plans for this Body was simple. Cloudy bird was so proud of being thin so the wrecker was going to fix that. But first it was time to go the tattoo parlor. Draining the savings from the bank acct this body had the wrecker has some thick tribal designs placed on this body. The men at the tattoo shop looked at him funny when he asked for them saying that normally men who are much bigger were the ones getting these tattoos. But they didn’t realize that with the wrecker in control. Being considered big was going to look small. It wasn’t long before this body was thrown into a workout routine. A strict routine that was dealing to stretch the muscles. And expand them as much as possible in a short amount of time. Becoming a regular at the gym was part of this change. Selling all the belongings this body had was another. There needed to be the appearance of gym life. And now that the apartment was bare except for a bed that was on the bed that was complete. Food was another big part of this. And with the wrecker in control just a twist in chemistry and this body was constantly constantly bulking on anything g that was ate. Perms bulking will be the new life for this body. Tanning brought on darker skin but with some supplements and injection that tan made the body look even darker. Like a different race. And with a little twist in magic that color was there to stay. In the mirror the body wrecker stood. Sure he’s been going to gym. Making normal appearances. But now was the time for real change. And slowly with every muscle he inflated them. Huge bouncy pecs. Large quads and biceps. And a huge roid bloated gut. This frame was getting to be something so different than it started. Rubbing your head the hair fell out forming a horseshoe pattern. A long Grover growing on your face. And all this just within a few weeks. But why did this take so long ? The wrecker wanted people to see you naturally. And then see the effects of sudden roid abuse. Everyone would see you as a roid freak now. Leaving your body abs giving you back control he heard the same thing as always. Screams of horror as you see just how wrecked you are now. But what’s even better is there is no going back. As all the changes that come with the wrecker are permanent. And those muscles will never deflate.


    hey spence, im a smart, nerdy twink. total bottom. 6’ 120. i was wondering if you could make me into a huge, dumb muscled frat bro football player. one of the huge guys, maybe a linebacker, with huge muscles that stretch shirts to their limits and a nice roidgut to cap it all off. could you do it? could you turn me into the dumb frat bro of my dreams?

    Well ask and you shall receive. But we are going to have to change a lot about you. Because bottoms can’t be this alpha frat bro that you want to be. Soo from now you’re going to be a top. Not straight. But definitely a top. But that’s one of the last things that will change about you. First we are going to change your life some. Like you major in college. Football nicks can’t major in science. No that’s way too smart. You’re going to be an athletics major now. You’ll feel that slight twinge in your head almost like a vacuum as the knowledge starts to get siphoned away from you. Making you dumber by the second. Leaving you with the iq of a wet dishrag. Now that your abs smart a football jock now you have to look like one. But you mentioned roids. Obviously being the dumb football bro you are you always looked for the fasted way to get huge abs after several years of the gym juice your body looks like an absolute blimp. Huge pecs abs arms and large legs that make you waddle when you walk. And a massive gut that always pecs from below a shirt to show people just how serious you are about your growth into the inhuman realm of jockdom. Your feet grow huge but you can’t tell. Hell you can really see them anymore of even reach them past that roid gut you have. But that’s why they make slip on shoes for dumb dudes like you. It’s not like you’d even be able to know how to tie shoes anyway. And to make you look the dumb part even more you get a chin beard that never goes away. And a heavy brow will rest over your eyes making you look devolved as that permanent dumb expression plasters itself about that dumb body you now have. Now that your complete the final touches hit as you look at your room mate thirstily wanting your thick jock cock into him.

    “Mateo! Mateo stop the boat!” Andrew yells.

    “Why are we stopping now?” Danny asks.

    “There could be fuel.” Andrew responds as he points a deserted boat on the edge of the river bank.

    “Shit, I hope so.” Danny said. We first introduced with Andrew and Danny as a couple who work for delivering supplies for the village located through the Amazon river.

    “I can’t believe our boat captain didn’t brought enough fuel for this trip.” Andrew whispers to him.

    “Don’t be so hard on him.” Danny defends Mateo. They receive a boat, and are introduced to Mateo, captain of the boat and they were on a quest to aid for a village nearby. As they coast down the marsh. Mateo has been trying to socialize with these buff men since their departure, but he felt like an outcast, as if he didn’t fit in just because of his average body, especially he is slightly shorter than them while Danny and Andrew are more buffed with strong physique. Heck, Mateo even tried to impress them by being shirtless most of the times while he uses this heat wave as an excuse to be shirtless but that doesn’t seem to impress them. Mateo steps out from his cockpit and offered if he can go with them to help. Andrew let out a soft sigh and agrees anyways while Danny appeared more friendlier towards Mateo, just not interested in some sexual play.

    Danny and Mateo grabbed a pair of gas jugs while Andrew grabbed his rifle just in case they encounter something along the way. “This river can kill you in a thousand ways.” He reminds them to always be careful in the amazon jungle. Mateo was in the middle, Danny in the back while Andrew leads the way. He felt somewhat aroused to be in between by these two studs. Once they reached to the boat, they did a little exploring first around the wrecked ship.

    “Kind of spooky in here.” Said Mateo.

    “You think so?” Andrew responds, looking away from him and continue to search for gasoline in different part of the ship. Mateo wanders alone eventually and stumbles upon a captain’s room, he notices the walls were covered with jelly-like substance. He presses his finger to inspect it but wasn’t sure what it was, so he wiped it off with his pants.

    “Mateo! That’s it lets go!” Mateo hears Andrew calling him. He was annoyed when he saw the two men already in the water, heading back to their boat.

    “Hey I’m coming! I’m coming!” Mateo rolled his eyes and tries to climb down on the edge but clumsy slipped and fell back, shrieking until the murky waters consumed him. Mateo emerges from the waters with his hair covering his face and slicked his hair back.

    “Ugh! Puta que pariu!” Mateo curses in his language until a large bubble appears in front of him, gasping as it startled him. Then another bubble in different direction then hears the water rippling from behind him. He turns and shocked expression overtook his face when he saw a giant serpent-like creature, emerging from the water, with its pinkish body resembles likes human. Its skin stretches out, revealing more of its head and that’s when Mateo recognizes it that it resembles like a cock.

    “What the fuck!? Is that a cock?” he talks to himself until the dick-serpent launches at him, right towards his face, and forcing him back into the water. He gets pulled out again and revealed that Its foreskin engulfed his entire face as Mateo’s muffled screamed is heard. He got spinned around in zigzag motion as the serpent wraps his body, coiling him while his arms were pinned down to his waist. Soon when the serpent wrapped up to his chest, it pulled away from Mateo’s face with a plop, leaving residue of precum on his face and a musky scent. He gasped loudly for air and took him a moment to realize what just happened. He stares at the dick-serpent, hissing him while Mateo could feel a slight pressure as the serpent squeezes him gently.

    “Wha! What are you?” he talks to it as if it understands. He doesn’t know if he should scream for help because seeing something that resembles like a cock strangely turns him on but at the same time, seems so unreal. He starts panting and turns his head to get a glimpse of his crewmembers, slowly disappearing in the bushes until the serpent jerks and squirms his body, startling him again.

    “What?” said Mateo, trying to remain calm then Its head launches at him, foreskin covering his face again, making a loud sucking sound then pulled away with a plop, causing Mateo to launch forward. He grunted and moaned as he really enjoyed that. “Oh man!” then its foreskin consumes his face once more, pulling away with a plop! “Blegh!” Mateo opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue out with his eyes going wide, wanting for more. Its dick head shoved towards his mouth, although it was too big for him to suck, Mateo licked instead and started sucking its foreskin. He inhaled deeply as he loves the smell of a musky cock, moaning away as he continues to suck the foreskin.

    The dick serpent pulls away and flares as its moves up above him. Mateo wasn’t sure what its doing but he is willing to accept of what its about to offer. Its foreskin stretches out, revealing its head and the piss slit begins to widen bigger. Mateo is shocked, realizing what its about to do to him. He wasn’t sure if he would want this or not but encountering this creature was his best orgasm he ever felt. He could feel his cock throbbing between the coils with the smell of a musky cock overfilling the air around him. He stares at its piss slit and smirked, “Do it.” he says to the serpent. Its dick head presses on top of his head and its foreskin stretches out and engulfing him easily. His eyes already disappeared under the foreskin, “Fuck yes! Take me!” he moaned before his whole head is engulfed. He thought this is the end for him. It slowly started engulfing down to his shoulders now, stretching wider and causes to make a stretching sound like rubber material. Its coils release him as the foreskin reached down to his chest now, wiggling as it consumes him. The serpent’s body started to appear bulging out now as Mateo is being swallowed halfway. The serpent made gulping sounds as it reached down to his waist now. The serpent’s tail rubbed against Mateo’s hard bulged crotch then he wiggled and squirmed his legs in excitement. The serpent released its pressure swallowing him for a second, causing Mateo to slide out a little, showing his belly again then the serpent used its full power sucking him in completely as Mateo’s body disappears now. His body slides deeper into the serpent’s body as it appears bulged widely then the serpent retreats into the murky waters.

    As Danny and Andrew reached to their boat, they realize that Mateo is not in sight. They were so sure that he was right behind them.

    “Where’s Mateo?” Danny questions.

    “I don’t know, wasn’t he right behind us?” Andrew response.

    “Mateo!” Danny yells with one hand around his mouth and no respond besides hearing birds chirping along the distance. They both head back and Mateo was not seen in sight and all they found was his flashlight, floating next to the boat where he fell. “Come on man! Stop playing!” Andrew yells.

    “What do we do now? Do you think he’s lost?” Danny concerned,

    “I don’t know! How can he get lost when our boat is right there!?” Andrew exclaims as he felt more annoyed by Mateo’s sudden disappearance.

    “We don’t know what happened here so let’s go back to our boat and wait to see what happens the next day.” Danny tries to remain cool and calm Andrew down. The two men stayed in their location overnight to see if Mateo will return. The next morning, still no Mateo. Danny tries to kill time and keep his worried mind off by doing push ups while Andrew plays with his deck of cards.

    “Still no Mateo.” Andrew said it calmly.

    “So what do you want us to do? Just leave him here?” Danny response.

    “Can’t stay here forever you know.” Andrew assures him that they’re going have to leave eventually. Danny looks away, rolling his eyes, and infuriate by Andrew’s behaviour. He looks out towards the river to look something suspicious. Suddenly, he sees the waters rippling from great distance. He wasn’t sure if that it could be a wild animal or the wind picking up.

    “Hey Andrew, come here.” Said Danny. Andrew approaches, standing next to him and Danny points out the ripples in the waters, suddenly heading towards them.

    “What is that?” Andrew furrowed his eyebrows. The ripples became larger and closer, and suddenly, the water start bubbling. Both men stepped away from the edge of the boat, being cautious. The bubbling stopped and the ripples dissipated. They leaned closer to the edge to see what it was in the waters but they couldn’t see anything until suddenly, a large bubble emerges, bursts, splashing towards the two men as they stumble back and the dick serpent appears again in front of them.

    “What the fuck is that?” Andrew exclaims. It took them a moment to realize what it resembles. “Is that a dick?” he continues to yell. The dick serpent flares at them as they slowly backed away, trying not to react or cause it to trigger. The serpent faces towards Andrew and flares at him loudly as if it doesn’t seem  to like him for whatever reason. It slithers towards him to strike as Andrew screams with his eyes bugged wide open. Its head thrusts on his gut and shoves him to the wall. Andrew groans deeply as he is being crushed by the serpent. The serpent thrusts once more as Andrew bend downwards with his eyes crossed, making whimpering sounds while Danny watches in horror. The serpent pulls away and Andrew falls down to his butt, sitting up against the wall feeling weary. The serpent launches towards him and sucked his face aggressively with its foreskin, making loud sucking sounds as Andrew jolts in despair. The serpent pulls away with a loud plop, leaving Andrew’s face appearing slightly red from the powerful suction. He groans deeply as he slouches down, feeling defeated. The serpent turns towards Danny and he felt petrified and defenseless after what he just witnessed his lover being attacked. But the serpent didn’t seem to be a threat to him. It slithered away towards the edge of the boat and a large bulge on its body starts to slide towards its head. Danny glides towards Andrew to shield him and the two men watch in panic as the serpent opens its piss slit and releases a large cocoon-like body, sliding out. It took them a moment to realize the cocoon looks like a person, plopping its body on the boat covered in thick slime. The serpent then retreats back into the waters and that was the last time they ever saw it again. The person that came out of the serpent attempts to stand up to his feet, only to struggle a bit and stumble around while facing towards the river. Danny and Andrew look up to this person who appears muscular and tall with his long hair slicked back. He turned around and to their surprise, it was Mateo. He appeared metamorphosed into a more muscular physique, taller, and hairier too. Danny and Andrew were shocked as well as Mateo looks at himself.

    “Danny? Andrew?” said Mateo.

    “Mateo? Is that really you?” Danny perplexed.

    “What happened?…The serpent, the one that looks like a dick, where is it?” eager Mateo asked. The two men were surprised to know what he was talking about.

    “That thing that looks like a penis?” Andrew asked, “Shit, that thing screwed me up!”

    “What happened to you yesterday?” Danny was more interested to know what happened to Mateo.

    “I don’t know, last thing I remember was you guys left me behind and I fell in the water and…I saw this dick creature.” Mateo tries to gain his memories but he couldn’t help liking his new look. “And now look at me, I am buffed!” Mateo said it in excitement.

    “Did that thing swallowed you?” Danny guessed which he was sure it did.

    “Damn, look what it has done to you!” Andrew couldn’t help lusting over his new look.

    “I know right?” Mateo smirking, “Fuck I look good!” as he gropes himself, feeling his new muscles, hairy torso and stronger scent. “Damn I even smell so good!” as he smeared his hand in his armpit then sniffed his fingers. Danny and Andrew are turned on by Mateo’s behaviour, he seemed so confident and full of himself and they like it, despite what they just witnessed with the creature. “I smell like a real man!” Mateo continues pleasuring over himself.

    “Yeah ehh? we could smell you from here.” Danny gave a nervous smirk. Danny and Andrew approach him but in timid way to inspect his new body, they were yearning to rub their hands all over him despite they made him feel like an outcast before, especially from Andrew but Mateo surprises them by wrapping his arms on their waist and pull them close and they start groping him. That’s when his testosterone takes over as they begin to study Mateo’s new perfect body.

    “Look at us, all buffed, hairy, sweaty and smelly!” Mateo grins as Danny and Andrew are still surprised by Mateo’s behaviour and his confidence.

    “Damn! Aren’t you kinky!” Andrew smirked. Mateo suddenly pulls them around in a circle and pulls them in for a kiss, smacking their lips together. Danny and Andrew pulled Mateo’s arms up and started sniffing and licking his pits.

    “Ugh! Man that reeks!” Danny’s voice muffles a bit as his face presses against his pit. Mateo brings his arms down and grabbed at the back of their heads and kisses them so hard, Danny being first. Mateo plants a big sloppy kiss and starts sucking Danny’s lips in similar what the dick serpent did to him. He pulled away with a plop then kisses Andrew next. Both men were astonished as Mateo smirks and gives them a wink and got down on his knees to offer some deep-throating and pump themselves to climax. They have not noticed they were being watched by the serpent in the bushes then it retreats deep in the swampy woods.

    Family Man

    Scott sat sprawled out in the recliner he kept in his office while he and his coworker Bill had lunch together. A friendly conversation occurs between the two when Scott’s cell phone starts going off. After several rings the call is left unanswered, going directly to voicemail as a pop up message displaying “Missed Call from Stacey” appeared on the screen.

    You’re not going to get that?” Bill asked.

    Nah. I just know she’s gonna start bitching at me again.” Scott replied. “We got into it again last night.”

    She’ll still going on about that?”

    The woman won’t drop it!” Scott said exacerbated. “Every time I come home she brings it up. She makes it seem like I purposely try to avoid them. That I don’t want to spend time with my own wife and kids.”

    That’s harsh.” Bill said, taking a bite out of his sandwich afterwards.

    Yeah. I now do my workout before work instead of after. I wake up a whole 90 minutes earlier than I used to just to be home by 6 and I think she still doesn’t appreciate it.”

    Well to be honest, you don’t have to take on all those extra projects. Do you really need all that extra overtime?” Bill attempts to play devil’s advocate. “Your project pile is starting to look a bit excessive.”

    Bill turns over to look at Scott’s desk which is overflowing with folders upon folders of work projects.

    Dude, what the fuck. You’re supposed to be on my side.”

    Sorry, man. Just trying to give you some perspective. Maybe try to lighten your load.” Bill advices. “Then maybe you wouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops just to keep Stacey happy.”

    The thing you don’t get is that all that-” Scott points towards his desk. “That’s our only source of income. Stacey doesn’t work, so the mortgage, our credit card bills, insurance, all that needs to be paid somehow.”

    Both Scott and Bill turn silent for a moment as they begin packing up the lunch they had been eating.

    Trust me, if I could find a way to become “Mr. Stay-at-home Dad”, I would.”

    I feel ya.” Bill tries to reassure him. “Well, I gotta get going. Thanks again for lunch.”

    Don’t mention it.” Scott waves as Bill steps out, leaving him alone in his spacious office.

    As soon as the door completely shuts, a queasy feeling starts to manifest itself within Scott. Thinking it’s just a bad reaction to the food, Scott attempts to walk it off. The feeling subdues for a moment, before eventually coming back more intense than before. Scott immediately doubles over, clutching his sides as he lays on the floor. Suddenly, the dress shirt and pants he had been wearing suddenly disappear, fading out of existence and leaving Scott only in his underwear as he continues to writhe on the floor.

    While in this state, Scott’s body begins to undergo a series of changes. The bones in his limbs become more compact, resulting in him losing several inches in height, going from a desirable 6’3 to a rather average 5’9. He also begins losing definition from his well-toned body as years of work and dedication are undone in just a matter of seconds. It’s not too long though until layers of fat begin to build on top of parts of his body, giving Scott a more burly appearance.

    The more notable changes occur to his torso. His toned pectorals begin to sag somewhat as a light layer of fat accumulates on top. His gut extends forward as well, giving Scott a bit of a belly and covering up his rippled abs and obliques. To further complete his dad bod transformation, a mixture of brown and grey hairs begin to grow all over his mid-section and along his chest. The dense hair growth ends up almost covering his chest and stomach.

    Scott’s face finally begins to change as well to better complement his new body. It becomes fuller as his narrow face broadens. His neck thickens while his jawline becomes obscured by a little extra mass, his cleft chin disappearing in the process. The short hair he sported lengthens, becoming wavy as it flows backwards while also turning a little darker in coloration with a few white hairs scattered here and there. And lastly, his short stubble recedes back into his skin, except for the hair lining his upper lip. Instead, the hairs become thicker as they form a nice mustache.

    Now in a completely new body, Scott reorients himself as he gets off the floor. Unbeknownst to him, his surroundings had changed during his transformation as he now found himself inside his own home. It was a familiar sight but something felt off. It was then when Scott finally realized what had happened. Catching his reflection in one of the mirrors, he sees a hefty middle=aged man staring back at him. He observes himself, rubbing his hands along his extended gut, running his fingers through his wavy hair, and touching his mustache. Scott was seconds away from a full meltdown before he hears someone call out to him.

    Daddy!” A small boy runs towards him. “You were supposed to hide!”

    Does that mean I win?” Another small boy emerges from behind the curtains.

    The sound of the two children suddenly triggers something within Scott. His past memories of his professional life, including the long shifts at work, coming home late, and constant bickering with his wife are replaced with fonder ones. Scott now only remembers the days spent at home with his children. Since the day they were born he’s always been by their side.

    Yes it does.” Scott says. “Looks like we have our hide and seek champion!” Scott runs to his children, picking them both up as they giggle joyously. Life for Scott has definitely gotten better since he quit his job to become a stay at home dad all those years ago.


    I’m 20 year old fat gut and my boyfriend is a 33 old hunk and we really want to become big huge muscle daddy bears with huge guts, do you think you can help us?

    That sounds like an amazing goal for both of you. And to top it off I’ve got the perfect bodies for you. Soo let’s start with you. Because I’m sure that you’re tired of your boyfriend being the hunk. Soo let’s change that up a bit. You said big gut so I’m really going to hone in on that. In fact all your fat that you had is going to instantly become visceral fat and centered right on that gut you so want. Pushing every shirt you have outward as that beach ball continues to grow. You’re going to be 30 just like him but your muscles are going to inflate to match that gym goer look. And all you’re clothes will have to be tight on you from now on. Making you look like that dumb horny man you are now. So I think you look pretty great. Big muscles abs belly is definitely full !! Now whoever you walk around that thing is going to command attention. I hope you liked being able to see your feet before because that’s definitely in the past now.

    As for your boyfriend. He’s going to be big for sure. But he’s going to be different. He’s going to lose all that nice muscle definitely as I’m going to make him really beef up. He’s going to have that nice round gut too but he’s going to be hairy. In fact he’s going to be a proper bear. And as he gets older he’s now going to become more bearish even when he doesn’t want to. I hope he enjoyed that gym goer body before because that definitely a fond memory. Now with a massive gut he’s definitely going to be like you. Looking like he always devoured a buffet and ready for more.


    I've gained quite the quarantine weight. With the gyms closed, I have no chance in losing it all before places open up again! Could you help me become the fitness freak I wished I could have become during quarantine?

    Ah yes, it’s always the decisions we didn’t make that sting the most. You could have become a huge fitness freak in quarantine you could have spent all this free time building your dream body… instead, you vegged, you over-ate, you watched TV for hours and hours on end.

    Trust me, I can relate.

    If only there were some way to turn back time, to rewind and return to those very first choices — the ones that really mattered — between reaching for that bag of chips or reaching for the protein shake, between hitting the “snooze” button on your 7 A.M. workout alarm or actually getting out of bed. If only you could change the past, then everything would be different now, wouldn’t it?

    Oh hey, what’s that we’ve got here?


    No, it’s not a sex toy! Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a remote control, obviously!

    Okay to be fair, this isn’t like any remote control you’ve ever seen. Because this remote doesn’t control your TV. It controls your whole life. Yes, just like that Adam Sandler movie, how astute of you.

    So, say you wanted to go back to the start of quarantine and change your decision to work out at home. Let’s say… a couple hours every day? It’s not like you didn’t have the time. All I gotta do is change some settings here… tweak a couple presets… aaaaaand…



    WOW. That’s a lot of progress for just under one year! Turns out only a couple hours of home workouts every day is enough to make you look like a meat headed bodybuilder.

    But it’s not enough to look like a meat headed bodybuilder; you want to become one. And speaking of “meat,” how was your diet over the last eleven months? Not very good I assume. Yes, that would explain why you look so bulky.

    How about we go back to the beginning once more? Start a brand new set of eating habits, shall we? Keep that calorie count nice and high, but swap out all those fatty potato chips for some nice, hearty protein… sound good?



    Yes, those are real abs appearing on your torso as we speak. Yes, you can touch them; they’re yours! This whole body is yours, so you better take care of it. I don’t wanna have to break out this remote again in another year. You’ve got no excuses now.

    Besides, nothing beats the satisfaction of showing off at the gym, pumping those rock hard pecs in full view of all the guys you’ve envied for so long. Trust me when I say you’ll be the one getting jealous looks from now on… and lustful looks… a LOT of lustful looks…

    Needless to say, I think you’ll have plenty of motivation to keep this body in shape.

    Have a nice week!


    Next sunday is my birthday. Yeay, one more year... Except I don't fell like I appreciated my youth enough. I would give anyhing to go back in time and get one more round as a youth guy. And why not as a hot, muscled, horny, sweaty, hairy, musky frat boy. That would be so cool. But magic doesn't really exist so I guess it'll stay as a wis, for now.

    We all find ourselves longing to go back in time and enjoy our youth again. There’s always something we wish we’d done differently or an opportunity we missed. So this is what I have in mind. You’ll be able to spend one day, your birthday, back in your younger body. I can make a few tweaks so you can be that hot musky frat bro but be warned, tweaking your timeline can have repercussions. So do you like beer? Oh no reason just thought I’d ask beforehand.

    That night you went to bed as usual, but something seemed a little off. You couldn’t place your finger on what it was. Was it warm tonight? Maybe a draft? Either way, you laid in bed a quietly dropped off to sleep. It felt like you’d only just shut your eyes when you heard a loud crash as your bedroom door flung open. Stumbling in was a guy you’d never met before. He was just wearing a pair of blue shorts and swayed around clearly intoxicated. Music was thumping from down the hall and you could hear lots of people outside your room. “Yo bro! You’re missing the party, you need to come down.”

    Before you could piece together what was happening the drunk jock was pulling your bedsheets off you, chuckling dumbly the entire time. You felt hazy as you tried to gather your bearings. It almost felt like you were hungover. Groggy, you looked around your room only to find yourself somewhere completely different. Clothes were thrown across the floor. Your bed frame was broken. Trophies and empty cans littered your desk and empty takeaway boxes were piled in a corner of the room next to a set of weights. Looking down you saw you were completely naked but rather uncharacteristically, you didn’t feel the instant need to cover yourself. He was your frat bro, he’d seen you naked before. He was digging around in the piles of discarded clothes on the floor until he threw you a pair of black and white shorts. You caught them and gave them a sniff. They smelt ripe with sweat but some axe would fix that. As you pulled them over your legs you noticed they looked far more muscular than usual. In fact the whole of you did. Looking down you could see a rippling set of abs just below two engorged pecs. Your weight made the bed creek. You shifted to the side of the bed and put on a pair of worn out trainers and found a gold chain. You put them on without hesitating and stumbled to your feet. There was a small, dirty mirror in the corner of the room with a few bongs around it. You could see your reflection now, and you looked like a douche. Short hair, perfect skin, handsome face, a permanent dumb look, a tattoo on your pec and a thick piece of meat swaying in your shorts. You were in shock, but without another moment your bro slapped your ass and steered you out the door.

    The party was packed with people. A beer was thrust into your hand and muscle memory kicked in as you chugged it. Very quickly you were just as drunk as your bro. Dancing and drinking like a dumb frat bro. Even though you were just in your shorts you felt hot as you were sweating constantly. Soon you were caked in sweat as it dropped off your face. You stunk of it and your bros kept making comments. “Maybe shower before the party next time bro.” Another comment was, “Bro, you know you’re supposed to shower after practice and wash your gym shorts. You take gym rat to the next level!” You were slightly humiliated by the comments and the toxic musk you emitted, but you were also very proud of it. Shoving your bro’s face in your pits or farting in the face when you caught them off guard always made you laugh like a dumb animal. Speaking of farts, all of the beer made you gassy as your ass leaked awful beer farts the whole night. That’s what constant drinking will do to your body.

    It was midday by the time you woke up. You had no idea when you’d fallen asleep. All you knew was your head was pounding and you needed a shit. You filled yourself out of bed only to notice a girl lying next to you. You had no idea who she was but saw a used condom on the floor. You chuckled. You must have scored last night. “Let’s hope it didn’t rip.” You joked as you made your way to the bathroom. After using the toilet you made your way downstairs to the kitchen. Your mouth was dry and you needed something to drink. You picked up a discarded beer can and downed what was left of it. The kitchen barely had anything to eat or drink, so you opted for a bottle of soda which you chugged quickly. It made your abs look bloated as you burped relentlessly waking up your sleeping brothers who had passed out by the fridge.

    Most of that day was spent relaxing as you slouched on the couch watching a rerun of Blue Mountain State. Eventually your frat brother from last night came up to you, telling you about a fellow frat’s party that you’d be going to tonight. If you were in your normal frame of mind you’d have said no, but as a hungover frat boy it seemed like the perfect plan. Not bothering to change into fresh clothes or have a shower, the both of you left and walked there shirtless. That night continued just like the last, until it hit 12pm.

    When the time hit 12, you were pissing in the sink of the toilet, too drunk to realise what you were doing. You looked in the mirror, smiling dumbly until the party seemed to get quieter. Almost like the whole party just stopped. Then, you heard a crying. Almost like a screaming, it was weird and made your head hurt. Soon your intoxication turned into a very sobering fatigue. Why did you feel so tired and run down. You scratched your cheek and felt a thick beard where smooth skin used to be. You looked in the mirror in shock, why were you changing again. Your bloated abs became even more bloated. So bloated in fact that your stomach softened and drooped slightly. Your once defined body lost shape and chubbed out. That’s what years of drinking and eating like a frat boy will do to you. Not only that, your chest seemed fuzzy as a carpet of hair crept across your torso. It made you look older and almost like you’d let yourself go completely. Stumbling out the bathroom you follow the sound of crying. You walk into the room where the sound was coming from to see a woman hunched over a crib. Wait! It was the girl you woke up next to. But she looked older. At least ten years older. “Shhhh, shhhh. Don’t worry, your daddy will come carry you. You can sit of his lap while he watches his game.” She turned around to present you with a baby. She practically forced it into your arms whilst uttering, “You’re a fucking useless dad, I told you to turn your shit fucking game down!” She pushed past you and went into another bedroom.

    When you next saw me you were frying burgers on the grill with a beer in your hand. Beer was the only comfort you had now. Reminding you of the good old days back in your frat. Now you were just an ex jock and a father of three daughters. Turns out that condom did break that night and you sealed your life from that point. Forcing you to marry the random girl you hooked up with and quit collage. You had a small house which was becoming very crowded and you’d lost your good looks over the years. You didn’t have time to work out with three kids and working two jobs. At least not there’s a reason you barely shower and wash your clothes, you have no time! See we definitely take youth for granted, but now hopefully you’ll appreciate those good memories now more than ever. Have fun big guy, you’re a daddy now.


    I’m a little chubby guy and this one guy keeps picking on me. Can you make me a tall strong man with a big butt and package and make my bully a short chubby guy who has a tiny package

    It always baffles me when someone thinks they can lick on another solely based on their looks and what society deems to be attractive or worthy. Well not anymore, well, not for you at least. You wanted a change in dynamic between you and your bully, I’ve got you covered. But I must warn you that change doesn’t happen overnight... or maybe in this case it does.

    Today had been tough, that jerk Chris had been taunting you whenever he could. He’d point out that you were chubby, call you names like Piggy and Porker. He’d even go as far to make snorting sounds when he saw you eating lunch. “You’ll never have muscles like these fatass! Can barely roll out of bed never mind hit the gym! *snort snort*” Chris was a grade A dick to you. He was taller and would often look down on you. His words echoed around your head as you got ready for bed. Looking in the mirror you felt his words echoing relentlessly. You wished he’d know what it was like being chubby. Having to buy new clothes so your underbelly doesn’t poke out. Not being able to wear tight shirts. Or even just the odd rude comments.

    Getting into bed you kept imagining Chris in your head. His sculpted body. Bulging biceps. Handsome face. Awful attitude. But also his huge package he would always let freeball in his shorts. His 6”2 frame towered above your 5”6 body.

    Half way through the night, you felt a sudden shiver run across your entire body. It was like a cold hand was stroking down your spine. You sat up alarmed and switched on the lamp. There was no one there, just a dimly lit bedroom. Yet, something still seemed off. You noticed a lack of pressure in your lap and looked down. Where you’d have once seen your belly jutting forward into your lap was now a smooth stomach. Jumping out of bed, you b-lined straight for the mirror. Gone was your belly. And love handles. And back rolls. And moobs. You were slim. This was probably the slimmest you’d ever been! You twisted and turned trying to get a better look at yourself. Your feet, which were once obscured, were now completely visible.

    What the hell had happened? Then, just like before, a shiver ran down your spine again. This time, it was followed by a vibrating feeling in each of your muscles. You could feel your thighs and calves starting to expand and stretch. It was slightly uncomfortable, almost like you’d been on a run. You watched as they thickened and the grooves of muscle became apparent. Your shorts were feeling smaller and smaller around the legs until they felt smaller everywhere else. It felt like a pop as your ass began to expand outwards with muscle and a healthy layer of fat to make it a bubble butt. Soft to the touch and with a lot of bounce. It was perfectly sculpted. The same happened to your cock as it began to extend. It felt like an erection but it was still flaccid. It pushed out the front of your shorts until you started hearing fabric tearing. The seams were pulling apart.

    The growth on your lower half started to slow down. Your legs stopped expanding, ass stoped ballooning, and cock reached a length of 8 inches with significant girth (flaccid)! Then your upper half started experiencing changes. Your stomach was flexing and moving as body fat melted away leaving you lean. Abs appeared slowly as they started to push out. Your pecs began to follow in the steps of your ass as they bulged outwards. Your nipples became erect and sensitive as your pecs became two thick slabs of muscle which were just as bouncy as your ass. They obscured your view of your lower half but you weren’t too bothered to say the least. You were cupping them with your hands and running your fingers over your abs. Muscle started looking into your arms as they inflated. Soon they were big enough to make any shirt difficult to put on without ripping the sleeves. You’d have to invest in more sleeveless shirts or opt to go shirtless from now on. Something you hadn’t done in years.

    A cracking sound ran through your spine as your height began to shoot up. Where there was once a 5”6 chubby guy was now a 6”5 muscular Greek god! Your feet followed suit as they grew out to accommodate your new height and weight, stretching from size 7s to an impressive size 15. It might be a lot more difficult to find shoes your size now.

    That morning was one of the best you’d had in years. Sure you had to buy new clothes and order new shoes, so for now you’d be bare foot, but you felt amazing. You strode around with pride as you felt huge. People would stare as you passed in amazement. You couldn’t wait to sleep around a bit, something you’d never done before. Things were looking amazing for you! *Ping* You felt your phone go off in your pocket and saw a text from an unknown number. It read, “Please come back, your piggy is hungry 🐽!” At first you were confused but new memories quickly filled in the blanks. It was Chris. Or as he was no known, Chubs.

    As you entered his apartment, you could smell sweat and pizza. The hallway was littered with pizza boxes and empty candy wrappers. It was a mess. You made your way through all of the junk towards a room with the door slightly ajar. You could hear moaning, burping, and the occasional wet, sloppy fart. Squeezing your huge build inside, you could finally see what had become of Chris.

    See that night, you weren’t the only one to change. You wanted to switch up the dynamic, well your bully certainly got the short straw. Literally. As he slept his apartment changed around him. It became littered with evidence of long sessions of binge eating, dirty plates stacked into every corner. Chris tossed and turned in bed as his height shrank from 6”2 to a measly 5”2. His cock followed suit as his once impressive package shrivelled away and became nothing but a useless nub and a tiny sack of balls which enveloped it. Chris’ tossing and turning became more difficult as a weight in his stomach started pinning him in place. It looked like his stomach was starting to bloat except it didn’t look hard, it was soft. Soft with growing fat. As it expanded all signs of abs were erased. It bulged up and outwards as his belly button became deeper and wider. His pecs began to soften as they started dropping at the sides as he was laying down. Pudge started enveloping across his arms and legs as their strength depleted. As his belly wobbled as it pushed outwards, Chris absentmindedly placed a hand on his growing gut and squeezed and shook it. The wobbling of fat was comforting to him as he stayed asleep throughout.

    Now here you were, looking down at a fat 350lbs tub of lard. His jawline was lost in a thick double chin and a scruffy beard as shaving became too tiring for the slobbish Chris. His cheeks were doughy much like the rest of his body. He was definitely obese! There was no way around it, or him for that matter. His laptop was sat atop his belly like it was a table. He couldn’t find his phone as it was wedged under his overhang so had to message you on his Mac. Although a pig, his face was so cute to you as he looked at you with pleading eyes. He was yours. Your very own pig to stuff at both ends. You’d definitely need the muscles for when you flip over that bubbling, farting swine.

    Memories filled your head of digging your hands into his soft pudge as your cock penetrated his fat ass. Without you, he wouldn’t make it very far. The man who once tormented you relentlessly would now always rely on you. So, are you ready to stuff this little porker?


    Hey there, I'm a 23 year old guy who's fairly nerdy and not well-versed in the gym. Despite this, I want so badly to be a jock. I'd personally love it if you could make me a buffer, older, hairier, and intimidating badass. I'm not opposed to mental changes if it would help me better acclimate to my new life honestly. I'd appreciate any assistance that you could offer!

    You were walking along the sidewalk one day where an old woman was asking for change. You felt the need to help the woman. She was so overjoyed that you were kind to her, she gifted you with a bracelet that she said she had made for someone who would show her kindness. You thanked the woman and went along with your day.

    When you got home, you went on your usual scroll through your social media. You flicked your fingers up the screen observing the many hot, older, muscular men that you followed. Without thought, you said that you wished to be as sexy but bigger as those guys. As you continued to scroll, the bracket that old lady gave you began to burn a bright red. You begin to scream as your wrist begins to heat up. The heat traveled up your body, with you screeching in pain. You looked down and saw your arms begin to move away from your body. Your arms became almost twice as long and your legs grew to long sticks.

    Your limbs stopped moving, and you lifted your arms up seeing how ape-like they looked. The bracelet stopped glowing that red but then shifted to a green. It shone so bright that you were blinded. As your eyes were closed, your muscles began to grow. You could feel your arms get tight, and they felt so daln big. Your heart pumped in a swift beat as your chest rose up and didn't go back down. You groaned in pleasure as your neck thickened and your voice dropped to a deep bass.

    Your head felt different sensations, one cool, as your head of hair began to fall out leaving a shining bald head. The other, an itchy sensation, as a deep grey beard grew where one wouldn't ever in the past. You opened your eyes to a body that you could never have had even if you tried. You were now a very tall 6'4 and your muscles were so big all over. You felt amazing, sexy, and dominant. You suddenly had the urge to go everywhere without a shirt on, so that everyone could see the Adonis that you were. You flexed your biceps and bounced your pecs, laughing so deep that the room could shake.

    This bracelet seemed to have transformed you into an older muscle stud, and you were so turned on by it. You began to place your now large hands all over your body. Hairs began to poke out of your chest and went down to your crotch. You pulled your underwear forward, to now see a thick, long penis flopped to the side of your deep v-line.

    You got excited, but put it back, cause this looks like an opportunity to make some money. You took your phone out and began recording. You are now running an onlyfans account so that you can actually make some good money on your now good looks and sexy body. You look down at the bracelet broken on the floor, that old lady did say that was for someone special, and you definitely are special now. Damn you are so hot, hope your onlyfans works out! Seems foolproof!


    I'm a pretty skinny, hairy, blond 22 yo. And like, any guy I've got a thing for are either into bears, dilfs, bodybuilders or all the above. Could you help me get a body that'll give me the dicks/asses I want?

    As a small man, you've always wanted to feel like the big guys. Everything you ate burned right through you and you could never gain a single pound of muscle on your body. All that you had going for you was the blonde body hair, but even then, it was so light that you couldn't show it off unless it was wet.

    So here's what I'm gonna do — I'm gonna first make you into a brunette. Dark hairs show off better on the body and now you'll actually see the thick carpet you didn't realize was on your arm. Your chest began to darken as as hairs grew out more across your body. You also now have a thick beard that will never go away even if you shaved it off. You look like a cute little otter with all that hair, but you still don't seem to be pleased.

    Remember all that food that burned right through you? Well now it's time for all that work to actually give some results. 5 years of trying to build muscle now happens in 5 minutes. Your body begins to rise up everywhere. Your arms grow, with nice biceps now adorning your once thin arms. You flex your now thick arms, seeing the veins grow and travel up to your shoulders.

    Your shoulders are now round and broad, broad enough for you to have to turn a bit to go through doors. Your once flat chest is now a nice rack of thick pillowy pecs. Your chest has built out so that any shirt you wear, it'll be tight and round out showing those glorious muscles. You might have a slight gut but why would you have a thin waist when you could have a power gut that is strong and can take in big protein meals to fuel those muscles of yours.

    Your thighs are now tree trunks, big only for shorts and jockstrap to show your big ass that you now have. Damn you look amazing, and you clearly think so too, cause your dick is getting big in those spandex underwear you got on...

    You flex your pecs starting to feel nice and horny for your grindr date that I got you. The guy loves big hairy bodybuilders, and being one yourself, you're exactly what he wants...and what you want.

    Poolside Fight

    This is what you want, right?” Cade hissed as I watched him getting more and more swole as he jacked his dick over his shorts. “You want me to be one of those cocky meat heads? Am I big enough for you yet, babe?”

    “Cade...” I tried to calm down the situation but Cade wouldn’t let me get a word in.

    Oh, what, bigger? Still not good enough? You got it man,” Cade clenched his teeth as his neck and shoulder bulged out larger in size.


    He’d packed on a ton of weight in the past several moments since he started his sudden explicit display. It started as a bit of a fight. See, I’ve always been a bit of an athlete, competing in soccer and basketball during my time at college and even playing recreationally on a community team during the weekends. Cade was not an athlete by any stretch, but that doesn’t mean he was a slouch by any means. He was cute and academic, with a face and a mind that made me swoon. That being said, I always wanted Cade to come to the gym with me to put some meat on his bones, just to give him a little more body for my enjoyment, but obviously my wishes and constant mention of what he saw as one of his deficits were, you could say a little off-putting.

    Well, we were out by our neighborhood pool getting some sun and relaxing, when I looked over at him and saw his flat chest rising and falling with his breath. I said something I thought was innocuous enough, though it clearly wasn’t.

    “You would look so hot with a little curvature on your chest.”

    He took a heavy sigh and glared over at me, not saying a word, then closed his eyes and kept sunbathing.

    “What?!” I scoffed. “I’m simply saying how good it would look on you if we put a little meat on your bones. Let me make y—..”

    I stopped talking as Cade opened his mouth, as though he was going to interrupt me with something. He usually just rolls his eyes when I bring something like that up, but today it seemed as though he had some thought about it. For whatever reason, he decided say anything and closed his mouth... but then seconds later turned to glare at me again.

    “I’m never gonna be good enough for you, am I?”

    “Cade, look, that’s not what I—..”

    “Like what’s the issue? I’m not unhealthy, I’m not a slob, I’m completely average. Is that not enough for you? Do I need to be some fucking Ken doll for you? Is that it?!”

    Cade was clearly getting heated. He’d never reacted to my suggestions like this.

    “Babe, I’m simply saying—..”

    “What, that you’re bored and you want someone your own size?! You want a big man?? You want someone to make you the little spoon?? Is that what you want, babe?’ You don’t want someone to love, you just want some himbo to fuck, don’t you?”

    “Uhh... yeah?” I chuckled, scratching the back of my head, hoping to cool the tension in the air with a dumb joke. Clearly, Cade did not find it funny at all.

    “Fuck you.” He stated simply.

    “Wait, babe, it was a joke, I—..”

    Before I could finish my sentence, Cade reached down and started pumping his soft dick over his shorts with ferocity. He started breathing heavily as his cock began to fill up with blood, and I thought this was his means of cooling the tension in the air. I sheepishly reached over to where he was sitting, trying to slip my hand under his shorts, but before I could get too close he swatted my hand away with his other hand. Fine, I figured, a little masturbation between the two of us by the pool could be sweet. I slipped my hand into my own shorts and started pumping my own meat, bringing it out of my shorts and coaxing it to rise to its hardened 7 inches, and started jacking myself off along with Cade. He just looked over at me panting and rolled his eyes.

    I let go of my hard cock and let it bob stiffly in the air, “So what’s the goal with this, huh? You’re just gonna blue ball me for a while?”

    Cade just chuckled breathily, “It’s always about you, isn’t it? No, I’m gonna give you what you wanted. I’m gonna get bigger.”

    “Yeah you are,” I agreed saucily as his cock plumped up to its full size. “So it is always about me, then!”

    Cade obviously didn’t appreciate my second failed attempt at a joke either, as he scowled at me between heavy pants and started jacking with more anger and ferocity.

    “Cade, look, I’m sorry. That was dickish of me. Come on, just pull that thing out and let me polish your rod, I’ll let you—..”

    Before I could finish the sentence, Cade’s body noticeably pulsed like a heartbeat. After the pulse, he was slightly but definitely bulkier than he was before, his arms now displaying curves and shadows it didn’t before and his chest a little more pronounced, plus his legs were looking thicker.

    I just gawked. I couldn’t believe I just saw something like that happen. He looked at me with a devilish grin, still pumping his meat.

    “You wanted bigger, right? I’ll show you bigger.”


    Cade wasn’t too far away from being the same size as me. He’d been pulsing larger and larger and larger with each passing moment, and although I was hard as a rock, I was feeling a tad worried for my boyfriend. This was incredible and impossible at the same time, but he definitely didn’t seem to be doing it in a lighthearted manner. What if he hurt himself? What if he, I don’t know, burst a blood vessel or something?

    “Cade, babe, I don’t fucking know what’s going on but you should really stop bef—..”

    Before what? Before I become a big guy?” he hissed as sweat poured down his face and his new muscles kept bulging and flexing. “Isn’t that the idea, bro?”

    Bro?’ I thought. ‘That isn’t even remotely close to Cade’s standard vocabulary.’ My thoughts were interrupted by watching Cade reach into his shorts and scoop out his balls and his throbbing 5 inch dick.

    I’m not even close, bro, you haven’t even seen ‘big guy,’” Cade sputtered, his cock seeming to become redder and stiffer. “Check this shit out.”

    Cade continued pumping his cock but lifted his hips up into the air and propped himself up on one hand.

    Aaaaaawwwggghh fuuuck yeeeeeaahh,” Cade groaned as he continued squeezing and stroking his cock, when I saw something otherworldly. Cade’s cock head was pushing forward and snaking further out from between his palm. It pulsed longer and longer as its girth pulsed ever thicker, spreading his fingers apart as it gained size. I watched his balls contract within their sack and drop, contract and drop, contract and drop, each pulsating movement making his balls swell larger and larger, stretching his sack down lower and slapping against his thighs. Cade exhaled heavily and slumped back down into a sitting position, letting his newly fat and massive 11 inch cock slap against his lower abs and leak a little pre before taking it back into his hand to pump it. His strokes were now significantly longer than they were before.

    How’s that for ‘big guy?’ Come on, let’s compare size. How am I measuring up?” Cade spat at me between gasps, clearly incredibly fucking turned on by his growth but still trying to maintain an angry demeanor with me.

    I looked down at my own hard and twitching 7 incher while I watched him continue to please himself. He was quickly approaching my size, at least in terms of height and musculature. It was fucking hot as shit, absolutely, but in all the years I’ve known Cade, this was the farthest thing from Cade behavior.

    Looks like we’re about evenly matched, huh?” he asked in a strained voice, though not nearly as angry as he sounded before. He was continuing to stroke his horse cock and he looked over at me, his panting breath heating my face. “F-fuuuckk, babe, you were right about stacking on more weight. Feels—gaaahd—fucking incredible.”

    “Good, uhh.... good, Cade. You can stop now, though. Really, you didn’t have to do this, it wasn’t—..”

    Wait, hold the fuck on. You’re saying you don’t want this now?”

    “I don’t want it if you don’t want it, babe! It’s just that—..”

    That what?! You don’t want to be outsized by me?! What in the living fuck is your problem?!”

    “Cade, no! Goddamn it, if you would let me finish and quit being so fucking dramatic, we could talk about this, uhh.. this whatever-this-is in a more level-headed manner! Like goddamn it man, you’re swole enough as it is, just calm down and talk to me.”

    Cade sat looking at me, panting like a dog, his rigid cock still hard in his still hand, his face—which too had grown more handsome and angular in the span of the last several minutes—contorted into a look of combined indignation and confusion. I noticed a bead of pre drool out of his inflamed cock head and swallowed, anxious to try a taste of his new equipment. His arms bulged out of his tank top, similar to my own but not quite as large, and his sweaty pecs heaved up and down as he took in heavy breaths.

    “Gotta say, though, you’re looking hot as shit, babe. Can we at least admit I was right about that?” I smiled at him.

    Cade just stared at me unflinching. A smile cracked across his face and he began to chuckle, which turned into a deep belly laugh. I started laughing along with him, though I admit I wasn’t exactly sure what we were laughing about. After several moment, he finally started to calm down, taking deep breaths and wiping tears of laughter out of his eyes.

    Cade inhaled and exhaled heavily, smiling, “You really just can’t help yourself, can you?”

    I just smiled awkwardly and shrugged.

    Cade sighed and stood up. From my vantage, I could see that Cade had gained maybe 2 or 3 inches in height. He swung his legs over my lounge chair and straddled my lower body, his thicker body blocking the sun and his massive cock swinging and bobbing with his movement.

    “Have you ever considered that the reason I don’t join you at your precious gym is because I can’t help myself at certain points? Did you bother to even ask?”

    “It’s fine, Cade, really. I can’t help myself sometimes either..” I cooed as I reached up, attempting to grab his new porn star cock.

    Cade slapped my hand away again before I could reach his member, “Fuck you, dude.”

    As I sheepishly brought my hand back down to my lap, Cade began to rub his hands seductively from his pits, down the sides of his torso, and around his waist to grip his ass. He threw his head back and groaned as he did, and I watched his exposed cock twitch and lurch as he used his lower hip muscles to flex his shaft, rocking his hips ever so slightly back and forth, humping the air. He looked down at me as he gripped his ass, his face contorted in a look of pleasure, and he began to rise further and further away from me. I looked down and could see his feet planted firmly on the ground, but by the time I looked back up at him, he had risen even further by several inches. He brought his hands back around to his front and rubbed the tops of his upper thighs seductively, which began to swell and gain ridges under his touch.

    Cade was growing right before my fucking eyes.

    It was in more than just musculature and height, but also seemingly in age, as he began to mature, his skin taking on a darker hue and sprouting more and more hair all over his chest, abs, arms, legs, underarms, bush, and face. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties at this point, but still jacked like a model. He grinned down at me as stubble spread across his newly angular jaw, maki him look more like In the process of his self worship, Cade’s lurching cock began to sputter and spit heavy globules and ropes of cum down onto me, splattering all over my athletic chest and torso as I watched him slack-jawed.

    From his legs, Cade began to seductively bring his hands up his abs and sides in a moaning fit of self-worship, and his abs seemed to lift and firm against his skin as though they were coaxed to the surface by his touch.

    See what I mean, man? I lose all fuckin’ controooooollll,” Cade moaned between pants as he continued to dump ropes and ropes of jizz onto me in a seemingly unending stream. I could feel the heat radiating off his sweaty body with such intensity that I began to perspire as well.

    He brought his hands up to his chest and began rolling around the new muscular definition on his chest with his palms, squeezing his new pecs together, and I could already begin to see the changes underway. As he rubbed his own chest with intensity, I could see the rolling muscles in his athletic arm began to bulge and contract. The muscles in his arms began writhing and tightening like two giant pythons, and he chuckled when he looked down at them. The steady stream of cum pumping out of Cade’s cock as he bucked hands-free into the air began to pick up in intensity and volume, thick fresh spurts of it splattering down onto my abs and pecs and arms, only to drip down off me into the growing pool beneath my seat. Before I knew it, Cade’s arms had lengthened and pulsed larger and larger, gaining huge amounts of weight and definition, thick pulsing veins rising to the surface of his forearms and the backs of his hands.

    RRRNNGGGG!” He gave a huge flex of his arms across his chest. “I feel like I could rip a fucking textbook in half. Am I big enough yet, babe?”

    Before I could answer, Cade continued to stroke his chest with his huge palms, pressing his chest muscles together, stretching them apart, rolling them around in self-worship.

    Aww fuck yeah, mmmmffff h-here it comes,” he hissed as his head angled back and his face went slack. He used his thumbs and index fingers to flick, pinch, and roll his thick, jutting nipples around. And Christ were they jutting! I’ve seen Cade’s nipples easily thousands of times before this, but I’ve never seen them protrude from his chest this noticeably! They looked like they could cut diamonds, too, seeing how quickly and firmly they rebounded back to their sprung position when Cade’s fingers slid across them. I wanted more than anything to lean forward and suckle on them until the sun went down.

    O-ooohhhhh, mmmfffnnoooo fuck, fuck yeah,” Cade continued to moan, this time sounding a little more vulnerable with a little less anger and intensity in his voice. He was clearly so caught up in his self-pleasure that any notion of me had completely left his mind. Suddenly, I noticed his chest protrude slightly. Then noticeably. Then very noticeably. Before my eyes, Cade was coaxing his pecs to balloon huge, round, and firm, all seemingly by stimulating his stiff nipples.

    OOOHHHH FUCK, BABE, WATCH ME, I’M GONNA—..” he continued bucking wildly into the air, his massive meat pouring huge volumes of his seed onto me in my euphoric disbelief. His pecs began to slow their growth, coming to a size and a stiffness comparable to Captain America, except probably larger. His expression was one of intense pleasure, looking more like he was on the verge of tears, panting and moaning loudly in a voice that simultaneously got deeper and deeper but also higher and higher as he approached his inevitable climax. “I’M GONNA—FFFFFUUUCCCK!!!”

    His cock began to spew hot, fresh jizz all over me like a fucking geyser, splashing against my chest, face, and shoulders and finally drenching the entire top half of my body in his seed. He finally brought his hands down to his meat to pump the impossibly huge load he was still releasing, moaning and groaning more and more expletives. I couldn’t tell from the intensity of the display, but I too shot my load all over myself, though you couldn’t tell with the amount that was poured on top of me already, it pretty much just mixed in with the ocean. I shook my jizz-soaked hair out of my eyes and wiped them clear to get a good look at the final product.

    Before me stood a towering, sweating, panting, Olympian god, his horse cock spitting the last bits of spunk out as he stroked his length clean and packed it into his shorts, which now fit on him more like compression shorts or briefs due to his added height. I’m a pretty big guy myself, remaining athletic and fit for all of my life, but I looked like a goddamn infant compared to Cade now. There were traces of him still there, in his face and in his eyes, but before me stood a completely new man. And what a fucking man.

    He dismounted from standing over me, panting and adjusting his stance from side to side as he got used to his new weight. He was very cavalier about what had just transpired, stepping away from me and putting on socks and shoesmy socks and shoes, I just noticed—and not saying a word.

    My socks and shoes fit him awkwardly, seeing that he had to stomp and pull to get the shoes all the way on, and I could see how they stretched with him inside them. He was clearly getting ready to go somewhere.

    “H-hey,” I finally forced out. He leaned back with his arms crossed and grinned at me.

    “S-so... What the hell, man? What... what is this? Babe, you’re—..”

    “Ah ah ah, no more ‘babe,’” he responded deadpan in a deep, rich voice. “I think we’re through.”

    My heart sank, “‘Through?’ Just like that?”

    “Yeeeahh,” he said in a drawn out voice as he stood up and approached me, scratching his huge package and making it jostle around. “No offense, dude, but I’m just way out of your league.”

    He arrived at where I was sitting and crouched, his unreal calves and thighs on display, and his bulge sinking lower to the ground with its weight than I expected.

    “But thanks for all the fun we’ve had. Really, I don’t think I could’ve become who I am today without you,” he cast a wide and toothy grin at me and winked as he leaned in to kiss me. Before his mouth landed on mine, he paused.

    “Who knows? Maybe if you put yourself in the gym and really worked out hard, I’d fuck you. But for me to love you? No way. You’re gonna have to get on my level for that. Easy, right?”

    His mouth opened and his tongue lapped around my mouth and across my face, sopping up all of his residual spunk on my face before plunging his tongue into my throat and covering my mouth with his. I involuntarily blew another load all over myself from the unexpected sensation.

    He released from the kiss with a sucking *pop,* and swirled his own spunk around in his mouth, swallowing the large quantity inside with a large gulp. Mmmmmmmm,” he purred with his eyes closed, savoring his own flavor.

    He patted my shoulder and leaned with a whisper, “Don’t watch me as I leave.” He used my shoulder to help himself up from his crouching position, making me wince uncomfortably at his unexpectedly immense new weight.

    He turned to leave, walking back towards the exit of the pool. As he did, I got a good look at his dump truck ass wrapped tightly inside his blue shorts. Or had perfect symmetry and looked so firm you could bounce a quarter off it. It protruded off his body perfectly, forming a shape that would take years and years to attain that took him all but a few minutes. His perfect ass connected to his tree trunk thighs perfectly, meeting his ass directly under its curvature but not so much that his ass seemed to sag over his thighs. I noticed that he had stopped in his tracks and I refocused my attention upwards, landing on his gorgeous face.

    Aht! Caught you looking!” he said cheerfully. “Drink it in while you can, bro! This is the last time you’re getting anywhere near this ass.”

    He slapped one of his cheeks, making its stiffness jiggle a bit, and making my still-rigid cock twitch. He laughed as he left me, and I sat silent and alone by the pool, soaked head to waist in my boyfriend’s—well, now ex-boyfriend’s—jizz. I brushed myself clean as best as I could, puddles of spunk falling off me onto the ground, and sat up, my hands folded on my lap.

    “I’ve got to go to the gym,” I said to no one in particular, standing up and gathering my thoughts. Seems as though I’ll have to win Cade back the hard way.

    Superfood II

    2k follower celebration post!!

    A continuation of the concept of Superfood, though not a direct sequel to the original. You can find the original here. Sorry about the delay! Time got away from me yesterday. Hope y’all enjoy!


    Cory and Nate (center and left, respectively) were getting ready for the party that afternoon. Their friend/roommate Benji (right) was turning 22 that day and they only had a few more hours until he was back from his shift at work. It was the summer right after each of them had graduated from college, and this was for all intents and purposes their “last gathering” before they all went their own ways for work life. Nate had a big thing about what he called ‘double digit-double digit’ birthdays—like 11, 22, 33, and so on, so he wanted to satiate his superstition by making sure his friend heralded in this birthday properly. He thought that there was something special about such birthdays, something transformative and a transition from one stage of life to the next.

    Who knew how right he was?

    Cory was busy cleaning up the apartment, getting it ready for that evening when their small but close group of friends came over. He was surprised at the amount of dust and dirt 3 guys could track into a house, but also kept in mind that it had been a good 3 months since they had last cleaned. In college houses like this, particularly male-only college houses, one learned to live a productive, comfortable life among so much filth and debris. You only had to clean during times like the present when you were planning to host a party. He had finished hand washing and drying the mountain of filthy dishes and emptied out the vacuum bag—stuffed to the brim with dust, hair, and dirt particles—when Nate came back home.

    Nate was struggling through the door, red faced and sweaty, his breath sucking in and pushing away his face mask in rapid procession, his relatively weak frame overpowered by the weight of the groceries he was carrying. It was much too heavy of a load to carry in one trip, but like any guy his age Nate would be damned if he was going to spend more than one trip bringing the groceries in from the car. He set down the multitude of plastic bags on the kitchen floor with a heavy huff and put his hands on his back with pain, his red face dripping sweat. There had to have been 20-25 bags in total.

    “I hate that grocery store. It’s hot as shit outside but they don’t turn the A/C on, no one wears a fucking mask, and the staff is so damn rude!”

    “You did well, bro, welcome home from the war.”

    Cory chuckled as Nate threw him a finger and continued to catch his breath and collect himself. He looked over at the bags to see what Nate had bought for the party: several bags full of chips, jars of salsa and guac, plastic bins full of supermarket fruit, carbonated beverages, numerous narrow paper bags with what Cory knew had to be bottles of booze, solo cups, paper plates, and a bag full of boxed cake and icing ingredients. Nate was tasked with preparing a cake for Benji since he had the most emotional/superstitious attachment to birthdays like this, but Cory was still glad to see that he had followed through on his promise to make an actual cake, boxed recipe or not. One other thing caught his eye.

    “What’s that?”

    “Mm?” Nate asked as he was sipping a cup of water.

    Cory just nodded his head towards one of the plastic bags. It looked like Nate had just picked several sprigs of something off a tree or a bush on his way home and stuffed them into a bag, their leafy ends billowing out of the top of one of the plastic bags. Between the leaves were small, bright red berries, about the size of acorns.

    “Oh,” Nate replied, swallowing the water in his mouth, “Some old biddie outside of the grocery store was handing them out. Well, not ‘handling them out,’ per se, but she gave them to me.”

    “So you just accepted car trunk fruit from an old lady at the grocery store?”

    “No, it’s not like that! She was struggling with putting her shit in her car so I offered to help her and she said that she had to repay me. I thought I’d get a $20 out of it, but she gave me those. Said they were some kind of superfood.”

    “What, like açaí?”

    “Yeah, I guess like açaí. They have a sweet enough smell to them. Her car smelled naturally sweet, like cherries or strawberries or something, and even though it’s 1000 fucking degrees outside, they remained pretty cold in her trunk, so…”

    “Huh,” Cory remarked simply.

    “I figured I could include them in the cake, maybe? A little more flavor for our boy?”

    “Your call, man! You’re completely in charge of that.”

    “Then it’s settled! Hope you like old lady fruit cake.”

    “Alright then, Gordon Ramsey, get to it. We only have a little bit longer until the man of the hour shows back up.”

    Nate swallowed the last of his water and nodded with his mouth closed and waving his hand in the air to silence Cory, placing his used glass in the empty sink. This prompted a glare from Cory as he picked the glass back up, gave it a quick drying, and placed it back in the cabinets. Nate scooped up the two bags, the one with the cake ingredients and the one with the berries, and placed them on the counter to get to work, while Cory went back to his room to take a shower after all of his work.

    The cake prep didn’t take too long, boxed cake recipes are easy enough to follow, and he went to work plucking the berries and placing them in a bowl. The amount he was giving filled up a mixing bowl pretty quickly, and he went to work crushing them with a potato masher so they could incorporate into the mixture well. As he mashed the berries, they sloshed together in a bright red pulp, giving off a color and smell similar to maraschino cherries. He scooped out about ¾ of the crushed berries into the cake mixture and mixed it all together, giving the cake batter a deep, pink color with chunks of berries swimming throughout. He distributed it into 3 round tins, making sure to get every drop of batter out of the bowl, and placed them in the oven to cook.

    As the cake cooked, Nate went to work on making the icing. He dumped the icing out of its plastic tub and into the same mixing bowl as the remaining berries, lots of sugar, plus a good amount of whipping cream. He mixed the icing, cream, and berries together until they were completely incorporated, creating a soft, sweet, shiny, pink icing with tiny bits of berry flakes suspended in the mixture.

    Cory came in from his bedroom, fresh from a shower and wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, and looked into the kitchen. Nate glanced once at his friend, quickly looking away to keep the secret that he was madly crushing on his friend for a while now. Cory was hopelessly straight although still an ally, but Nate was certain that Cory would wander around the house barely dressed simply to torture him. He had only a modest musculature, but Nate was sure it was his confidence and friendliness that he was attracted too. Not letting himself get too distracted, he went back to work mixing a huge pink bowl of icing while the three tins full of pink cake baked in the oven. Cory took a look at both of the things Nate had made and sucked through his teeth.

    “Hope Benji likes pink,” Cory remarked simply but teasingly.

    “There are no boy colors or girl colors, only colors,” Nate reprimanded monotonically, repeating something he finds himself repeating often to his hetero roommate.

    Cory grinned at the familiar comment and mimed the words along with him, then walked into the living room to boot up his PS4. He plopped down on the couch in his towel and started playing some Assassin’s Creed while Nate continued working on finishing his task. Some time after taking the cakes out of the oven to letting them cool and watching Cory stealthily take out some bad guys, Nate went to work on layering the cake. He put one of the small round cakes on the serving plate and spread some of the pink icing on top of it. Then he repeated the process with the middle row. With the final layer on top, Nate proceeded to cover the entire tower of cake with the icing, from top to bottom. Now complete, Nate admired his work and placed a wax “22” candle on top of the cake and grinned. Not a bad job at all! Nate placed the cake on top of the refrigerator to let it set & cool undisturbed and decided to let Cory handle cleanup. That was his agreed upon job, anyways. Finally finished with his work for the day, Nate climbed the stairs to his room and started his shower, putting on his favorite playlist to enjoy while he cleaned himself in preparation for the party.


    Cory remained on the couch, playing his game, surrounded by the aroma of the cake. It smelled good. It smelled damn good. His stomach couldn’t help but growl; he had eaten nothing that day, assuming he would be eating plenty by the night time, but the hunger pangs were getting too much for him to handle. He looked up at the cake on top of the refrigerator. No… No, Nate would kill him if he snuck a taste before Benji got the chance. However…

    His eye caught the mixing bowl Nate used for the icing. It was still pretty full of icing, it turned out that Nate didn’t need nearly as much as he made. It wasn’t the cake itself, but it should suffice. He just wanted a taste…

    He heard the shower turn on and Nate’s speakers blasting out his playlist and figured now was as good of a time as any to sneak a taste. Cory paused his game and got up from the couch, tightening his towel around his waist so it wouldn’t fall down, and walked over to the counter. He leaned over to sniff the bowl, inhaling its sweet, fruity, sugary aroma, and scooped three fingers inside in a makeshift spoon to sample the flavor. He had taken about half of the mixture in his fingers when he dipped, and though he knew that was greedy, he also knew he was about to clean all the bowls anyways and what Nate doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He brought his finger to his mouth and began sucking and licking his finger clean.

    MMmmmm,” Cory groaned as he savored the flavors of the icing. He was lifting his hand up to scoop the other half of the leftover icing into his fingers when his stomach seized. It felt like something was churning and tossing around in his guts, like he was about to either projectile vomit or explosively shit himself. He put his hands down on his knees and prepared to let whatever was about to happen, happen. Jesus, was Nate trying to poison Benji?! Cory was so caught off guard by the sudden pain that he didn’t notice when his knees, back, and elbows began to wobble, seemingly on their own accord. He couldn’t notice it too much from his hunched position, but Cory’s legs, back, and arms were beginning to twist and stretch longer. The pain began to dissipate but was replaced by a numb, tingling feeling all over.

    Cory began to stand up slowly, no longer feeling like he was about to spill his guts, but definitely feeling like something was coming. As he stood, he could immediately tell the stark difference in height. He had once stood 6’1”, a decent, slightly-above average height, but now he was approaching 6’9”, his body maintaining the same proportions as it grew bigger. His breath caught in his throat, stunned by the new height, unsure of what happened or whether he was dreaming.

    Suddenly he heard the sound of cloth falling and felt the chilling sensation of air on his butt and lower body. Looking down, he noticed that his towel had given up its grip around his waist and dropped to the floor. As he looked down at himself, his eyes much further away from the floor than seconds ago, he felt a strong tugging sensation on his dick. He looked down quizzically at his member, and it seemed to look as though his dick was being pulled by an invisible hand and his balls were involuntarily contracting and releasing over and over again, growing bigger and heavier.

    “Fuck, man, what the he—..” his voice caught in his throat as he felt the most intense wave of pleasure sweep over him in his life. His body involuntarily lurched forward, forcing him against the kitchen counter. From his new height, lurching against the counter caused his cock and balls to land in the mixing bowl with the leftover icing. Hopefully Nate wouldn’t need the rest of that. He looked down and groaned, seeing his thick dick and big balls covered in the pink icing, while his cock continued to appear as though something was tugging at it, only this time it seemed to get thicker and longer with every tug and release.

    He began to rhythmically moan and groan as his body began pulsing outward harder and harder from inside. It wasn’t like he was gaining insane new definition; he was growing, for sure, but it felt more like he was becoming more and more dense. New hair was sprouting all over his face and body, making him appear slightly older and more distinguished, his moans and groans grew deeper and deeper, and he began to lose all sense of shame or panic as his mind was overtaken by lust and pride.

    He wanted to explore this new body, but by the way his stomach churned over and groaned, it was clear that whatever was happening to him was far from over. His hands took a iron grip onto the kitchen counter as his body tensed up completely, growing unbearably tight and boiling hot to the touch. His breathing tightened to a tense wheeze. Sweat poured down his body in thick rivers as his teeth clenched and his eyes bulged. When he felt like he was at a breaking point, that’s when it happened.

    His body pulsed larger, only this time, he truly grew larger. It was like a full body flex, but the muscles stayed flexed instead of reducing down with each pulse. He used what little movement he still retained to move his head, looking down at his arms as they pulsed and bulged, pulsed and bulged, pulsed and bulged, each consecutive pulse making his arms appear like twisting, swelling pythons. He forced out a pained, wheezing laugh as he watched his pecs lift higher and higher, pumping up and rounding out as they protruded from his chest, his nipples immediately jutting out further and hardening sharply like two two pop-up turkey timers. Looking down past his pecs (now a slightly difficult task), he could see his pre-shiny, enflamed, icing-coated cock begin to sputter and belch huge amounts of thick, creamy jizz into the bowl, mixing around with the pink icing. It didn’t look like his usual thicker, stickier, more viscous loads, but rather more like a thick, creamy, milky consistency. Stranger still — it had a bright pink hue to it.

    He continued to unload into the bowl while his body continued its transformation. He grunted and moaned loudly as his legs were forced wider apart, making room for his genuinely tree trunk-sized thighs that rose to the surface and hardened, nearly crushing his new orange-sized balls between their bulging mass. It felt like really aggressive hands were squeezing and playing with his ass cheeks as he looked behind him and saw that it too was extending further out from his body than he’d ever imagined possible, hardening and rounding perfectly against his body, looking surprisingly inviting even from Cory’s angle. Hell, he’d fuck his own ass right now if it were possible. He continued flexing and growing all over, giving ecstasic vocalizations the entire time, squeezing and worshiping himself all over. It started to subside somewhat, but he was absolutely floored by the end result.

    He’d become larger than he ever though possible. He hadn’t even seen dudes in the gym who came close to his size, and he loved it. He could go out and be the target of lust for every woman and man.

    … and man? Cory always considered himself to be straight as an arrow, but the thought of sharing his new, immense power in bed with another man turned him on. He felt his cock unleash more of his pink jizz into the bowl and he giggled at the sensation, feeling as though it was unending.

    “Cory? You good?” Nate was descending the stairs.

    Oh fuck, oh shit!’ he thought to himself in a panic, looking around for he best way to cover himself, but with no luck.

    “It sounded like you were being attacked down here or some—..”

    Nate stopped at the bottom of the stairs, wrapped in a towel, his hair still wet from the shower, and his mind blown. His friend, whom he had secretly lusted over for some time, was now easily 150 lbs heavier than he was moments ago, standing nude in the kitchen with his dick in a bowl full of some pink stuff for some reason.

    “C—… Cory?!” Nate asked with shock.

    Cory just shrugged his giant shoulders with an awkward smile, now taller than Nate for the first time, still holding the nearly full bowl between his legs with his extra-large cock and balls swimming inside.

    “How did you—… What… Dude youre fucking ripped!”

    Cory wheezed a breathless laugh, “I know, right?!” He twisted and angled his body, checking himself out for the first time the same way Nate was. He flexed his legs and his arms to see their size and upon looking back at Nate with a grin, he could see that Nate was staring at him slack-jawed, overcome by lust.

    Nate didn’t exactly know why, but he… loved the effect he was having on Nate. He had always noticed Nate staring at him at certain points throughout the house, but he had opted to just not acknowledge it and not do anything to perpetuate the crush. Now, he wasn’t so sure. Now, he was incredibly turned on by the attention. Now, he wanted to give his friend a little more to really get him going. Now, he wouldn’t be so upset with his friend slobbering his filthy knob if that was something he wanted to do. Now, he was beginning to realize that he wanted that.

    Cory looked over to Nate with a sexy look, which put a look of surprise across Nate’s face. Cory grinned back and began to bounce his massive pecs, knowing Nate had a weakness for that. Nate swooned and Cory saw his throbbing erection slip out between his wrapped towel.

    “I see someone likes it,” Nate said saucily, looking down at Nate’s cock.

    Nate looked down, Shitshitshitshit!” he hissed, turning around and trying to conceal his boner as best as he could. “I’m sorry man, it’s just you look fucking incredible.”

    Cory grinned, closing the distance between the two of them, “Thank you, man! And I know…” he wrapped a hand around Nate’s waist, making him gasp. “I think you do, too.” he whispered into Nate’s ear and pulled the towel off him, leaving him fully naked, his cock bouncing up and bobbing free from its confines.

    Nate reached up and felt Cory’s impressive abs and chest now that they were standing so close to each other. Cory grinned and flexed for him, hardening everything and letting Nate feel the curvature of his body. Cory took the initiative and leaned down to plant a wet kiss on Nate, which Nate eagerly reciprocated. They sucked tongues for a while, Cory’s larger tongue snaking around Nate’s mouth while Nate tasted the sweet flavor within Cory’s mouth. Nate felt something wet and spongy stamp against his torso and so he looked down to see that Cory’s cock had swollen harder and now pressed against his own torso. He looked back up at Cory, who looked down at him with anticipation.

    “Suck it,” he grumbled.

    “With pleasure,” Nate cooed as he got down on his knees, taking the bowl from Cory’s hands and lowering it to the floor. He could see the soaked state of it, covered and dripping slowly in places by a thick, creamy, pink substance, with bits of icing stuck around it too. How he had grown to this size and why was still a mystery to Nate and the mixing bowl that used to be full of only icing that he was holding only compounded on the mystery, but lust took over all faculties of the mind and Nate was determined to give his friend’s dark, Mediterranean cock the best head he’d gotten in his life.

    Nate started by licking Cory’s sack, taking some of the strange but oddly sweet and sour substance into his mouth. It tasted delicious, but it’s consistency was unlike any other food. In fact, it seemed as though Cory had just cum a liter into the bowl and that was that, but it didn’t explain the flavor. No matter, he had balls to suck. He wrapped his mouth around Cory’s swinging sack, feeling his ridiculously large nuts slipping inside his mouth, and he swirled them around with his tongue, appreciating the flavor and the huge size.

    He finished sucking Cory’s balls and moved to his shaft, scratching his own chest slightly, feeling an intense heat building up inside him which he just attributed to the horniness. Cory was already gasping out several moans from having his balls serviced, but Nate was going to give him more. He began pleasuring the shaft the same way he pleasured any shaft: he opened wide and slowly fed the cock all the way into his mouth, staring up at Cory through the ridges and valleys of his musculature, until he reached the root of the shaft, then swirled his tongue around easily the biggest cock he’d ever had in his mouth, sort of impressed with himself. Years and years of blowing dudes had given him the skill set he needed for this moment.

    Cory groaned and pressed his hips firmly against Nate’s face as Nate continued to take him in the back of his throat. Nate could tell by the warmth filling his mouth that Cory was beginning to drool more and more of his cum into his mouth, which he swallowed along with the excess that was already on the cock as best as he could. Nate began to feel a tightness along with the buildup of heat in his system and grew slightly concerned, but he had waited so long to give this to Cory that he wasn’t going to let anything stop him. He backed his head up from the root of the cock and brought a hand up to wrap around the shaft in front of his lips. That’s when he started picking up the pace.

    Nate bobbed forward and backwards so many times in such rapid procession, pleasuring Cory’s huge cock with both his mouth and his hand, twisting and pumping the cock with his hands and swallowing the excess of cum as it poured out of Cory as best as he could. He began grunting with exertion and pleasure, slightly deeper than he remembered his own voice being, but loving the sensation of swallowing a seemingly endless flow of cum. Cory held his hands on both sides of Nate’s head, bucking his hips slightly into his friend as he skullfucked him. He’d never been blown by a dude before, but at this point he decided he wouldn’t do it any other way moving forward. Then Cory looked down and noticed something about Nate. He was broader than he remembered. Plus he swore he could see Nate’s already pretty rounded ass begin to perk up and gain more and more musculature in his glutes.

    Nate disconnected from Cory’s cock but continued pumping his meat, “You taste so fucking good, dude.” Cory’s face was contorted in intense pleasure, but he noticed as his friend disconnected from his cock that Nate’s own cock seemed to be growing redder, thicker, and longer between his legs. Plus, his pec shelf was beginning to take on more shape than he’d ever seen on Nate.

    Nate continued sucking with increased intensity, quickening his process and sucking with more ferocity. He simply had to drink as much cum from Cory as he could. Cory looked down, his horniness and his shock growing as he looked down to see his friend continue to swell larger and larger against his cock. He couldn’t help but want to see more from his friend and felt his flow out of his balls pick up in volume.

    Nate’s eyes shot open, remembering the bowl on the floor full of Cory’s potent product. He quickly dislodged Cory’s cock from his mouth with a sucking kiss and leaned forward to grab the bowl, Cory’s cock still in his hand.

    “What—What are you..?” Cory panted as he watched Nate.

    Nate took the bowl to his mouth and tipped it back. Cory could hear loud, intense sounds of Nate swallowing tons and tons of liquid and saw his throat bulge with each consecutive giant mouthful he took. He tipped it further as he reached the bottom of the bowl, doing so faster than Cory felt was possible for a person to drink, and took the bowl away from his mouth with a satisfied sigh, quickly sliding it back up on the counter, where it tumbled into the kitchen sink. Nate looked up at him with a grin and a cummy, drooling mouth and Cory was shocked to see that his jaw had become more square and his head had become more angular and his face had become more handsome.

    May I have some more?” he asked deeply, his back, shoulders, neck, and pecs beginning to swell much more quickly and larger and larger muscles. The second Cory nodded yes, Nate was back against his crotch, sucking more and more jizz out of Cory. Cory couldn’t help but swoon as he watched Nate begin to pick up in speed in his growth. His body began to slide across the floor as it swelled larger and larger, his massive hands needed to prop his incredible body weight up more as he blew Cory, and his cock felt tighter than it ever had as it continued to swell larger too.

    Nate dislodged with a loud, sucking *pop* from Cory’s cock and clumsily stood up from his position on the floor. Cory groaned in awe and lust as he watched his friend get onto his feet, stumble a bit, and stand towering above him.

    Fuck, bro, look at what you did to me,” Nate grumbled deeply in a voice and with a face much more dom than he’d been before. He groaned as he stretched and flexed his body, looking down at himself and overwhelmed by the decision of which body part to worship first. Cory felt up Nate in every area he could reach. Before the self-worship could begin for Nate, he had to get rid of this pressure in his cock.

    You ever been fucked by a man, Cory?” Nate asked deadpan and deeply, stroking his big cock.

    “I think you know I haven’t,” Cory responded with a grin.

    Nate stepped towards him, running his hands down Cory’s rippling sides, “First time for everything, right?”

    “You know it, big boy,” Cory responded with a wink.

    Nate smirked and turned Cory around, making him face the sink, and angled his back down so he was bending over. Cory couldn’t help but beam in a smile as he felt his friend’s feet push his out further so his legs were spread wide. Cory had never been the sub in a relationship, but now that it was happening he realized that he absolutely loved it. He prepared for the worst as he felt the massive, spongy cock head of his friend press against his asshole, but calmed down when Nate leaned in to whisper.

    This is gonna be better than anything you’ve felt in your life.”

    Cory’s senses then exploded into a firework show of intense pleasure when he felt the length of Nate’s cock slide into his ass. Nate’s cock accessed a point within his guts that gave him such an earth-shattering sensation that his eyes rolled back and he couldn’t help but slide forward and back to make sure that spot was hit again. He could already feel the warmth of Cory’s seed begin to slick the walls of his guts as Nate picked up with intensity. Nate leaned his body onto Cory’s back as he continued bucking his hips into his friend, sticking his hands under his pits and squeezing Cory’s pecs and teasing his nipples. Cory never wanted to fuck or be fucked by anyone else, he’d never experienced anyone as talented or anyone as mutually beneficial as Nate, and his body seemed to be agreeing with him as he felt himself tighten up a little more, his muscles firming a little harder and a little larger.

    Nate and Cory’s groaning picked up in intensity and rapidness as they both approached climax. Cory’s breath caught in his throat as he sprayed a powerful torrent of his jizz into the sink, landing loudly against the metal of the sink. He squirted and squirted and squirted, thinking he would never run out, and it eventually teetered off into a steady drool, but never really ending. All the while, Nate slammed his hips against Cory’s ass while crying out with the most intense orgasm of his life, feeling his cock unload incredible volumes into his friend’s guts. Cory could feel his guts expanding with the amount they were being filled and let out a shuddering sigh with a grin as he accepted the role of being a cum dump for his friend. He felt the huge amount slosh around in his guts as Nate dislodged and turned him around.

    Nate went slack-jawed and felt up his friend’s bulging abs as they distended with the amount of jizz inside him. Cory leaned into kiss him, and felt his own body begin to tense up again. His body trembled as Nate wrapped himself around him. Cory groaned and grinded against Nate as his trembling body suddenly shot up 6 inches taller, now eye-level with Nate. Nate grinned and squeezed Cory’s arms as Cory smirked and exploded with size, his arms bulging impossibly larger, his back, neck, and shoulders broadening, his pecs growing so quickly and largely that they pushed Nate back, his abs growing deeper and longer, his cock and balls bursting huge and pendulous, now a cool 16 inches soft, and his legs swelling and tightening triple the size of a star linebacker.

    The growth of his abs caused his guts to tighten and the little of Nate’s cum squirted out of his ass and down to the floor. Cory looked down a bit disappointed that he had just cleaned but a bit surprised and impressed that this was the only amount of jizz that was spilled on the floor in all the time he and Nate were fucking and sucking.

    Nate reached around and ran a finger up Cory’s hole, sending a shiver up his spine, and bringing a fingerful of his own jizz that was still dribbling out to his mouth, savoring both his own flavor and the flavor of his friend-turned-new lover.

    I think before we enjoy this any more, we need to go somewhere we can really let loose.” Nate reasoned in a deep, sexy voice.

    Agreed,” Cory responded with a grin.

    Nate led the way and Cory followed, making their way to the backyard. Once in the sun, they turned and looked at each other with excited, giggling grins and smashed into one another, sucking face and kissing passionately, tugging on each other’s shafts and massaging each other’s nuts. They weren’t paying attention to the direction they were going and both tripped into the above-ground pool in the backyard with deep laughter. After some time, the water of the pool took on a more opaque, pink color.


    Benji arrived home a sweaty mess. Taking a run after an exhausting day of work was not the best idea at all, but the exercise helped him burn off the frustration he had leftover. No need to bring that kind of negative energy home, especially on the night of his birthday party.

    The sounds of the neighborhood greeted him on his walk to the front door of his shared house. Kids screaming and playing, dogs barking, one of their nearby neighbors mowing their yard. There was one thing that he thought he heard above the din that sounded like an intense wrestling match happening somewhere behind the house. He shrugged, thinking it must’ve been one of their neighbors working out outside in one of the yards beyond their fence line. He arrived at the door, fiddled around with his keys, and stuck the proper key in the lock. Work was over, dusk was approaching, and he was thrilled for the party his friends had planned.

    He opened the door and was pleased by the site of their clean shared space, something that had become an embarrassment of a rarity. Benji was surprised to not see his roommates when he entered; he was so used to coming home from the day and finding the two of them playing something or watching something and talking about god knows what. Oh well, they must be getting ready for tonight,’ Benji thought to himself.

    The fragrant, flowery smell of the cleaning products Cory had used on the apartment as well as the sweet aroma of something that had been baked lingered in the air and made Benji grin. It had been a shocking amount of time between now and the last time they truly cleaned the apartment or even made some kind of food from scratch, so it all gave Benji a nostalgic feeling of his childhood home. His mother always kept the house immaculate and was an expert cook, always making the house smell incredible with whatever she was concocting.

    Some other smell hit Benji’s senses, something that smelled tart… and a little musky.

    Walking further into the house, he noticed the cake propped on top of the refrigerator. It was very pretty, as cakes go, obviously lovingly crafted by Nate. His stomach grumbled. It had been a while since he’d eaten… In fact, the only thing he’d remembered eating that day was a handful of pretzels and an apple on his way out the door that morning. The cake looked extremely appetizing, almost unbearably so.

    He stepped into the kitchen and noticed something on the floor in front of the sink. Something pink had dripped to the floor, maybe the batter or something from the cake. He was surprised that neither Cory nor Nate had noticed, given how large the spill was. He walked to the sink and took a paper towel off its roll to wet and notice that whatever it is was a part of the cake, seeing as the mixing bowl in the sink was coated with the stuff (along with marks indicating that someone had licked the bowl). He took the wetted paper towel and wiped it up, but was surprised at the consistency. It was simultaneously creamy and liquid-like, but also thick and sticky, leaving gluey webby trails when he picked it up. It certainly wasn’t the consistency of any batter he’d seen in his life, except maybe baby batter… But the pink color perished that thought from his mind. It had to have been something used in the cake. He couldn’t think of what else it could be. Like, what could be this pink, this slimy? His mind went to the ectoplasm from Ghostbusters 2 and he chuckled at himself.

    After properly cleaning up the mess, he finally got a good look at the cake again. Fuck, was it inviting. His stomach grumbled loudly again. He couldn’t hear his roommates in the house, in fact it seemed like he was completely alone for the time being. He knew that if he tried the cake without consulting Nate, he would get upset, but he also understood that Nate would be okay with it if he knew how hungry Benji was.

    Yeah, he was gonna have a piece. Cut a small sliver from one side and turn the cake around so Nate couldn’t see the damage immediately. Good plan. It was his cake, after all.

    Benji stood on his toes and picked up the plate the cake was resting on and brought it down to the counter. Fuck, it smelled so good! Nate obviously outdid himself making it. Benji grabbed a knife from the rack next to the stove and cut a small but adequate wedge out of the side of the cake. He could see that the pink, fluffy, moist inside was flaked with tiny chunks of fruit. Nate outdid himself indeed! He’d watched enough of British baking shows to know how difficult it is to properly put fresh fruit in a baked item.

    Like any man his age, he decided not to get a plate and handle the slice by hand. Why dirty silverware or plates for something small like this? He smelled the cake again, trying to pinpoint which fruit exactly was used, but couldn’t name it. Oh well, gotta taste to find out.

    Benji opened his mouth wide and folded the small piece of cake into his mouth, pushing the mass of it into his mouth entirely and sucking his fingers dry of the icing.

    The feeling he experienced when it hit his stomach was indescribable. It was more intense than anything he had ever eaten and the carnal lust to consume more rivaled any vice or drug Benji had ever taken. A sweeping, hot, overwhelming feeling overtook him, and his mind experienced a dizzying wave of ecstasy, removing all other thought and care for anything except Nate’s creation. He couldn’t tell at the moment, due to his intoxicating draw towards the cake, but for some reason he was sporting maybe the most intense, throbbing erection he’d ever experienced in his life. He looked back down at the cake, his mouth wateringlike, actually watering—as drool ran down his chin and sweat poured down his cheek, chest, and back. Nate was gonna be pissed, but who the hell cared.

    He had to get more of that fucking cake.

    “So good,” he moaned as he threw himself down to the counter, leaning over closely to the cake and shoveling full fingers of its contents into his mouth, making his hands and around mouth filthy with the pink icing. He chewed and swallowed as quickly as he could with each consecutive bite before shoveling the next mouthful in. The excess of cake traveled down his esophagus and into his stomach, which churned and shifted violently, rapidly digesting the food in preparation for what was to come.

    Fuuuuuuck,” Benji continued to groan as he stuffed himself full, his eyes rolling back. He didn’t realize it in his carnal stupor, but his body began pulsating rhythmically, fluidly, and goddamn intensely with each passing second. His entire body began to tremble as it pulsated, as if gearing up for something to come.

    UUU-UUuuuhhhh,” he grunted, packing more cake into his mouth, still ignorant of the changes happening to him, as his arms and legs packed on an impossibly huge amount of weight, bursting in size from average, casual gym-goer to swim team captain to underwear model to seasoned weightlifting champion in a matter of seconds. His twisting, bulging arms twitched and flexed as he continued to absorb more of the cake into his gullet. His thighs bursted so obscenely huge and wide that he was forced to stand with his legs spread apart so as to not crush his balls. He unclenched his ass as it bulged and jumped out from his body, rounding perfectly and prompting his gym shorts to explode off his body in shreds, leaving him in only his tightening briefs.

    MMMMmmmmppphhh, fuck yeah, so fucking good,” Benji grunted in a voice far deeper than his own, shoveling more of the cake into his mouth. His skin was now beginning to audibly stretch as his body continued to swell at an impossible rate. He only mildly registered that he didn’t have as much ability to move his head around as his shoulders and neck stacked on more and more mass, while his pecs thudded against his tank top and blocked out much of his lower peripheral vision. They bounced larger and larger and larger against his chest, and their size was accentuated due to Benji’s massive arms squeezing them together as he reached forward for more and more cake, giving him mouthwatering muscular cleavage.

    His gut began to distend, not due to the copious amounts of cake he was forcing into his mouth, but rather because of the hard 8 pack that formed against the surface of his skin. Would he had any attention devoted to anything other than eating, he would’ve been thrilled to see it, since his abs was a muscle group he always had trouble growing. He continued swallowing as he could and as quickly as he could, scarfing down every last bit of the cake he could manage.

    He stopped only for a moment, and against his will. In his cessation, he realized—after about a minute of nonstop eating—that he couldn’t move at all. Not that he was paralyzed in any sense, but that he had gained so much mass in such a little amount of time that he had become immobile. He struggled to even move his arms towards the cake plate. Soon, he began to feel the crushing sensation of his monstrous musculature weighing down on him, making him feel stiff, powerless, and slightly embarrassed. At the moment he began to panic, another sensation set in.

    OOOOOooooohhh,” Benji moaned loudly as he felt a tugging sensation, one that began at his neck and started working its way slowly downwards. He could hear his bones cracking and his body reforming from within as he began to feel more movement in his head. His neck was stretching up and out of the mound of mass he had become. “Fuuuuuuucking hell, ooooohhh,” he continued moaning as his chest and torso begin to stretch, along with his arms and lower back. His body was accommodating for the huge mass he had gained with a size proportional to its growth. “Mmmmrrrpphhh oooooohhhh FUCK YEAH!!” He screamed/moaned up to the ceiling as he felt his hips and legs begin to stretch longer, accommodating for his larger size and giving his new ass and thighs a lot more room to show off. His tank top had risen so far up his torso to make room for his growing mass that it looked more like a sports bra—hell, even smaller than that. It couldn’t be pulled down any further, and the elastic of the briefs began to dig into his skin with how tight it had become. He could hear threads popping and seams tearing slowly, but not enough to relieve him of his clothes tightness.

    He finally got a good look at himself in the break from his growth. He had seen some pretty jacked guys at the gym and on athletic fields throughout his life, but not a single fucking one held a candle to him now. He was muscular godhood personified, and he wanted nothing more than to be worshiped.

    As if on queue, the threads in his briefs let out a prolonged ripping sound into the silent kitchen. He looked down to see his torn underwear fall to the floor, and his enormous cock and balls flop out from their tight position between his legs, bouncing and bobbing with the weight of their gravity. He reached down to start pumping his enhanced meat, but he quickly noticed the reason his underwear had torn now instead of sooner.

    His balls, swooping and dangling heavily between his powerful thighs, were swelling steadily larger inside their sack. He held his sack in his large hand, now barely fitting inside his palm, and could feel a churning sensation, both from the sensation in his hand and in his crotch, as his balls continued to swell. Suddenly his cock began to fatten. He had always been a little thick in the middle of his girth, but now it swelled larger beyond anything he’d seen before. It drooped lower with its new weight, and he picked it up to rest in his hand. It seemed like it was filling up with something. His knees began to wobble, experiencing a growing pain in his cock as it’s girth grew fatter and fatter and fatter, tightening the skin of his cock and making it appear red and angry.

    FFF—FFFUUUUCCK,” he groaned loudly as his cock relieved itself of its tightness and swollen appearance by shooting forward several more inches. At first, it had just lengthened, pulling more and more skin with it and thinning, but then it thickened far past its usual thickness, starting from the root, bulging out in the center a bit like he was used to, and finally causing his nubby cock head—at least compared to the rest of his body—to bloom large, fat, and spongy. The tightness now relieved, his cock began to spit out thick ropes and ropes of pink cum, the same color and consistency of the stuff he found on the floor when he came in. (Wait but what was that doing on the floor when he came in?) But it didn’t feel like he was climaxing, but rather like his body was dumping jizz as quickly as it made it, so as to not crowd his balls or his cock too much.

    He panted heavily as his cock voided huge amounts of thick, pink, creamy spunk all over the floor, splattering loudly against the kitchen tile. He tried to catch it in his hands, but it quickly overflowed in his cupped palms and spilled to the floor. Dejected, he just let the large amount that he had caught in his makeshift hand-bowl spill to the floor too. He knew he was making a ridiculously huge mess all over the kitchen, but he didn’t know what else to do. He looked around for a towel or a rag or something he could—…

    His eyes landed on the cake on the counter once again, nearly half eaten and beckoning him to finish the rest of it.

    The familiar carnal sensation overtook him once again. He was completely and utterly devoted to finishing off what was left of the delicious cake. Sure, he had already finished half of the entire thing, but his grumbling stomach pushed him to consume more.

    He dug his cum-soaked hands into the cake and brought both hands up to his face, trying to force both handfuls into his mouth at the same time. His cummy hands soaked through the cake in his hand making it a soggy mess, but upon tasting it he could tell that the tart flavor of his new jizz only served to enhance the flavor of the cake. Not to mention, jizz-soaked cake was easier to scarf down than drier cake.

    Fuck yeah, gimme—mmmrpphh—gimme more!!” Benji grunted between fistfuls of cake. He began a routine for consuming what was left: take a handful, bring it to his cock, let his endless flow of jizz soak the handful completely, bring it to his face, and eat. Then repeat the process with his other hand while he ate with other. He couldn’t help but giggle at the satisfaction his senses were experiencing, his cock and balls continuing to expand and lengthen, his face bulging and reshaping into an even more handsome mug, and his sweet, pungent musk pervading the house. All the while, his body continued to go through an intensified second round of growth. Benji didn’t comprehend a second of it though, as his mind was completely devoted to eating what remained of the cake, it’s mysterious draw hypnotizing him.

    He began to resemble an inflatable statue more than a man, as the muscles all over his body swelled exponentially larger while his limbs and bones cracked, stretched, and reformed to accommodate for his endlessly larger size. He hardly even registered it when he was forced to hunch now that his tallness had reached the ceiling of the kitchen. He just continued to take more and more of the cake, soak it in his cum, and eat it like a man possessed.

    More, fuuuuuccck yeeeeahhhh, MORE!!!” Benji yelled between laughs as the increasing weight of his body made the kitchen tile floor crack. He had now grown so much that he was forced to collapse down on his ass to sit on the cum-flooded floor. All that remained of the cake were a few lingering crumbs and the icing that had stuck to the plate. He took the cake plate—a bulky, ceramic, two-handed carry thing—and held it between his thumb and index finger, and licked the plate up and down, covering the massive plate with his enhanced tongue. Once fully cleaned, he tossed the plate into the living room nonchalantly where it shattered into several pieces, but he didn’t care.

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmm,” Benji vocalized loudly, rubbing his cobblestone, distended muscle gut. He licked around his lips and in turn cleaned the rest of his face, as his tongue could now slip down past his chin as above his nose, gaining an impressive size, even in comparison to the rest of his body. After rubbing his gut, he brought his hands up against his dresser-sized pecs and squeezed his new chest. His dinner plate-sized nipples were erect and stiff, and he teased his thumbs across them and flicked them slightly with his massive fingers. His cock continued to spit out enormous ropes of pink cum all over the floor, but his nipple stimulation caused his cock to go fully erect and swing up against his gut, still sputtering out huge volumes of his cum all over him. He couldn’t help but laugh as his cock sprayed him in the face over and over again, coating his upper body in pink and soaking his already sweat-soaked hair.

    All the while, Benji was still growing. He continued to gain musculature and his height was getting out of hand. Even through his ecstasy, Benji knew that he had to get out of there or else he wouldn’t be able to get out without breaking a couple walls and/or ceilings. He wiped his face of the pink jizz and looked around for an exit, landing on the back door adjacent to the kitchen. He shifted onto his side, his impossibly large body weight a little too much to manage, and began to crawl towards the door to the backyard, his cock still belching out huge amounts of cum, him laughing like a child at the chaotic, orgasmic absurdity of what had transpired in the time he arrived home.


    Cory and Nate writhed and twisted in the above-ground pool, each taking turns worshipping the other, sucking the other’s cock, plugging their holes with the other’s swelling member, each perhaps making a little too much noise for their tiny neighborhood with their grunting and moaning, but their deepening vocalizations is part of what drove the other crazy. Due to their heavy, continued movements within the pool, most of the water inside had splashed over the side of the pool, soaking the lush grass below, but one could hardly tell now with the excess of the sloshing, pink, viscous fluid that mingled with the water.

    Both turned around startled when they heard the back door being hit open, hearing the wood splinter slightly, and slamming against the brick wall of the house. Exerted grunting and deep laughs could be heard from inside as massive hand reached out of the door frame to get a good grip on the ground outside, followed by another one gripping the door frame.

    No fucking way,” Cory and Nate both moaned as they saw Benji’s enlarged head pop out of the doorframe, crawling his enormous body out of the house. He was giggling deeply to himself as he dragged his swelling body out of the house, Cory and Nate could see and hear huge ropes of pink jizz spray against and mess up the blinds of the living room window from inside. They both guessed that the furniture in the living room, not to mention the living room carpet, must’ve been absolutely soaked with Benji’s spunk. Nate started to feel ridiculous for feeling so guilty that he spilled a puddle of his jizz on the kitchen floor.

    Hey guys,” Benji grunted deeply with a grin as he strained to pull himself out of the house. His enormous and still-growing chest and torso were now out of the house, making Nate and Cory feel simultaneously completely inadequate but also turned on as hell, but he grunted and halted when he got to his hips. His growing body had led to a massive, rounded, god-like ass, which was thrilling to say the least, but it caused him to become stuck inside the house. He twisted and grunted but to no avail. Pink spunk was beginning to spill out of the doorway and into the backyard, providing him with some slick support, but he could feel still-growing legs in the house moving furniture around and his ass swelling larger behind him, so he knew that he wasn’t gonna get out without any property damage. ‘Gotta break a few eggs,’ he reasoned to himself in his mind as he planted both hands in front of him preparing to pull.

    Benji grunted loudly as he used his strong arms to pull himself free of the house. The wood of the doorframe splintered in a sharp snap and the brick wall buckling and cracking horizontally around the frame. Once the minor destruction subsided, Benji pulled himself away from the door and carefully guided his legs out. He turned to look at Cory and Nate again and giggled as he brought his knees in and used his massive arms to prop himself up, getting ready to stand.

    He towered above the yard, easily seeing into the yards of the next several houses town their row, not quite seeing over their roof but not far away from it either. His twitching, swelling cock kept pumping out pink spunk all over the yard, falling from his height with loud splatters at his feet. Luckily only one of their neighbors was outside tending to his garden when Benji stood. He watched paralyzed as the thick, muscular giant a few houses down stood up and arched his back in a stretch, flexing his mountainous arms as he grunted at the end of the stretch. The giant looked over at him with a grin and threw his head back in greeting. The man just stood with his hose in his hand and his mouth agape. As he watched the giant’s twitching pecs begin to jiggle and swell larger, followed by his broad shoulders and his bulging arms, the man simply dropped everything he had and ran inside.

    Benji giggled and turned back to look down at his friends. He looked down and felt up his larger pecs, moving his hands down to rub his abs, and finally flopping his huge, spurting cock against his churning nuts. He twisted and flexed his slowly swelling, bulging arms and chuckled.

    Well, Happy Birthday to me, huh?” he thundered in a deep baritone.

    Cory and Nate grinned up at him, each unsure of what to say. They both stood up in the pool, their newly jacked, upsized bodies now on full display for Benji. Benji could see that, though he was easily double, closer to triple their size, they were still absolute beasts among men, their new size and musculature could make even the most professional body builders jealous. In fact, Benji himself was getting a little stiff between the legs, his large cock—now about the length of a pool noodle and the thickness of a basketball—drooling his excess of pink jizz into the pool with heavy splatters. Nate was taller than Cory for the first time ever.

    Nate, bro, I loved the cake,” Benji said licking his lips. “Hate to say I wasn’t able to leave enough for you two to try it, but it was (*chefs kiss*) divine.”

    “Thanks, man!” Nate responded in a deep voice excitedly with a wide grin. The compliment from his giant friend made his dick throb, but he sported it in front of his roommates without any shame. “Wasn’t expecting it to turn out so, uhh. potent, but I’m glad you loved it!”

    And Cory! Looks like you’ve become confident in your sexuality! Congrats, man!”

    “Ahhh, yeah, you know it’s… What can I say? I just…” Cory dipped his head into his shoulder bashfully and scratched the back of his head. He was turned on by the mere acknowledgement from his giant friend, his dick perking up a little bit and squirting out a stronger stream of his own pink jizz that had only been drooling out of it before.

    No need to explain yourself! I’m just happy for you!” Benji boomed with a smile, Cory smiling back and flexing his arms against his sides in combined arousal and bashfulness. Benji gestured to his crotch, “Besides, your body seems to be doing all of the explaining! In fact, lemme try some of that…”

    “What—..” before Cory could finish asking what he meant, Benji brought his massive arms down and scooped Cory up into the air in front of his face. Cory’s face beamed with anticipation as Benji brought him closer, stuck out his tongue—now the size of a beach towel—and lapped up Cory’s legs up to his cock, which Benji eagerly brought into his mouth and began sucking.

    Cory threw his head back in a deep, booming moan as his cock was serviced inside the giant mouth, Benji’s skillful tongue swirling around it, the powerful suction making him feel like he was being pumped, feeling his cock beginning to unload heavier and heavier shots into Benji’s skillful mouth. Nate joined in on the action below, angling Benji’s huge cock down and punching his tongue in and out of the gushing slit of Benji’s massive cock head, giggling as stronger and stronger streams of Benji’s cum poured out and soaked his entire head as he continued tongue-fucking his friend’s gaping cock slit. Cory kept bucking his face over and over against his friend’s enormous face, his glutes tightening harder and harder with each thrust. He had been firing out a steady, unending stream into Benji’s mouth for a while now, and Benji finally pulled him out of his mouth with a sucking *pop*, letting Cory continue to unload all over his own huge cheeks, lips, chin, nose, and brows.

    Benji swallowed the remaining spunk in his mouth with a satisfied sigh. Soon after, Cory—still resting in his friend’s hands, suspended in the air—heard a loud churning in Benji’s guts, followed by the sound of churning traveling up his esophagus, arriving in Benji’s throat, as Cory braced for vomit or something to happen.

    *BUUUUUUUURRRRRRPP*” Benji belched almost deafeningly loudly onto Cory. Cory could feel the warm air pound against his body, and he was preparing for a nauseating smell to follow, but instead was pleasantly surprised to smell sweetness and sourness with just a slightly cummy scent at the end. Benji let out a shuddering breath and shook a little as a chill ran up his towering spine, and Cory could feel and hear a slight rumbling coming from Benji’s body. He smiled drunkenly at Cory as and grunted softly as his neck, shoulders, and pecs jiggled and swelled a little larger, and could feel himself rising further into the air slightly as Benji tacked on another half foot in height. A slight difference, yes, but noticeable nonetheless. Benji bent over and set Cory back down in the pool.

    Sexual liberation looks good on you, man!” Benji said to Cory with his big hands on his giant hips. He smacked his lips, “Tastes good, too… Move over, you guys, I wanna cool off a bit.”

    Nate and Cory spread to opposite sides of the above-ground pool, making room for their friend. Benji stepped through the pool and out on the other side, then squatted—his enormous thighs and calves activating—to sit down in the pool. Nate seemed to be standing in the exact direction Benji was going to sit, and he looked up to see Benji’s gargantuan ass descending, his cheeks spreading and giving Nate a front row view of his puckering rosebud. Nate was tempted to just stay there, let Benji sit on him and suck him up into his hole, squirm around in there for a bit to let Benji feel what it was like to have one of his friends inside him. Talk about a ‘Happy Birthday.’ In the last second, he decided against it and moved out of the way, letting Benji land in the water with his ass on the bottom.

    Benji shifted a bit and got comfortable, his giant, meaty arms resting against the edges of the pool and his enormous legs hanging off the side and resting in the grass outside the pool. He was surprised to feel the warmth of the water and had noticed its pink hue since the time he found his way outside. He put a hand in the water and brought it out again, watching the pink water slosh off him thickly and leaving a webby trail from the water to his hand. He sucked his hand dry and felt himself perk up yet again, this time centralized in his pecs. He felt and watched them swell, bringing his arms in to squeeze them. As he squeezed them, he was surprised when his hands pulled away to see another webby trail, only this time leading from his huge nipples to his hands. Excitement buzzed in him like a high. He was fucking milking.

    Benji looked seductively at Cory and Nate, Well, seems like you two have been busy.” Cory and Nate looked at each other and giggled, watching pink jizz continue to drool out of their swinging meats and into the water, along with the gargantuan cock between them. “Busy, busy, busy. But,” he said with a pause, thumbing his nipples and showing his two friends the cum seeping out of them, inciting them to both gasp in ecstasy. “You two still have a lot of catching up to do.”

    He beckoned them forward, cupping his huge, leaking pecs, and guided both of their smiling faces towards his puckering nipples.

    Aaaaahhhhh,” Benji groaned as he felt his two friends suckle at his bulging pecs. It was an orgasmic experience—feeling the spunk being sucked out of his chest by his two friends—so good that he was prepared to let them do it for as long as they wanted. He could feel their hard bodied grinding against his sides, their hard cocks spewing hot jizz all over him from under the pink water. As they suckled, they grunted and moaned as they began to bulge, tighten, and swell against his chest. An immense feeling of power rushed over Benji, knowing that he was the one responsible for his two friends bulking up against him, he was the titan with the power to breed more titans. He groaned and threw his head back, holding the backs of the two growing heads attached to his tits. His cock was spewing a fountain of pink jizz into the water, further thickening and diluting it. Between the growing masses inside and the movement of the three giants, the sloshing pink liquid soon reached the rim of the pool and started splashing over onto the yard.



    The party guests arrived on time and stood in the entrance to the house. The four guests—a set of twins, one short and stocky guy, and one lanky tall guy, all mutual friends of the three roommates through their shared classes/clubs/intramurals—peered into the open door but couldn’t see or hear anyone. They had all been there before to watch games, study, play PS4, etc., so none of them felt awkward or had any qualms of just.. stepping inside.

    They entered the home slowly and stepped into the familiar space. The air was rich with smells: those of cleaning products, those of baked goods, plus another one that was harder to pinpoint. Something sweet, but also sour, but also musky.

    “Guys? Helloooo, we’re here? Guys?” the tall lanky guy called through the house.

    Hooooooly shit!” one of the twins called out.

    Everyone came to see what prompted the reaction. Turning the hall, they could see that the kitchen floor was completely soaked with some kind of pink substance. Leaning forward they could see that the living room and its furniture was soaked with the stuff too. They carefully trudged through, noting it’s odd but familiar consistency.

    The short and stocky guy stood over the kitchen sink and noticed a mixing bowl inside with what seemed to be batter for whatever it was they had baked earlier, judging by the smell. He lowered his face mask and stuck a finger in the bowl and wiped its walls clean, bringing his hand up to his mouth to suck his finger clean.

    It was good! An odd flavor for sure, but still damn good.

    He stuck his finger back inside, scooped another fingerful, and sucked it clean again. Then again. Then again. Then—

    What in the fuck?!” someone said at the door to the backyard. The short stocky guy pulled back up his face mask and stopped sampling the substance in the bowl and turned around to follow everyone else to the back door.

    Several of them slipped and lost balance on their way to the door due to do the copious about of jizz all over the floor. As they each approached the door, they could hear a deep grunting and moaning building in volume.

    Except for the short stocky guy, he was taking his sweet time heading to the door because he was suddenly overcome with an intense churning feeling in his gut and felt a hot, sweaty sensation sweep through his body. It’s like he was coming down with some stomach bug in a matter of seconds. What was in that batter?! He slipped and fell face first into the mess on the floor, grunting and groaning at the slight pain. He stood up and saw that the fronts of his large shirt and shorts were soaked with the pink stuff. He also noticed the consistency of the pink stuff was the same as the consistency of what was in the bowl. He stood up, but felt as he did that he was standing taller than he was before. Stranger still, he could see himself rising higher as he planted himself on two feet. He looked down to see the ground slowly falling further and further away from him. His body began to even out a lot more, his stocky build being distributed across his new height. Just as he started to panic slightly, another burning hot sensation overtook him, prompting him to immediately remove his soiled shirt and shorts, leaving him in just his knit boxers. For some reason, he had an erection that was straining against the fabric of his underwear, but his underwear began to feel even more tight as he felt his ass push against the fabric and round out more firmly and more perfectly. He lowered his boxers, freeing his cock and balls and dropping his jaw noticing his red, throbbing erection begin to lift higher, it’s hardness making its skin super tight, and finally stretching out further than it had ever been. Then more. Then even more. He held his balls and felt them churn and swell in their sack and groaned when he felt his chest twitch and bulge out further, firmed and rounded than it ever had been, followed soon by his arms.

    “What the fuck is haaa—appening to meeeeee?” he asked to no one as his body sped up the process and started growing and bulging all over.


    Everyone except for the short stocky guy had poured into the backyard, noting the broken doorframe and the cracked wall on the outside of the door. They stood together with their mouths agape as they watched the three giants writhe and moan against one another, sucking and slurping on every gigantic body part they could in a pool that was spilling over with the same pink stuff that was in the kitchen and living room. Their faces were sharp and angled and contorted in pleasure, but they all bared a striking resemblance to the three roommates of the house, Nate, Cory, and birthday boy Benji. Benji was without a doubt the largest of the three titans in the pool, but not by two much now at this point. Cory stood over Benji’s cock like a water fountain and eagerly drank the pink stuff that was cascading out of it while Nate was latched onto one of Benji’s perky, giant nipples.

    Before they could say anything, the tall lanky guy felt heavy footsteps behind him and saw in his peripheral a hulking, bulging man’s yep up next to him. He looked over and came face to face with a voluptuous pec shelf. His eyes traveled further upwards and he swallowed dryly as he saw the face of the hulking man standing next to him: based on his eyes and his hair, it was undoubtedly their short stocky friend—though he was anything but that moments before.

    “Holy fuck,” the tall lanky guy remarked breathlessly. The twins looked around and saw their hulking friend standing behind them. He was dreamy in every way now, and his body demanded to be worshipped. Their eyes traveled downwards and noticed his complete nudity, his new porn star cock drooling more of the pink stuff onto the ground. He simply threw his head back in greeting to the rest of them and bounced his pecs for them, loving how horny he knew he was making them. He looked at the giants in the pool, quickly recognizing them as his other friends, but even more quickly noticing the source of the pink stuff that was all over the house.

    Oh fuck yeah, gimme more of that,” he said deeply as he removed his mask completely and jogged over to the pool and hopped in. Benji, Nate, and Cory welcomed him in in an inadvertently bro-like cheer. He and Cory shared a deep kiss and he then lowered himself to wrap his lips around Cory’s swollen cock head while Cory continued drinking from Benji.

    Benji turned and looked in the direction his friend came from and noticed the other guests standing near the house with their jaws hanging open.

    Guys, you made it!!” he boomed deeply with a feral grin and between moans. “Get the fuck in here! Y’all have a lot of catching up to do!”


    I first discovered that I had the power to transform others while I was at college. I must admit that at first I went a bit bad, making changes to nearly everyone that I saw. My college quickly became full of large muscular gay men and let me tell you that the rest of my time at college was interesting to say the least. That was a few years ago however, now I am a lot more selective of the people that I transform. 

    When I spotted a father and son at the beach, I knew immediately that I would transform them. The son was a skinny as a rake, while the daddy was morbidly obese. The two of them were at the completely different ends of the spectrum. 

    I though for a second of what I could do to them before being my transformation. I began by transferring some of the dads weight over to the son. Watching as the son plumped up, fat beginning to cover his body, all the while the dads fat shrinking, stopping the transfer when the dad only weighed a few pounds more than his son. 

    The two of them immediately noticed the changes and looked down in shock at their bodies. The dad ran his hands over his smaller, although still large belly. While the son jiggled his new fat with a large smile on his face, he seemed to like being fatter.  

    I could have stopped that transformation there, but that wasn’t really my style. I began to turn the fat on their bodies into muscle and again watches as their bodies tightened, large muscles appearing as the fat melted and turned into hard muscle. I paid particular attention to their pecs, forcing them to grow even bigger. 

    The two men couldn’t believe what was happening to them as their bodies transformed again, the dad flexed his expanding biceps while the son played with his growing pecs.

    I looked over my handiwork with a smile. Where there had once been a small skinny 18 year old there was now a large muscular man, with big juicy pecs. Next to his was his formerly morbidly obese father, who was now even larger than his son with thick thighs and even juicier pecs.

    The final two changes I made was one that I gave to everyone that I changed. Firstly I made each of their penises twice as large, the dad must have been packing some serious equipment to begin with, because he was now spotting a large package in his speedos.

    The final change I made was to make them both gay and have a high sex drive. I smiled as I looked over the changes before I approached them knowing that they would both take me up on my offer for a hook up right there and then, and because of my powers, no one on the beach would even care.

    Man of His Dreams - part 1

    “Honestly, your jeans barely fit over my ass now,” David’s boyfriend said as he struggled to tug the jeans up over his muscular butt.

    David just sat there, unable to say a word. He’d only been awake maybe 30 minutes and his morning had already been one of the strangest, and hottest, in his life. His girlfriend Jessica was staying over for the weekend, despite his best efforts. He’d been making excuses for the last couple of weeks as to why they couldn’t see each other but had finally run out of ways to say no; he couldn’t avoid the conversation he knew he needed to have any longer.

    You see, David was gay. He’d known on some level for a while but had never wanted to face the truth, both because he was scared of change, and because he had no idea what he’d say to Jessica. They’d known each other since they were kids who’d lived on the same street and had been as close as two people reasonably could be their entire lives. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone when they started dating in their late teens. Unfortunately for David, it was dating Jessica that would eventually lead to his realisation a few years later.


    That’s what led to last night. David wasn’t expecting it, but when they were sat eating takeout together, he just blurted it out.

    “I’m gay Jessica.”

    Jessica sighed as she put her takeout box on the coffee table, her gaze averted, “I know David.”

    “You know?”

    “I’ve had a feeling this was coming for a while.” She looked over at him, “I love you, you know I do. And I know you love me in your own way, even if that’s not the way I might want. You know, sometimes I wish I was the man you’d always dreamed of, just so we could stay together,” she said with a small laugh and a slight shake of her head. “Look, I’m glad you told me. And before you say anything, I’ll be fine. It’ll all work out I’m sure.”

    David’s shoulders relaxed, “Thank you.”

    “Besides, I’m not throwing away a lifetime of friendship just because you won’t have bad sex with me anymore.”

    David frowned, “Hey!”

    “Please, you hated it and you know it. You probably spent half the time imagining hot guys just to get hard.” David opened his mouth to respond, only to quickly close it again when Jessica raised an eyebrow at him. “See? I knew I was right. Now can we please carry on eating? I don’t want this to get colder than it probably already is.”


    It was first thing the next morning the strangeness begun. They’d shared David’s bed, they had done for years already without issue so neither really saw any problem with it.

    When David found himself alone in bed when he woke up he wasn’t surprised, Jessica had a habit of being first awake. He headed straight for the bathroom where he could already hear the shower running, intending to shave whilst he waited for the shower to be free.

    What he didn’t expect to see when he stepped into the room was a man in his shower, a very attractive man, where his probably now ex-girlfriend should have been. A man who was clearly enjoying himself.

    Something was obviously wrong here and David knew that, there was a hot jock stood where Jessica should’ve been after all, but it currently took all the effort he had not to join the hunk. When the mystery hunk noticed David was staring his face lit up with a recognition that puzzled David.

    “David!” the man exclaimed as he flexed an impressive bicep, “Like my new body?”

    “What? What the hell do you mean?” he paused, “And also, who the fuck are you, and why are you in my shower?”

    “David,” the man’s tone was softer than before, “It’s me, Jessica.”

    “If this is some elaborate prank I swear—”

    “It’s not, it’s not! I promise,” the man who claimed to be Jessica said as he stepped out of the shower and stood in front of David, “What do you think I’d get out of pretending I’d turned into a guy the day after you finally come out to me? I’m not that pissed at you.”

    “Assuming I believe you, how’d this happen?”

    Jessica shrugged as he walked past David, “Maybe my wish to be the man of your dreams came true?” After a moment’s silence Jessica nodded towards the bathroom door, “Now come on, I want to see how your clothes fit, because mine clearly won’t.”


    This is what led David to be sat on his living room sofa as Jessica paraded in and out with different sets of clothes. The most recent being David’s favourite pair of jeans, which it embarrassed him to admit was a huge turn on when he saw exactly how tight they were over Jessica’s new ass.

    “Fuck, being a man feels so good.” Jessica moaned as he flexed and groped himself in the mirror, “I know I was attracted to men before but damn, I think I get the whole gay thing now.”

    “Uh huh,” David mumbled as Jessica took off the jeans again. The mention of the wish was still on David’s mind. Whatever magic was at play here clearly knew he was gay. So he wondered, if he thought about it hard enough, would it pick up exactly the type of man he wanted? There was only one way to find out. “So, um, you know how you said you thought your wish might have come true?”


    David nodded towards the other man’s stomach, “I don't think your changes are done yet.”

    Jessica turned to look at the spot David had pointed out in the mirror, and was surprised to see a thick layer of hair started to spread over his abs and up his chest. Thick body hair like this was an alien feeling for Jessica, who had already had to adjust to the new muscle and hard lines of a male body. Not to mention the recent addition between his legs, now that had been a fun way to wake up. A tattoo formed over one bicep as skin became rougher and lost its youthful glow, they would later guess that he was at least ten years older than his previous self had been.

    David’s briefs grew tighter around his cock as it hardened, the sight of the other man’s abs as they slowly faded under a layer of fat being one of the hottest things he’d seen in a long time. The definition that had been there moments earlier was gone in seconds, and the rest of his body was soon to follow suit. Tight pecs softened and expanded, but not with the feminine curves they’d been once before. Instead, they’d become hairy mounds that Jessica dug her hands into and squeezed as they expanded around her fingers, clearly enjoying their new size. The larger, older, more bear-like man Jessica was becoming still had an obvious strength about him, but the type had come from a life more focused on a life of hard work and less religious time spent in the gym.

    Jessica ran a hand over his head as the hair there receded to almost nothing, a far cry from the flowing locks that’d been there less than a day ago. The hand made its way down over his jaw next as an itching sensation gave away the arrival of a new thick beard to match the hair that’d covered the rest of his body.

    It was obvious to both men that the changes were coming to an end as Jessica grew by another few inches, which left him over a foot taller thanks to the height he’d already gained from the first half of his transformation. Shoulders broadened and arms and legs doubled in size as the same pelt of hair finished working its way over his body from where it had begun on his now larger belly.

    “So this is the type of man you want huh?” Jessica said in a deep rumble as he turned on the spot in an effort to see every angle of his new body. “Jessica didn’t fit me after the first change, but I guess it really doesn’t fit me now does it?”

    “How about Jason?” David said, mildly surprised he could get a word out because of how painfully hard he was.

    “Jason. Yeah, Jason sounds perfect to me.” He turned away from the mirror and folded his arms over his substantial chest as he said, “So, you going to get over here and show me how a man’s body works?” the cocky expression on his face made it clear he knew just how hot he’d become.

    David shot to his feet.

    Jason smirked at the now smaller man, “Someone’s keen I see.”

    “Shut up.”


    Many hours later Jason and David were curled up together, both exhausted from the almost nonstop sex they’d been having since Jason had settled into his new body.

    “So you’re not mad about all this?” David said from where his head was rested against Jason’s soft chest.

    “You kidding? Unexpected sure, but like I said yesterday, I love you. Besides, after you spent the last few hours showing me how good this body feels there’s now way in hell I’d want to go back, if I even could.”

    “I love you too.” David replied with a yawn. “We’re going to need to go shopping tomorrow and buy you new clothes, mine aren’t gonna fit you anymore.”

    “I might not be the only one that needs new clothes.” Jason whispered to himself as he watched his boyfriend drift off to sleep.

    A New Prince

    It had been over twenty days since Merlin’s mentor in Camelot, Gaius, left for an expedition to the mountains. Of course, Merlin wanted to go with him. But as he mentioned it to Arthur, the Prince demanded that his servant had to stay inside the castle. Although the young wizard wasn’t happy about this decision he stayed at home. Maybe he could practise some magic spells he always wanted to try. Well, that was what Merlin thought he could do. In reality, Arthur barely left him alone for more than three hours during the day.

    It was early in the morning as someone was knocking loudly on the door of the building where Merlin lived with Gaius. He sighed and groaned. How long did he sleep? It felt like only two hours or less. His head felt foggy and his tongue was tinder-dry.

    “Come in”, Merlin said, rubbing his eyes and sat up on his bed. He studied his spell-books way past midnight. The person on the other side of the door tried to open it, but… oops. Merlin locked it double, with the key and with magic so no one could get into the room. Magic still was forbidden in this kingdom. As fast as his tired legs managed to bring him to the door he made his way and concentrated on the rusty lock. His eyes glowed for a second and the door sprung open.

    One of Arthur’s personal guards came in with full armour and looked down on Merlin’s unkempt appearance. “Is something wrong?”

    “No, except your need to make yourself representable so his Majesty won’t be ashamed of his favorite servant. The Prince is waiting for you to help him starting the day”, the man said and sneered at Merlin again. Merlin raised one eyebrow, but the guard silently left. “Idiot”, Merlin muttered as he quickly washed himself and put on fresh clothes. On his way to the Prince’s rooms he met a few other servants who greeted him. A few metres away from the rooms of Arthur Merlin already could hear the other very impatient man yelling for him.

    “WHERE IS MERLIN?!” Arthur’s words could he heard all through the castle and Merlin rolled his eyes. Quickly he opened the door and stepped in. Arthur was sitting on his bed, half-naked and his face red from screaming. As soon as the Prince’s eyes discovered Merlin his face calmed and he almost smiled at him. “Finally, you’re late, Merlin”, Arthur said and stood up. He closed the little distance between them. “I need you to help me with a cramp in my back. My father hired a new swordsman to train me. I need to be back there in two hours”, the Prince told Merlin and showed his muscular back.

    “How do you want me to help? Muscles need to relax. It’s not like I can snip my fingers and you’re perfectly fine… Sir”, Merlin said in a joking tone and quickly added the last part. Although Arthur was a douche he still was the Prince. But Arthur simply smiled.

    “You and your big mouth, Merlin. I don’t care how you do it. Just do something. Don’t you have some oils from Gaius?”

    Merlin thought about the masses of little jars and vials inside Gaius’ laboratory. But this was all very magical. So… this won’t be a good idea. “No, nothing”, Merlin lied and shook his head. Arthur’s face raised an eyebrow, but shrugged afterwards.

    “Then use your hands to press it away. Now, Merlin”, Arthur commanded and laid on his royal bed with his seemingly hurting back visible. Merlin sighed and pulled up his sleeves. Guinevere would have loved this more than him, he thought and started massaging the Prince’s back. From time to time Arthur speaker to him, mostly something like “Ugh, your hands are cold!” or “Not this rough, I’m a prince and not some food in the kitchen”. After a few tries Merlin seems to have found the spot. The muscles beneath the skin felt like a knot under his fingers, but he could not make it go away. Maybe he needed some more power to ease Arthur’s discomfort. Carefully he closed his eyes and tried to let his magic flow into the cramped muscle. Suddenly his hands felt warmer and the hardened area beneath his hands became softer.


    “Don’t you dare stopping now, Merlin!”, Arthur said as Merlin had stopped touching the other one’s back and looked down his hands. A strange tingling spread inside of them. But it was not the first time after he used magic. So, he continued as Arthur wished. The Prince started groaning and seemed to enjoy the massage Merlin was giving him as the young wizard suddenly felt warmth rising inside his body.

    Merlin looked down on his hands and… saw them changing their colour! Inch by inch his fingers took on a steadily darkening skin tone. Panic rose in the young man but he could not stop working on the other’s back. His breathing became heavier as the tan skin spread over his body. Merlin grunted. And as he looked down on Arthur’s back he could swear that his muscles were looking less trained and his skin quite paler.

    “Arthur, are you okay?”, Merlin asked in fear as the veins on his hands thickened and became much more visible than before. But Arthur didn’t answer with words and just… moaned? Merlin couldn’t trust his ears, but he was very sure the man in front of him was moaning in pleasure. He again wanted to stop and let loose of the Prince but then felt something racing inside his body. Energy, pure magical energy was flowing through his widening veins. Merlin started to feel very warm and sweat was dripping down his forehead and on Arthur’s squirming and now obviously shrinking back. Without a warning, the clothes on his upper body disappeared into thin air and left his lanky body glistening with sweat. Arthur moaned again and Merlin felt this noise triggering something inside of him.

    Following the way of his thinking veins Merlin’s body started to gain more weight. Wherever the tan skin had spread, the small muscles under Merlin’s skin thickened. His biceps and triceps swelled with strength. Merlin’s chest doubled in size and grew way past the mass Arthur possessed. His breaths became deeper as his lungs expanded inside his chest. Merlin looked at his still rising chest in fear. He needed to stop this, he needed to get to Gaius… but these thoughts became more quiet as thick pecs rose of his glistening chest. “O Lord”, Merlin grunted as the changes spread over his body. His neck thickened and his Adam’s apple grew more visible. Merlin’s s voice deepened and changed into something that sounded more like voice of royalty.

    He looked down and gasped as he saw that the muscular, tall man in front of him shrank down to a small and thin person. Suddenly Arthur turned around and looked with lust up to Merlin who was in shock. A loud cracking sound echoed through Merlin’s body. With force his spine elongated and his bones became longer and thicker. Merlin grunted and then moaned in surprise as someone started licking on his nipples! In shock and arousal he couldn’t do anything to stop the Prince continuing.

    “You’re looking so hot today, Sir”, Arthur said with a sultry voice that was much higher than usual. Merlin was about to protest but then his stomach bulged outside and cut-like abs came to the surface. And without thinking about it, he instinctively put his grown hand behind Arthur’s shrunken head and pushed him against his pecs. Eagerly Arthur sucked and licked on Merlin’s chest and made the changing man throwing back his head. Slowly Merlin’s scalp began to tingle. His short, dark-brown hair grew longer and curlier until it reached his wide shoulders. The dark colour faded into his head and left him with thick blonde locks, bouncing up and down with his movements.

    The tingling spread over his whole body as every hair turned blonde. In the moment it reached his legs they grew thick with muscle too, followed by a coating of blonde hair. Merlin was lost in pleasure and was moaning against Arthur’s thinning body. With a slurping sound Arthur let loose of Merlin’s pecs and his dainty, slim fingers went down south. Merlin’s eyes glowed with magic and changed into a blue colour while Arthur’s became brown and his short blonde hair became a mousy brown mess.

    Merlin could feel the other man’s hand playing with his sensitive skin above his crotch. He smiled and nodded. The smaller man reached into the black pants and took out Merlin’s cock that was starting to get harder by the second. “Now, Arthur, do it”, Merlin grunted and moaned in pure pleasure as he felt the soft, wet lips around his cock. His body began to move on its own again as he pushed his hips forward and started face-fucking the man kneeling in front of him on his bed. His bed? It was Merlin’s bed! He was the Prince of Camelot! The Prince with the beauty of an angel. As he thought this Merlin’s face sharpened. Blonde stubble appeared on his chin and his chin became stronger, manlier! His lips puffed up and bit on them as his cock swelled inside the other man’s mouth. Bit by bit it widened and became longer until it was pushing down deep into the hot welcoming throat in front of him. His average brown pubes thickened and his balls dropped lower, growing tighter between his muscular thighs. A manly scent spread through the rooms and with a deep, guttural moan Merlin, the Prince of Camelot shot his cum deep down into the throat of his personal servant. New memories built up in his mind. Growing up in the palace, training to become king in the future, having as much women and men as he wished, but most of the time he was fucking the mind out of this man in front of him.


    With a relieved groan, Merlin pulled his cock out and smiled as he saw that Arthur had shot his load too. “Thank you for helping me with my cramped muscles”, Merlin said and raised his arms to his sides. Hasty his servant sprang down the bed and started cleaning his Prince with a wet towel and helped him getting his clothes on. Before he left his rooms the Prince gave his small servant a little kiss on the forehead that made him blush. “I’ll wait for you, Sir, whenever you need my assistance”, the small man said and Merlin could feel his cock already harden again. “I know”, he said and left for the breakfast with his father, King Uther. Oh, he loved being the Prince!

    Hello tf-fans! This is a story based on a idea of @guytransformedforever. I hope you’ll like it! :D Thanks again for the awesome talk about potential transformations ! If anyone of you people have ideas for future stories or just want to have a little chat - drop me a message or ask a question! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have fun and stay safe! 💜

    Second note: I know I haven’t been posting very much in the last weeks, but I want to make a little experiment: one story (at least) per week. I can’t guarantee it will work, but it’s worth a try! 😄 And thank you very much for all of your fantastic submitted ideas. I hope I can answer them soon!


    I can’t stand how sweaty the men at the gym are. They are always teaming so much and they never bathe !! Can you make them shower? I hate that smell

    Sure the men at the gym stink, but have you ever thought you could be the problem? You do appear to be the odd one out after all! You may hate that smell but they don’t mind it. I don’t think they’re the ones that need to change, I think it’s you. Now don’t panic it’s not that bad smelling like a musky gym sock wherever you go. You’ll get used to the smell eventually I’m sure. Now let’s go to the very place you hate the smell of. The gym. I snap my fingers and in a flash we’re stood in the men’s changing rooms. The smell of sweat and testosterone fill the air, you were right it’s almost suffocating but very soon your going to be adding your own funk to the already pungent stench. So let’s get started. What? Did I turn up the heat? Kinda, see I didn’t actually make the gym hotter, only you. It feels like your stood out in the sun as a thick hot air beats down on your skin. It’s almost uncomfortable as your sweat glands are sent into overdrive. Let’s help you out of those pesky clothes. SNAP! There we go your just in your underwear now and geez your ass crack is soaked with sweat. It looks like you wet yourself from behind.

    I’m sorry man but this is going to be common for you now, it’ll be rare you end a day without a wet butt from all the sweat. Your whole body is glistening! And god it stinks! Dude you already smell like you’ve just finished a workout but you’re still far from finished. Now that your always hot you’re going to be sweating all the time. Even if you showered you’d just come back out dripping in sweat again. Pit stains and wet patches down your back and around your collar are always going to happen. Maybe don’t get any expensive clothes from now on. Actually, that gives me a great idea! SNAP! Okay so I made a small change. Now all of the clothing you own is gym clothing and if you ever try to wash it it’ll come back out stinking just as bad. Let’s get you some clothes then. You’re too hot to wear anything right now? Okay well at least put on this tank top. I found it in lost and found, of course it stinks of sweat, the last person that seared it probably soaked it through and now it’s dried. See it fits you perfectly and you’re already soaking it through. Okay a few more changes and we’ll be done. You’ll be a new, disgusting man! Now let’s put some hair on your chest so your body will be even warmer! SNAP! Try not to scratch it, I know it’s itchy but just let it grow in. You can feel your chest get scratchy as thick corse hair begins to cover it, your nipples are completely covered but the dense pelt. What starts as a light snail trail creeps across your entire stomach. You face starts to itch as a beard pushes it’s way across your cheeks until it looks like you’ve been growing it for years. Speaking of cheeks, you ass begins to feel fuzzy as the black hair covers it making your sweaty underwear even more uncomfortable. This is looking great. The hair makes the stench stick to you even more as it looked matted from the sweat that glistens across it. Now, to add fuel to this sweaty fire, let’s make you feel a bit...fuller. SNAP! Oh yeah this part might feel a bit strange. What starts as a feeling of fullness grows into feeling like you’ve demolished a buffet. Your stomach feels painfully tight as it starts to slowly push out. At first you just look bloated, but that bloat soon turns into soft, warm fat. And trust me fat guys sweat A LOT! Looking down you see as the best your wearing pushes out getting tighter and tighter across your belly. Soon the orb I front of you obscures the view of your feet and you can’t even see your underwear anymore. As soon as it started it calms down. You lift up your vest and look down and the big fuzzy ball. Your belly button looks like a cavernous hole and bits of lint are stuck to your hairy gut. Droplets of sweat drip off your forehead and beard and land on the top of your gut, splashing as it mixes in with the rest of the sweaty gleam. What was that big guy? It’s heavy? Well of course it feels heavy, with a ball gut like that you must be about 250 pounds now. And trust me even walking around is going to send you into an overblown sweat, never mind working out. Working out is still going to be something you have to do, you’re the smelliest guy in the gym after all, and if you want to work off that gut it’ll take a lot of hard work. You should carry a towel or two around the gym with you, trust me any surface your body touches is going to be left with warm slimy sweat. And it’s going to stink. No amount of deodorant or showers is going to cover your stench. You might as well just chill in a sauna, you look like you just stepped out of one! I know this isn’t what you wanted but trust me, this is better. Now all of the guys in the gym will want to shower. They don’t want to end up like you after all. Walking into a room your going to smell like the world’s busiest gym. I’m sure some people won’t mind a guy that stinks like an overused jockstrap.

    The Gentleman’s Regular

    This idea was submitted by @burningwinnercollector1

    Royalholt was a small sleepy town. There were a few shops but if you wanted something you generally had to go out of town. One of the biggest inconveniences for the young people there there was a lack of a barbers. This was a particularly large annoyance for Hayden. He liked to look fresh and groomed. He was a bit of a womaniser but he hated having to venture out of town to get a haircut every few weeks, although he liked the change of scenery. The town was mostly full of old folk with boring jobs. He couldn’t wait to leave. He needed somewhere with a good barbers as his hair would grow quickly and was difficult to maintain of it wasn’t cut regularly. It cost too much money for Hayden to keep travelling out of town. That’s when a barbers opened seemingly out of nowhere. No one even really noticed it. No one apart from Hayden.

    The barbers seemed old fashioned with the classic blue, red and white pole outside of it. It was called “The Gentleman”. The seats were made of fine leather and the whole interior had a high class aesthetic. Hayden wondered how they thought they’d stay in business in a town like this, especially as it seemed completely empty of customers. As Hayden entered a bell rang and an eccentric man stepped out. He had a long groomed beard and looked like a hipster in a gentleman’s clothing. He motioned for Hayden to take a seat. “So what would you like young man?” Hayden wanted a trim up, but he was going to get far more than that.

    One of the strange things the barber did was he turned Hayden’s chair away from the mirror. Hayden wasn’t used to this, he liked to see his hair being cut, it was normal therapeutic to watch, but for some reason he felt completely relaxed. The way the barber massaged his head as he trimmed and made small talk put Hayden at ease. As he got chatting to the barber he asked why he’d set up a business in somewhere so out of the way? “Well I like to get my customers, and a town like this I’m sure I’ll make myself a regular or two.” The two chatted away like the man had been cutting Hayden’s hair for years. Or had it been years? Hayden felt confused. This is where he always had his hair cut wasn’t it? As he pondered his physique started to change. His stomach felt puffy, almost like his shirt was getting tight. Hayden thought nothing of it though as the black apron wrapped over him obscured his view of his body. As the haircut continued, Hayden felt more and more bloated but the haircut made him so relaxed. “Want me to do the beard as well?” Beard? Hayden didn’t have a beard, he kept his face shaven. That’s when he noticed the itch under his nose and felt prickling around his lips. Of course he had a beard. He’d been growing it ever since he could grow one. As the barber kept cutting away Hayden noticed the hair landing in front of him wasn’t all black. There were a few greys. How could that be? He was only 22! No wait, 32. Or was it 37? He couldn’t remember, he was far too relaxed. That’s when the apron lifted up as it was pushed up by something underneath. “Want me to find the bigger one? I know this small one doesn’t quite cover you like it used to. The barber went and grabbed another apron for Hayden and quickly changed them over. Hayden was too relaxed to pay it much attention and failed to see his now bloated overhanging belly. His shirt buttons were strained and barely holding together over the bulbous round ball.

    The barber was quick to distract Hayden as he placed the other apron over him. As he was cutting Hayden’s beard he asked, want me to get rid of those hairs on your ears too quick, they can be so pesky can’t they?” Eat hair? What was he on about? Only old men got hair coming out their ears. But Hayden was getting on a bit and they were pesky to trim. Hayden agreed and the barber did his work. He then proceeded to add the finishing touches to Hayden’s hair, now all of the hair falling with every snip was silver and thin. “I must say Hayden, I’ve out done myself this time, for someone of your age I look like I’ve trimmed off ten years!” The barber said with a gentle smile. He turned Hayden’s chair around to face the mirror and Hayden saw himself for the first time. His hair was thin and grey all over. He sported a matching beard that was neatly trimmed. His face looked so much older and his skin had wrinkles. His hair had receded and he looked like a fat old man. “It’s perfect son! The wife will love it! You’ve always done such a good job.” Hayden was no longer the young athletic womaniser at his collage. Now? Hayden was a long matured man with his first grandchild on the way and a stable job as a trucker. But he still liked to keep himself well groomed, and “the Gentleman” had been his go to barbers since he was a young man.

    As the apron came off, Hayden’s clothes had changed into the basic flannel shirt and denim pants that he saw most men his age in town wearing. He paid the barber and gave him a firm handshake. Hayden would see him again in a few weeks, he was one of “the Gentleman’s” best regulars, had been for decades. He was their first ever customer, and even since then he’s been his barber’s favourite.


    It was an unusually hot day, and the local pool was busy. Children were running wild whilst their parents soaked up the sun on their loungers scattered around the pool. James and his friends had decided to go to the pool to beat the heat. With college, James was normally swamped with essays and assignments, so he was excited to take a break at the pool. He stripped off his shirt and was chilling by the pool.

    His friends were off messing around in the water but James wanted to just sit back with his legs in the water. As he leaned back, he knocked over a little girl holding a rubber ring. As she fell, she slammed the ring on the corner of a lounger. This resulted in a large pop that started James. As the girl started to cry, James tried to apologise which only made her cry louder. Before long her dad was stood over James. He was tall and broad with a muscular build.

    “So son, how’re you gonna fix this?” The man had a deep voice and was very imposing to James. He continued to apologise profusely to the man and his crying daughter before the man had enough of James. “I hope you didn’t have any plans for today, your going to be with us today.” James was confused by what the man said until the man gave James a sharp shove, sending him falling backwards into the pool. As he came up for air, James felt different. He almost felt bloated as he stood up in the water. Without warning, he felt himself fart under the water as bubbles rose to the surface behind him. He started walking towards the ladder to get out of the pool, a trail of bubbles following him the whole time. As he reached an arm out for the ladder, he felt something poking into his stomach. He looked down to see he now had a round ball gut poking out where his flat stomach should have been. What the hell? He grabbed it with his hands and it felt hard and round. He pushed it only to be treated with a blistering fart pushing out his ass and a hefty burp exploding from his mouth. Was it gas?

    He started to feel almost lighter as the bloated feeling spread to the rest of his body. His arms and legs started to puff out as his pecs started to inflate. They looked softer and started to rest on his blown out gut. That’s when his bloated belly started to rise in the water, it felt light. It was almost bobbing in the water as he saw a shadow creep across his fatter frame. “Looks like you’ll make a fine float boy!” The father said. Before James could respond, the little girl dived onto him, sending him crashing back into the water. Be floated to the surface lying on his back where he floated on the water. The girl was lying on his bloated belly as she splashed her legs in the water. James yelled at her to get off to no avail. “Now listen here, you let my daughter use your fat belly as a floatie for the rest of the day, or that air inside of you will turn to pure lard, you got it boy?” Deciding he didn’t want this to become a permanent situation, James decided to stay silent.

    The day passed quickly and james spent most of it on his back in the pool, with the little girl jumping or laying on his rotund belly. Whenever she moved it would cause him to burp or fart which would make her giggle. As people started to leave, the dad came up to his daughter and picked her out of the pool. “What about me?” James said as he wobbled his way to the ladder. “Don’t worry son, it’s not permanent. But it’ll take a while for you to deflate.” The man chuckled as he left the pool with his daughter. Over the next few days, James would slowly get back to normal. Although all that gas had to come out somewhere. He found himself constantly burping and farting whenever he moved. He certainly would be more careful next time he spent a day at the pool.


    For my birthday wish, I want to spend a vacation as a burly woodsman! Though I don’t want it to be all rainbows and sunshine. I like to help others so I also wish for my body to change to help others how they see fit. Hopefully others don’t take too much advantage of this wish...

    So a vacation as a big, burly woodsman? I can certainly get a present along those lines arranged for your birthday. And don’t worry, I’d never make any change all rainbows and sunshine. A woodsman is a tough and strenuous position to be in. So I hope you like work because you’ll have a lot of it! So let’s take a look at you...

    You look like a cute boy next door type. Slim frame with a bit of muscle. Cute face and a nice short hair cut. However, this certainly won’t do for a woodsman. Have you ever worked manual labour before? No! Well let’s change that, here take this. Yes it’s an axe, you’ll have to get used to holding one. Sure it seems heavy now but it won’t be for too long.

    I lead you into an open field behind a log cabin seemingly in the middle of nowhere. You don’t even remember how we got there but before you know it I place a large piece of wood on a chopping block I front of you. See for the body of a woodsman you need to earn it. So get chopping. As you swing the axe down the wood splits in half. Then seemingly by magic, another appears where it once stood. This was going to be a tough change. Even after a few swings of the axe, you were covered in sweat and that pretty boy image was beginning to fade.

    A tan started spreading across your body as if you’d spent most of your days shirtless in the sun. Your body kept changing as you chopped the wood. Your arms grew bigger as muscle started bulging beneath the skin. Pretty soon the axe felt like nothing in your hands. Your pecs grew out as they became more prominent and bounced when you’d chop each piece of wood. Your face became more angular and your brow pushed out giving you a handsome but simple appearance. Your ears even pushed out to make the simple lumberjack look come together. Just like your arms, your legs began to beef up. You found yourself having to change your stance as you felt more grounded with your heavier legs. They were thick and would help you whenever you carried heavy loads. Callouses started appearing on your hands from years of holding your axe and dirt became cemented underneath your nails. You raised your arm to wipe the sweat away from your forehead and felt corse hair scratch your skin. You looked down to see your forearms looking hairier. In fact, most of you was starting to look hairier. A light patch of hair appeared down your abs and across your pecs. You were starting to look like a real woodsman. And with that, the wood stopped appearing on the tree stump. You dropped the axe to the ground and looked at your new body. It felt heavier. Bigger even! You could feel the power behind your arms as you lifted them to your face to get a closer look. You were covered head to toe in a light sheen of sweat. You stunk of it too. I walked up to you and placed a camo hat on your head and chucked an old T-shirt at you.

    Now these were the terms of your change, from now on you’ll be a woodsman. Chopping wood and doing manual labour all day every day. Well, only until the magic wears off. See, this is a small town you’ll be in for a while. The people are friendly and everyone knows everyone. You’ll just be the new friendly, neighbourhood lumberjack. There’s a few people here that will need some help and only once you no longer need to help anyone, only then can you change back and will go back home. And with that I was gone.

    At first the terms of your wish didn’t seem too bad. The locals were very kind to you. Everyone was always happy and you quickly gelled with everyone. As for the helping other part. It started off quite simple. Pushing a car, chopping down some trees, emptying a gutter. Every time you helped someone it seemed another had a favour to ask just moments later. Not only that, every time you helped someone, you found your body changing slightly, or your mind. When you helped Dale get his tractor running again, your mind filled with knowledge of tractors and mechanics. When you helped Agnes by tiling her roof, you felt a beard sprout across your face. Although small, each change felt different to the first time you changed. You almost felt like you were becoming a larger part of the community. At one point you were worried you’d never be able to leave. You got really scared when farmer Tanner at the old dairy farm asked you to help with mucking out the barn and you found yourself beefing up. Your once sculpted abs were now hidden under a thick layer of fat making you look a little older. You even found yourself talking like the locals. A ‘howdy’ here and a ‘yall’ there were becoming permanent parts of your vocabulary. But it only took helping one person to make your stay at this small back woods town a permanent one.

    One day you were helping a couple with a hornet nest that was in their backyard when their son came up to you. He must have been about 20 and seemed a bit lonely. You’d seen him around town a couple of times but he always seemed a bit distant. He asked if he could join you whilst you worked and you were compelled to let him. You got talking and he was asking you a lot of questions. Mostly about women. He’d asked if you’d ever slept with a woman before, how many you’d slept with, and if you found them attractive. This seemed strange to you, why was he so curious? Then it hit you.

    “So, mister, I’ve heard you’re from outta town. I’ve heard of city slickers being okay with the whole gay thing, what do you think of it?” You didn’t know how to respond but things made sense. This was a small town and being a homosexual wasn’t talked about here. So the kid must have been closeted. But before you could answer he grew flustered.

    “God you just don’t get it do ya? No one does. I just wish I could find some hot, lumberjack daddy type who would take me away from here.” In an instant you felt your body start to move on it’s own. You stepped forward and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. What were you doing? Why couldn’t you stop? You felt your tongue exploring the inside of his mouth and felt his doing the same to yours. You felt his hand slipping down your back and into the back of your pant. Oh shit.

    With every second the two of you were making out you could feel your body changing. You felt as your muscles started to fade slightly as you put on a bit more fat. Soon, you had a bit of a beer gut but you still had a lot of muscle behind the extra flab. You could feel as your body aged a few decades sending your into your late thirties/early forties. The hair on your head started to recede it became thin and your hairline was way further back under your cap. Your blood was pumping faster as you grew erect and horny. This wasn’t just some kid from town, this was your husband. Sure he was younger but this was your lover. Trees and grass shifted and twisted until you were in a deep part of the forest with a log cabin behind you. It was yours. The two of you built it miles away from anyone because no one understood the two of you in that small town. Now it was just the two of you alone as it had been for years. Surviving on the land with no one to tell the two of you what to do. After all, you were helping him. And this required a permanent change. I hope you enjoy your new life as a true lumberjack daddy. No cares in the world. Just a big burly woodsman, with his husband and his cabin.