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    It’s times like this that I remember that Jeon Jeongguk is only 18 years old. 18 years of age and he’s lived through so much. I’m barely 21 and I still need my parents for the littlest things. This beautiful boy has lived away from his home, from his family for so long. He’s worked long and hard on his vocals and his dancing to be perfect for ARMY. I know we say he’s golden and I agree he is, but he isn’t golden by birth. He is golden because he works hard to be the best he can be. I definitely don’t know any 18 year old that is as determined, as strong, as caring and as hardworking as our Jungkookie. I’m proud to be his fan. 

    Just want to say:

    •I’m sorry if I ever miss a follow forever you’ve included me in

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    I would never ignore anything anyone has included me in purposely so if I don’t respond I’ve honestly missed it. Please don’t think I’m being a bitch and ignoring you

    MBTI types as bts songs

  • ISTJ: House of Cards // Wake Up
  • ISFJ: For You // Blanket Kick
  • INFJ: Autumn Leaves // Spinebreaker
  • INTJ: What Am I To You // Can You Turn Off Your Phone
  • ISTP: Baepsae // We On
  • INFP: Butterfly // Whalien 52
  • INTP: N.O // Does That Make Sense
  • ISFP: 24/7 = Heaven // The Stars
  • ESTJ: Dope // Danger
  • ESFJ: Hold Me Tight // Propose
  • ENFJ: Love Is Not Over // Coffee
  • ENTJ: Nevermind // We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
  • ESTP: Second Grade // Look Here
  • ENFP: Fun Boys // Move
  • ENTP: Tomorrow // Ma City
  • ESFP: Converse High // Jump