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2020-07-09 22:58:28

    As someone who ran track and cross country for 4 years in high school, this always fucking mystified me the most out of all the insane shit PE had us do.

    Track and field club taught all new runners how to properly warm up, stretch, pace, etc. Its a process, and doing it properly takes 15-20 minutes to make sure your body is ready so you dont hurt yourself.

    PE didnt do jack shit, they just said "go run a mile" so 70% of the fucking kids sprinted flat out the first lap and basically walked the other 3. Multiple people did it in boots or tennis shoes. I'm amazed more of them didnt pull a muscle or worse in the process.

    I dont know what the purpose of PE was, but it sure as shit wasnt proper exercise. And I think a lot of people suffered for that. If they spent the time teaching us about the importance of physical health, proper nutrition, how to safely stretch/exercise, etc, we would all be better off now.

    Let's be real, PE exists to shame and torture the fat kids, and for pretty much no other reason.

    <>*Insert that thing with all the people who dread gym*

    this one?

    stop normalizing celebrities running for president with no fucking knowledge or background in politics

    This isn't even a new issue. This is how Reagan, a Hollywood actor, became president. And thousands of gay people paid the price for that with their lives when Reagan and his incompetance deliberately exacerbated the AIDS crisis. Stop voting for celebrities and joke entries!

    getting bullied at art school is the worst bc not only are you getting picked on by people who post voltron discourse but every mean thing they say to you is verbatim lifted from a text post you’ve already seen and that has damaged my self respect in a way that nothing else ever could

    knowing i am lower on the college food chain than 20 year olds who say “weird flex but okay” and “sure jan” in real life has done irreparable psychological damage


    I can’t wrap my head around art school bullies

    i said i hate anime and now they want me dead


    Oh I thought they were just being mean you didn’t tell me you provoked them