My life-changing journey into bodybuilding, from a fat overweight guy into a huge buffed beef massive muscle man I strive to become. Let's GROW!! 

Last update
2020-11-12 13:53:37

    Thank you

    For all the supports I’ve received from people here. I’ve learned to be able to accept myself, my body and my desires from this community.

    Even though I have never post anything explicit (albeit occasionally suggestive captions when I was in the mood), I would probably have to stop posting here since most blogs I follow have and probably will jump ship after 17 December 2018 (on my birthday too, of all the dates!). I learned to be able to accept and appreciate all the niches and things that I’m into such as muscle, bodybuilding, muscle growth etc. (Explicit examples excluded, so this post doesn’t get flagged too).

    I have other social media such as Instagram and Twitter but I’ve put them both in private so I can weed out any follow bots or empty profiles. You can look me up at @sakkra and @sakkra_ respectively.

    I also have profile at Muscle-growth.org forum with username nekuma but I have not been posting anything much, just there occasionally to enjoy the stories, inspirations and more.

    Lastly I will miss this buffedbeef moniker I’ve been using for this site for over 8-9 years and I will miss all of your supportive messages throughout the years. If you have the chance to see this before the doomsday, go follow me there and let me know who you are and which tumblr you are from.

    Alas, Thank you all.