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    My advice to you is that if you wanna do something totally different and reinvent a little part of yourself but you’re afraid people will think you’re trying too hard: just do it anyway.

    In high school there was a girl who wore heels every single day and I was so envious. I wanted to wear heels but I was a huge tomboy growing up and no one thought of me as feminine and I was worried people would think I was being “fake,” or trying too hard.

    But one day I wore a pair and I got a lot of remarks, not all of them nice. And then I wore another and another until one day a girl said to me “I wish I could wear heels like you and [the girl I envied] but I couldn’t pull it off.”

    And I realized I’d become known for wearing heels and it was just a thing I did now and nobody questioned it.

    I know this is such a small thing but I have held on to this lesson throughout my young adulthood because it’s proven true again and again with bigger things like my career and my sexuality

    When you first step out of the idea of yourself other people have accepted or invented and express a part of you that they don’t know, it’s scary. People like to think they know you you, and challenging their perception of you threatens them.

    That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to express who you are.

    You’re not fake or trying too hard just because you decide to share a new side of yourself!!!

    When people say “stop sexualizing breasts”, they don’t mean “breasts aren’t sexy and you should not find them attractive.”

    What they mean is that, while they can certainly be enjoyed in a sexual context, that is not their sole function, and they are a neutral body part that should be allowed to exist without comment in a comfortable state (no bra if the person doesn’t want one).

    Ways in which we sexualize breasts:

    Making fun of saggy breasts (bc they aren’t sexually attractive).

    Treating large breasts as superior to small breasts.

    Treating large breasts as more vulgar than small breasts.

    Treating small breasts as superior to large breasts.

    Using breast size as a measure of physical maturity.

    Insisting that it is necessary to wear shapewear to make them look sexier even when it is not a sexual situation (such as going to the store).  Some shapewear is worn for comfort/support/fun, but wearing it should be left up to the individual, and bralessness should be considered unremarkable and boring, not slovenly or unsexy.

    Insisting that breastfeeding parents cover up because the exposure of a breast is an inherently provocative and aggressively sexual act and it is not okay for people to do that where other people can see, or because it is considered rude to let babies have the titty when grown-ups cannot also have the titty. (And if you ever, ever compare breastfeeding to a sexual act, I will piss in your eyes.)

    Focusing breast health issues around “save the boobies” instead of “save the person and ditch the breasts if you gotta” (bc again, sexual value).  This also excludes male victims of things like breast cancer, because male breasts are not even acknowledged, let alone considered sexy or worthy of “saving.”

    In fact, culturally we insist pretty stridently that men should not have breasts.  Only women should.  Because women are meant to be sexually attractive at all times, but god forbid that a man look like a woman because that is sexually unattractive.  (This is also transphobic as fuck.)

    Imposing different rules on pubescent and older girls that are not imposed on boys of the same age, because budding breasts are distracting and also indecent and should be covered (jfc these are children WHY are we teaching them the most important thing about their bodies is how they look, the effect they have on others, and their potential sexual use??? THAT IS DISGUSTING.)

    Arguing that “large and round human breasts evolved as a sexual signal” excuses people from acting like assholes around human breasts. They’re attached to a whole-ass human being, and treating whole-ass human beings in a shitty way because you consider these sexually appealing fatty masses more important than the rest of the human body makes you a dumbass douchebag.

    Arguing that toplessness laws should permit women to go topless because teehee then you’d get to see the boobies.  You’d get to see the boobies, all right. All the boobies.  Saggy boobies.  Scarred boobies.  Boobies with stretch marks.  Boobies with non-standard nipnops.  Hairy boobies.  Uneven, lumpy boobies.  You’d see it all.  Snickering support of anti-toplessness activism is shallow, because it doesn’t usually include support of non-”beautiful” breasts.  It’s also fundamentally stupid.  If you saw all the boobies all the time, you’d stop considering them sexual pretty fucking fast and see them as just another body part. Which they are. So your jollies would un-jolly themselves pretty damn quick.

    Anyway, that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head but yeah, we sexualize breasts way too much.

    (Also, to hell with TERFs.)

    “As I’ve worked to dismantle my own internalized racism and the ways that I privilege whiteness, I’ve learned to resist being ‘othered’ through the use of language. So when someone says, ‘Oh, they did that to you because you’re black,’ I quickly correct them with, ‘No, they did that because they are bigots.’ This often shocks people. I can see the panic in their eyes. Sometimes, their eyes dart about. If there are lot of people, they may get quiet. Sometimes, someone will try to lessen the blow of my words with some clever deflection. I then come back with, ‘No. They are bigots.’ I name the problem. Trayvon and Michael’s blackness wasn’t the problem. The problem was the negative perceptions of that blackness and what spaces that blackness was ‘allowed’ to occupy. These perceptions are supported, funded, and reinforced by institutionalized racism. Matthew Shepard wasn’t murdered because he was gay. Sakia Gunn wasn’t murdered because she was a lesbian. Matthew and Sakia were murdered by people who made a choice to exercise their bigotry within a culture that deemed Matthew and Sakia ‘others.’”

    — Toni Bell, “I’m Not Your Token” via The Body Is Not an Apology (via el-waylly)



    This is a terrible idea for a few reasons.

  • Riot shields are super heavy and if you try to grab one without wearing anything to protect your hands, your fingers are gonna get crushed.
  • The cops aren’t just going to let you grab their shit. Unless you have a physique like Brock Lesnar and you know how to fight somebody dressed up in full riot gear, if you try this, you are absolutely going to get your ass kicked.
  • Even if you are able to knock the cop to the ground, chances are you’ll be flanked by at least two of their comrades. 
  • I get that the person who made this post had good intentions, and all they wanted to do was find ways to help the protesters fight back against cops, but that doesn’t make this okay. There are probably a bunch of people who have read this post and are planning on pulling this stunt at the next protest they go to. Every single one of those people will at best get beaten within an inch of their lives and thrown in jail, and at worst get beaten to death. To quote @sam_kriss on twitter: “Don’t give advice that will kill people.”

    anonymous leaked bolsonaro’s private info including his credit card number and someone on twitter bought a whole ass macbook pro with it. yes. a person bought an macbook pro with the president’s credit card. this country really isn’t for beginners


    hey, brazilian person here. it may all sound funny and shit (and damn, he even got affiliated to many left wing parties) but… he’s been trying to insure a dictatorship even since he got elected. there’s been protests against democracy and he’s been attending them all (without a mask, btw. meanwhile, almost 30k have died of coronavirus, we still got no health minister, even if i called it anarchy we still would prefer anarchy cause this is a whole new level). we are now standing in solidarity with USA! our police system is the most deadly in the world, killing 2x more than the american, specially young black kids. if you can, please keep an eye out for us and sign the petition justice for João Pedro



    the one petition everyone is sharing is for João Pedro, was was killed inside his home, he was shot on his back. 70, and i repeat, 70 shots were fired against the house he was in, and the police claimed it was because they were in a confront. everyone near his house confirmed there wasn’t anything going around.

    but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


    <>LUCAS CUSTÓDIO DOS SANTOS. he was a sixteen years old boy who got shot on his leg after returning from a soccer game. his last words were “you don’t have to kill me, sir”

    <>CARLOS MAGNO DE OLIVEIRA NASCIMENTO (18 yo, student), CARLOS ALBERTO DA SILVA (21 yo, painter and bricklawyer) EVERSON GONÇALVES SILOTE (26 yo, taxi driver) AND THIAGO DA COSTA CORREIA DA SILVA (19 yo, mechanic). They were killed on an event now known as “Chacina do Borel” it happened in 2003 and no one was held responsible.

    <>HERINALDO VINICIUS DE SANTANA. he was an <>eleven years old boy who left his house to buy a ping pong ball. he was with money on his hands. His last words were “I want my mom”

    <>ALAN DE SOUZA LIMA. He was fifteen and his last words “we were just playing, sir”

    <>DOUGLAS RODRIGUES, 17 years old. His last words: “Why did you shoot me, Sr?”. The policemen was acquitted for lack of evidence.

    <>REMEMBER MATEUS SANTOS DE MORAIS, FIVE YEARS OLD. FIVE. YEARS. OLD. He got shot while playing in front of his house. <>SAY HIS NAME.

    <>ÁGATHA FELIX.<> 8 YEARS OLD<>. She was returning home with her mother when she got shot.<> FOR NO REASON. SAY HER NAME.

    <>FABIO DOS SANTOS VIERA, 21 years. He was shot because, according to the police, he was holding a gun. That gun was never found.

    <>EVALDO DOS SANTOS ROSA, 51 years old. <>257 SHOTS FIRED AT HIS CAR. SAY HIS NAME. His family was inside of it too, including a 7 year old kid. Evaldo died instantly. <>NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

    <>MATHEUS OLIVEIRA, 23. The Police got >><>scared<< and shot him in the head. He had just become a father.

    <>MARCUS VINICIUS, 14 years. shot during a police operation while returning from school, his last words:<>“ Didn’t they see that I was wearing school clothes, m<>om?”.

    <>EMILLY CAETANO DA COSTA, 9 years old, was shot two times on the back. The police said the vehicle her family was in was suspicious. They chased the car and shot five times. Her mom, dad, and two sisters were in the car.

    <>LUCAS, 14 years old,disappeared after some cops take him out from his home, his body was found floating at a lake in a park.

    <>MARIA EDUARDA, 13 YEARS OLD. Killed inside of her SCHOOL! SAY HER NAME

    victims of the Costa Barros massacre, killed by the police with 111 SHOTS while celebrating the youngest’s first salary.

    <>Wilton Estever Domingos Jr, 20. Wesley Castro Rodrigues, 25. Cleiton Corrêa de Souza, 18. Carlos Eduardo Silva Souza, 16. Roberto Silva de Souza, 16. Victims of the Costa Barros massacre, killed by the police with<> 111 SHOTS while celebrating the youngest’s first salary.

    <>PEDRO GONZAGA, 19, killed by a supermarket security guard. He was suffocated and suffered cardiac arrest.

    <>KETELLEN GOMES, 5 years old. <>Was riding her bike when she was shot during a police operation. Her last words was <>“Mom, don’t cry, no, m<>om”. The target from the shooter<>s was Davi Gabriel Martins Nascim<>ento, 17 years old, who also died.

    <>75% of those killed by the police in Brazil are black.

    <>Black people are 147% more likely to be murdered than white people in this country.

    <>Brazil currently has the highest rate of killing of Blacks in the world outside Africa. It far surpasses the U.S.



    If you think Trump is bad and reblog everyday USA’s situation, BRAZIL NEEDS THIS TYPE OF ATTENTION AS WELL.

    yall look at this shit ad*be is tryna pull now on ppl who have outdated software:

    (note for context: i’m all for piracy, but in this case my copy of CS6 was downloaded years ago when they were giving it away to students. i got it totally legally.)

    <>so here is what NOT to do if you’re a loyal fan of adobe who has the cash to shell out for a newer and shittier version of the product you already paid for.

    1) DON’T use your search bar to find and open the Run app

    2) DON’T type in services.msc

    3) DON’T find Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Services and right-click to get a dropdown menu, and don’t select ‘properties’

    4) if you happen to click properties, DON’T use the startup type dropdown to locate the option to disable the program. be sure you DON’T click apply to finalize that change. 

    5) DO NOT do the same thing in order to also disable Adobe Genuine Software Monitor 

    if you do all of these things, this WILL disable adobe’s ability to monitor the software, and you will be forced to continue using the same older software that you already paid for instead of having to sign up for a newer, shittier version and pay more for it. so if you have lots of cash to spare and are cool with putting it the pockets of racketeering capitalists, definitely don’t do any of these things. 

    however, you SHOULD reblog this to spread the word, as we certainly want to make sure lots of people know what NOT to do :)


    Pretend to be upset.


    OP how could you

    I hope none of my friends who use Adobe programs find this, follow your detailed instructions, and spread the word. That would be devastating!

    <>Colonialism is not a concept of a bygone era.

    It is a time to listen to native folx rn, partly as this isn’t being widely broadcast, because their voices are being shut down and shouted out, but also because the very laws that were agreed in term of what post colonial America decided was reasonable to place, is being violated. For capitalism and racism. Listen and support southern natives right now, and don’t think the American gov won’t trample on human rights and sacred places the minute it’s inconvenient for them not to.

    for people who are unaware of why the riots in minneapolis started happening, here’s the facts:

  • it wasn’t george floyd’s protesters who started reacting violently; it was the cops.
  • the protest was peaceful until the cops showed up in riot gear, and started using water cannons, followed up by tear gas and rubber bullets. i got videos from friends who were there, of people screaming and running away from the cops shooting the water cannons, rubber bullets and throwing tear gas at them. they were even shooting at the protesters dragging people away to get medical attention.
  • speaking of medical attention, dispatch refused to provide any medical attention to the protesters. people literally had to drive their bleeding friends to the hospital because they refused to send ambulances.
  • cops are using non-lethal weapons in a lethal way. they shot rubber bullets into people’s heads and injured them. there’s dozens of photos of protesters with bleeding head wounds from the rubber bullets.
  • multiple people used police scanners and heard that there were undercover cops pretending to be violent protesters who were throwing rocks and whatnot at the police, with dozens of eyewitness accounts confirming that information.
  • the person who instigated all the chaos last night (it was a fire at an autozone) with the looting and burning buildings is highly suspected to be an undercover cop pretending to be a protester, because the video of him keeps getting taken down. protesters tried to stop him but couldn’t because he had a hammer and they were scared for their safety.
  • the cops jammed cell phone towers and cut live streams to interrupt broadcasts and to prevent people from seeing what was really going on and who actually started the violence.
  • the cops lied about protesters being armed and about throwing rocks and are literally trying to continue the violence happening and yet no one is holding them accountable for that.
  • and during all this, the cop that murdered george floyd still hasn’t been arrested. he has had more than ten complaints filed against him and was involved in three other civilian shootings in the past. and yet he’s still out free along with his three other buddies involved, probably sitting on his couch while all this chaos is happening.
  • so don’t get it twisted. the cops just want to change the narrative to make it look like they’re the wounded and righteous party, when they’re the ones who started reacting violently in the first place and are still acting violently. so dont you ever forget who started this tragedy and murdered someone, and who are continuing to react to the situation with violence. 

    <>‘If we were white, if we were Irish, if we were Jewish, if we were Poles, if we had, in fact, in your mind a frame of reference our heroes would be your heroes, too… But, you know, when the Israelis pick up guns, or the Poles, or the Irish, or any white man in the world says “give me liberty, or give me death,” the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing, word for word, he is judged a criminal and treated like one and everything possible is done to make an example of this bad nigger, so there won’t be any more like him.’


    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    Brianna Brochu

    So can we all just report her


    “Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways, who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized.

    The victim, Jazzy Rowe, has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread: gf.me/u/j5anmn

    She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months.

    You may not be able to donate, but you better believe I’m judging every single one of you if you don<>t reblog this to atleast spread the word like yall do for all these wyt pipo claiming to need $100k for vet bills or $75k for school supplies.

    As of April 11, 2020, she still hasn’t reached her goal, please boost!!!

    This disgusting behaviour left a girl physically and psychologically ill. On top of medical bills to pay, this young woman was unable to attend school due to illness, and now has to pay for wasted student loans. She worked extra hard to get to college, only to be literally poisoned by an aggressively racist room mate, for which she continues to pay dearly. This is unacceptable.

    Please help Jazzy Rowe recover from this. If you can’t contribute financially, you can still do your part by passing this on.

    We’re a little closer!!

    <>People may be seeing this and thinking it’s old because they’ve seen it for a couple years now; it was created May 2018 and TODAY ( May 5th, 2020 ) she has STILL not reached her goal!! Please at least reblog and give her a boost.

    As of today (2020-05-10), she’s at about $43k. Signal boost, help when you can.

    Jazzy Rowe deserves better.

    Brianna Brochu doesn’t deserve to have gotten away with this abhorrent behavior.