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    A/N: I finally got out early enough from work to finally post something!!! sorry if this sucks buttt

    - once shot you in the forehead with a rubber band from an asparagus bunch and almost cried when he saw the mark he gave you

    - no one knows how he even got hired, he just kinda showed up one day

    - rumor has it that if you look behind the bounty paper towel stack you’ll find him napping in there

    - changed the music over the intercom so much that they have his pic on the door like do not let in

    - helps a lot of old ladies and grandmas with taking their bags out to their car, always politely declines dates with their grand daughters and sons

    - 50% of his time is spent pushing himself around on stray carts

    - gets the bagger named Kyungsoo to reenact the titanic scene with him on one

    - he always stacks the tuna into shapes and the manager wants to yell at him but he ends up just letting it happen because it brings in the snobby art kids

    - has a little heart shaped sticker that a little girl gave to him shyly once next to his name tag

    - has no real concept of personal space, like someone will ask him where the milk is and he’s 1 inch away from your face like I’ll show u!!! Follow meee

    - makes the bagger Kyungsoo really red and sweaty but he doesn’t know why

    - if you ever find a half eaten Hershey bar, don’t touch it, it’s his, he’s gonna come back for it

    - he warms up his hands by placing them on rotisserie chicken and gets yelled at by deli worker Baekhyun

    - doesn’t know when to not dance, winds up knocking a lot of coconut waters off the shelf and has to clean them up with super red cheeks

    - offers you small little pieces of chicken he gets from the kitchen area and you’re like thanks Jongin but uh, I’m good

    - bounces on his knees whenever he sees you and he’s stacking things on the floor like !!! U wanna see my newest tuna stack?

    - and you go along with it because how could you not? You know that boy spent at least an hour on it

    - his feet hurt sometimes so he sometimes lays down in the aisles and customers have to step over him and they can’t get mad because he smiles and they go blank for like .4 seconds

    - “Jongin I’m gonna need you to stop betting Kyungsoo you can eat 5 Popsicles in a minute, look he’s overheating now”

    - you bring your own bags when you shop and they have a lot of stickers and patches on them because he insists that he needs to give you some whenever you come

    - finds you every time you come, it doesn’t matter if you’re in like, baby formula, there he is

    - cashing out at Sehun and he’s giving you attitude until a packet of Kleenex bounces off his head and you both turn around and Jongin’s trying to inconspicuously look at the chips like he didn’t just chuck that shit 50 feet 

    - falling into Jongin’s traps to get you to buy all these new foreign foods they get in sometimes and you’re left with all this shit stuffed in your freezer and no idea how to cook it because of him

    - volunteering your help whenever you see him with really big boxes and watching him turn red and insist he doesn’t need help while he struggles out the bread aisle

    - during Christmas time Jongin always runs around in little reindeer antlers and paints his nose sometimes and you can’t go in that often because you’re afraid you might die

    - whenever you come in with other people, he avoids you, but you don’t know why yet

    - “Jongin go talk to them, they’re right there dude.”

    “But they have other people with them”

    - Jongdae in charge of produce threatening to reveal his secret while Jongin chases after him like fuck no get back here i’m sorry I dropped all your cucumbers please no

    - slipping on a bag only to have Jongin grab you from behind and hold you for like 5 seconds until your both all red and you leave the store, just getting dinner from Taco Bell

    - the store is kind of out of your way but you go there for him

    - Jongin usually has tons of shit to do but he leaves it all whenever you come through the doors while Minseok stares at him like forreal? You gon leave my ass to stock all this goddamn tuna alone?

    - Joonmyeon the manager always gives you coupons and you’re really happy but then you see Jongin giving you the death stare from behind the Starbucks and you’re like anyways…free milk..50% of soda….

    - Jongin calling you over every time there’s a new shipment of lobsters so you can both stare at them through the glass

    - having to console Jongin whenever someone buys a lobster or requests to have it butchered, he’s sad about it

    - “he was my favorite one,”

    - But you don’t tell him that his favorite one was the one with the yellow rubber bands because your pretty sure your mom came in and bought that one

    - hangs around the cookie aisle too damn much and asks if he can have your number so

    “Uh…I can uh, let you know w-when we uh, have more p-pecan sandies???”

    - you give it to him, but hoping he’ll text you about more than pecan sandies

    - he does, and it’s about bread, but it’s fine because he gave you a reason to come to the store for the 4th time that week  

    - sometimes he stares at you a little too long and the old lady asking him questions knocks over his tuna stack on purpose

    - “hey y/n, you want some discount tuna?”

    - Kyungsoo bags your groceries terribly but you can’t figure out why yet

    - Yixing in charge of the bakery almost let’s it slip one day that Jongin liked you, before you got there and looked up from your cupcake to see Jongin pulling him into the stock room like it’s fine y/n! I’ll be right back!!!!

    - you wait in the long lines with Jongin instead of self checkout even though you have like 2 items, because you don’t mind and he wants you to stay

    - Sehun rolling his eyes whenever you both would run through the aisles together almost crashing stands because Jongin would want to show you these cool new cake designs

    - Jongin sometimes calls you, and he slowly stops talking about his lobsters and shit

    - sometimes you text him, and you always find yourself smiling incredibly hard whenever his message pops up

    - “jeez y/n, why don’t you just work here? You never leave anyways”

    - another Kleenex packet at Sehun’s head

    - saves the best lettuce heads for you, and the prettiest strawberries

    - writes your name on his paperwork sometimes and throws it 60 feet into the air whenever you come around bc holy shit when did you get here????

    - the grocery store is really far, and cold sometimes, and opens at the oddest hours, but you still come everyday, and Jongin still talks about his tuna stacks, and you both wait for when the other will finally say the one thing you both can’t, ( along with the rest of the goddamn store ) but for now, Jongin showing you foreign food and decorating the tuna aisle for you is fine enough :-)