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“come on up, bring the pain on, oh yeah 

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    “Rap Monster doesn’t look like an idol at all / Bangtan’s raps are really hideous / You debuted as an idol so does that mean you gave up your identity as a rapper? / These songs are considered hip hop? Absolutely not / Bangtan’s rap lyrics? Is that even considered lyrics?” 
    “I will prove it to you all.
    - Kim Namjoon

    It has been 4 years since you first read those comments. You said you would prove them all wrong and you did. You’ve stayed true to yourself, taught others how to love, wrote beautiful and meaningful lyrics, produced many top songs, and became the one of the biggest sensations in the world. ARMYs could not be any more proud of you than how they are already.

    Happy Birthday Kim Namjoon!!! 94.09.12

    #LittleEuphoriaDay #JKMagicDay ✧ Happy Birthday, JEON JUNGKOOK   cr, insp

    950901 ✧ happy 21st birthday to my favorite soft bun ❤ i don’t think there’s an end to how much i love you and how much you make me and so many other people happy. you’re wonderfully talented, so cute, so kind & incredibly extra. thank you for being my inspiration, my strength and my happiness. thank you for being a good friend and showing us so many sides of yourself. i hope you can continue to be with the people you love and that they can guide you through your adulthood just like they did when you were younger. i will forever keep loving and supporting you. ♡ 

    BTS Theory Masterlist

    Please remember these are just theories and some of these posts I have grown past and improved on (so in some cases I now disagree with what I wrote, although not many). But if you are confused at all about the BTS story, read on… DW Fam, I got you.


    ** denotes posts with particular predictions of mine which came true later

    Main Theory (Her is literal/Jin changing the timeline to save the others) if you read anything read these:

  • Post 1 - Initial explanation/evidence (Highlight reels explanation)
  • Post 2 - The science/timeline side (& how DNA/BST/Spring day ties in).
  • Post 3 - How each girl (Her) is the counterpart of each member (bar 1 & why)
  • Answer

  • Yin/Yang Theory (Answer = no light without dark). **
  • Epiphany MV Explained - a summary of Jin’s time travel story.
  • Euphoria/Glitches *recently posted - July 2018* **
  • Fake Love

  • Brief intro and Namjoons interview tie in
  • Fake Love Teaser explanation (read before reading Fake Love Post)**
  • Fake Love MV (both versions) explained
  • A few things you might have missed
  • My literally predicting Fake Love success tbh
  • Serendipity/Daydream

  • How Jimin+J-Hopes MV’s and story connect - Loose symbolism theory
  • Other

  • All Love Yourself albums release theory**
  • Yellow and blue symbolism
  • GIF proof of Jin changing the timeline
  • Tear/Intro prediction**
  • Black hair prediction lol
  • Gif evidence for my main theory
  • My cringe blog intro which mentions some LY:Her flower clues
  • Jimin spoiling know yourself
  • Jin, watching Jungkook save Yoongi - Gifs
  • Individual members stories in line with my theories (inbound eventually)
  • Literally just me gloating about predicting Fake Love >< **
  • Asks worth reading

  • Fake Love Choreo theory
  • Run (time travel evidence) **
  • Fake Love/I Need U tie in
  • WHAT Album evidence
  • Story order
  • V story evidence
  • RB to save a confused army life 😂

    Love Yourself Era (Intros)

    Here are my thoughts on the intros since a few people messaged me and inboxed me~ This is just my thoughts on it based off what I think of the intros for the three love yourself albums. 

    1. Intro: Serendipity- Love Yourself: Her

    I wanna say this is one of my favorite songs in the entire album but I’ve said that about most songs so… ok moving on. 

    As the boys have mentioned themselves, the shift from LY: Her to LY: Tear signifies to bright and dark sides of the whole notion of love. This is like perfectly highlighted in the two intros for both albums, especially the MV’s. The colors in Serendipity are bright and colorful whereas the colors in Singularity are more dark and muted. Same goes with the feel of the song. 

    Anyways, this song (to me) is more about wanting to fall in love and being happy. Wanting to be in love and wanting to be lovedno matter the consequences. Wanting it and believing it so bad, that perhaps you’re blind to all the bad things going around you, all the pain that comes with it. At least, that’s what I think when Jimin is happily smiling in his living room when everything around him is falling and shaking. 

    See but where I truly find these intros and songs to be truly unbelievable is that how all of this can just apply to yourself. Imagine wanting to love who you are as a person so much that you begin to change yourself to what you perceive to be ideal. Falling in love with your facade might seem easy and beautiful at first, but you’re just kind of disregarding all the chaos around you and begin to lose sense from whats real and what’s a lie. 

    Just let me love you. Just let me love you. Since the creation of the Universe, everything was destined to be. Just let me love you  

    2. Intro: Singularity- Love Yourself: Tear

    Now this song is a little harder for me to write about. I’ve tried to wrap my head around what the message could be here, but I just don’t think I’ll ever find the right words to describe what I think of this song, but here’s to trying I guess. 

    Again, this song is like the antithesis to Serendipity. I feel like if we’re looking at a timeline here, we’re right smack in the middle and starting to realize that perhaps this relationship is more painful than anticipated. Perhaps, this love is more dangerous, especially to one’s self. 

    Like Namjoon had said in the interview, this album serves to highlight more of the dark side of being in love, either with another person or yourself. I feel like this song is a person starting to realize the chaos and lies built around them, lies they even built up themselves. This song is kind of like the first crack in the mirror, and the rest of the songs in the album just kind of keep adding to it until this mirror is once and for all shattered. 

    I absolutely love this album because it’s well… realistic. Love songs usually just tend to show the fluff of being in love. This album might not be just one big fluff piece but I think that people now a days really need to hear this kind of a message. People all don’t just fall in love and live happily ever after, and I think the sooner people start to realize that the whole notion of love isn’t just one big giant ball of happiness, the better of they’ll be. Now I’m not saying that we should start to tell kids to expect to have their heartbroken and what not, no. I think it’s important that we set realistic expectations. 

    3. Intro: Epiphany- Love Yourself: Answer

    Ah, we have reached the ending of the intros. Can’t believe it’s already here! I feel like Serendipity just came out but look how far we have come!

    Going back to what to that whole shattered mirror reference, I think this album is post-shattered mirror lol. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I predict this album is going to be kind of about what happens after you’ve had that “ah ha!” moment, or your epiphany. 

    I know a few people brought this up in my inbox, and yes, this MV is simple. It’s not as complex as the other two MVs for sure. And I believe, that is the whole point. I know some people have mentioned that this video didn’t do this song and Jin justice, but on the contrary I think this MV did just that?

    As you guys already know, Jin plays a huge role in whatever the whole story line is, so I’m glad he’s the one doing this intro. Perhaps we’ll be getting more conclusive answers with this upcoming MV soon! But as I was saying, I think the whole point of the video is the simplicity and the redundancy. 

    I think when people start to understand their truth, it’s just simple. When you finally understand and accept who you are as a person, then I feel like things will just click, it will just make sense. You can find your peace with that and it shouldn’t be so complicated. Because to you, it should make sense. Forget other people, if you understand if you are and can accept that, then it’s not that complicated at all. 

    I love that Jin goes and stands out in the rain, it kind of just feels like he’s finally accepted the truth. And now you may be thinking that, this MV is still pretty dark and sad. And well yeah, you’d be right if and when you think that. Who said Jin’s truth in whatever story BigHit has made is a happy one? Something has obviously happened to the all the boys, and I think Jin has finally come to terms with that. Now, I could be very wrong, but thats just my take on it. 

    Now, I don’t know which intro is my favorite because they’re all just so damn beautiful, but wow this intro didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. Can’t wait for the album to come out soon, because I can already tell it’s going to be a great one. 

    I’m the one I should love in this world. Shining me, precious soul of mine. I finally realized so I love me. Not so perfect but so beautiful. I’m the one I should love”


    Epiphany MV Explained⌛

    … Why Epiphany is the answer to the BTS MV Story. It might be the only answer Bighit give us, so I hope this helps you to understand it.

    Before writing this Epiphany explanation post I explained it to my no 1 and I had to share her reaction…


    This might’ve been slightly big-headed of me (I’m sure plenty of others understand it too).


    I wish I worked for Bighit! On with the theory.

    In a nutshell: What happens in the Epiphany MV is not a moment in time, it’s the symbolic summary of every moment in time for Jin, since the beginning of the story, showing when he decided to change the timeline and where he ends up.

    Keep in mind this word ‘symbolic’. What happens in this MV is not literal, it’s a way to show you a summary of what happened without showing you Jin’s entire life (because they have other stuff to do than film a million MV’s). It’s the answer to the BTS MV story.


    So we start with this scene and two Jin’s (actually the same Jin at different points in time):


    Sink Jin leaves the room looking perfectly normal (and wwhandsome), this symbolises the original unedited timeline. As in their youth, before it all goes wrong in I Need U. Then there’s sofa Jin (also looking wwhandsome) he is watching an old TV which represents him accessing his memories. More on the significance of sofa Jin and the TV later.

    The lyrics read I wanted to live my life for you’, meaning he wanted to live because of his members. This is because in his life at that point in time with his controlling father they were all he had.

    Then the camera pans onto the flowers on the table…


    In past MV’s we have always seen six flowers, six petals. These are shown to represent the lives of the other members to Jin. Normally there are six. Here… there are only five. Watch the MV closely to identify the five stalks as it was tough to point out on image. I tried…


    There are only five because we are seeing the point where one of the members dies because of their issues in I Need U. The debate will probably continue on forever about who died, if anyone. I personally think it was Jungkook or Taehyung.

    Sofa Jin looks upset, but he hasn’t broken down yet because at this point he believes he can use his ability to go back, change the timeline and save his friends. This is represented when he opens the diary (aka a record of his time) to decide where to go back to, to change the timeline.


    Unfortunately as the camera pans out we are given Window Jin and he’s here to break your tiny lil army hearts with his acting skills. Window Jin represents Jin who has left the house, tried to save one member from tragedy and lost another (or the same member again) in a new tragedy.


    Some more lyrics; but as I keep doing that I can’t bear the storm inside my heart‘. This is because he keeps trying to save them and failing and it’s breaking him apart inside to watch his friends meet tragedy again and again.


    Then as he picks out his jacket for this ‘today’ it switches for the first time into colour image. This is how we know it’s no longer trying to symbolize the past, because black and white image is associated with old/past/age. We’re seeing his more recent part of the story/journey.

    Colour Jin leaves the apartment again and the camera fades out which brings us to the end of that ‘Jin cycling through timelines montage summary’ thing. Crap it’s hard to put this stuff into words at times. We see Colour Jin walking through a mess of all our Tear’s, still looking wwhandsome, but he’s weary and tired of watching his loved ones suffer repeatedly.


    And we’re now in the present (Love Yourself) era. Welcome…


    …to the part of this MV that represents the Highlight Reels.


    He wipes the rain from his face. The rain represents Tears in their MV’s (think of Jimin above or Jungkook in Begin). Then the the tears are undone…


    …they reverse up into the air and away. This is the MV showing us Jin’s final attempt to undo the timeline, prevent the tragedy in the highlight reels and change their fate. This is symbolic of the moment right after the girl is hit by the Smeraldo truck, right when they are all back in their tragic moments.

    Side note, here’s an image for those of you have read my *ying yang theory*, watch the rain on this part of the MV …could it be?:


    Then as damp Jin walks back into the room the most awesome lyric comes up:

    ‘I want to love them in this world’.

    It’s awesome because it basically confirms all of my time travel/multiverse theories (for me anyway). It’s Jin saying I don’t want to keep going through this, I don’t want to keep changing the time line, creating parallel universes and watching them suffer. I want to be with them, I want to love them and I want to do it now not in a future/world that I can’t seem to reach.

    I grew a flower that can’t be bloomed in a dream that can’t come true (Fake Love).


    Then, as he dries off those Tear’s he realises that he can’t save them and he shouldn’t keep putting their lives before his own because he suffers his own tragedy in the process. Instead he should love himself and stop the cycle.

    So we go from the part of this MV that represents Fake Love and Tear:


    To present day… Love yourself: Answer:


    He closes the curtains (which represent him looking at the lives of the ones he loves, hence the seven windows above) on this present timeline. Closing them is symbolic of his choice to stop fighting to save the others at the expense of his own health and happiness.

    The latest Jin/Answer notes are along this same line of thought too. In the notes he finds his father’s journal and discovers he too had these ‘abilities’. As he read the journal he found that it didn’t end well for his father trying to change things so he decides he won’t suffer the same fate.

    ‘Perhaps now I will finally be able to take a step forward in finding the map to my soul’ - Jin’s Answer notes.

    As the MV comes to an end, the scenes change back to black and white, he picks up the diary and exits the room. This is to represent Jin making the choice to return to the past, right back to the very beginning where it all began.


    He will travel back, one final time. Only this time, he will live life for himself, he won’t put the others before him because he knows the Answer is to Love Yourself.

    But wait, that’s not all… remember I mentioned Jin watching the TV set to see his memories?

    Well we got one more scene and it’s the memory that he just travelled back to as he steps out of the room for the final time, which is none other than, this one:


    The day at the sea, at the end of the Run MV. See how it switches from black and white to colour? That’s because that moment is now Jin’s present.

    Also, did you notice the glitches? They happen because he watched the memories back on the old TV set (remember I said watching the old TV was symbolic of him recalling his memories)  It glitches like an old vhs tape playing on a TV. That’s because Jin used his video diary of that moment to go back to. This is what all the glitches were about. We were seeing the story from Jin’s perspective.


    In a weird kinda way he has gone back to his youth, so maybe they really will be Young Forever’.

    This ending to the Answer Intro MV combined with the ‘Retro’ hint bighit already gave about the next single/album may have just given us a few clues as to what to expect. Quick definition of the word retro:


    So perhaps if Jin did leave the room and travel back to where it all began (HYYH era) then the next MV may feature some imitation of their past music/videos in some way? Just like Euphoria did when he went back last time.

    There’s another side to this story with the mask, the girls and the Fake Love story which the chorus of Epiphany taps into a lot. However, I wanted to focus on this TV/Camcorder/Diary/Time travel side of the Story for this post as it was already quite long.

    Two predictions I made which came true in this MV (I was wrong on a couple):

  • The big epiphany and answer is that they must love themselves. This will be shown in the MV’s and in the subject matter of the songs. - I don’t really need to show why this one came true.
  • It will be lighter in general than Fake Love. With a ‘reality’ element too it (I don’t know exactly how to explain this one but I will be able to pick it out when it happens lol). - So the reality element I can now put into words; basically they used this little apartment, showed him checking himself in the mirror, living there in a day to day manner but with this massive magical time travel element too it. Also, the reality element is embedded in this MV because he had to come back down to Earth at some point and realise that messing with the time travel and playing god was not realistically ever going to work out. In real life, there is no magic answer to tragedy… that’s reality. You just have love yourself enough to carry on.
  •   That’s it, click here to read more of my theory posts.


    epiphany means more to me than I can accurately express. not only do these lyrics speak to me, but Jin’s voice is so soulful. he genuinely means the words he’s singing. you can see him facing all these different versions of himself and truly learning to love himself. this whole song encapsulates jin entirely–how Namjoon said Jin wasn’t so lighthearted in the beginning and didn’t laugh so easily, how Jin found that his hand kisses made people laugh and that happiness and laughter made him happy, how Jin learned to open up and be himself even if others looked at him oddly, or didn’t laugh at his jokes.

    in all the previous story lines Jin put everyone first and tried to save them, and it went to shit every single time. this time he’s going to love himself first because he can’t save anyone if he can’t save himself.

    my therapist told me something she said to her friend, “I’ll take care of me for you, and you take care of yourself for me so we can both take care of each other. that’s what Jin’s doing. he’s finally putting himself first and learning to love all the imperfections that make him beautiful, and how fucking hard is that–to look at all your flaws head on and learn to love them?

    if Jin can face himself, bare himself to the world with everything that is beautiful and unbeautiful about him, then why the fuck shouldn’t I be able to at least get up and feel the sun on my face? how is anyone supposed to love me if all I do is run away and tear myself down? why can’t I get out of bed and look at the blue, blue sky? why can’t I enjoy the foods I worked hard to by?

    the answer: I fucking can.

    it’s going to take a lot of work, but like epiphany said, that milestone of the soul can’t be found by just anyone, and I’m clearly not going to find it in the dark spiral I was falling in to. I can walk through the rain and all these difficult days because the milestone is worth it.

    Jin did it, and as beautiful and unbeautiful and admirable as he is, as much as I idolize him, he’s still a person. if he could trudge through all the sludge filling his mind with the pressure of all these eyes staring at him, waiting to pick him apart, I can fucking face myself.