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2018-09-20 15:49:10

    Last days you can register to vote for the 2018 midterms in all 50 states:

    Alabama: OCT.22rd

    Alaska: OCT. 7th

    Arizona: OCT. 9th

    Arkansas: OCT. 9th

    California: OCT. 22rd

    Colorado: Election day.

    Connecticut: OCT. 30th

    Delaware: OCT. 13th 

    D.C: OCT. 16th

    Florida: OCT. 9th

    Georgia: OCT. 9th

    Hawaii: OCT. 9th

    Idaho: OCT. 12th

    Illinois: OCT. 9th

    Indiana: OCT. 9th

    Iowa: OCT. 27th

    Kansas: OCT. 16th

    Kentucky: OCT. 9th

    Louisiana: NOV. 17th

    Maine: OCT. 16th

    Maryland: OCT. 16th

    Massachusetts: OCT. 17th

    Michigan: OCT. 9th

    Minnesota: OCT. 16th

    Mississippi: OCT. 9th

    Missouri: OCT. 10th

    Montana: OCT. 9th

    Nebraska: OCT. 19th

    Nevada: OCT. 9th

    New Hampshire: NOV. 6th

    New Jersey: OCT. 16th

    New Mexico: OCT. 9th

    New York: OCT. 12th

    North Carolina: OCT. 12th

    North Dakota: Election Day.

    Ohio: OCT. 9th

    Oklahoma: OCT. 12th

    Oregon: OCT. 16th

    Pennsylvania: OCT. 9th

    Rhode Island: OCT. 7th

    South Carolina: OCT. 9th

    South Dakota: OCT. 22rd

    Tennessee: OCT. 9th

    Texas: OCT. 9th

    Utah: OCT. 7th

    Vermont: Election Day.

    Virginia: OCT. 15th

    Washington: OCT. 8th

    West Virginia: OCT. 16th

    Wisconsin: OCT. 17th

    Wyoming: OCT. 22rd 

    Please register online if you aren’t already. Check your registration and your friends. Lots of people don’t have much time left to register! Don’t wait until the last minute! 

    Register to vote ONLINE NOW!


    Memes are all very good, but to get the assholes out, you have to VOTE.


    Register to vote!!

    Before we leave 2017- I want to give a moment to remember these three ladies who left this world far too soon- Chocolot, January Seraph, and Janet Lupo- I hope you have a peaceful journey- You all will be missed and you will NEVER be forgotten. 🌟