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    I know it’s important to assert that not everything about lesbianism is sexual, but at the same time... youre allowed to be sexually attracted to other women. You’re allowed to want to have sex with other women. You’re allowed to be turned on by other women. You’re allowed to be horny. You’re allowed to want to fuck women. I understand that objectification of lesbians and fetishization of our sexuality makes some lesbians want to turn lesbianism into a “soft” desexualized image of loving women, but we are still allowed to desire women sexually. It’s okay to want to have sex with women, just like how it’s okay to want to live in a cottage in the forest with a woman. You can make love to your wife after you get home from the local farmers’ market. You can do both. I promise.



    kylie jenner has REFUSED to pay her bangladeshi employees/factory workers. my people are not getting paid, and whenever someone tries to spread this her team deletes the info.

    boycott her fucking shit.

    On May 31, a Black pregnant woman in Austin said she was shot by police in the abdomen with rubber bullets. That same day, the Colorado Doula Project shared a post on Instagram about other potential dangers to pregnant protesters. "Tear gas is an abortifacient,” the post read, explaining that the chemical has been linked to higher rates of miscarriage and stillbirth. Rodriguez’s post quickly made its way onto Twitter, where protesters like Stewart began sharing the reproductive health impacts that they had felt after exposure to tear gas. Some tweeted about breakthrough bleeding despite their use of IUDs; other trans people shared that despite taking testosterone, they were having periods as well.

    Since the Black Lives Matter protests began, police have deployed tear gas in 100 American cities. Watchdog groups, activists, and public officials have raised concerns about the safety of tear gas, a compound banned for use in wartime by the Geneva Convention, especially as the United States grapples with the effects of a respiratory pandemic. Although research is limited, some have suggested that tear gas may also be linked to higher rates of miscarriage, and anecdotal evidence has suggested it may induce cause changes in menstruation, though there's not enough research to definitively prove that. For many Black protesters on the frontlines of demonstrations, the use of chemical weapons is not only a reminder of the police violence they are protesting against, but of a long legacy of state violence in their reproductive lives.