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    ð<>ŸŒ™Things To Help You Fall Asle<>ep🌙

    ⭐️Have a warm drink before bed

    ⭐️Get a weighted blanket (you could even make your own, there is tutorials online)

    ⭐️Listen to a bedtime story (you can have your cg tell you one or listen to bedtime story audios)

    ⭐️Take a warm bath before bed

    ⭐️Avoid caffeine after noon

    ⭐️Listen to a noise (white noise, nature sounds, city sounds, asmr videos)

    ⭐️Get a bedtime buddy (a plushie you can hold to help you fall asleep and keep you safe while you sleep)

    ⭐️Try to avoid having electronics near by if it’s hard to resist getting on them

    When I’m in a little headspace i tend to…

    🏵 Go nonverbal

    🏵 Squeal at things im excited about

    🏵 Get 100x more clumsy

    🏵 Laugh and giggle at everything

    🏵 Draw picture for you with crayons

    🏵 Get sleepy really easily

    🏵 Want my favorite stuffie, especially when im sad

    🏵 Watch Winnie the Pooh

    🏵 Play with your hair and squish your cheeks

    🏵 Wanna cuddle a lot

    🏵 Cling to you

    🏵 Want a million smooches

    🏵 Eat a lot of sweets

    Little things that help moods:

    - getting enough sunshine - opening the curtains - eating regular meals - short walks with your favourite music - don’t stay up until 3am - don’t try to relate to tumblr text posts - get off tumblr/social media if it’s unhealthy - shower - don’t stay in bed the whole day - plan out your day - listen to music - change your clothes - set yourself small goals - say yes to fun events - drink water, it takes 5 seconds - talk to a close friend - remind yourself: a bad mood can lie to you - you’re not unwanted or hopeless - you deserve love so be nice to yourself

    🧸 What to pack in an Agere Bag! 🧸

    Us littles can find the real world exhausting. Bringing your regression WITH you can help!

    🦔 stuffies!

    🍂 a crayola pack of 24 crayons!

    🍼 headphones/earbuds!

    🧺 snacks!

    🍪 a sippy cup or bottle!

    🐿 books to read!

    🧴coloring books!

    ✨ a small diary to write in!

    🦔 fuzzy socks!

    🍂 fidget/sensory toys/items!

    🍼 pacis!

    🧺 tiny toys, such as Calico Critters!

    🍪 any other comfort items!

    🐿 a little blanket!


    Gifts for regressors that aren’t sippies, pacis, or colouring books:

    ✨ Stickers (bonus points if they’re glittery or iridescent!)

    ✨ Kids snacks & sweets (gummies, goldfish, juice boxes, animal crackers, etc)

    ✨ Fuzzy socks

    ✨ Craft supplies (glitter glue, foam sheets, construction paper, stationery)

    ✨ Kids temporary tattoos

    ✨ A nightlight (they make lots of characters themed ones! disney princesses, winnie the pooh, iron man, etc)

    ✨ Kids bandages

    ✨ Teethers

    ✨ Kids tableware (sectioned plates, colourful bowls, colourful cutlery)

    ✨ Kids books

    ✨ Bath toys

    ✨ Glow in the dark stars

    ✨ Cleaning stuff (paci wipes, bottle cleaning brush, etc)

    ✨ Paci clips

    ✨ Kids bath/body things (bubble bath, washcloths, body wash)

    ✨ Play-doh

    ✨ Fairylights (they come in multiple colours!)

    ✨ Miscellaneous toys (calico critters, littlest pet shops, etc)

    How to Wear a Face Mask For People Who Have Never Had To Wear One:

    Hi! I have worked in medical settings and have a mom for a nurse, and since I’ve been seeing a lot of people with no idea how to wear a mask, I thought I’d write you a little guide.

    The Do’s:

  • Do choose the correct mask! I encourage you to, if you can, make your own mask out of a heavy all-cotton fabric (to save disposable masks for those in medical settings) - they sell fat quarters of this type of fabric for 97¢ at Walmart, and you can follow this pattern to make your mask:
  • Do WASH YOUR HANDS before handling your mask! Your mask is only as clean as the hands touching it, so make sure before you put your mask on, you wash your hands!
  • If you are using a cloth reusable mask, WASH IT every single time you take it off! A mask is dirty as soon as you take it off, and it needs to be washed or it actually increases your chances of getting sick! Plus, the mask is meant to catch moisture from coughing, sneezing, and general breathing - it will mold if you don’t wash it and allow it to dry.
  • If you’re using a disposable mask, you MUST THROW IT OUT once you are done! Disposable masks are single use, and cannot be washed or disinfected. They are trash as soon as they leave your face.
  • Make sure your mask fits snugly! Your mask should be as tight as possible without discomfort, to create a seal around your nose and mouth.
  • The Don’t’s:

  • DONT touch your mask while you are wearing it! Your mask is only clean if you touch it with freshly washed hands. While wearing it, adjust your mask only using the straps or wash your hands before you touch the material! Once you touch the material without washing hands, your mask is contaminated!
  • If you’re using a pleated mask like the one above, DONT leave the pleats flat! They are meant to allow the mask to conform to your face - the mask should cover your face from chin to just under your eyes.
  • DONT wear a dirty mask! A dirty mask is just as bad - if not WORSE - than wearing no mask at all!
  • DONT try to repair disposable masks! Disposable masks cannot be washed and must be thrown out once they’ve been used - using an old one can get you sick!
  • I hope this has helped! Please stay home, stay safe, and wear masks responsibly!