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    friendly reminder that u can be like “lin manuel miranda created a work of art that was meant to highlight performers of color and made broadway mainstream again and was full of amazing themes and motifs” and still be like “but hamilton is inherently problematic because it glorifies the founding fathers when they should not be treated as people to look up to” like u can and should do that

    “I'm safe.

    “I hope everyone is okay.

    “The Portland Police lost control tonight.

    “The only reason I made it home safely tonight is because my community had my back.

    “The Police declared a public disturbance right as we arrived, before anything could even be disturbed, and they attacked us minutes later.

    “In spite of a national moratorium and a restraining order, the police used tear gas on a crowd that included children, in the neighborhood filled with families, families who were on their porches supporting the people.

    “Police targeted streamers and journalists who were documenting their crimes, brutalizing them while screaming "stop resisting" to people who were laying on the ground with their arms covering their heads.

    “Police shot impact munitions and pepper bullets at people who were doing nothing but standing on a sidewalk or in the blocked off road, deliberately shooting people in the face, neck, and groin.

    “Police deliberately hit people in the head with batons and trampled over those who were doing nothing but peacefully sitting in protest of police brutality.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police broke the national moratorium on the use of teargas in non-life-threatening situations.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police disregarded the local court order banning the use of teargas in non life-threatening situations.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police broke their contract with this city and they need to be held accountable.

    “The Portland Police ignored the Constitution of the United States and stole our first amendment right to assemble.

    “If the police are the ones who are breaking the law - ignoring our protections under the Constitution, ignoring a national moratorium on teargas, ignoring a direct order from a judge - if the police are the criminals, and if the mayor supports their criminal activities, what recourse do the people have?

    “If the police can break any law whenever they want, without consequence, if they can target journalists, if they can brutalize peaceful protesters, if they can gas an entire neighborhood filled with families, if they are exempt from acknowledging the protections of the Constitution of the United States - and there is literally nothing we can do about it because City Hall said so in the contract they signed with these pigs, then it is the DUTY of the mayor and City Hall to end this contract that endangers the entire city.

    “It is a contract that allows the police to do anything they want to anyone in Portland for any reason that they see fit, and have zero consequences for it.

    “This is the contract that the mayor signed with these animals.

    “I want to file a lawsuit. I want to take every possible peaceful step to find recourse. I want to believe that there is a legal way to get justice. Because if we cannot find recourse politically, peacefully, then it confirms that we don't live in a free country. If we don't live in free country, then we live under tyranny. If we live under tyranny, then it is our duty - to ourselves, to our children, and to future generations - to fight for our liberation by any means necessary. And believe it or not, that is the last thing I want.”

    - from a Facebook post dated July 1, 2020 (name redacted due to ongoing police retaliation issues)