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2022-05-01 07:58:33

    Hey remember in elementary school how the gym teacher just went "ok now climb this like 15 foot rope" with no safety equipment or information about the technique for doing so


    like they really did just go "ok im laying down a pad thats like 1 inch thick in case you fall" and then tell you to climb the thing without teaching you how to safely climb a rope


    remember when they’d just put kids on a track when it was hot and force them to run a mile, also with no information about technique, and then would scream at them if they walked or took a break


    It really prepares you for some aspects of adult life. Like how the goverment expects us all to organise our recipts and do our taxes every year, but we spent so much time in school fucking around with graphing calculators figuring out (what I later found out to be trajectories, but the teacher said we didnt need to know what it was for but we needed to know how to do it) how to calculate an arc out of pixels, that we never got to learn how to do our taxes. Being unprepared is fine, be unwilling is wrong though.


    “I hate fandom, it’s everywhere on this site,” Sir (gender-neutral) this is Tumblr, aka the Denny’s parking lot at 3 am of websites.

    Of course, fandom is everywhere. Their tagline on the app store used to be “the home of fandom.” You’re the one who walked in here, you can walk yourself right back out.


    Do we need to remind people of Tumblrman?


    God, I’d somehow forgotten this existed. What a cursed time to be reminded of it.


    i had to trace over him and yes he DOES look like kevin bacon with a bad mullet:


    ah yes, here he is, dr. harrstiel sherloki tumblrman.


    Date of origin: fucking today, April 5 2022