Broken and Violated.

Broken and Owned. Forced to worship Blacks. The true place of all white women. I am not special. I am holes for superior black Gods to use in every and any way they see fit. "No" is not an option for me. I make money for my Man.

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2019-06-23 22:50:07

    … because broken girls value the attention of Men, no matter what form it takes. Dad taught you that the life of a Man is already fraught with enough stress that He doesn’t need His broken girl making a fuss and adding to it.

    Abuse is at the very core of why you are a broken girl, and you need Me to understand and accept you for it. Far be it from Me to deny you that thing that made you what you are today.

    Now, open your mouth. I need to piss.


    I’ll only say thank you


    I just need that friend that I hang with but in secret we eat each other’s pussy, suck titties and finger each other until we cum! 🤤😋😏


    Where are they??👀👀


    ! 👀 ( Bay Area )


    Where she at tho 👀👀


    I’m in the DMV.. Where are you??? 🚗🚲🚐🚞✈️🚊


    DC in the house…. where yall female at?