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    I was gonna just talk in the tags but I changed my mind because I have some stuff to say.

    This test? The Mary Sue Litmus Test? I used this religiously. I would make a new character and then run them through this like my life depended on it. I was thirteen, and I thought that if my characters were Mary-Sues then no one would take me seriously. I bought totally into the popular idea that any woman who had more than two talents was a Mary-Sue. I was convinced that I was better than those other people who had OC’s that I saw as Mary-Sues. I would look at examples of Mary-Sues and try to avoid them, even if they were characters that I personally loved. I didn’t even need to click that link. I still had it bookmarked in my ‘writing’ bookmark folder from seven years ago.

    It drove me to change my first ever OC’s. I was thirteen. Thirteen! I was an 8th grader in middle school utterly terrified of people seeing my sexy demon OC or my pretty immortal OC or my cool freedom fighter OC and the first thing they’d think was that they were too good. The culture around (mostly women) original characters needing to be watered down or having to have the character’s (mostly women’s) skills and talents justified were toxic as hell to me, and I’m sure to others.

    Seeing this today was a major blast from the past, and I’m so glad that the creator changed their outlook on this whole thing. I hope that disclaimer will ward off another creative eighth-grader before they get tricked into buying into the shame culture that forms around the creation of original characters.


    Keep seeing a few points getting brought up in the notes:

    • The test specifies that if a thing is normal for your setting you don’t count it. (true, I’ll give you that)
    • It’s pretty hard to get a character to the high levels of Mary-Sue (incorrect, many characters in popular media score high, and so did my characters when I was younger)
    • If the score is low the test will say that’s just as bad as if it were high (it’s virtually impossible to do this)

    Even the creator knows the quiz is harmful, and so is the idea of a Mary-Sue.

    The point is that young creators who want to make powerful, fun, beautiful, and universe-breaking original characters found this quiz and been led to think there’s something wrong with their characters. That there’s something wrong with them for writing it. This is my personal experience. 

    And I want to say the experience of being young and writing overpowered characters who are right about everything is a natural process of learning to write. There is nothing wrong with this process. 


    As someone who used to write Mary Sue's....it's never about the character themselves as much as how the canon characters act around them. If the canon characters are ooc without it being purposeful, then like...that's just not learning yet how to write character relationships well. There's nothing wrong with having overpowered characters. Go nuts.


    Any criticism that is only or disproportionately leveled at female characters is a sexist criticism and should be re-examined.  I know published male authors who proudly brag about their work being self-insert fiction and get applauded.  I, meanwhile, was afraid to write blondes for years because of the accusations that my MC was just me but better.  This test does 2d10 psychic damage to young creators, and the term should be disavowed.


    that the brutal repression deployed against the universally peaceful farmer's protests has seen so little coverage in the lefty western 'media' is unsurprising but still demoralizing


    She's facing charges of sedition, criminal conspiracy and other scary stuff. They keep arresting young adults so the rest of us get scared and quiet and it is horrifying.


    She did not have her lawyers present when she was produced in court and had to plead her case herself. She has been given a five day police custody and it's very possible that proper procedure wasn't followed during her arrest.


    Can we please bring attention to the fact that they used a picture of Greta Thunberg to go with this article? Especially when you consider this is a quote from Disha Ravi herself:

    “People of colour are suffering from the climate crisis first-hand - a lot of people don't give us attention that we need. The fact that you would choose to listen to a white person on the same issue rather than a person of colour, to me, is environmental racism”


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    Ok so can someone explain to me how cryptocurrency pollutes? Like what crazy calculations are they running that they need enough brainpower to significantly effect things? Like I’m assuming what’s causing the pollution is increased electricity consumption but… how does sending lil pretend money tokens back and forth or whatever cause so much pollution?

    Also, what the fuck is “mining”? How d'you mine… like bitcoin is not a naturally occurring resource, and I assume that you can’t just make it, cause that would make it instantly worthless… help?


    So you get “coins” as a reward for performing the cryptographic calculations necessary to update the public ledger which is the blockchain. This is, by design, an increasingly complex and resource intensive process to slow down the collection of (intentionally finite) coins.

    So every transaction with bitcoins requires the ledger to be updated with the current ownership of every already existing bitcoin, which also requires encrypting and decrypting a bunch of information and sharing it across the public ledger. So every transaction made with bitcoins increases the energy requirements of updating the ledger making it harder and harder to complete the latest version and get the coin which is a reward for doing that work.

    There’s a lot I don’t fully understand myself but the long and short of it is that the actual value of any crypto currency is pretty much just what people agree on, except instead of a fiat currency where a government says it’s worth something and a mint that makes physical currency, there’s a bunch of nerds who agree that solving certain math problems is worth rewarding.


    Feeling like adding on for a bit of context, I know it’s kind of hard to understand how mining for really any kind of crypto is hard to imagine, but seeing what a bitcoin mining facility looks like for the first time really helped me realize just how energy intensive it is.

    See all these warehouses? They’re quite literally filled to the brim with specialized computers that do nothing but mine, each one filled with thousands of these computers, just row after row of this:

    So all the power consumption winds up adding up like crazy.


    Oh, but it gets worse. You see, the way that updating the blockchain ledger works is that it’s designed so that a new block, or set of transactions, is added on average every ten minutes. And that average time is important, because bitcoin goes out of it’s way to ensure that each block will take that long. It does this by essentially coming up with a math problem, one whose difficulty scales with how much computational power is being thrown at it; the person who solves said math problem is the one who wins the mining race and gets the money for doing so. Thus, because more and more power is being thrown at solving the problem, the harder it becomes and the more power is needed to have a chance at winning. And thus the vicious cycle begins.

    And the truly worst bit about it is? The actual work required to take a set of transactions and turn them into a block, the hashing, can be done by your phone. Literally these entire warehouses of computers are devoted to solving a math problem designed purely to slow them down; if they all dropped out, then the problem would adjust accordingly. But they won’t, at least not while there is money to be made off, and so it can only continue to get more difficult and require more and more power.


    genuinely makes me sad how many if you tag your own posts with iterations of “shut up me” why are y'all being mean to yourselves for no damn reason. confidence starts as a performance how are you gonna start loving yourself if you can’t even allow yourself to make rambling posts on your personal blog on tumblr dot com


    yeah I see text tags with like “(name) shut up” , “names useless rambles”, and also usernames like “(names)garbage” for their art and it makes me so sad . genuinely please be nicer to yourself. “it’s just a joke!!” you’ve internalized so much self hate that you make casual jokes with self hatred and turn yourself into a joke now. please let it go youre so much better than a “shut up me” or a “this is my trash art”


    No joke, self deprecation is as much s coping strategy as self harm is (which means it’s not a coping strategy at all). It’s constant reinforcement of negative ideas about yourself which inevitably leads to more damage.

    The biggest change I made on my life this last years was switching from deprecation to aggressive over confidence. Like fuck yeah I AM hot! I AM great at art! My singing voice is BEAUTIFUL! Everyone at this farmers market wants to know me carnally!

    Cause at some point a lot of it stops being lies and you realize they were true all along. Cause I really am hot, I can sing decently, and I can at least somewhat make art. And my mental health has improved an immeasurable amount.