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    About a year into the pathogen my mom had signed up to visit a women’s only retreat, designed to advance the goals of the Gynarchy and Matriarchal States of America (MSA) This is actually where the Ministry of Assimilation to Matriarchal Authority (MAMA) was first unveiled and recruited for, but more on that another time. At this point I’d shrank a lot, down to less than half my original height, meaning I’d become very much dependent on women like my mother to care for me. She left me with her young, fun-loving, absolute tease of a young sister, my Aunt Izzy.

    I was excited to go spend time with her, even before the pathogen she’d been fun, flirty, and mischievous I could only wonder what she’d be like now. To my awe, like my mother, she was over 8 feet tall, but through the pathogen had kept a rather slim frame further accentuated by the massive tits she couldn’t help but display. She immediately took to cooing over my diminutive size, which I hate to admit, was a huge turn on as she leaned down with her pretty face, big hair, and cavernous cleavage, not to mention swarm of unique pheromones.

    I barely touched the ground that day as she coddled me, carrying me between this task and that. When night time rolled around she recommended we watch a movie together, an old progressive-feminist masterpiece on the MSA-Approved movie catalog: ‘9 to 5’. I was placed in my aunt’s wide lap on her warm soft thighs as her hands clasped over my crotch and breasts hung over the top of my little head. It made me feel as though I was immobilized in a soft, sweet cave of woman.

    As Dolly Parton pranced around screen and proceeded to tie up and control her incompetent boss, I couldn’t help but stir in my shorts, which seemed to be noticed by Aunt Izzy, as she ever so slightly massaged it, so light you could think it were an accident, almost like she was testing the waters. By the time the movie ended I was at full attention as she asked me bluntly: “You like that hmm, a pretty, curvy woman like Dolly robbing you of your autonomy, controlling your every move, thinking for you?” I sat there quietly, afraid to respond verbally as my cock responded for me, twitching in my pants against her big manicured hands. Before I could think further I felt her shift as she deposited me onto the coach and stood, the credits beginning to play the titular song.

    She leaned in to whisper “I love this song! Don’t you sweetie?” and then began to dance and sing swinging her hips as she shook and bounced her colossal Goddess tits and big, pretty red hair in my face! As she stepped back and sauntered towards me as the chorus began, staring at me intensely as she lip-synced, my little brain was completely and utterly overwhelmed as my cock strained against my shorts twitching, pulsing. The second I made eye contact with her, I began orgasming uncontrollably! Shooting rope after rope soiling my shorts as I writhed and my devious aunt smiled and cooed and continued to fuel it, dancing above me!

    “Ohhhhh we’re gonna have sooo SOOO much fun this week, baby boy!”

    She was a twitch streamer, and a popular one at that in no small part due to her heavy rack. Her twitch chat was often filled with men alluding to her large chest.

    It seemed the more popularity she got, the more her breasts grew in size. Some speculated she spent the majority of her twitch earnings on enhancing her tits.

    She had wrapped up yet another successful stream when she peered down at her chest. The growth hadn’t dawned on her before, but it did now. She could no longer see her feet over the tops of her perky round boobs.

    Taking a handful of breast meat in each hand she felt their heft and weight, “Sooo… Heavy.” She couldn’t help but stare in disbelief, she had become a full blown titty streamer.