The fighting doesnโ€™t just end after they come home.

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    Powerful.. Joshua Dyer (aged 14) was tasked at school to write a poem for Remembrance Day. An hour later (without any help) he produced this..


    One thousand men are walking

    Walking side by side

    Singing songs from home

    The spirit as their guide

    They walk toward the light milord,

    they walk towards the sun

    they smoke and laugh and smile together

    no foes to outrun.

    These men live on forever

    in the hearts of those they saved

    a nation truly grateful

    for the path of peace they paved.

    They march as friends and comrades

    but they do not march for war

    step closer to salvation

    a tranquil steady corps

    the meadows lit with golden beams

    a beacon for the brave

    the emerald grass untrampled

    a reward for what they gave.

    They dream of those they left behind

    and know they dream of them

    forever in those poppy fields

    there walks one thousand men

    Joshua Dyer 2019 (aged 14)

    Lest we forget

    This has to be shared. An incredible poem from 14 year old Joshua Dyer



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    I donโ€™t want to be the one that said โ€œI told you so.โ€ but the American farmer has been trying themselves to the government for a very long time. For so long that I rarely talk about it anymore.

    The farmers have let the government set the price for their crops, been paid to not farm segments of their land, taken government loans for the latest equipment and products. If it involves farming there is a government program offering a handout.

    Now granted these farmers still have to work their land but there are government quotas and government insurance for when the quota is not met. There are loans for every possible need that these farmers and ranchers have been taking advantage of.

    Too late they realize that it has been the government taking advantage of them. The government has been tying the farmer around the government finger for a very long time.

    For so long in fact that the government feels at liberty to tell a farmer that he must destroy his crop, or a rancher that his herd must be culled. The tragedy of all this is that the farmer and the rancher will cull his herd and burn his crop. He will be paid by the government for doing so.

    Good crops burned or dumped on the ground to rot. Healthy cattle and chickens slaughtered because the G man said it had to be done.

    This has been going on for a very long time. I knew a lady that inherited a ranch in southern Colorado. This was back in the 90s. The ranch she inherited was about to go under. It was enrolled in every government program available and it was still losing money.

    The first thing that this lady did was get out of every one of those government programs. Some she had to take out private loans just to pay the ransom.

    Her first two years were very tight. She continued her day job. (That was how I knew her. We worked together) The ranch lost money those two years, but not as much as it had been losing. Her third year she made a profit. She told me then that she believed that she could be profitable from then on. Thatโ€™s when she quit working and moved down to the ranch for good.

    She told me that she would never fall for the government hoax and that she was going to make the ranch pay for itself. I never saw her again. I hope she is doing well and I hope that she passed her knowledge on to her children. I hope that ranch is still wild and free. Free from the clutches of an out of control government.

    Iโ€™ll end this post by saying what I often do, โ€œFree men should not ask of their government the things required for slave ownership.โ€ When we ask these things the government assumes that it owns us. This applies not just to farmers and ranchers. It applies to every man that wishes to remain free. It applies to the laborer, the truck driver, the engineer and the technician. It should also apply to the fellow on welfare and with the government job. Free men donโ€™t need a handout. Occasionally they need a hand up. What they need is opportunity. Stay off of the government tit. Stay free!